Addenda: November 1680

Pages 640-641

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 12 1685-1688 and Addenda 1653-1687. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1899.

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November 1680

Nov. 25. 2,068. Commission from James, Duke of York, to Sir Richard Dutton, to be Naval Commander-in-Chief at Barbados. [Col. Entry Book, Vol. VII., p. 102.]
2,069. Particulars extracted from letters of Mr. Randolph, Collector of H.M.'s Customs in New England. That it be required that none be admitted to the magistracy or freedom in the colonies who do not take the oath of allegiance, and that their children be baptised. Necessity of erecting a Great Council from all the colonies with a President, as a court of appeal from the several judicatures, or of the King appointing a General Government. That a Court of Admiralty be erected. Several privateers gone thence to West Indies, expected home shortly. Boston merchants persuade themselves that on paying 1d. per 1b. for tobacco in Virginia they have liberty to carry it whither they please. That owing to the contentions about governing the Narragansett Country, it were more conducing to the planting of the country if it were a distinct government, it belonging to many gentlemen of good estates and quality. The agents of Boston, after repeated protestations of duty and obedience, are acting as high as ever; the merchants trade as free as before; it is in every man's mouth that they are not subject to the laws of England, neither are these of any force till confirmed by their authority. Proposed that as in Massachusetts all magistrates and men in public office should take the oath of allegiance, none to act or vote retusing it; that all men taking it be admitted to their freedom, and made capable of magistracy, being men of competent estates. Little good can be done to regulate the trade till it be ordered that no ship shall pass by the Castle till it has a certificate of clearing from H.M.'s Collector. Necessary to have his authority pass under the great seal. That a Custom House be erected, where all masters shall receive their despatches from H.M.'s Collector. If the Commissioners of Customs write to their Western Plantations and the ports in England and prohibit trade to vessels not bringing a clearing, it will soon make them comply. Thousands in all parts unbaptised. The General Council is up, having done nothing, as he hears, as to the King's letters. He is informed that no more agents will be sent over. People should be convinced by some public act or declaration that they are to obey his Majesty's commands, without the sanction of the Bostoners. That the Governor and magistrates of Boston be directed to appoint proper times and places when and where goods shall be laden and brought to shore at Boston and Salem. Humbly desires a consideration for his extraordinary expenses and service in his travels and in the settlement of the province of New Hampshire. Endorsed. Short abstract of things to be considered by the Committee out of Mr. Randolph's letters. 4 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. LXIV., No. 104.]