America and West Indies: June 1698, 12-20

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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'America and West Indies: June 1698, 12-20', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698, (London, 1905), pp. 272-278. British History Online [accessed 24 June 2024].

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June 1698

June 12. 567. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Intelligence being brought of an intended French attack on Deerfield and elsewhere on the frontier, it was ordered that two companies be raised and sent to the frontier, also that notice be given to Lord Bellomont to restrain the River Indians from crossing to east of the Hudson or to transport them to some of the western castles of the Five Nations.
June 13. Order for payment of £700 to the Treasurer at War for victualling the garrisons and soldiers, and for incidental expenses. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 157, 158.]
June 13.
New Hampshire.
568. Lieutenant-Governor Partridge to Council of Trade and Plantations. Forwarding copies of the laws passed and of the Minutes of Council since his arrival. Signed, Wm. Partridge. ¼ p. Endorsed, Recd., Read 18 July, 1698. [Board of Trade. New England, 9. No. 28; and 37. p. 12.]
June 13. 569. Journal of House of Representatives of New York. The House met and adjourned till to-morrow.
June 14. Bill for reconciling parties read a third time, passed and ordered to be sent up to Council. In the afternoon the Governor summoned the House, and caused a protest addressed to him by the six remonstrant members to be read as follows:— In pursuance of your counsel we returned to the House asking for satisfaction for our remonstrance, which the Speaker with great violence denied, while others told us that we deserved to be hanged, if we were in England, and that our counsellors were villains and rogues. We therefore withdrew from the House, leaving a protest (p. 962) against all its proceedings, and we beg that the country may not be bound by any Acts or resolutions of the pretended members now sitting. The Governor then dissolved the Assembly. Printed. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 948 and 963–964.]
June 13. 570. Journal of General Assembly of Massachusetts. William Peabody's bill and the bill against receiving stolen goods were passed into Acts. Strays bill read a second time.
June 14. Strays bill read a third time. Poor debtors bill read twice, and sent down for concurrence. Resolution of the Representatives for rewarding an Indian agreed to. Bill explaining the law as to inhabitants and qualifications of electors read twice and sent down for concurrence. Address from the Fellows of Harvard College, asking for assistance for their President's voyage to England to solicit the confirmation of the late Incorporation Act, read and rejected. Three resolutions of the Representatives as to making the west end of Watertown a separate parish, as to a dispute between the people of Salem and of Topsfield, and as to a petition for exemption of a precinct from paying rates, were agreed to.
June 15. The Strays bill passed into an Act. Address of thanks to the King for sending out Lord Bellomont passed. Bill for duties of impost, excise and tonnage received from the Representatives and read a first time.
June 16. Additional bill to the Fences Act received from the Representatives and twice read. Bill for impost read a second time and debated.
June 17. Bill for abating arrears of taxes to several towns received from the Representatives and agreed to. Bill for inspection of licensed houses read a second time and ordered to be engrossed. Resolved that conferrers be appointed to meet some of the Representatives over the matters in difference in the Impost bill. Order for credit to be given for certain unendorsed bills of credit. Resolution of the Representatives for a payment to a prisoner released from Canada agreed to. Additional bill to the Fences Act read a second time and debated.
June 18. The bill last named was again read and sent down for concurrence. Draft letter from the Council and Assembly to Lord Bellomont agreed to. The Committee appointed to discourse Mr. Bridger concerning naval stores presented its report. [Board of Trade. New England, 48. pp. 236–242.]
June 14. 571. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for a warrant to require Chidley Brooke to transfer all public money in his hands to Colonel van Cortlandt. The Council left it to the Governor to appoint an Agent for the province in England. The Governor announced that the heats in the Assembly were such that the King's business was altogether obstructed, and that he should dissolve the Assembly. A protest of the six remonstrant members was read. The Speaker and Representatives were then summoned, and the Governor after a short speech alluding to their strife, divisions and unwarrantable proceedings, dissolved them. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 110–111.]
