America and West Indies: December 1685

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 12 1685-1688 and Addenda 1653-1687. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1899.

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December 1685

Dec. 1. Bill for Ports assented to and returned. The Assembly addressed the Governor to know what arms belonging to the country were come to his hands since last Assembly. The Governor replied that he knew not by what authority they asked, nor the meaning of the term "belonging to the country." The arms belonging to the King were lodged at his house. Addresses of the Assembly, asking that the use of the seal of the Colony might be granted to the inhabitants, as heretofore, without fee, and that Patents may be granted to certain persons on the Blackwater for their lands, and the remainder of the land thrown open to settlement.
Dec. 2. Answer of the Governor declining to accede to either request, the fees being moderate and in accordance with custom and authority. The Assembly's address in reply to the Governor's speech of 18 November, deprecating his reproofs, and stating that they are willing to take steps for the building of a Governor's house if there be money sufficient to spare from the King's revenue, and refusing to pass a bill empowering the Governor and Council to raise a levy or to allow a larger standing guard than can be paid for out of the King's revenue. Report of a Committee of the House approving the change of style in appropriating fines and forfeitures to the King, and recommending that it remain unaltered until the matter can be fully discussed. Address praying for the construction of a public prison. Address praying for the issue of a warrant summoning William Fitzhugh to answer to a complaint of the House, and for his suspension from all his offices. Answer of the Governor. As to the Governors' house, the King's revenue cannot meet the cost, being already much in arrear. As to the bill empowering the Governor and Council to raise a levy, I have the King's confirmation of former instructions on that head, and had hoped that you would have thought it reasonable. I return the question of fines and forfeitures for your reconsideration. As to the raising of the standing guard, the King's revenue should have paid all the cost had it sufficed. I approve of the erection of a prison but not by the funds that you propose. I will issue my warrant for William Fitzhugh but cannot suspend him till he has had opportunity to defend himself. The Governor made a speech, intimating the King's confirmation of all the laws of last Assembly, with some recommendations, which, however, he could not hope, in the present temper of the House, would be accepted.
Dec. 3. Address of the Assembly, returning to the charge as to the charge of fees for the use of the seal, and requesting the appointment of a joint Committee for revision of the laws. Answer of the Governor. I am ready to give you any reasonable assurance that the fees are charged for the sake of decency and order and not for private profit. As to quit-rents I can give you no other answer than my first. As to revision of the laws I think the whole Council should consider it, and I will take care that this be done before next Assembly. Address of the Assembly, repeating their former answers as to the Governor's house, the power of Governor and Council to raise a levy, and the matter of fines and forfeitures, but yielding as to the prison and the treatment of Fitzhugh.
Dec. 4. Address of the Assembly asking for copy of the Royal recomendations and instructions that accompanied the confirmation of the law. Speech of the Governor as to the list of public claims, criticising several items. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXV., pp. 285–303.]
Dec. 1. 483. Minutes of Council in Jamaica. The Lieutenant-Governor's new Commission read. Order for all officers to be continued in their places. Order for payment for hire of a sloop; for the parties in pursuit of the negroes to be continued or replaced; for the parties still unpaid to send in their certificates of service; for the late proclamation as to rewards to be published again. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXVI., pp. 103–104.]
Dec. 2. 484. Lords of Trade and Plantations to the King. Recommending compliance with the petition of Stephen Duport (see No. 480). Ordered in Council accordingly. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., p. 196.]
Dec. 2. 485. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. The Lords ordered a new Commission to be prepared for Sir William Stapleton. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., p. 230.]
[Dec. 2.] 486. Memorandum for a new Commission and Instructions for Sir William Stapleton. That the Councillors of each of the Leeward Islands be nominated by the King, and the Deputy-Governors likewise; that the laws be made indefinite, and not for two years, with a power to the King to revoke or confirm; that the claims of the English against the French in St. Christopher's be considered; that it be considered in what Island the Governor shall chiefly reside. Copy. 1 p. Endorsed. Read 2 Dec. 85. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 107.]
