America and West Indies: July 1698, 16-20

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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'America and West Indies: July 1698, 16-20', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698, (London, 1905), pp. 344-349. British History Online [accessed 23 June 2024].

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July 1698

July 16.
675. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Stephen Duport to Council of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, John Povey. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 20 July, 1698. Annexed,
675. I. Petition of Stephen Duport to the King. Praying for the grant of some escheated estate in the Leeward Islands in compensation for the loss of his own in St. Christophers, which in spite of the King's orders has not been restored to him, and for the services of himself and family against the French. Copy. 1½ pp.
675. II. Copy of a former petition of Stephen Duport for the restitution of his estate in St. Christophers. 1 p.
675. III. Copy of the Order in Council of 26 January, 1692–3, upon the said petition, No. II.
675. IV. Copy of another petition of Stephen Duport to the same effect as No. II. 1 p.
675. V. Copy of the King's order to Governor Codrington for the restitution of Stephen Duport's property to him. 24 April, 1694. 1½ pp.
675. VI. A list of three escheated estates in the Leeward Islands. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 5. Nos. 99, 99 I.–VI.; and (order and enclosure No. I. only), 45. pp. 220–223.]
July 16.
676. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Edward Walrond to Council of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, John Povey. ½ p. Recd. 22nd, Read 25 July, 1698. Annexed,
676. I. Petition of Edward Walrond to the King. From motives of duty and loyalty I endeavoured the vindication of your Majesty against the malevolent blasts of one Robert Arthur, who was tried for embezzling your stores and would have been hanged but for the flight of a material witness. Being again accused of scandalous language against you he was allowed to go unpunished by the connivance of Governor Codrington. I have also lodged several complaints against Governor Codrington, which have been long before the Council of Trade and yet no report made to you. I beg that these matters may be speedily heard, so that I may not suffer for my zeal. 13 July, 1698. Copy. 2 pp. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 5. Nos. 100, 100 I.; and 45. pp. 245–249.]
July 16.
677. Order of the King in Council. Referring an Address from the Lieutenant-Governor and Council of Massachusetts to Council of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, John Povey. ½ p. Annexed,
677. I. Petition of the Lieutenant-Governor and Council of Massachusetts to the King. By an Order of the Lords Justices in Council of 27 May, 1697, we find that Jahleel Brenton is to be allowed to appeal to your Majesty in Council in the matter of two seizures made for illegal trading in 1691 and 1692, and that appeals of Custom-house officers in the like cases are to be admitted in future. We observe that this order extends not only to the two cases mentioned, but to all like cases in future without limitation of value. Your charter to us gives us power to erect courts and try causes, appeals to your Majesty in Council being limited to causes wherein the matter in difference exceeds £300 in value. If the order above quoted be not subject to this limit, and if no ships acquitted here can be discharged until final judgment be given in England, then we conceive that the privileges granted by charter will be lost, looking to the delay, the cost of travelling to England and undertaking of a trial there, so that the people whether innocent or guilty will not think it worth while to exert their rights. We beg that you will restore us these privileges. 25 March 1698 Copy. 3 pp. [Board of Trade. New England, 9. Nos. 33, 33 I.; and 37. pp. 13–20.]
July 16.
678. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of John Tucker and others to Council of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, John Povey. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 12 Sept., 1698. Read 14 Feb., 1698–9. Annexed,
678. I. Petition of John Tucker, Leonard White and Thomas Jenour of Bermuda, to the King in Council. In March, 1693, our brigantine, the Mary Rose, being at Barbados, was impressed to transport the English forces against the French in the Leeward Islands. She was thereupon appraised at £880. While employed on this service she was taken and run away with by the lieutenant of the Advice frigate and seventy men from Martinique on 30 April, 1693, and has never since been heard of. We applied to the Commissioners of transport at Barbados for our £880, but could not obtain it. The master of the sloop, Nicholas Hinson, has also petitioned the Governor and Council of Barbados for redress, but to no purpose, for they refuse, alleging that Hinson (who is not an owner) went ashore at Martinique and was taken prisoner, which, in our view, is no concern of theirs. We beg your order to the Governor and Council of Barbados to pay us £880, being the value then set upon the sloop. Copy. 2 pp.