June 15. 572. Memorial of Ralph Marshall to Council of Trade and Plantations. Asking that a letter of revocation may be sent for Sir Edmund Andros, as has been usual in like cases, and particularly in that of Governor Fletcher of New York, no complaint of mismanagement having been brought against Sir Edmund in his Government of Virginia. Signed, Ra. Marshall. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 15 June, 1698. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 6. No. 48.]
June 15.
573. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. Captain Norris repairs to his ship on Saturday or Monday next. Please remember his commission as Commander-in-chief and also to obtain the King's orders as to the boom for Newfoundland. He is to take £1,000 for payment of the troops there, without which we fear they will desert. Please ask the King if he shall wait for this money or proceed on his voyage without it. Signed, J. Bridgewater, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 25. pp. 240–241.]
June 15. 574. William Popple to William Lowndes. Captain Norris is about to start for Newfoundland. Please remind the Treasury of the money to be advanced to him. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 25. p. 241.]
June 15. 575. William Popple to John Pulteney. Asking for an account of what has been sent or done by the Board of Ordnance for Newfoundland, in pursuance of the King's orders, that instructions may be drawn up for Captain Norris. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 25. pp. 241–242.]
June 15. 576. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from the Commissioners of Transport of 9th inst. read (No. 563). Captain Norris attending, orders were given for instructions empowering him to discharge any ship in the like case with the John and William. A letter was also written to Mr. Vernon, and two letters by the Secretary to Mr. Lowndes and Mr. Pulteney upon the business of Newfoundland, all dated this day (Nos. 573–575).
Memorial of Ralph Marshall read (No. 572), and Governor Nicholson's commission for Virginia further considered.
June 16. Sir William Beeston's letter of 6 April last received and read. The Board resolved at some future time to lay the matter of Patentees and their deputies before the King, as a thing to be remedied in all the Colonies.
June 17. Order for Mr. Harris to be minded to despatch the seals for Virginia and Maryland.
Captain Norris attending in relation to his commission for Newfoundland, a letter was written to Mr. Vernon about the disposal of the money to be paid to him.
Mr. Vernon's letter of 4th inst. as to George Harris's petition read (No. 546), and a letter written in reply that the petitioner deserves to be relieved. [Board of Trade. Journal, 11. pp. 93–99.]
June 16. 577. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. On the motion of the Representatives a proclamation was ordered for the punishing immorality, profaneness, etc. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. p. 159.]
June 16. 578. Minutes of Council of New York. Petition of Mary Milborne, widow of Jacob Milborne, read, when the Secretary swore that he knew nothing of any books of accounts, except that some were removed from the fort by Governor Sloughter when he took possession. Mr. van Swieten's petition was read, upon the seizure of East India goods in his house, the said petition containing several scurrilous reflections on the Government. Evidence was heard on the case, and the Council unanimously justified the Governor's action in sending troops to rescue the search party, and acquitted the said troops of any barbarity or misbehaviour. Mr. Phillips, minister of Jamaica, appeared and shewed his agreement with the people for £60 per annum. No one appearing on the other side, it was ordered that a letter be written to the townspeople to discharge their debt to Mr. Phillips without further trouble, and the Governor undertook to write the said letter. The case of Mr. Robert Livingston heard, when the Council said that they had nothing further to offer against him, and that as they had already given their opinion thereon it was not proper for them to sit as judges. They added that they had nothing to allege against Mr. Livingstone's reputation and believed him to be the fittest person to be entrusted with the business of victualling. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 111–113.]
June 17.
579. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. The money from Newfoundland is ready to be paid to Captain Norris. Please signify the King's orders to us, or to whom he thinks fit, for giving instructions to Captain Norris how that money is to be expended. Signed, J. Bridgewater, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 25. p. 243.]
June 17.
580. Mr. Secretary Vernon to Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Jonathan Netheway has lately succeeded to a considerable estate in Nevis, and has asked to be appointed to the Council. You will inform yourselves as to his character and report thereon. Signed, Ja. Vernon. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 20 June, 1698. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 5. No. 85; and 45. p. 201.]
