America and West Indies: October 1698 , 6-10

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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October 1698

Oct. 6. The Council gave its opinion that the Member aforesaid came within the terms of the Act for regulation of the Plantation Trade, but that the Burgesses would hardly be prevailed with to discharge him; whereupon the Governor said that he could think of no other way but to give the Burgesses a recess.
Oct. 7. Order for a proclamation prohibiting the entertainment of pirates and for seizing any such found in Virginia. Order for the Committee on the revision of the laws to make their report at next Council. Consideration of the Ports Act was postponed. A further letter of 6 September from the Governor of Maryland as to John Coode was read; whereupon the Council resolved that, the Governor having already issued his warrant for Coode's arrest, there was nothing further to be done. A survey of the land south of Blackwater Swamp was referred to the Trustees of the College for their approbation. Order for payment of tonnage-dues by ships. The question of the Rangers was deferred to next Council. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 53. pp. 137–140.]
Oct. 6. 877. Minutes of Council of New York. Captain John Schuyler gave an account of his journey to Canada, reporting that the French had made no preparations for invading our Indians, and that though Count de Frontenac would not own the Governor's right to mediate for the release of Indian prisoners, yet that they would be released in a few days. Captain Schuyler was commended for his care and diligence in his mission. His account for his expenses and certain other accounts were referred to a committee. Order for a proclamation for a fast. The accounts of the expense of the Governor's journey to Albany and presents by the Indians were presented, amounting in all to £950. (The items are given.) Order for warrants for payment thereof, and for payment of sundry miscellaneous accounts, including £438 to Robert Livingston for bounty-money advanced to the forces at Albany, and smaller payments to him for other sums advanced to the troops and the fort at Albany.
Oct. 7. The Governor announced that he should observe the rule of England in appointing new mayors and sheriffs annually, and therewith appointed Hendrick Hanson to be mayor and John Groenendyck to be sheriff of Albany. The accounts of John Schuyler's journey to Canada were audited and payment ordered, the sum being £94, besides £20 as a gratuity to him and £10 to each of his three companions. Orders for two other payments. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 142–149.]
Oct. 6. 878. Sir Thomas Laurence to Council of Trade and Plantations. I have applied for two Acts of Maryland, passed in 1694 and 1695, respecting the appointment of ports, but Mr. Popple informs me that they are in the hands of the Attorney-General. I beg your assistance in obtaining copies of them for the Commissioners of Customs. Signed, Thomas Laurence. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 11 Oct., 1698. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 3. No. 61.]
Oct. 6. 879. Deposition of Humphrey Perkins of New York, mariner. Six years ago I sailed from New York to Curaçoa in a ketch of about 70 tons, belonging, I believe, to Abraham Depeyster, with a cargo of pork, beef, flour and pease, which was sold there. The ketch sank in the harbour there, and I took a passage to Barbados in a sloop which had brought rum, sugar and molasses from that island to Curaçoa. Sworn 6 October, 1698. 1 p. [Board of Trade. New York, 8. No. 9.]
Oct. 8.
880. William Blathwayt to William Popple. I enclose you a declaration lately published by the French King, rather as a curiosity than by any order; yet there are passages, which I have marked, that deserve consideration by the Board either in order to some mitigation by the French or to warn our West India trade of the rigour with which they threaten us; for entry into their ports under stress of weather or other urgent occasions has never before been denied us. Signed, W. Blathwayt. ½ p. Endorsed, Considered 10 Nov., 1698. Enclosed,
880. I. Printed copy of regulations issued by the King of France for the trade and navigation of the French Islands and Colonies of America. 12 articles. That marked by Blathwayt is article 5, which forbids all foreign vessels to enter French ports or to navigate in their neighbourhood, and prohibits Governors from admitting them on any pretext whatever. Dated, 10/20 August, 1698. 8 pp. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. Nos. 140, 140 I.; and 34. pp. 380–392.]
[Oct. 10.] 881. Draft of a commission prepared by the Attorney-General for the Commissioners to be sent with the expedition against pirates in the East Indies. This instrument empowers them to grant pardons, and to seize and dispose of pirates, ships, and goods. 2 pp. Endorsed, Recd. 7, Read 10 Oct., 1698. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. No. 141; and 34. pp. 356–357.]
[Oct. 10.] 882. Draft of a proclamation offering pardon to pirates in the East Indies on surrendering. 2 pp. Endorsed, Recd. 7, Read 10 Oct., 1698.
A second Draft of the same, fixing the dates after which those committed of piracy shall not be entitled to pardon, viz. pardon shall not be granted for piracies committed from the Cape of Good Hope eastward to the longitude of Socatora after 30 April, 1699, from the longitude of Cape Comorin after 30 June, 1699, and from Cape Comorin eastward after 31 July, 1699. Henry Every is excepted from all pardon. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. Nos. 142, 143; and 34 pp.]
Oct. 10. 883. Minutes of Council of New York. The Minnesink Indians came to greet the Governor and desired his consent to their selling a tract of land, which was granted. Petition of Mary Milborne read, and the Clerk ordered to summon the persons named therein to give their evidence before Judge Smith. On the petition of Dyrck Vandenburg a reprieve was granted for his negro on condition that he be transported out of the country. Remission of quit-rent granted to Colonel William Smith until Ladyday last past for certain land which has since had fortifications built on it. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 149–152.]