678. II. Copy of the Act of Barbados, passed in September, 1692, to raise and arm a thousand men for an expedition against the French. 2 large pages.
678. III. Copy of the official appraisement of the transport-vessels taken up at Barbados for the expedition against the French. The Mary Rose is appraised at £880. March, 1693. 1 p.
678. IV. Extract from the Minutes of Council of Barbados, 11 July, 1693. Resolution refusing compensation to Nicholas Hinson for the loss of the Mary Rose, unless he can show Sir Francis Wheler's order to him to go ashore. 1 p.
678. V. Extract from the Minutes of Council of Barbados, 29 August, 1693. Resolution, on the petition of John Tucker and others, for compensation for the loss of their sloop the Mary Rose, that they must abide by the loss, for the folly and neglect of their master. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 7. Nos. 69, 69 I.–V.; and (without enclosures II.–V.) 44. pp. 215–217.]
July 18.
679. Secretary Vernon to the Council of Trade and Plantations. The King has appointed Nathaniel Blakiston to be Governor of Maryland, and desires you to prepare his commission and instructions. Signed, Ja. Vernon. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 18, Read 19 July. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 3. No. 48; and 9. p. 181.]
July 18. 680. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letters from Governor Goddard of 12 October last, from Mr. Partridge of 13 June last, from Mr. Charles Story of 23 May last, and Mr. John Graves of 11 May last, were received and read.
Captain Warren attending gave a list of his squadron and promised to draw up a memorial of his thoughts on the expedition against the pirates.
Instructions for the Governor of Virginia further considered.
July 19. Mr. Secretary Vernon's letter of yesterday, ordering the preparation of despatches for Nathaniel Blakiston as Governor of Maryland, was read. Colonel Blakiston attending was told to make what haste he could to despatch everything for his voyage.
Instructions for the Governor of Virginia further considered.
July 20. Mr. Stephen Duport presented an order in Council of 16th inst. with his petition (No. 675). He promised to draw up a detailed estimate of his losses and bring witnesses to the same.
Mr. Walrond's letter of yesterday received (No. 682), also an anonymous letter of 11 May from the Bahamas.
July 21. Governor Codrington's letter of 10th ult. read.
Mr. Sansom's letter of yesterday as to illegal trade in Virginia read (No. 684).
Sir Thomas Laurence delivered Governor Nicholson's letter of 28 May, which was read, together with several papers.
Acts of Massachusetts considered.
July 22. Mr. Secretary Vernon's letter of 21st on the subject of New York and of pirates read (No. 685). Captain Warren attending gave in some memorials as to his expedition, but undertook to bring others more perfect.
A letter of Mr. Thornburgh's to the Secretary read, excusing his delay in answering questions as to pirates in the Bahamas.
Stephen Duport presented an estimate of his losses in St. Christophers (No. 691) which was attested by witnesses. Order for a representation to be drawn thereon.
Laws of Massachusetts considered. [Board of Trade. Journal, 11. pp. 136–142.]
July 19. 681. William Popple to William Thornburgh. Asking what report the Proprietors of the Bahamas have received from Governor Webb as to the pirates of Every's crew, who went to New Providence. [Board of Trade. Proprieties, 25. p. 213.]
July 19.
682. Edward Walrond to William Popple. I forward papers from Mr. John Lucas containing fresh instances of Governor Codrington's cruelty and injustice. Such a monster in government as Governor Codrington, to be suffered and even supported with impunity, is to all good men a riddle, but time may discover much. Signed, Edward Walrond. ¼ p. Annexed,
682. I. John Lucas to Edward Walrond. Common gaol, Antigua, 28 May, 1698. My last letter told you of the appointment of a Court of Exchequer, which awarded execution against your estate for £500. I hope you have taken care to get the fine off, and that an order will be here very speedily that your enemies may not triumph. I send duplicates of my former papers. Unless an order comes speedily, myself and family will be destroyed. I have again been chosen a member of Assembly, so that I stand fair in the opinions of sober men, which comforts me in my affliction. I hope that Lord Lucas will stand my friend, and that your complaints take with the Lords, for here it is bruited that no complaints will be heard. It is discoursed that the Governor's son is killed in France, so that your "assassinature" is gone, as it was bruited here. Man proposes and God disposes; and you are preserved I hope to bring the light that has been hid some years. Mr. Blake is going home, I am told, to manage causes against me. He is in advice with Palmer and Perrie. You know the man and can give him due character. They boast how easily you are to be beaten, which is matter of laughter enough. Signed, John Lucas.