Dec. 3.
487. [William Blathwayt] to Sir William Stapleton. Summoning him to the Board on the business of his new Commission and instructions. Draft. ½ p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 108.]
Dec. 4.
488. Deputy-Governor Burt to Lords of Trade and Plantations. The King's letter of 26 June was received with great loyalty, and the Act for additional duty on sugar and tobacco with general satisfaction. We hear with joy that the Duke of Monmouth has been defeated. Signed, Wm. Burt. Holograph. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 13 Feb. 85–6 [Col. Papers, Vol., LVI., No. 109 and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVII., pp. 181–182.]
Dec. 4.
489. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Christopher Billop to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, Phil. Musgrave. ½ p. Annexed,
489. I. Petition of Captain Christopher Billop to the King and Privy Council. In 1682, when commander of the ketch Deptford, I seized an interloper called the Providence, which was condemned in the Admiralty Court of Nevis. Some time after I consigned some negroes and other goods from Nevis to New York, which were illegally seized and judgment given against me to the value of £1,140. I beg an order from the Mayor's Court of New York to stop all proceedings, and to send over an appeal, that the case may be determined by the Lords of Trade and Plantations. Copy. 1 p. The whole endorsed. Recd. 7 Dec. Read 14 and 22 Dec. 85. Printed in New York Documents. III. 365. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., Nos. 110–110 I., and (order only) Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVIII., pp. 75–76.]
Dec. 7. 490. Act of Virginia appointing ports for landing and shipping merchandise, for preventing frauds on the King's revenues and Customs. 6½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 111.]
Dec. 7.
491. Commissioners of Customs to Lords of Trade and Plantations. We have considered the address of the Assembly of Barbados as to the additional duty on sugar. There is nothing therein that we have not frequently heard from the merchants of the city. It is the abundance of sugar, not the duty, that brings them evil. We do not think it desirable to make any alteration in the duty for at least a year. Signed, D. North, Jo. Werden, N. Butler, J. Buckworth, T. Chudleigh, W. Dickinson. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 374.]
Dec. 7. 492. Journal of Assembly of Virginia. The Assembly's replies to the Governor's criticisms on the public claims. The Governor's rejoinder thereto. The Clerk of the Council was summoned before the Burgesses. The Governor pointed out that his leave should first have been obtained.
Dec. 8. The Assembly's further answer as to the public claims. Dispute with the Governor as to the allocation of office-rooms in the State house. The Council yielded as to the public claims, thinking it better to allow them, though unregulated, than put the public to the cost of these disputes. Wrangle over the salary of the Clerk of the General Assembly.
Dec. 9. The Assembly objected to an unauthorised addition to the bill for ports. Wrangle over the question with the Governor and Council.
Dec. 10. Wrangle over the bill for ports continued. Speech of the Governor rebuking the Assembly for its dilatoriness, and directing it to pass the bill without delay.
Dec. 11. The wrangle continued at great length.
Dec. 12. The Governor proposed to pass all other bills and reserve the bill for ports for the King's pleasure. The Assembly, after long dispute, refused to yield.
Dec. 13. The Governor repeated his proposal, which was again rejected. The Governor prorogued the House till 20 October next. [Col. Entry Book, Vol. LXXXV., pp. 303–326.]
Dec. 9.
493. The King to Lieutenant-Governor Stede. Ordering Sir John Witham to be restored to his dignities, his fines to be remitted, and that he have the benefit of every matter in the report of the Lords of Trade and Plantations (see No. 439). Countersigned, Sunderland. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 365.]
Dec. 11.
494. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of John Goldingham and Ralph Lane to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, Phil. Musgrave. ½ p. Annexed,
494. I. The petition referred to. At the end of October, 1684, shortly after the suspension of Sir John Witham, we said, in discourse, that if Sir Richard Dutton were to die or leave the Island Sir John would be chief in the Government. Sir Richard Dutton, hearing of this, summoned us before himself and Council, and adjudging the words seditious, had us arrested. We were afterwards indicated for using these words and for saying that half Sir Richard's salary had been stopped for Sir John Witham, and we were fined fifty pounds by Henry Walrond, Chief Judge of the Grand Sessions, and some few more of the Council. The words were true and could not have served for an indictment under any other Governor. We appeal to Your Majesty for remission of the fines and for relief. Copy. 1½ pp.
494. II. Order of Council of Barbados for committal of Ralph Lane and John Goldingham. Dated 4 November 1684. Copy. 2 pp. Endorsed. Read 29 Dec. 85.
494. III. Indictment of John Goldingham. Copy.
494. IV. Indictment of Ralph Lane. Copy. 1 p.
494. V. Depositions of Joseph Holderby, Charles Brettall, and Thomas Marshall, in the case. Copy of the order for committal. Copies. 2 pp. The whole endorsed. Recd. 14 Dec. Read 30 Dec. 85. Sir R. Dutton to answer. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., Nos. 112, 112 I.–V., and (order only) Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII.]
Dec. 12. 495. Lieutenant-Governor Molesworth to the Governor of Havana. I hope that my correspondence with you may be better than with your predecessor, who countenanced a parcel of thieves and robbers in all sorts of villainies against British subjects. Hearing that one of our traders, Captain Chandler, and thirty or forty more English are prisoners with you I send this small ship, the Bonito, to ask you to restore them; but I ask for none against whom piracy can be proved. Copy. 2 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 22 March 85–6. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 113.]
Dec. 14. 496. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Petition of Sir William Stapleton read (see next abstract). Agreed that he attend the Committee with documents. Petition of the Deputy-Governors of the Leeward Islands read (see No. 498).
Petition of Edward Plampin read. The Lords agreed on their report (see No. 508).
Memorandum of letters despatched. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., pp. 231–232.]
[Dec. 14.] 497. Petition of Sir William Stapleton to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Several times during my government and Lord Willoughby's, laws, letters, and addresses concerning the Treaty of Neutrality, the condition of the two companies, and our lack of arms and ammunition, have lain long before you without your consideration or motion. If you have time to consider these matters I beg you to do so. I beg too that, if a new Commission be preparing for me, and if I have not misbehaved myself in the last fifteen years, my powers may not be lessened. Signed, Wm. Stapleton. Holograph. 1 p. Endorsed. Read 14 Dec. 85. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 114.]
[Dec. 14.] 498. Petition of the Deputy-Governors of the Leeward Islands to the King. We are all soldiers of fortune, but in our present station are at continual charges for the entertainment of strangers and others who resort to these Islands, and have nothing to depend on but the people's kindness, which has been debarred from us by recent orders of the late King. We beg the revocation of these orders, and that provision may be made for us. Signed, Tho. Hill; Ja. Russell; Rcd. Stapleton; Ed. Powell. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 14 Dec. 85. "Nothing." [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 115.]
[Dec. 14.] 499. Petition and address of the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Assembly of Barbados to the King. We have heard with abhorrence of the rebellions of Argyle and Monmouth, and rejoice to hear that the rebels are put down. We have always been a loyal Colony. Unfortunately our early success in planting sugar encouraged so many of our neighbours to do the like that our commodity is become a drug. We are most of us overcharged with debt, and the produce is subject to so many accidents and losses that we can barely live. We beg therefore for an abatement of the additional duty and that you will think of some other expedient to take its place. Copy. 2½ pp. Unsigned. Endorsed. Original read 14 Dec. 85. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 116, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., pp. 344–347.]
[Dec. 14.] 500. A list of the Signatories to the foregoing. Twenty-five all. In the handwriting of a Clerk to the Board of Trade. ½ p. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 117.]
