America and West Indies: January 1700, 22-31

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 18, 1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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January 1700

Jan. 22.
48. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Mr. Secretary Vernon, Jan. 19th, with Mr. John Woollaston's petition, read. Memorial in favour of Capt. Bennet to be Governor of Bermuda read.
Jan. 23. Letter to Governor Grey signed; extract and papers relating to Tobago ordered to be sent to the Barbados Agents.
Jan. 24. Mr. Thurston presented the estimate ordered Jan. 19. Representation upon Newfoundland affairs directed.
Deputy-Governor Bass, lately arrived from the Jerseys, gave an account of the great confusion there is amongst the inhabitants, and that the better sort of the people and greater number of them desired the pretence of the Proprietors to a right to Government might be waived, and that the administration might be made immediately dependent on the Crown; but after some little discourse promised in a short time to lay before their Lordships a full account of the state of those Provinces in writing.
Lord Bellomont's letter, Oct. 20, considered. [Board of Trade. Journal, 12. pp. 332–335; and 97. Nos. 15–17.]
Jan. 23.
49. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor Grey We have received two letters from you dated Oct. 20. One of them relating wholly to the Naval Officer, we refer you to the answer of the Lords of the Treasury thereupon. In your other letter we are glad to observe that the Assembly of Barbados have taken some care about building a House for the Governor. As for ships of war to attend H.M. service in that Government, having formerly advised you that we had represented what you desired, we can now add nothing. We have sent the Acts of Assembly you enclosed to Mr. Attorney General for his opinion. We are sorry to observe what you write of your having sworn Mr. Wheeler into the Council, because it is evidently contrary to your Commission, whereby you are only empowered to appoint Councillors to make up the number of seven and no more, so that Mr. Wheeler is to be deemed no Councillor, nor can any Act done by him in that capacity be adjudged legal, which you are to declare accordingly to him and to H.M. Council. Wherefore we advise you hereafter to have a closer regard to the powers and directions of your Commission and Instructions, and shall forbear at present to represent this proceeding as contrary thereto. The Barbados Agents having lately laid before us a memorial complaining that Captains of H.M. ships carry off not only debtors but also indented servants from that island, we represented the matter and enclose you a copy of the Order of Council, Nov. 23 [Cal. 1699]. On the French Ambassador's memorial concerning Tobago and H.M. Order in Council we send you a copy of our Representation and that Order that you may pursue the directions thereof. We enclose a letter from H.M. containing some general instructions relating to Pirates and another relating to Sta. Lucia. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 45. pp. 23–25.]
Jan. 23. 50. Minutes of Assembly of Barbados. Col. Tho. Maxwell chosen Speaker. Levy of 3s. per head voted.
Jan. 24. Bill for raising a levy, and petition of William Roberts for the remittance of the duty paid on some wines that turned eager, taken up to the Council. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 461–463.]
Jan. 23. 51. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Mr. Skene granted an extension of time to prepare his Counsel. Petition of William Roberts allowed.
Jan. 24. William Heysham ordered to be paid for 16 servants (See No. 41.) (And see preceding abstract.) Mr. Speaker acquainted H.E. that if the levy prove deficient they will very cheerfully raise a further supply. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 484–486.]
Jan. 24.
52. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts Bay. Prorogation of the General Assembly till March 13 ordered. 12l. ordered to be paid as stipend to Thomas Weld, Minister of Dunstable.
20l. ordered to be paid to Michael Perry and Benjamin Eliott, booksellers, for printing the Laws of the Province.
Expenses of John Thacher and other Justices, commissioned to try an Indian for murder, paid.
Account of Nathaniel Jarvis, master of a brigantine employed on public service, paid.
Accounts of several persons of Essex County for billeting, etc. paid. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 267, 268.
Jan. 24. 53. Mr. Thurston's estimate of the things required for the Company of Foot in Newfoundland. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 24, 1699/1700. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 4. No. 1; and 25, p. 338.]
Jan. 25.
54. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. We have upon several occasions laid before your Majesty such proposals as appeared necessary for the preservation of the Fishery of Newfoundland, which is of so great importance to this Kingdom, and particularly that, for the erecting of new and finishing the old fortifications in the harbour of St. John's, workmen should be sent from hence with such a quantity of bricks, lime, and planks as the Office of Ordnance should find requisite, as also for building barracks there, and that a chain and boom, etc. should be sent for the harbour; wherein we understand that nothing has yet been done. The season now approaching for the departure of ships for that Fishery, we think it our duty to lay before your Majesty that, a fire having lately consumed the soldiers' barracks built of timber, with their divers utensils and necessaries, and the Agent for the Company having offered to us the annexed (preceding) estimate of the particulars desired by the Commander in Chief, amounting to 133l. 15s. 4d., adding one year's subsistence at 307l. 14s. 2d., and 50l. for contingencies, making in all 490l. 19s. 6d., we humbly offer that the necessary directions should be given, as also for sending the same quantity of provisions as were sent last year, together with a chest of medicines, which the Chief Officer represents to be very much wanted. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jo Pollexfen, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 25. pp. 339, 340.]