682. II. John Lucas to Edward Walrond. Antigua, 31 May, 1698. Since my last a new addition of affliction springs out. The enclosed declaration is sent to me. I could never get a copy of the letter they call a libel before this writ came to me, which contains what I am accused of. Pray present this to the Council of Trade, and if they send for me and the books and a Commissioner to examine witnesses, I shall faithfully make out what I know and can discover. Julius thwacked [?] me upon this score. There has been a Sessions since; no remedy for the assault. I was never challenged for this libel until I was just coming home, and apprehended that I was detained only for fear that I should complain at home. You know of my treatment, Young's perjury against me, the murder of my negro, the threatening of my man, myself closely imprisoned, my boat detained, one of the owners and my people prisoners on pretence that they carried off my son Austin, reproachful speeches, terrifying my wife and children, searching my houses, hunting my woods, frighting Austin almost to death—these are some of the cruelties. Blake, Perrie and Palmer are still cherished. Make all dispatch, that I be not utterly destroyed. If you get an order take care that there be no flaw in it to detain me, and obtain a commission for depositions and copies of records. Thus the truth will appear and the sons of iniquity be brought to punishment. Signed, John Lucas. 2 pp.
682. III. Copies of several documents relating to the proceedings against John Lucas. These include the whole of those already abstracted in No. 616 I. with the following additions. Writ for the election of Assembly men for St. John's, Antigua, 6 May, 1698.
Order of Governor Codrington for the General Assembly to meet at Montserrat on 14 May. Dated, 9 May, 1698.
A long restatement by John Lucas of his principal complaints. The whole, 9½ pp.
682. IV. Summons to John Lucas to answer an action against him in the next Court of Common Pleas. 28 May, 1698. Scrap.
682. V. Copy of an information against John Lucas for a libellous letter written against Governor Codrington. Signed, J. Johns Sonn. 2¼ large pages. The whole of the preceding documents are endorsed, Recd. 20 July, 1698. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 5. Nos. 101, 101 I.–V.]
July 20. 683. Commission of Francis Nicholson to be Governor of Virginia. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 37. pp. 210–226.]
July 20.
684. Secretary of the Customs to William Popple. In answer to yours of 12th inst., relating to alleged illegal trading on the part of Benjamin Harrison, the Commissioners of Customs were informed by Mr. Hayman, Collector of James River, Virginia, by a letter of 27 July, 1697, that on the 19th July the brigantine Hopewell of fifty tons, Virginia built, Captain Willis Wilson and Benjamin Harrison, junior, proprietors, which was riding empty in the river under protection of H.M.S. Harwich, had sailed away secretly in the night, without permit, entry or giving security. The said Harrison was on board of her and was said to have taken aboard sixty hogsheads of tobacco, intending for some of the Northern Colonies. Mr. Hayman accordingly advertised the officers of those Colonies thereof. We have a hint of the same matter from Colonel Parke and one of his officers, and the whole was imparted to Mr. Randolph, the Surveyor-General, before his departure, for his enquiry during his general survey. But the Commissioners have no information that this vessel has proceeded to Scotland. They have indeed notice that some ships have arrived there from the Plantations, but whether this be one of them is uncertain, as it is the practice to change ships' names and otherwise to disguise them on such occasions. Signed, Jno. Sansom. 1½ pp. Endorsed, Recd. Read 21 July, 1698. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 6. No. 56; and 37. pp. 248–250.]