America and West Indies: May 1678

Pages 251-256

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 10, 1677-1680. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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May 1678

May 2.
697. Governor Stapleton to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Movements of the French fleet; they could not fetch any part of the island without several tacks though they kept in sight all day, about sunset they bore away. Apprehensive they have gone to Martinique to wait for further orders or to take in men to attack some part of this Government, if they have the first news of war. They expect more ships and a regiment of 8 companies from home. The French who have sworn allegiance have deserted us at St. Christopher's and repaired to the French ground on the arrival of d'Estrées at Basseterre road. The Indians strike a greater terror for their cruelties than any Christian strength of which there has been woeful experience. Was forced by the clamours and cries of the people to secure the helpless sex, old men, and children. "Rec. and Read to his Maj. in Council." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 75, and Col. Entry Bks., Vol XLVI., pp. 308–311; and Vol. CV., pp. 258, 259.]
May 7. 698. Journal of Assembly of Barbadoes. Matters under consideration:—1. Account of the arrears of levies since 1671. 2. The poor serving as guards not able to provide for themselves. 3. The number of negroes to be brought down upon alarm, and how to be managed. The second taken care of by an Act allowing each poor guard 7½d. a day, and the third also by an Act this day passed. Acts to strengthen the Militia and for establishing the Courts of Common Pleas, passed.
May 8. Ordered that John Hallett, Treasurer, pay 200,000 lbs. of Muscovada sugar to the Governor, for his better support in the Government, out of the excise on liquors imported. Order for the disposal of the supply of arms received from Captain Charles Howard, the prices to be paid and the commission to Robert Chaplin for his kindness to the country, and the remainder of the money returned to him as far as will make him full payment and satisfaction for what he has disbursed for said arms. Duty on twenty puncheons of beer to be remitted to Captain Thomas Crofts. Salary of John Forbes, Marshal, to be paid, also 5l. 15s. to Paul Gwynn for the accommodation of the officers of the Assembly. Ordered that John Hallett, Treasurer, hire a vessel to be sent to the Leeward Isles for intelligence. The Assembly, finding their year will expire on Tuesday (14th), order that their records be left in the hands of the present Speaker until a new election, and then delivered to the then Speaker. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XIII., pp. 309–313.]
May 8.
Sadler's Hall, Cheapside.
699. Minutes of a Great and General Quarter Court, being a Court the election of officers for the Somers Islands Company. Concerning the cause between Henry Sandys and William Righton with reference to a share of land in Bermuda; that said Righton have time until next Quarter Court to make out his title to his said share of land, when the Court will give judgment in said cause. Underwritten is a notice to William Righton to attend the Quarter Court at Sadler's Hall in Cheapside, on 26th June 1678, when judgment will be given. Signed by Robert Harison, Beadle. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 76.]
May 15.
700. Order of the King in Council. The Lords of Trade and Plantations having represented to His Majesty the necessity of a regiment for the security of the Leeward Islands, the Duke of Monmouth is directed to cause estimate to be made of the charge of raising one thousand foot soldiers, with clothes, provisions, and arms, and transportation and subsistence for one year. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVI., p. 381.]
May 15.
701. Order of the King in Council. The Lords of Trade and Plantations having represented the necessity of sending six ships of war for the security of the Leeward Islands, the Lords of the Admiralty are directed to prepare estimate of the charge. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVI., pp. 281, 282.]
May 15.
702. Order of the King in Council. The Lords of Trade and Plantations having presented an account of stores of war necessary for the Leeward Islands, the Master of the Ordnance is directed to prepare estimate of the charge. Annexed,
702. i. Estimate of the charge of Ordnance carriages, shot, powder, arms, and gunners' stores for supply of the Leeward Isles. Total, 3,691l. 18s. "Rec. 31 May 1678." [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 77 I.; and Col. Entry Bk. Vol. XLVI., pp. 380–384.]
May 16. 703. Petition of William Stoughton and Peter Bulkeley to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Acknowledge their misundertanding in not representing over to their superiors anything presently to be done (save in the matter of Trade and Navigation), which was the true cause of the omission which their Lordships have taken notice of. Dwell on the benefits that would follow on the King granting the petition of the inhabitants of the four towns. Crave their Lordships' consideration of their long absence from home for 18 months, so that they may receive a gracious answer from the King. "Read May 16, 1678." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 78; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LX., pp. 276–278.]
May 16.
704. Lords of the Privy Council to the Lord Treasurer. Have received a petition from Mr. Randolph setting forth his services in New England and entreating their commendation of his pretensions to be employed as Collector of the Customs at Boston. Declare that, if ever they are able (as they are endeavouring) to lay before the King a full and perfect narrative of the condition of New England and what may conduce to the King's service in the settlement of that great affair; they have had more light and information from Mr. Randolph, than from any person else, he having at all times attended their meetings. Cannot but acquaint his Lordship with their good opinion of his zeal and capacity to serve the King in that employment; recommend him to his Lordship's favour. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 79; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LX., pp. 278, 279.]
May 16. 705. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Petition of the Agents of Boston read, with the answer of Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor-General to the queries referred to them by Order of 8 April (see ante, No. 653). Report ordered to be prepared, reciting all things past from the first settlement of New England, the encroachments and injuries practised by the Massachusetts on their neighbours, their contempts of His Majesty's commands, and their Lordships' offer their opinions that a Quo Warranto be brought against the charter, and new laws framed instead of such as are repugnant to the laws of England. Recommend Mr. Randolph to the Lord Treasurer for a favourable issue of his pretentions to be Collector of Customs in New England. Mem.—The Lord Treasurer having received the recommendation and acquainted His Majesty, His Majesty approves and orders a commission to be prepared. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CV., pp. 256–258.]