Dec. 14.
501. William Blathwayt to Henry Guy. Forwarding the Address of the Legislature of Barbados on the sugar duty (see No. 367) for the consideration of the Lord Treasurer. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 347.]
Dec. 15.
502. Lieutenant-Governor and Council of Barbados to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Forwarding quarterly returns of the Council's transactions and of imports. Signed, Edwyn Stede, John Hallett, John Gibbes, Henry Quintyne, Tho. Walrond, Fran. Bond, Robert Davers, Stephen Gascoigne. 1 p. Inscribed and endorsed. Recd. 11 Mar. 85–6. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 118, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 358.]
Dec. 15. 503. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The Royal Instructions were communicated to the Council. Ordered that copies of the instructions against drunkenness and debauchery be sent to the justices of the peace, and that the parish registers be kept more exactly. Francis Bond sworn of the Council. Payments to Sir T. Thornhill, John Saunders, John Atkinson, and John Parkinson for work, etc., on the fortifications. £25 10s. ordered to Humphrey Kent in compensation for a negro executed, and from £17 10s. to £20 to Francis Emperor, Abraham Baruch, Hugh Jones, and Abraham Nowell for the same. Payments to William Barges, Edward Pare, and John Frere on account of fortifications, to Benjamin Dwight for services to the Committee of Public Accounts and to John Hallett. Further payments on account of fortifications and gunners.
Dec. 16. Payments to Symon Cooper, Thomas Brewster, and John Stewart on account of fortifications. Grant to Thomas Gibbes of the King's title to lands of John Powrey deceased. The Lieutenant-Governor announced that he would give no commission to any judge that practised as attorney or pleader. Adjourned to 19 January 1686. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., pp. 659–667.]
Dec. 15. 504. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. Thirteen members only present. Adjourned to 16 February. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XIV., pp. 143–144.]
Dec. 17. 505. Governor Cony to the Earl of Sunderland. Superscribed. Copy of a letter from Coopland Lea, George Bascom, William Keeley, and Francis Dickinson to the Deputy-Sheriff. We need your presence and advice in consequence of a riotous assembly of Captain Sharp's men, who have seized William Righton's house and continue there by force, using many bloody oaths, calling the inhabitants rebels and charging them with attempting to kill the Governor. Cony's letter begins. The above letter is a true copy. Righton several times sailed from these Islands without giving bond, or clearing in the Secretary's office, and carrying off several quantities of tobacco without paying duty. For these offences I imprisoned him, but he broke prison and sailed for Pennsylvania. Returning thence he would not come under my command, but rid in harbour in his boat some sixteen miles away close to his own house. I sent to him to bring down his vessel and shew me his cocquets, which he refused to do. I then sent Captain Sharp (who holds Sir William Stapleton's commission) to send twelve of his men and bring down Righton and his vessel. They found the vessel unrigged and without her rudder, so returned without her, but by my order two waiters stayed on board her. In the end Righton came to me and showed me some four lines for his cocquet, written on the blank paper of an old almanac. This being unsatisfactory to me I committed him, and ordered Sharp's men to get the sails, etc., and rudder from his house and bring the vessel under my command; but none of the materials could be found. This is the real truth about the riotous assembly. There was not the least incivility committed by Sharp's men. The waiters on board have deposed on oath that there was at least a thousand pounds weight of tobacco in the vessel above the amount stated in his cocquet. The three first signatories of the above letter are of the Council, but suspended for reasons given in my letter. Dickinson, a blacksmith, and one of the Militia captains, is under suspicion of firing Mons. Desnouart's ship for her iron. These signatories are now transformed into a Committee of Safety, and take upon them the government of the country and the disposal of the Crown lands for the maintenance of their Ministers. Signed, Richard Cony. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 2 March 85–6. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 119.]
Dec. 17. 506. The same to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Practically a duplicate of foregoing. 1 p. Endorsed as foregoing. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 120.]
