America and West Indies: Miscellaneous, 1679

Pages 462-464

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 10, 1677-1680. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Miscellaneous, 1679

[1679.] 1247. State of the Narragansett country as to Government and Propriety. Narragansett is country situated between Pocatack or Narragansett river and Narragansett bay on the borders of Rhode Island and Connecticut. In 1644 the Sachems, owners of this country, surrendered themselves to the late King's protection; in 1662 letters patents of corporation were granted to Connecticut, whose bounds are described to be between Hudson's river and Narragansett bay, which include the Narragansett country. In 1663 another charter of corporation was granted to Rhode Island, likewise including the Narragansett country by a clause mentioning the consent of the Connecticut agents to the straightening of their bounds in favour of Rhode Island by the exclusion of the Narragansett country. Differences arising between the several colonies, Commissioners were sent over in 1665 with powers to hear and determine appeals and to decide disputes concerning boundaries, on whose arrival two sachems of the Narragansett country surrendered themselves to the King's protection, delivering the deed made in 1644; whereupon the Commissioners entered on the province in the King's name and called it the King's Province, ordering the Rhode Island magistrates to be justices of the peace till the King's pleasure should be further known. Matters rested thus till 1676, when the Indians making war on the English were totally destroyed, whereupon several persons of divers colonies laid claim to the propriety of several parcels of land in the Narragansett country, as purchased or conquered of the Indians, and Connecticut took the government on itself. On complaints made to the King in 1678 in behalf of Rhode Island, the King in February 1678/9 wrote letters to the several colonies commanding that all things relating to the King's province should be left in the same state they then were until further order, and that all pretenders to the soil or government should send over agents to make their right appear to the King. In answer to these letters the Joint Deputies of Massachusetts, Plymouth, and Connecticut replied that the Narragansett country is included in the charter of Connecticut and so regularly under that government, and represent the difficulties in making out the claim of private persons. A petition has been received from the inhabitants of the Narragansett country beseeching that an end may be put to the differences about the Government and complaining of the usages of both Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is therefore proposed that a Commission be sent of fit and impartial persons empowering them to examine and report on the respective titles of His Majesty and the two colonies. The next clause is noted in the margin as "left out" in the fair copy. All which will more at large appear by the letters and papers sent to Mr. Attorney and SolicitorGeneral by the Committee for Plantations and by their report thereon. Draft, with a few corrections. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIII., No. 183.]
[1679.] 1248. Letter of the King to New England appointing Daniel Whitfield, Collector of Customs, and directing the observance of the Navigation Acts. Endorsed, This letter was not sent nor the officer named in it. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIII., No. 184.]
1249. Abstract of the records of all grants of land that have been made in South Carolina in the year 1679 in continuation of those abstracted in 1678 (see ante, No. 857).
Persons Names to whom granted. Number of Acres. In what County, Parish, or Township, or in what River or Creek situated. Date of Grant.
Richard Medlin 200 4 June 1679.
Sir Peter Collecton 4,423 6 September 1679.
William Page 200 On Ashley River 6 September 1670.
Mary Benson 270 On Ashley River 8 March 1679.
Edward Mayoe 750 On Ashley River 9 August 1679.
John Pristo, Samuel Trott, and Pryant (Perient) Trott 770 On Stono River 14 August 1679.
John Stephens 80 On Wappoe River 2 April 1679.
Thomas Buttler 450 On Ashley River 31 January 1679.
Benjamin Andrews and Elizabeth Brunt 270 On Ashley River 14 June 1679.
[Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXIII., pp. 1–4.]
[1679.] 1250. Abstract of Commission and Instructions given to Lord Carlisle as Governor of Jamaica (see ante, No. 618), stating wherein they differ from those given to Lord Vaughan. [Col. Papers, Vol. XLIII., No. 185.]
1251. Account of the receipts of His Majesty's Customs for six months from July to December 1679, with the time of the ships entrings and time and place of their clearings. Certified by Edwyn Stede, Collector, and signed by Archibald Carmichael, SurveyorGeneral and Comptroller, 20th March 1680. Endorsed, "Rec 3 June 1680." [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. IX., No. 2.]