Addenda: Miscellaneous, 1677

Page 645

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 10, 1677-1680. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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ADDENDA. 1677–1680.

Oct. 12.
New York.
1639. J. Palmer to Colonel Thornburgh. Sends a power of attorney to him to compose all differences between him and Mr. Winder's creditors. Further business details. [Col. Papers, See Addenda Volume.]
Oct. 12.
New York.
1640. J. Palmer to Messrs. Robert Wooly and John Lewin. No news to write you. Mr. Pinhorne, the bearer hereof, will answer all questions. I send by him an account of your last cargo at large. I doubt not to send you the balance of that account in tobacco this season, there being more made this year than ever before. I have shipped nothing lately to Mr. Smith at Barbadoes, provisions yielding nothing. To facilitate business between you and the rest of his creditors, I have sent full powers to Colonel Thornburgh to make a small end. Where there can be any kindness showed to Mr. Winder's fatherless children I hope you will not be backward to express it. Mr. Pinhorne, I hope, will settle a right understanding between us. I have given positive orders for Captain Ward's money to be paid to him (see ante Nos. 1313–1316). 1 p. [Col. Papers, See Addenda Volume.]
Oct. 13.
[New York.]
1641. Deposition of Robert Little of Rhode Island. Was mate of the ship Nevis Factor which left Rhode Island bound for Jamaica about the 26th November 1675. Might have left sooner if Mr. Hall had not gone to Boston for men; could get no men at Rhode Island owing to bad reputation of ship and master, and not without cause, for after three days at sea they were obliged to keep the pumps continually going till the 31st December, when they arrived at Jamaica. Anchored in the harbour of Jamaica, and after this they were kept so short of provisions and the ship was so bad that four men deserted. Left Jamaica 8th March and shaped course for ( ? ) where they picked up cargo, of one kind or another, to the ship's full freight; but she never was fit for the work, being badly manned, worse victualled, and badly sailed. Certified copy.[Col. Papers, See Addenda Volnme.]
Nov. 27.
New York.
1642. Order of the Court in the action Richard Hall against William Dervall. Judgment in the cross actions that each party pay his own costs, in the ten pound action for plaintiff with costs. Plaintiff moves for an appeal which is granted by the Court. [Col Papers, See Addenda Volume.]