[Dec. 17.] 507. A collection of Enclosures to the two foregoing despatches.
507. I. Governor Cony's reasons for forbidding William Peniston to transport tobacco till the magazine ship be laden. Insufficient bonds offered; Peniston's vessel unable to resist an enemy; irrational not to load the magazine ship. Dated 11 July 1685. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 2 Mar. 85–6.
507. II. Deposition of Jonathan Stokes. As to an unauthorised visit of George Bascom, William Keele, and others to Pagett's port. Dated 12 October 1685. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 2 March 85–6.
507. III. Statement of Guillaume Desnouart. As to the wreck of his ship at Bermuda and the plunder of the wreck, in spite of the Governor's orders, by the people. French. 2 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 2 March 85–6.
507. IV. Deposition of Captain Francis Tucker. As to the ousting of himself from the command of Smith's fort by William Keele. Dated 5 Nov. 1685. Scrap. Endorsed as foregoing.
507. V. Petition of the officers of the Militia of Bermuda for ammunition, there being not fifty pounds of powder in the public stock. Signed, Antho. White, and five others. Dated 26 Nov. 1685. Endorsed as foregoing. 1 p.
507. VI. Copy of the letter of the Justices to the Sheriff at the head of No. 506. Scrap. Endorsed.
507. VII. Declaration of Samuel Trott. As to violent words spoken by George Bascom to Governor Cony. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 2 March 85–6.
507. VIII. Deposition of John Best and others, as to the falsehood of charges of misbehaviour against Captain Bartholomew Sharp's men at Bermuda. Dated December 19 1685. I p. Endorsed as the foregoing. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., Nos. 121 I–VIII]
Dec. 18.
508. Order of the King in Council. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations. On the petition of Edward Plampin, we recommend that Lord Howard be ordered to bring the matter to a speedy issue in the Courts of Virginia. Dated 14 December 1685. Ordered accordingly. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXIII., pp. 81–82.]
Dec. 19. 509. Deposition of John Best. As to words spoken by Cornelius Hinson against Governor Cony, e.g., that if one ship should arrive in this Island the Governor would be torn limb from limb. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 122.]
Dec. 19.
510. Lieutenant-Governor Molesworth to the Governor of Merida. Hearing that you have several British prisoners in your city I send Captain Adrian Scroope to ask you to restore them, but I ask for none against whom piracy can be proved. Copy. Below. Copy of a letter to the same effect to the Governor of Campeachy. The wholepp. Endorsed. Recd. 22 March, 85–6. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 123.]
Dec. 19.
511. The King to Lieutenant-Governor Molesworth. I send a copy of Sir Philip Howard's Commission, to be forthwith executed in his absence by you. We have received your complaints against Lieutenant Henry Butler, of the Ruby, and have ordered him to be dismissed from our service. As you seem to want further instructions how to meet such misbehaviour as his, it is our pleasure that the law of the country be enforced against all crimes committed ashore, though the offenders be on our actual service and pay on board ship. Countersigned. Sunderland. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXI., pp. 121–123.]
Dec. 20.
512. The King to Captain David Mitchell, R.N. Ordering the immediate dismissal of Lieutenant Henry Butler from the service, that he may be tried by the civil power. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXI., pp. 123–124.]
Dec. 21.
513. Sir William Stapleton to Lords of Trade and Plantations. The enclosed copy of the demands made by me on Count de Blenac for reparation for injuries to English subjects will make my requests clear to you. Holograph. ½ p. Enclosed,
513. I. Copy of demands made by Sir William Stapleton to Count de Blenac. Dated 4 Nov. 1679. Eight Articles. 1 p. (see previous volume). [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., Nos. 124, 124 I.]
Dec. 21. 514. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Petition of Captain Christopher Billop read (see No. 489 I.) and the case examined. The Lords agreed in their report (see next abstract).
Accounts of the office for the quarter ending Christmas 1685. Signed, [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., pp. 233–237.]