Jan. 25.
55. Order of King in Council, approving above Representation and ordering accordingly. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 31, 1699/1700. 1¼ pp. [Board of Trade. Newfoundland, 4. No. 2; and 25. pp. 341, 342.]
Jan. 25.
56. Memorial from M. Galdie. Dr. Cox has in Carolana some land, which he has tried to cultivate by granting some part of it to the Marquis de Meuse and others who, a year ago, sent one Ceuhu with two small brigantines to establish themselves there. On hearing from them, Dr. Cox may be able to induce others to go there, but the enterprise is not likely to succeed through want of money and the opposition of the Spaniards. Besides, the French have established themselves in the River Michachipinai, 150 leagues from Carolana. As to the idea of the Council of Trade, to divert the French and other Protestants, who intended to follow Dr. Cox, to Jamaica, it is excellent. But there are difficulties which seem to me insurmountable. (1) Such French Refugees, not being naturalised, could not possess land. (2) Those suitable for developing the plantations have not the necessary capital to start with. No individual however rich and willing could make this undertaking successful: the credit of the King or Nation is needed. French. 2 pp. Endorsed, Communicated by Mr. Heathcote. Recd. Read Jan. 25, 1699/1700. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 9. No. 7.]
Jan. 25.
57. Order of King in Council, referring to the Council of Trade and Plantations the petition of Francis Burghill. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Feb. 23. Read Feb. 26, 1699/1700. Enclosed,
57. i. Copy of petition of Francis Burghill. In consideration of his great pains and expense in recovering the Island from the Bermuda Company for the King by an action of law under Charles II, petitioner prays for the government of that island without any salary whatever, but only the mean profits of H.M. part of the lands, which the Bermuda Co. were formerly possessed of. Charles II. had granted the government to petitioner, but the Duke caused him to be set aside and continued Mr. Conny in the place. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 4, 4 i.; and 29. pp. 258–260.]
Jan. 25.
58. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Draughts of letters to Governors about sending over pirates ordered. Mr. Heathcote presented a memorial about French refugees for Jamaica, and also an extract of a letter from Porto Bello, Oct. 8th, expressing the endeavours the French are using to carry on a trade with the Spaniards in those parts.
Representation about Newfoundland signed.
Lord Bellomont's letter of Sep. 11 to the Bishop of London laid before the Board. Ordered to be considered when the Act for vacating Church lands comes under consideration.
Part of Lord Bellomont's letter of Aug. 20 considered.
Jan. 26. The Secretary acquainted the Board that he had understood from Mr. Yard that the Advice frigate was sent to New England with orders to the Earl of Bellomont to cause Capt. Kidd, etc. to be put on board her for England, together with all their goods and effects under the direction of a person appointed by the Lords of the Treasury, and further that H.M. had been pleased to order Admiral Bembo, when he shall return to England, in case this should not have been done by the Advice, to send one of the frigates under his command to New England for that service.
Draughts of letters to Governors for sending pirates agreed upon. Mr. Hill delivered a certificate from several Members of Parliament in favour of Mr. Woolaston as Governor of Bermuda.
Order of Council, Jan. 18, about letters of denization and directing notice to be given accordingly to the Governors read. Letters ordered to be prepared.
Lord Bellomont's letter, Aug. 28, considered.
Laws of Massachusetts ordered to be sent to the Solicitor General for his opinion.
Ordered that Sir Henry Ashurst have notice to attend on Wednesday about an article in Lord Bellomont's letter about his salary. Ordered that Mr. Pullein be put in mind of the papers he promised.
Letter to Governor Sir Wm. Beeston signed, and upon information from Mr. Yard that the Earl of Jersey had already writ to him by H.M. order in conformity to the letter of the Board, Jan. 15, about Jews in Jamaica, a postscript was added referring him thereunto. [Board of Trade. Journal, 12. pp. 335–339; and 97. Nos. 18, 19.]
Jan. 26.
59. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor Sir William Beeston. The 9th of Nov. we informed you what we had proposed to H.M. about the change of your Commission into that of Governor in Chief, which has accordingly been ordered, and we doubt not but Mr. Heathcote will have sent you all things necessary thereupon. We enclose two letters from H.M. one containing some general instructions about pirates and the other some particular instructions about some of Kidd's and other pirates' goods carried to Curaso. We have lately received your letter of Oct. 23, the first part of which being about the refractoriness you found in the Assembly against your proposal of re-enacting their Laws and making H.M. revenue perpetual, we are collecting out of the books and entries of this Office what relates to the Act for perpetuating the revenue and shall send you our thoughts thereupon. We have considered the memorial about the unfitness of Mr. Allen Brodrick to be Attorney General, upon which you refused to swear him into that office; and if any friends of his make application to us for his admission, we shall make use of the reasons you have furnished us against it, though, as to the filling up of Patent Places in general, many objections are laid before us against some part of your late Act on that subject, which is still with Mr. Attorney General for his opinion. We are sorry that we have not hitherto been able to take into consideration those Acts amongst which is that for the present made you by the country; multiplicity of other business has hindered us. We have lately represented to His Majesty the prejudice suffered in the Plantations by the irregular conduct of the Captains of ships of war. We send you a copy of H.M. Order in Council Nov. 23 thereupon. We enclose a memorial concerning the Jews at Jamaica, and desire you to give us a true state of the matters of fact. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jo. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill. P.S.—In what may further concern the Jews we refer you to a letter you will receive from the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Jersey. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 57. pp. 5–8.]
Jan. 27.
60. Wm. Popple to Sir John Hawles. I send you the Acts of the General Assembly of Massachusetts Bay, Boston, May 31, 1699, for your opinion. List of Acts annexed. [Board of Trade. New England, 37. pp. 259–262.]
Jan. 29.
61. Edward Randolph to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I received yours on Dec. 22. Mr. Day delayed calling his Council till the 1st. They met again on the 2nd and made the Order, designing on purpose in case Mr. Jones had not arrived till March or April, which sometimes falls out to vessels which miss the islands, that nothing should be done in the meantime. Mr. Jones arrived the 20th inst. On 23rd I received a summons, upon which I, with Col. White and Mr. Jones, attended the Sessions House and we received our Commission. By this designed loss of time we cannot possibly get any depositions ready to send by this conveyance. I am obliged for your letter of July 27, and your care for my enlargement; yet notwithstanding I had not my liberty till the 13th (? 3rd). I am further obliged that your Lordships approve my services and encourage me. I intend God willing so soon as I am able after my nigh 9 months' imprisonment and a safe passage presents—for these seas have been infested with pirates—to go to Providence where Mr. Read Elding, a known and late pirate, is by the death of Capt. Webb the present Governor: thence to N. Carolina, where I shall meet with an ungoverned and licentious people to manage, the Governor, as I hear, being a well-wisher to their humours. I have by my long confinement got a cold numbness in my right knee and leg so that I cannot endure the fatigues of tedious cold travelling as formerly, and would be willing to call this moderate climate my residence, unless I am commanded to attend my masters at home, after my more than 25 years' service in the Customs, in which I have made more than 15 voyages to and from the Plantations and London, and undergone several hazards besides losses and greater troubles, having been 10 months a prisoner in Boston, and forced to lie several days and nights in a swam[p] in Maryland when Col. Copley was Governor to escape being made Sir Tho. Lawrence his fellow prisoner or worse, for all which I never found any other cause than my diligence. Signed, Ed. Randolph, Sr Gl. Endorsed, Recd. Read April 29, 1700. Holograph. 1¾ pp. (with abstract). Enclosed,
61. i. Copy of Order for releasing Mr. Randolph. 1¼ pp.
ii. Copy of Summons to Mr. Randolph to appear at the Sessions House. ½p.
iii. Copy of Commission constituting Ed. Randolph, Anthony White and Edward Jones Justices to examine into complaints against the Governor. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 5, 5.i. –iii.; and 29. pp. 271–274.]
Jan. 29.
62. Governor Day to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I received your letters of Sept. 12th and 20th with the Order of the Lords Justices, Aug. 31st. As to the imprisonment of Mr. Randolph, I hoped I had transmitted by several conveyances a full and satisfactory account, in representing his evil and secret practices. Upon examination before myself and the Council, by the advice of them he was committed to prison until delivered by due course of law. On July 13 a Grand Jury found the bill against him and being brought to a trial by a jury of twelve he was convicted and fined 50l. to the King and to remain in prison till the same was paid. However, though the letter for his discharge was not yet arrived, yet with the concurrence of the Council he was discharged. As to the irregularity of my conduct in the Government, I did by the same several conveyances transmit a full account of the state of this Government and of all things charged in His Majesty's Instructions. With the Council, I have issued out the Commission ordered to Mr. Randolph, Col. White and Mr. Jones. It seems very severe to have the very persons who are the delinquents to take depositions in their own behalf. (Repeats portion of following letter about sending a credible person to England in his defence.) In my next I shall fully make it appear that I did not hinder Mr. Dickenson from going to England.
