America and West Indies: May 1698, 1-5

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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'America and West Indies: May 1698, 1-5', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698, ed. J W Fortescue( London, 1905), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'America and West Indies: May 1698, 1-5', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Edited by J W Fortescue( London, 1905), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"America and West Indies: May 1698, 1-5". Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Ed. J W Fortescue(London, 1905), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.

May 1698

May 2.
416. A list of bonds received from the Collectors of the King's Customs in Virginia. This comprehends a list of thirtynine ships, with a note against each stating the result of putting the bonds in suit, and the sums for which judgment was given in certain cases. Signed, William Randolph, Attorney-General. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 24 Sept. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 6. No. 44.]
May 2. 417. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Lockley attended and gave information as to interloping trade with Newfoundland. Mr. Bridgeman's letter of 30 April read (No. 414), and order given for a letter thereupon to Mr. Vernon to be prepared.
May 3. The Attorney-General's letter of 29th ult. to the Secretary read; and orders given for a letter to Sir Henry Ashurst thereupon (No. 420), and for a further letter to the Attorney and Solicitor-General (No. 424).
Sir William Beeston's letter of 1 March read; and orders as to an answer given.
May 4. Mr. Duport attended, and asked for a despatch of the Council's report on the Hudson's Bay Company's business. Order for the Secretary to write to the Hudson's Bay Company thereupon.
May 5. Orders for Mr. Harris to be requested to send a description of the seals for Bermuda and New Hampshire; and for the Governors of Colonies to be reminded occasionally of their instructions to send home naval accounts and lists of ships.
Representation on the complaint of Captain Aldred signed (No. 427).
The Attorney and Solicitor-General presented their opinion upon the matter of the ship Buckhurst (No. 419). Order for copy to be sent to the East India Company.
Draft Act for trial of pirates read. The Secretary was directed to ask the law-officers to explain certain heads thereof.
May 6. Order for a letter to Mr. Henry Crips, now living at Wandsworth, that he bring to the office several papers of the Council of Trade of 1662 and 1663, now in his hands.
Copy of a warrant for providing seals for Bermuda and New Hampshire read.
Order in Council of 31 March, appointing John Corbet to the Council of Antigua, read. Mr. Edward Walrond presented two bundles of papers relating to Governor Codrington's administration. Letter of the Lieutenant-Governor and Council of Montserrat in vindication of Governor Codrington read. Several papers from Governor Codrington himself and from Mr. Hutcheson were also laid before the Council.
Letter to Mr. Vernon of this day as to Newfoundland signed. [Board of Trade. Journal, 11. pp. 41–53.]
May 3.
418. Commissioners of Ordnance to the Earl of Romney. With reference to the memorial of the Council of Trade respecting the defence of Newfoundland, we agree that for the preservation of the fort lately built there a master gunner, six gunners and a storekeeper are absolutely necessary; but this being a new establishment we hope that the King will order particular provision for payment of the same, amounting to £401 10s. per annum, or oblige the planters, who reap the whole benefit of the place, to be (as in other plantations) at the whole charge of the same. We have consulted our engineer, Mr. Richards, who lately came from Newfoundland, and agree as to the advantage of perfecting the fortifications already made and of raising two more batteries. We annex an estimate of the same amounting to £1,075, and as this is an extraordinary charge we hope that this work may not proceed until the Treasury has made a particular allotment for the same, for, as you are aware, the money allowed to us by Parliament will not with the utmost care meet the unavoidable expenses of our office. Signed, H. Goodricke, C. Musgrave, Jon. Charleton, Ja. Lowther, Wm. Boulter. Here follows an estimate of the cost of materials and tools for building breastworks at the entrance of St. John's Harbour. Total, £1,075 17s. 2d. The whole, 2½ pp. Copy. Endorsed, Recd. 6, Read 8 May, 1698. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 3. No. 108; and 25. pp. 213–215.]
May 3. 419. The Attorney and Solicitor-General to Council of Trade and Plantations. On perusal of the representations of the East India Company enclosed (No. 383) we are of opinion that the suggestions therein contained are not ground sufficient to lay any embargo or issue any process to stop the ship Buckhurst from proceeding on her intended voyage. But you may acquaint the persons concerned therewith, and desire them to give you satisfaction as to the allegations therein. Signed, Tho. Trevor, Jo. Hawles. ½ p. Endorsed, Read 12 May, 1698. Annexed,
419. I. Copy of the East India Company's letter of April 20 and its enclosure. 3¼ pp. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. Nos. 112, 112 I.; and 34. p. 282.]
May 3.
420. William Popple to Sir Henry Ashurst. Urging him to solicit the Attorney and Solicitor-General to give their opinion on certain Acts of Massachusetts which have been before them since September, 1696, as it is not right that those Acts should be kept so long in suspense. [Board of Trade. New England, 36. p. 372.]
May 3. 421. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Ordered that the wines purchased for the new Governor be disposed of, not being good, and others purchased, and that all petitions now lying before the Council be despatched at next sitting. Resolved that Mr. Edwards be summoned to attend with his proposals at next meeting. Order for the hire of a house and for the issue of writs for holding General Sessions. Order for the Committee of Accounts to meet for the settlement of the Treasurer's accounts. Mr. Sharpe's commission and papers held over for further consideration. Resolved that the disposal of the £800 remitted home to buy servants be submitted to the consideration of the Assembly at its next sitting. Order for the Naval Officer to attend next meeting and explain why he had not sent in his quarterly accounts. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 346–348.]
May 3. 422. Minutes of Council of Maryland. The Governor asked several masters of ships their opinion as to preventing the desertion of seamen, who suggested a reward for the apprehension of runaways and severe penalties on those that harboured them, but said that the chief refuge of runaways was Pennsylvania. The Governor promised to lay their proposals before the Assembly and report them to the Council of Trade. An order to be sent to the head of the Bay to prevent sailors passing into Pennsylvania. An information was heard against George Jackson that he had declared that he would not acknowledge the present Government. Sheriffs appointed.