May 16. 706. Inquiries delivered to Wm. Stoughton and Peter Bulkley, Agents for Massachusetts, for their answer pursuant to the Order of the Lords of Trade and Plantations. See No. 746 for answer to same. 6 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LX., pp. 279–283.]
May 17.
Whitehall. Treasury Chambers.
707. Report of Lord Treasurer Danby to the King. On petition of Thomas Sands of London, merchant, praying, for reasons therein set forth, liberty to ship out of Virginia free of impost, 580 hogsheads of tobacco; that he concurs with the Council of Virginia, who have thought it reasonable Petitioner should have the reparation prayed for. Endorsed, "Read and approved May 24, 1678." 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 80.]
May 18.
St. James'.
708. Commission to Sir Edmund Andros. His Royal Highness' Governor of New York and Dependencies to be His Royal Highness' Vice-Admiral of said colony. Mem. only. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXX., p. 26.]
May 18.
St. James'.
709. Warrant of the Duke of York to Sir Allen and Sir Peter Apsley. To pay to Sir Edmund Andros 1,100l., the equivalent of 1,381l. 10s. 5½d., Beaver pay, due to him on the accounts for New York, from June 1674 to Nov. 1677, "in order to his speedy return into those parts." Printed in New York Documents, Vol. III., p. 267. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXX., p. 25.]
May 18.
St. James'.
710. Warrant of the Duke of York to Sir E. Andros. To increase the duty on rum imported into New York, on account of its excessive use and pernicious consequences, being particularly fatal to the health of many of His Majesty's subjects there, owing to the smallness of the duty imposed, "which the Bostoners have already in some measure prevented by raising the said duty considerably within their colony." Printed in New York Documents, Vol. III., p. 268. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXX., p. 25b.]
May 20.
St. James'.
711. Warrant of the Duke of York to Sir E. Andros. To appoint a Judge Register and Marshal of the Admiralty in New York. Printed in New York Documents, Vol. III., p. 268. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXX., p. 26.]
May 22. 712. Receipt of Captain John Ward for 62l. 2s. 10d. from John Levin and Edward Thornburgh, by order of John Palmer of New York, who married the relict and executrix of John Winder, deceased. Endorsed, "Read 4 March 1680." [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 81.]
May 24. 713. Lords of Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Clarendon. Being engaged in preparing a report concerning New England, and finding by report of Lord Gorges that one William Lutterell, a servant of his grandfather, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, President of the Council of Plymouth, had given the Earl of Clarendon, soon after the King's restoration, a book of the Council's proceedings which was never returned, and Mr. Robert Mason informing them that in 1662, at the Earl's command, he delivered to him a large book in folio bound in parchment, being a Journal of the Council's proceedings from 1620 to 1639, containing the grants made by the Council and the Act of Surrender, and gave also several other papers belonging to his grandfather, Mr. John Mason, but that he never received back any of them, and on application had answer as if they did not now appear, yet may easily be buried among the many books and papers the Earl, his father, left, and seem too many to be lost, if a strict search were to be made, the Committee desire his Lordship as a matter of much consequence to cause a diligent search to be made for those things, and to give an account thereof with all convenient speed. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., No. 82.]
May 26./June 6.
714. Marke Fletcher to Secretary Sir Joseph Williamson. Wrote to him on 23 September last requesting his favour to procure His Majesty's patent for erecting a new colony on the main continent of America, according to the tenor of his petition, copy of which he encloses. If it succeeds it must be of advantage to the nation, and no prejudice to any one, and is willing to adventure the charges, for to any one but himself it is not of the least worth or value. Promises himself shortly to see the effects of his good will. "Rec. 19 July 1678." Annexed,
714. i. The petition above referred to (but the name of Marke Fletcher has been struck thro' and the letters A. B. substituted). Offering to settle a plantation under His Majesty's authority on the main continent of America to the leeward of Surinam and Essequibo, called Demerara in case His Majesty would grant his patent for the establishment thereof, or at least a provisional order to prosecute the affair. Order of the Lords of Trade and Plantations on said petition of A. B. presented by Secretary Williamson. That Petitioner more fully explain himself in some necessary particulars which are by letter put into Secretary Williamson's hands for Petitioner's answer.
714. ii. Sir Robert Southwell to Secretary Williamson. Their Lordships not having an opportunity of discoursing with "the proposer" desire to be informed on certain points. As to whether any are seated thereabouts, what tract of land he means to take in, and the description, under what tenure the benefits to be expected, what associates, stock and strength to maintain the place, and lastly, how far he proposes free trade contrary to the Act of Navigation. Council Chamber, 1678, July 30. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLII., Nos. 83, 83 I., II.; also Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CV., p. 265.]
[May 27 ?] 715. The Duke of Monmouth to Sir Thomas Chicheley. Has received an Order of the Privy Council to prepare an estimate of the charge of 1,000 soldiers in 10 companies, to be raised for defence of the Leeward Isles, and their subsistence there for 12 months Desires him to send an account of the charge of arms and ammunition for that number of men for one year, also for the officers requisite to take care of said stores. ½ p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XLI., p. 129.]
[May 27 ?] 716. The Duke of Monmouth to Mr. Pepys. Similar letter to the preceding, but desires him to send an account of the charge of their transportation, and of the necessary provisions for the officers and soldiers. ½ p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XLI., p. 128.]
May 31.
Port Royal, Jamaica.
717. Minutes of Council of War. Upon the present emergency of affairs, ordered, after debate, that no ship be permitted to sail for Europe until a fortnight hence, when a good fleet of merchantmen would be ready, whereby they might in some measure secure themselves. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXV., p. 658.]