America and West Indies: Miscellaneous, 1676-7

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 10, 1677-1680. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Feb. 25.
St. Christopher's.
1. Journal of the Council and Assembly of St. Christopher's. Proposals made by the Governor and Council to the Assembly. In reference to supplying the Magazine with powder, repair of the fortifications, encouragement to import provisions and able white servants, and to "take up" dead or live fugitive slaves who commit daily robberies and outrages.
March 3. Answer of the representatives of St. Christopher's consenting to the above proposals and suggesting that an Act be passed offering rewards for the apprehension of runaway slaves, dead or alive. Ordered that the English Commissioners of the National Court confer with the French Commissioners concerning said Act, and also an Act prohibiting negroes from crabbing, for the prevention of destroying sugar canes and housing by fire, for under pretence of crabbing many inhabitants are robbed.
April 3. Proposal of the Council to the Governor to do all he possibly can to prevent His Majesty's subjects from deserting their settlements on this island and resorting to other islands belonging to foreign princes which they have been doing daily, and to recall them to their former settlements; accepted by the Governor and ordered to be forthwith published.
April 24. Proposal of the Governor and Council to the Assembly to erect a fort on Cleverley Hill in the parish of St. Ann, consented to and that the work may be vigorously carried on; an Act to be prepared for that purpose.
April 29. On the motion of the Governor and Council for sending to Tortola for timber for carriages for the cannons, James Laty, Charles Jack, and Robert Worley are nominated by the Assembly to treat with the Governor and Captain Elrington about that affair.
May 9. Ordered that an Act be drawn for regulating the prices of strong liquors, as also the prices of sundry commodities of the growth of this island. Ordered that no liquor be adulterated or one sold for another on penalty of 1,000 lbs. of sugar.
April 3.
That the French having land in the English part of this island who have not taken the oath of allegiance be summoned to do so, according to the Articles of Breda, and upon refusal to forfeit their land to the use of His Majesty his heirs and successors.
Oct. 9. Ordered that an Act be drawn to take true cognizance of weights and measures in this island and view all provisions imported, and if any be found defective or unsound that they be cast into the sea or burnt, with power to open any storehouse door.
Jan. 6. This day some affairs concerning both nations in this island were by the "Bench" treated of, and Commissioners sent to M. de St. Laurence to communicate with him.
March 31. That the gunner take from the master of every ship coming to the island a certificate of her tonnage to be entered in the Secretary's office to the end the powder may be exactly collected for the use of the King's magazine.
July 9. Request of the Assembly to the Governor and Council to make Articles of peace and union between the subjects of the two Crowns, inhabitants of this island, which the Assembly promise to ratify, confirm and allow of.
Aug. 2. Ordered that an additional Act be made to the Act for the erecting a fort on Cleverley Hill.
Nov. 29. Ordered that one of the Council, one of the Assembly, a commissioned officer, and two gentlemen of the Troop be weekly at the fort on Cleverley Hill to see the work go forward; also that a capable white man out of each division go with the officer to be at the fort every day in the week. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXVIII., No. 69, pp. 11–16.]