Dec. 23.
515. Order of the King in Council. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations. On the petition of Christopher Billop, we recommend that the appeal be admitted, the petitioner giving security in £2,000 to prosecute it. Dated 21 Dec. Ordered accordingly. Printed in New York Documents. III., 366. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVIII., pp. 76–79.]
Dec. 29. 516. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Business of the Leeward Islands. The Lords require a state of the damages sustained from the French in the Leeward Islands to be laid before them.
Petition of Henry Mudd read and referred to Sir Richard Lloyd, Judge of the Admiralty Court (see No. 181).
Petition of John Goldingham and Ralph Lane read, and referred to Sir R. Dutton for report (see No. 494 I.).
Colonel Cony's letter of 8 October read (see No. 396). Agreed to consider it at next meeting.
Memorandum of letters despatched and received. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. CVIII., pp. 238–241.]
Dec. 29. 517. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The King's letter as to rebels sent to the Island read. John Peers, Thomas Walrond, Francis Bond, and John Gibbs appointed a Committee to draw up a bill for the purpose. Ordered that the Assembly be summoned for 4 January next. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., p. 668.]
Dec. 30.
518. William Blathwayt to Sir Richard Dutton. Forwarding the petition of John goldingham and Ralph Lane (see No. 494 I.), that he may shew cause why the fines imposed on them should not be remitted. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VII., p. 355.]
Dec. 30. 519. William Blathwayt to Sir Richard Lloyd. Forwarding copy of petition of Henry Mudd for his opinion (see No. 181). Draft with corrections. ½ p. Endorsed. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 125.]
520. List of the officers of the Leeward Islands.
Deputy-Governor: Sir James Russell.
Colonel Daniel Lanhather.
Colonel William Burt.
Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Pym.
Major Edward Earles.
Major Joseph Jory.
Captain Philip Lee.
Captain Samuel Gardiner.
Mr. Henry Carpenter.
Mr. Nath. King.
Deputy-Governor: Colonel Thomas Hill.
Lieutenant-Colonel John Estridge.
Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Elrington.
Captain John Pogson.
Captain Joseph Crispe.
Captain Christopher Jeaffreson.
Captain James Phipps.
Mr. John Vickers.
Deputy-Governor: Colonel Edward Powell.
Colonel Rowland Williams.
Colonel Christopher Codrington.
John Parris.
Nicholas Raynsford.
Lieutenant-Colonel John Vernon.
Captain Francis Carlile.
Captain Samuel Winthrop.
Major William Barnes.
Captain John Yeomans.
Major Archibald Cockram.
Captain John Lingham.
Deputy-Governor: Colonel Redmd. Stapleton.
Captain John Symms.
Lieutenant-Colonel John Devereux.
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Roche.
Major Nicho. Meade.
Lieutenant William Fox.
Captain Tho. Nugent.
Captain Edward Reade.
Deputy-Governor: Captain Abraham Howell.
Deputy-Governor: Captain Thomas Bisse.
Deputy-Governor: Captain John Henselm.
In the handwriting of Sir W. Stapleton. 1 p. Endorsed, [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 126.]
521. Petition of Merchants and Planters, trading to St. Christopher's and the rest of the Caribbee Islands, to Lords of Trade and Plantations. In 1678 a treaty of neutrality between French and English in the Leeward Islands was signed by the two Governors in St. Christopher's, but being sent home for ratification was laid aside on some objections of the French. We have not nearly recruited the losses in the late unhappy war, and the alarm and apprehension of another war keeps the plantations from advancing. The English inhabitants have apparently decreased in the last six or seven years in the Leeward Islands. We beg that this may be considered and relief granted. Twenty-nine signatures. Undated. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 127.]
Dec.] 522. A collection of papers concerning the relations of the French with the English in St. Christopher's.
