America and West Indies: November 1698, 1-4

Pages 521-524

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 16, 1697-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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November 1698

Nov. 1. Memorial from Sir Thomas Laurence read (No. 961) and considered not to need further consideration for the present.
Mr. Randolph's letter of 25 August read. Order for instructions to be written to Lord Bellomont to be watchful of vessels returning from Curaçoa. Mr. Randolph's letter to the Secretary of 12 September read.
Order for Mr. Brenton to attend to-morrow, on the subject of the Acts of Massachusetts.
Order in Council of 25 October concerning George Lillington received and read.
Nov. 2. Mr. Brenton attending answered several questions, after which it was ordered that certain New England traders should be asked to attend to-morrow. The Journals of Massachusetts Bay were then perused.
Nov. 3. Several New England merchants attending protested against an Act of Massachusetts, submitted to them by the Board, requiring persons not inhabitants of that Colony to give security before process granted. Sir Henry Ashurst, soliciting the despatch of the Acts, was acquainted with the difficulties that had arisen. Being asked whether any of the money belonging to the Corporation for evangelising the Indians could not be applied to the conversion of the Indians of New York, he replied that it was appropriated to New England and could not be used elsewhere. Perusal of the Journals of Massachusetts continued. [Board of Trade. Journal, 11. pp. 267–277.]
Nov. 1.
959. Edward Jenings to Council of Trade and Plantations. Forwarding the journals of Assembly and other papers. Signed, E. Jenings. ¼ p. Endorsed, Recd. 3 April, 1699.
The same to William Popple. To the same effect. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 6. Nos. 68, 69.]
Nov. 1. 960. Minutes of Council of Nevis. Resolved that Captain Gardner of H.M.S. Queenborough be sent to St. Christophers to bring back Thomas Lilley, a privateer, who is accused of attacking French subjects since the conclusion of peace. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. p. 478.]
Nov. 1. 961. Memorial of Sir Thomas Laurence, presented by order of Governor Nicholson to the Council of Trade and Plantations. It is requested (1) that the Acts of Maryland of 1696 concerning the establishment of the Protestant religion, the maintenance of Ministers and the providing of schools, may be submitted to the King for allowance, or to the Attorney-General for such alteration as is judged necessary; (2) that the address for pardon to the many persons concerned as securities for forfeited bonds may also be recommended to the King; (3) that the Assembly's proposal for ascertaining the value of foreign coin may also be examined and promoted as you think best, and that orders may be given for marking out the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania; (4) that in view of Governor Nicholson's former reports as to the intended settlements of the French on the Mississippi, orders may be given to all the Governors in America to encourage a trade with the Indians bordering westward and who inhabit about the lakes. It is not suggested that the King be put to any charge herein, but that he give orders to open a free trade with those Indians under such instructions only as he shall give to the company or companies of undertakers who will venture it, he making the trade free and easy by his charters. Signed, Thomas Laurence. 2½ pp. Endorsed, Recd. Read 1 Nov., 1698. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 3. No. 64; and 9. pp. 313–316.]
Nov. 1. 962. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Order as to the fees to be paid to the Attorney-General for reports made from the Council. Ordered that the fines levied on Slye, Clarke and Mason be given to the persons employed in bringing them to justice.
Nov. 3. Order for payment of Mr. George Muschamp's salary, since the fines and forfeitures of his district do not amount to the sum of it. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 13. pp. 657–658.]
Nov. 1. 963. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Order for payment of £80 for subsistence of the Governor's servants. The Commission of the peace was regulated at the Governor's request, he being a stranger to the gentlemen of the island. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. p. 378.]
Nov. 1. 964. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. Committee of Grievances appointed. A new Excise Bill read and committed. A petition for rebate of duty granted. The Council's orders of 5 October, as to bills sent up from the Assembly, were received.
Nov. 2. No quorum. Adjourned to 15th. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 319–321.]
Nov. 3.
965. Clerk of the Burgesses of Virginia to Council of Trade and Plantations. Forwarding the Journals of the Burgesses for the session begun 28 September last. Signed, Peter Beverley, ¼ p. Endorsed, Recd. 3 April, 1699. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 6. No. 70.]
Nov. 3.