May 4. A Collector's Accounts and shipping-lists sworn to. Order for seizure of George Jackson's books and papers. Information heard against Gerard Slye, that he had declared that the Governor had intercepted several letters not addressed to him. A letter from Gerard Slye speaking ill of the Governor was also read, and order was given for his arrest. Information was given as to a letter addressed to the Governor which had been broken open. Warrant signed for Slye's arrest. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 13. pp. 478–487.]
May 4.
423. Address of the Colony of Rhode Island to the King. We have received a packet from the Council of Trade of 26 October, 1697, with orders to proclaim peace between France and England, which we have duly done. Your royal letter of 22 April, 1697, reached us on 12 January, 1697–8, drawing attention to abuses in the plantation trade due in part to the remissness of governors. Your Royal admonition shall meet with a filial obedience. The Duke of Shrewsbury's letter of 25 September, 1697, with your commands against pirates, has also been received, and we have issued a proclamation to enforce them. Since your favour has preserved to us our ancient rights and privileges we beg you to secure us from any endeavours against the same and to entertain no information against us to our prejudice till we have had the opportunity to reply. We cannot forget the bountiful expressions used towards us by King Charles II. in the sixteenth year of his reign. We must inform you that during the late war several privateers came in and petitioned for a trial of their prizes, upon which the Assembly for their encouragement judged it expedient to erect a Court of Admiralty (there being none under your immediate Commission) and therefore erected the Governor and Council into such a Court, who acted accordingly. But being ignorant of the laws provided in such cases and having no instructions from you or from the Admiralty, we could only act according to the best of our knowledge. We beg your pardon for our failure herein, and shall pray unceasingly for your prosperity. Signed, Sam. Cranston, Govr. Two closely written pages. [America and West Indies. 561. No. 44.]
May 4.
424. William Popple to the Attorney and Solicitor-General. Having laid before the Council of Trade the report on certain Acts of Massachusetts, I am to remind you of others of earlier date upon which you have not yet reported. I also send Acts of Antigua and Montserrat for your opinions; some of them appear to be duplicates of Acts already in your hands. Here follows, a list of seventeen Acts of Antigua from 12 March, 1697, to 4 February, 1698, and one Act of Montserrat. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 45. pp. 177–180.]
May 5.
425. William Popple to Mr. Harris. Asking for a description of the seals that he has cut for Bermuda and New Hampshire, in order that a warrant may be prepared to send with them.
Here follows, Abstract of the answer of Mr. Harris, to the effect that both seals were engraved with the King's arms, garter, supporters, motto and crown, with the inscriptions, Sigil: Insular: Nostra: de Bermud: in Americ. for Bermuda; and Sigill: Provinciæ Nostræ Nov: Hamptoniæ in Americ: [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 34. p. 281.]
May 5.
426. William Popple to Sir John Fleet, Governor of the East India Company. I forward copy of the opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor-General as to the ship Buckhurst (see No. 419). The Council of Trade on observing this opinion refer it to the East India Company to offer anything further that they have or can procure more material. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 34. p. 283.]
May 5.
427. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Upon the orders received from Mr. Secretary Vernon of 25 April (No. 399) we report you as follows. The former method of furnishing your Majesty's ships in the Colonies has been by naval officers, who took upon them that duty in virtue of their office and drew bills for payment thereof. This method being disapproved by the Admiralty (as we have understood) the commanders of ships applied to the merchants in the Colonies, who supplied them with the necessary provisions from time to time upon their drawing bills, until, in consequence of the war, the bills were not met according to expectation, either in time or manner of payment, the merchants suffered great loss and disappointment, and the credit of the commanders was impaired. We would suggest that Agents be appointed by the Admiralty in the several Colonies and be furnished by them with sufficient credit for the supply of your ships of war. As to Captain Aldred's complaint, the President and Council of Barbados have informed us, in a letter dated 12 January, that the credit of the King's ships in the Colonies had been lost by the disappointments before mentioned, and that they had been obliged to pledge their private credit to fit out the Newcastle and the Bideford. The occasion of further supplies for the Essex happening about a month later, it is probable that neither the same persons nor any others were then willing to engage their credit any further until they were satisfied that their former bills had been paid. We therefore recommend again either that Agent be stationed by the Admiralty in the Colonies with credit to buy the necessary provisions, or that such stores be sent and lodged from time to time in the Colonies under the inspection of an officer appointed by the Admiralty for that service. Signed, J. Bridgewater, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 44. pp. 189–193.]
May 5. 428. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Nevis. The Assembly assented to a proposal of the Council to procure more lignum vitæ for gun-carriages, and the Council to a proposal of the Assembly for the Agents' accounts to be delivered to the Treasurer. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. p. 469.]
May 5. 429. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. In compliance with a message from the Assembly, the Governor signed the certificate of seven Acts lately sent home, also several orders, and swore in two new members of the Assembly. Long address from the Assembly complaining of the extortion of excessive fees, of vexatious enforcement of regulations by naval officers, of heavy taxation, and particularly of the burden of supporting the King's soldiers. Answer of the Governor that the extorter of excessive fees and the offending naval officer should be brought to trial, but that it would be a hardship to the soldiers not to renew the Act for granting them quarters. Orders for payments. Order for John Lucas to give £5,000 bail to take his trial at the next Grand Sessions. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 255–260.]