America and West Indies: September 1698, 16-20

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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September 1698

Sept. 16.
827. Robert Quarry to Council of Trade and Plantations. The Government here has in its hands considerable of the effects of the pirates whom it permitted to escape. I am writing a full account of the foul and black proceeding to you. My commission empowers me to take all pirates' goods into the custody of the Admiralty, but I cannot be surprised that it is not observed when even Acts of Parliament are disobeyed. Lately a French pirate ship with eighty men landed and plundered a place in this province, and has taken eight or nine ships. English subjects have no protection from this Government, but are exposed to misery and ruin from pirates at sea and Indians on land, and all for want of a militia, which they will not admit, otherwise it would have been easy to have taken this pirate ship, which stayed here above a week. There were convenient ships and brisk men able to have fought ten times that force, but after most of the time had been spent in considering, the Governor ordered drums to beat for volunteers, but would not allow them the benefit of the plunder. There was little likelihood of getting men that way, under no obligation of a law. Many men are ready and desirous to defend the country if the Governor would commission fit men to command, and to exercise them. Now, on this occasion in their distress they send to the King's Governor for aid and assistance, though they disobey his laws and affront his authority. Signed, Robt. Quarry. 1½ pp. Endorsed, Recd. 21, Read 22 Nov., 1698. [Board of Trade. Proprieties, 2. No. 33; and 25. pp. 270–272.]
Sept. 16. 828. Minutes of Council of Montserrat. Order for the servant women who were caught running away with a canoe to be whipped on the bare back with not exceeding thirty-nine lashes, to be restored to their masters until their term be completed, and to be then sold for four years more to compensate the master for his expense and for the loss of their labour. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. p. 535.]
Sept. 19. 829. Minutes of Council of Bermuda. Stephen Crow, late sheriff, brought up his accounts of the public money, and the balance lying in his hands, being £61 11s. 6d. Order for the accounts of all stores and ammunition to be brought in at the end of the week, and the accounts of all fines on this day fortnight. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 39. p. 3.]
Sept. 19. 830. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. The Secretary laid a list of papers relating to New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Barbados; all of which have yet to be considered.
Colonel Delavall's letter of 29 July, reporting Governor Codington's death, read. Order for a representation to be prepared as to the succession to the Government of the Leeward Islands thereupon.
Colonel Blakiston's letter of 15th inst. read (No. 825). The Secretary was ordered to inform him that the Board has done its part, and that he must make application elsewhere in the matters which he mentions.
New York papers further considered.
Sept. 20. The representation upon Governor Codrington's death was signed.
New York papers further considered.
Sept. 21. Mr. Yard's letter about the expedition against pirates, and the devolution of the Government of the Leeward Islands, dated yesterday, was read.
Sept. 22. A second representation upon the devolution of the Government of the Leeward Islands was signed.
On the second part of Mr. Yard's letter, it was ordered that Captains Dampier and Warren be summoned to attend on Monday, and that the Attorney-General be directed to draft a commission and proclamation for the service of the expedition against pirates.
Sept. 23. New York papers further considered. [Board of Trade. Journal, 11. pp. 217–228.]
Sept. 20. 831. Patent for Thomas Laurence, Esq,, to be Secretary of Maryland. Copy, 2¼ pp. Endorsed, 13 Oct., 1698. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 3. No. 57; and 9. pp. 222–224.]
Sept. 20.
832. Mr. Yard to Council of Trade and Plantations. The King having approved the draft instructions to the Commissioners who are to accompany Captain Warren's squadron, and decided certain other points, I enclose you copy of Mr. Blathwayt's letter on the subject. The Lords Justices now desire that a proclamation, commission, and instructions may be drawn up for signature, pursuant to the drafts and to the orders in Mr. Blathwayt's letter. You may consult the Attorney and Solicitor-General thereon, if you think fit. You will communicate the instructions and proclamation to the Commissioners upon their applying to you. As regards your representation in relation to the Government of the Leeward Islands, the Lords Justices approve your recommendation to place the Government for the present in the hands of Major William Burt and the Council of Nevis; and you will cause the necessary powers and instructions to be prepared. Signed, R. Yard. 2 pp. Endorsed, Recd. Read 21 Sept., 1698. Enclosed,
832. I. William Blathwayt to Mr. Yard. Loo, 15/25 September, 1698. The draft powers and instructions for the Commissioners to be sent with Captain Warren's squadron have been approved by the King. He directs that the quorum shall be any three of the Commissioners or the major part of the survivors. He directs also that, whereas provision is made for the pardon of all pirates (who surrender themselves) for piracies committed before they receive notice of the offer of pardon, but none is made for those that shall commit piracy after such notice, a special time shall be appointed and declared, according to the several distances of places, after which any piracies committed shall render offenders incapable of pardon. The King judges such time to be more determinate and certain than any proof can be of their having or not having notice of the offer of pardon. Copy. 1¼ pp. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. Nos. 138, 138 I.; and (without enclosure) 34. pp. 343–344.]
Sept. 20. 833. Memorandum of the receipt of the above letter from Mr. Yard. ¼ p. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 5. No. 119.]
Sept. 20.
834. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Lords Justices of England. We received yesterday from Captain Delavall a letter dated 29 July, reporting the death of Governor Codrington, on 19 July, and certain doubts that had arisen as to the devolution of his authority. In our opinion the authority of Lieutenant-General Hill, who had a commission to succeed in case of the Governor's death but is also dead, devolves upon the President and Council of Nevis. Nevertheless, to save any prejudice that may arise from disputes, we think that some speedy directions should be given, and we recommend that William Burt be confirmed as President of the Council of Nevis, and that he with that Council take upon them the Government of the Leeward Islands till further order. Signed, Ph. Meadows, John Pollexfen, Jo. Locke, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 45. pp. 281–285.]