522. I. Memorial of demands upon which satisfaction is expected from the French touching St. Christopher's. 1. The restitution of several plantations sold to the French by unjust contracts. 2. Satisfaction for wilful devastations committed by French subjects on English plantations. 3. Restitution of the ordnance, thirty-nine pieces, which were in the English ports when they were taken. 4. That the negroes belonging to the English who were not permitted to choose their masters may be brought to do it, the number taken by the French being 2,300. 5. That the English fugitive negroes be restored by the French. 6. Restitution of the sovereignty of the English over their part of the Island as it was before 1665, particularly in regard to the Salt Ponds. 7. Satisfaction for damage received throught the obstruction of free transport from one English part of the Island to another. 8. Satisfaction for receiving barbarous Indians and goods stolen by them from the English. Copy. 2 pp. Undated.
522. II. Copy of Order in Council of January 8, 1676, with the Report of the Lords of December 23, 1675 (see a previous volume of this Calendar). 3½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 22 Dec. 1685.
522. III. Copy of Minutes of a Conference of the Commissioners of the Treaty of Neutrality in the West Indies. Describign the rupture of negotiations. Dated 18 October 1679. 2 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 22 Dec. 1685.
522. IV. Copy of Order in Council of 9 March 1679–80, directing Sir William Stapleton to prosecute his claims for restitution of the Salt Ponds and other districts (see previous volume). 1½ pp. Endorsed.
522. V. Copy of the Treaty of Neutrality agreed on between the French and English in St. Christopher's 6 pp. Latin. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., Nos. 128 I.–IV.]
523. Memorial concerning the French in the West Indies. That they constantly seize British ships that come to wood and water on their coasts or are driven into bays when plying to windward. This is proved by a letter from the Chevalier de St. Laurens, wherein he alleges this to be the King's order. Several privateers, pretending French Commissions even in time of peace, continue to annoy British ships and have lately seized several. The privateers are encouraged hereto by their not being compelled to give security in their commission-ports as the treaties direct. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXXI., p. 125.]
524. Memorandum, headed, "Concerning saltpetre." Antigua has afforded great quantities. Saltpetre has been made in Jamaica as an experiment, but in no quantity; it would probably be too expensive to be profitable. The same may be said of New England, though in several small Islands on the coast there are great quantities of dung, a foot thick, from which great quantities of saltpetre may be raised at little charge. Inland also in places where pigeons generally frequent great quantities of saltpetre may be extracted from the soil. Undated and unsigned. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 129.]
525. Memorandum. As to certain merchants, who have adventured their estates with a person who knows the South Sea "on the back side" of America, and sees prospects of trade with Chili, but would be glad to know that such venture would not incur the King's displeasure. 1 p. Undated and unsigned. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 130.]
526. Orders of Governor Sir William Stapleton in Council. Against inveigling of women-servants; ordering candle and lanthorn in lieu of torches to be used in the vicinity of cane fields or other combustible matter; fixing the breadth of common paths; respecting servants sold by indenture or otherwise; against washing in cisterns, ponds, &c.; as to serving of executions by the Marshal; against demolition of fortifications; to regular repair of arms by smiths; against poisoning ponds. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., pp. 59–63.]
[Dec. ?] 527. Abstract of depositions transmitted by Governor Cony. 6 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 131.]
528. The Council of Virginia to the King. Asking for repeal of the Acts for disbanding soldiers, and for raising other troops in their stead; also of the Act repealing Act 9 of 1664. Undated. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXII., pp. 314–315.]
529. Account of pirates' goods returned by the executors of Sir Thomas Lynch; with the objections raised to the same by Roger Elletson. In parallel columns. The executors make the total 1,197l; Elletson makes it 1,767l. 3 pp. Endorsed. [Col. Papers., Vol. LVI., No. 132.]
530. Abstract of papers transmitted by Lord Baltimore as to the boundaries of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Castle. 1 p. Undated. [Col. Papers, Vol. LVI., No. 133.]