966. Order of the Lords Justices of England in Council. That Colonel Romer stay in New York till Christmas 1699, and that his pay be reduced to thirty shillings a day, in accordance with the representation of the Council of Trade, and that Lord Romney give orders accordingly. Certified copy. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 14 Nov., 1698. [Board of Trade New York, 8. No. 18; and 53. p. 90.]
Nov. 3.
967. Order of the Lords Justices of England in Council. Approving a draft letter to Lord Bellomont and directing it to be prepared for signature. Certified copy. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 14 Nov., 1698. [Board of Trade New York, 8. No. 19; and 53. p. 91.]
Nov. 3.
968. Order of the Lords Justices of England in Council. Approving a representation of the Council of Trade respecting Sir Thomas Laurence, and ordering that, in the disposal of the money referred to by him, his claim shall be favourably regarded (see No. 863). Copy. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 14 Nov., 1698. [Board of Trade Maryland, 3. No. 65; and 9. p. 317.]
Nov. 3.
969. Order of the Lords Justices of England in Council. That the representation of the Council of Trade as to Acts of Denizenation and Naturalisation in the Colonies be referred to the Attorney and Solicitor-General for report. Copy. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 13 April, 1699. [Board of Trade Maryland, 3. No. 66; and 9. p. 370.]
Nov. 3.
970. Order of the Lords Justices of England in Council. That the further proceedings against Edward Walrond upon for-feiture of his recognisance be stopped, and that the £500 levied upon him on that account be repaid him; and that the President and Council of Nevis or Commander-in-Chief for the time being be instructed accordingly. Copy. 1 p. Recd. Read 23 Dec., 1698. [Board of Trade Leeward Islands, 5. No. 123; and 45. pp. 304–306.]
Nov. 3.
971. Order of the Lords Justices of England in Council. Approving the draft instruction as to Naval Officers and Collectors in the Colonies, submitted by the Council of Trade in their representation of 27 October, and directing it to be prepared for signature and for transmission to the various Colonies. Copy. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. Read 14 Nov., 1698. [Board of Trade Plantations General, 4. No. 145; and 34. pp. 379–380.]
Nov. 3–4. 972. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. This meeting had been adjourned from 20 October, when there was no full Council. The Council assented to a Registry Act, an Act for importation of white servants and an Act against pirates, sent up by the Assembly. The Council concurred with the Assembly in appointing a joint committee to prepare Acts to amend the Act for Courts and the Act of Extent, but deferred a proposal to make the island a free port, for further consideration. [Board of Trade Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 283–286.]
Nov. 4. 973. Minutes of Council of Bermuda. Several addresses were received from particular persons about the school-lands. Some members of Assembly offered a list of several Acts formerly made, for amendment, alteration or continuance. Order for the Assembly first to peruse these Acts and return them with their opinion thereon. [Board of Trade Bermuda, 39. p. 9.]
Nov. 4.
974. John Nelson to Council of Trade and Plantations. I hope that Commissioners for France and England have been appointed under the 8th clause of the Peace of Ryswick, that those Colonies may be protected from the violences not only menaced but executed by the French under cover of the Treaty of Neutrality of 1686, whereby the fishing of French and English on each other's coasts seems to be debarred. The French are trying to extend their pretensions here as they did in Flanders, where their claims to dependencies exceeded the concessions made to them. Here, under title of "the coasts," they endeavour to debar us from fishing on the high seas, whereas civilians limit the coasts to rivers, harbours, bays and shores, leaving the high seas free to all. Their design is obviously to increase their ships, seamen, trade and riches at our expense. I believe it will be found that this fishery trade brings more bullion, money and riches to us than any other commerce; so I doubt not that you will resist the French pretensions and vindicate our rights. I think that the matter can admit of little dispute, for the French themselves daily and necessarily take most of their fish on our coasts, so that the distance observed there by them may very well serve for a rule for their coasts of Nova Scotia. I presume to second the representation of the Lieutenant-Governor and Council on this matter, for after a visit to those French countries I am convinced that unless we act vigorously these Colonies will be ruined. You will now be satisfied that the matters urged in my former memorials were not conjectural, and I hope that they may have weight enough to induce you to move strenuously on our behalf. Signed, Jno. Nelson. Holograph. 3 pp. Endorsed, Recd. 2, Read 4 Jan., 1698–9. [Board of Trade New England, 9. No. 40; and 37. pp. 91–94.]