America and West Indies: April 1700, 1-5

Pages 144-148

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 18, 1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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April 1700

April 1. 277. Sir Charles Hedges to Mr. Popple. I have perused Lord Bellomont's letter relating to the Hester, condemned and sold at New York, but can give no opinion as to mariners' wages, unless it did appear for what cause she was condemned; for mariners loose their wages in many other cases besides that of piracy, and if my Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations think fit, it will be very proper to let the case be stated for the King's Advocates to give their opinion, because it may be appealed and come before me judicially. Signed, C. Hedges. Endorsed., Recd. 3rd, Read 4th April, 1700. 1 p. [Board of Trade. New York, 9. No. 21; and 54. p. 134.]
April 1.
278. William Markham to [? Mr. Secretary Vernon. See Nov. 30, 1699]. I received yours of Nov. 30, 1699, concerning pirates and their effects, which will be punctually observed. I doubt not but the information against me to those noble Lords by whom I was condemned were represented as heynously as my adversarys could, which occasioned their Lordships' severe blow upon me; and I as little doubt but if they had first ordered an enquiry into the charge, it would not have appeared so black as my enemies have set it forth. As to what was alleged, that I had not the King's approbation, when His Majesty restored the Government to the Proprietor, I was L.G. under Governor Fletcher, and when the Proprietor had proposed to the Queen and Privy Council to continue me Lieutenant or Deputy Governor under him, I had the honour to be accepted and approved of. His Grace the Duke of Leeds was then President. Having so great and honorable an approbation, I thought it sufficient, and kept in possession until the Proprietor's arrival. I shall not labour to be restored to the Deputation, but humbly petition that I may not continue under His Majesty's displeasure. I enclose a copy of what I writ to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Signed, Wm. Markham. 2 pp. [Board of Trade. Proprieties, 5. No. 35.]
April 3.
279. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Jersey. We desire your Lordship to lay before His Majesty for his information and direction therein the enclosed extract of a letter from Lord Bellomont, wherein he desires the pardon of Lt. Col. Pierson. [See Cal. 1669. No. 343.] And the Earl of Bellomont having in another letter informed us that he thought it much for His Majesty's service that he might have a meeting with the Governors of Virginia and Maryland in order to the consulting about the general interest and concern of His Majesty's territories on that Continent, and that they had all of them agreed upon Philadelphia as the most proper place, but that he is confined by his instructions not to go out of the Provinces committed to his charge under penalty of forfeiting half his salary and perquisites for the time that he shall be absent, we desire your Lordship thereupon to offer to His Majesty our humble opinion that the meeting proposed by those Governors may be very useful, wherever they may think most convenient, and that if His Majesty be pleased to approve thereof, we may be ordered to signify His Majesty's pleasure to each of them, that they meet accordingly without incurring any forfeiture, because they are all of them under the same restraint. Signed, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwait, John Pollexfen, George Stepney. [Board of Trade. New York, 54. pp. 132, 133; and (rough draft), 44A. No. 39.]
April 3.
280. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Jersey. In answer to your letter of March 26, we have prepared the enclosed draught of a letter for the Plantations. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jno. Pollexfen, Geo. Stepney. Annexed,
280. i. Draught of a letter for His Majesty's signature to the Governors of Barbados, Leeward Islands and Jamaica. The Royal African Company having represented that the Courts of Justice being so frequently adjourned, they are much hindered in the recovery of their just debts, and it being absolutely necessary that all obstructions in the course of justice be effectually removed, so that our subjects may enjoy the free use and benefit thereof in all our dominions in America, we hereby require you to take care in our island of, that the Courts of Justice there be duly and frequently held. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 35. p. 191.]
281. Memorandum of above letter. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 45. p. 35.]
April 3.
Fort William
282. Minutes of Council of New York. Robert Walters was appointed a Justice of Supreme Court in place of Col. Cortlandt, sick, and took the oaths appointed.
April 5. Letters ordered to the Justices of the respective towns in Suffolk County, Nassau Island, to assure the Indians inhabiting therein of His Majesty's protection, so long as they demean themselves as they ought, and that the report spread contrary thereto is utterly false, and, for their further assurance, to order them to appear before the L.G. and Council within 10 days. 20s. ordered to be paid to John Miller for carrying said letters. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 305, 306.]
April 3.
283. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letters to the Earl of Jersey signed.
Draft of a letter to Lord Bellomont considered.