June 18. 581. Minutes of Council of New York. The Governor caused to be read a letter from Governor Basse of New Jersey of 17 June, 1698, insisting that Lord Bellomont's commission of Admiralty should be recorded before the precept for delivery of two pirates from New Jersey to New York. Colonel William Smith thereupon testified that when Governor Basse was last in New York he had declared himself satisfied as to Smith's jurisdiction as Judge of Admiralty in New Jersey. The Council advised Lord Bellomont to order Governor Basse to deliver up the two pirates at his peril, and to reprimand him for his contempt; and a letter to that effect was accordingly written. Order that certain flour, lawfully shipped on board a vessel under seizure for illegal trading, be discharged. Order for payment of £25 for work and materials in the fort, and an overseer appointed for the workmen and materials. Orders as to inspection and payment of certain small accounts. Mr. Pinhorne's defence was read, wherein he suggested that the depositions against him were not fairly taken; but on the Governor's saying that he made no exception against them at the time, he admitted that it was so. The Governor therefore rejected the defence as false and scandalous in this particular, and ridiculous and frivolous in all others. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 113–118.]
June 20.
582. John Usher to Council of Trade and Plantations. I enclose copy of a letter which I have written to Lord Bellomont, giving an account of my failure to put your orders into execution. I knew of no reason that those who have seized the Government have for their action. I only know that they wish the province to be attached to Massachusetts, whereas the King orders it to be separate, that they wish to appoint the Governor and Council instead of the King and that no one must have a footing there who are not for their particular interest. In short they act as if the King were a King of clouts. I hope that the King's honour may not be trampled on with impunity. I forgive them all, desiring only to uphold the King's honour and his interest in the masts, which is great. If such affronts be not discountenanced in a small handful of men, it will be very injurious to the other Governments. Since I left the Government no care is taken of the frontiers. Great sums of money are raised, the people know not for what, though they hope that an account of it will be required. Signed, John Usher. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 5 Sept. Read 25 Oct., 1698. Enclosed,
582. I. John Usher to the Earl of Bellomont. Boston, 30 May, 1698. Setting forth how William Partridge had assumed the Government though disqualified, and restored the suspended Councillors Hicks, Vaughan and Waldern, enclosing copies of his letters written to Whitehall on the subject, and urging that he sought no profit in urging his right, as he had not received a penny but had spent large sums from his own purse. Copy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. New England, 9. No. 29; and 37. pp. 27–33.]
June 20. 583. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Orders for payment of £6 for relief of a soldier returned from captivity in Canada, of £6 for rewarding an Indian and his family for bringing intelligence, and of £6 upon relief of a disabled soldier. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 160–161.]
June 20. 584. Journal of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Adjourned till to-morrow morning.
June 21. The bills for inspecting licensed houses, for relief of poor debtors, and for adding to the Fences Act, were passed into Acts. James Taylor elected Treasurer and approved. Bill to prevent defaults in the appearance of jurors was twice read and sent down for concurrence.
June 22. A newly-elected Councillor was sworn. Two resolutions of the Representatives for certain payments agreed to. Jurors bill passed into an Act. Resolutions of the Representatives for settlement of a constable's accounts, upon whose land execution had been levied for arrears of some rates of his town.
June 23. The Impost bill was concurred with and ordered to be engrossed. The Representatives' proposals, as to the proportioning of the tax now to be granted, were discoursed. Resolution in favour of giving a guard to Mr. Bridger sent down to the Representatives for concurrence.
June 24. A Tax bill for raising £3,049 was received from the Representatives, was read and debated.
June 25. Resolutions of the Representatives for payment of salaries and for approving the Treasurer's accounts were agreed to. The Tax bill, with amendments concurred in by the Representatives, was again read and ordered to be engrossed. James Taylor took the oath on re-election as Treasurer. [Board of Trade. New England, 48. pp. 241–248.]