April 4. Letter from Sir Charles Hedges declining to give an opinion about seamen's wages (March 28) read. Ordered that the same question be proposed to Sir Thomas Pinfold, Advocate General.
Secretary ordered to give Sir E. Andros a certificate of the time when Col. Nicholson entered on the Government of Virginia, as he desired.
Reply from Mr. Burchett about ships of war in the Plantations read.
Representation upon Lord Bellomont's desire, Oct. 22, 1698, and May 18, 1699, that Mr. Robert Walters may be confirmed in the Council of New York, signed.
Further progress made with letter to Lord Bellomont. Ordered that Mr. Weaver be sent to, that he hasten to his employment at New York.
April 5. Letter from the Marquis de la Muce and M. Desailly, April 1, read. Their petition was immediately returned with answer that the petition ought to be laid before His Majesty by a Secretary of State.
Order of Council, March 28, about the boundaries between New York and Connecticut laid before the Board. Copies ordered to be prepared and despatched to the respective Governments.
Order of Council, March 28, about Tobago read.
Extract of Minutes of Council, March 14, about Jamaica Acts read.
Order of Council, Jan. 11, with petition of Dorothy Bishop read. Copies ordered to be sent to the Governor of Barbados to report upon.
Order of Council, Jan. 18, with petition of Mr. Allen read. Copy of Lord Bellomont's letter of Nov. 22, ordered to be sent to Mr. Burchett with request for the opinion of the Admiralty.
Draft of Representation about Rhoad Island agreed upon.
Letter from Mr. Randolph, Dec. 29, 1699, read.
Letter from Mr. John Graves, New Providence, Nov. 14, 1699, read. Secretary ordered to inform him that their Lordships are well pleased with the account he has given of the pirates condemned there.
Letter from the Governor and Council of Barbados, July 4, 1699, read. Abstract ordered to be submitted to the Lords of the Admiralty. Letter from Governor Grey, with enclosures, laid before the Board. [Board of Trade. Journal, 12. pp. 418–423; and 97. Nos. 60–62.]
April 4.
284. William Popple to Sir Thomas Pinfold (Advocate General). The Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations desire your opinion upon the enclosed extracts from Lord Bellomont's letter (Oct. 20, 1699) relating to the wages of the seamen of the ship Hester, condemned at New York. [Board of Trade. New York, 54. p. 135.]
April 4.
285. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Recommending the confirmation of Robert Walters as a member of Council of New York. Signed, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, William Blathwait, Jno. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Geo. Stepney. [Board of Trade. New York, 54. p. 136.]
April 4.
286. Order of King in Council. Directing the preparation of a warrant for His Majesty's signature, requiring Lord Bellomont to confirm Robert Walters in the place of one of the members of H.M. Council of New York. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed., Recd. 19th, Read 24 July, 1700. ¾ p. [Board of Trade. New York, 9. No. 22; and 54. pp. 280, 281.]
April 4.
Port of
287. Minutes of Council of Maryland. His Excellency read H.M. Order in Council, Nov. 30, 1699, repealing the laws for the establishment of the Protestant religion, and for ascertaining the laws of this Province. The Council advised deferring the issue of a proclamation signifying the repeal of these laws, because (1) this was not a full Council, there being only three present; (2) the matter being of very great moment, it is absolutely necessary that the General Assembly, prorogued till 26th only, be consulted therein.
His Excellency asked the advice of the Council as to proroguing the General Assembly still further, seeing that he had no late commands from home. The Board advised that, no more ships being expected till October, the meeting of the General Assembly should not be deferred beyond the 26th. His Excellency announced that he found his predecessor, Col. Nicholson, had received the 3d. per hhd. given by His Majesty to the country for purchasing arms, but that he had resolved not to meddle in the matter, since the Receivers, George Plater and George Muschamp, were thereunto appointed. They were ordered in future to take care to receive it. His Excellency informed the Council that he had advanced 200l. to pay and subsist the Rangers on the falls of Potomack, who were in great want. He was informed by Mr. Heneage Robinson, an Indian trader, that the Emperor of Piscattaway and his Indians will come to town on Monday to treat with His Excellency and renew their articles of peace and amity. The Council left the whole management of the matter to His Excellency and the gentlemen of the Council next adjacent, advising withal that the Indians be told to come in and live upon their land here, and that, if they will give assurance of their fidelity, they carry some of the English along with them to Rock Creek to see their fort demolished there. John Danzey produced his commission from H.M. Customs to be Collector of Potomack, and William Bladen his commission to be Surveyor of the Port of Annapolis, and took the oaths appointed. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 13. pp. 682–688.]
April 4.
288. William Popple to Mr. Burchett. I enclose copy of a letter from the Earl of Bellomont, Nov. 22 last. The Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations desire that my Lords of the Admiralty would let them know their opinion, how far the sending timber from Piscataway to Portugal may be fit to be allowed or discouraged, as well in reference to H.M. Navy Royal as to the shipping of England. [Board of Trade. New England, 37. p. 426.]