June 20. 585. A paper of suggestions for additions to the instructions preparing for Governor Nicholson in Virginia. (1) That he endeavour to procure more equal division of parishes in Virginia, that every one of them may be a competence for a minister. (2) To have it settled, for the encouragement of good men to go and stay there, that after a twelve months' probation at most, if no just cause be found to the contrary, a minister shall be inducted to the parish where he is chosen. (3) That the profits of the vacant parishes be sequestered from time to time for the repair and building of a parsonage-house and improvement of the glebe. (4) That the salary which the King has allowed the Commissary out of the quit-rents may be paid with the arrears by the Governor, still out of the quit-rents, for this will be the same thing to the King and will save the Commissary a great charge and trouble to his friends. 1½ pp. Endorsed, Communicated to the Board by the Earl of Bridgewater by his Majesty's order. Recd. Read 20 June, 1698. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 6. No. 49; and 37. p. 208.]
June 20.
586. Mr. Secretary Vernon to Council of Trade and Plantations. Your representations of the 15th and 17th inst. have been laid before the King, and in reply I send you a commission for Captain Norris to command in chief during his stay in Newfoundland. As to the £1,000 ordered him for the service, you will acquaint him how it shall be disposed of to the uses for which it was intended. I have directions to write to Lord Romney about the chain and boom, but the King doubts whether there will now be time to provide it. Signed, Ja. Vernon, ½ p. Endorsed, Recd., Read 21 June, 1698. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 3. No. 122; and 25, p. 248.]
June 20.
St. James's.
587. J. Pulteney to William Popple. On receipt of yours of 15th inst, respecting the stores to be sent to Newfoundland, I sent it at once to the Officers of Ordnance, who yesterday replied to me that they had frequently applied to the Treasury for money to enable them to provide those stores, which otherwise they could not, and that the Treasury had informed them that as soon as money came into their hands they would supply them, when no time should be lost in providing for that service. They have writ to the store-keeper at Newfoundland to take care of the provisions, but it is expected that the Victualling Office will give some annual allowance to the person who executes that place, he being otherwise under no obligation to take that trouble upon him. The Ordnance Office has also ordered all the gunners, etc., home from Newfoundland except the few that are appointed to remain. Signed, J. Pulteney. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd., Read 24 June, 1698. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 3. No. 123; and 25. p. 252.]
June 20.
588. Council of Trade and Plantations to Commodore John Norris. Having received the superior command of the forts and soldiers during your stay, you will give the necessary orders and bring home an account of everything. Copies of several of our representations as to Newfoundland have been prepared for you for your guidance. Of the £1,000 placed in your hands you will make part over to Colonel Handasyd to assure the allowances to each officer and soldier as in a schedule herein enclosed, and the balance you will make over to the deputy-paymaster for the subsistence of the independent Company. Having formed the said company you will give the rest of the officers and men the option of remaining there, of going to other of the Colonies or returning to England, assuring to any who do not return that their arrears will be paid to their assigns here; and for those who do return you will make the best agreement you can for their diet and passage. Signed, J. Bridgewater, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Abr. Hill. Here follows: the schedule for the distribution of pay to the troops, and the allowance of provisions for the company there. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 25. pp. 243–247.]
June 20.
589. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. With reference to yours of the 4th inst., we are satisfied after enquiry that George Harris or Herauld was in 1694 duly made a free denizen of this kingdom and that he should be assisted in recovery of the damage done him in Carolina by such further testimonials of a like nature as may be proper. [Board of Trade. Proprieties, 25. p. 209.]
June 20. 590. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Vernon's letter of 17th inst. in favour of Mr. Netheway's appointment to the Council of Nevis read (No. 580). Order for Mr. Richard Cary to be summoned for Wednesday morning thereupon.
Letter to Mr. Vernon in favour of George Harris signed.
Captain Norris attending upon the business of his Commission at Newfoundland, a letter of instructions to him was signed (No. 588).
Lord Bridgewater submitted a paper of suggestions as to the instructions of Governor Nicholson for Virginia. Ordered that the three first heads be used as shall seem proper when the instructions are considered, and that a copy of the fourth be sent to Mr. Lowndes for the opinion of the Treasury. Draft Commission for the Governor of Virginia considered, and a representation ordered to be drawn thereupon.