Since receiving his commission, Mr. White has read it to all the ignorant common people in the island, and hath so amused them with the power given him of calling me to account that they wholly lay by their respect to me as Governor. (Repeats concluding paragraphs of following letter.) Signed, Sam. Day. Endorsed, Recd. Read April 29, 1700. 2 large pp. Enclosed,
62. i. Copy of Mr. Randolph's commitment.
ii. Copy of Mr. Randolph's release.
iii. Copy of commission of Messrs. Randolph, White, and Jones.
iv. Abstract of above letter [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 6, 6.i. –iv.; and (without enclosures), 29. pp. 275–280.]
Jan. 29. 63. Abstract of the two preceding letters. 2 pp. Endorsed, Read May 1. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. No. 7; and 29. pp. 283–285.]
Jan. 29.
64. Governor Day to Mr. Secretary Vernon. Acknowledges receipt of letter of June 18 and repeats his reply about the Scotch at Darien and Capt. Hind the Pirate. Since which I have an account of his being taken by one Thomas Frith, a marriner of these islands from Berry Islands near Providence where he had been put on shore. Frith carried him and four more of his gang into Providence, where they were all tried and hanged.
On Jan. 9 I had an account from Daniel Ross, late Master of the sloop Joseph and Benjamin of these Islands, that he being at anchor in Bloody Bay at Tobago, one Monsieur Thomau, a notorious pirate, and nine armed men in a canoe surprised the sloop and afterwards with her plundered several others and barbarously used the persons they found on board.
I received a letter from the Lords Justices dated July 25, 1699, (q.v.). In answer I can readily aver that in relation to the Customs Officers on my first arrival I took immediate care for settling them, erecting Courts of Admiralty and making a Judge and Attorney General, and gave all encouragement and assistance to them. As to the encouragement to illegal trade, I can very clearly acquit myself, for ever since my government here I have made all strict enquiries into all vessels arriving here and appointed searchers and proper officers, which had not been done before, and thereby I have discovered several vessels which have traded to Curacao? with dyeing wood without bringing it to any of the Dominions of England and have clandestinely imported thence several dry goods and vended them here, for which proceedings I have caused several Courts of Admiralty and Exchequer to be held and now hold several vessels forfeit. I shall transmit by the next all the proceeds which have been made against them. I have incurred much dislike by my strictness, amongst those who find themselves discouraged from their accustomed trading, and with them have joined Edward Randolph, H.M. Surveyor General of Customs in America, and several others to foment dissatisfaction and, privately insinuating many false matters against my conduct in this government, have procured a very severe order upon me from their Excellencies the Lords Justices, Aug. 31 last. I hope I shall be allowed the liberty of an English subject and not be condemned before I am heard, and then I doubt not but to vindicate myself. I am resolved, since letters do not meet with a due delivery, to send a credible person to England who actually knows all transactions here, with whom I shall transmit in writing attested all my public proceedings, although I humbly conceived I had before done it fully in my letters. I shall pray to be heard and shall readily submit, as I have already given obedience to their Excellencies' order by discharging Mr. Randolph from his imprisonment, (altho' he was under execution for a fine to H.M. adjudged in a Court of Quarter Sessions and not on any suit of mine), and myself and Council have issued out the Commission to Mr. Randolph, Mr. White and Mr. Jones. In pursuance of H.M. Order, Oct. 28, I have released the Dolphin, Isaac Adderley, Master, and he is at liberty to proceed on his voyage.
Jan. 31. On Jan. 31, Messrs. Randolph, White and Jones, the constituted Justices, met to examine witnesses, who brought depositions ready written, which were taken very privately without giving me any notice, whereby I might be capacitated to transmit my answer according to the Order of the Lords Justices. Mr. Jones indeed urged for copies of the depositions, but the rest of the Justices denied them. Whereupon with the advice of my Council I protested against their unfair proceedings. Signed, Sam. Day. Endorsed, R. Ap. 29, 1700. 3 pp. Enclosed,
64. i. Deposition of Daniel Ross, Mariner. (See preceding letter.) Copy. 1¾ pp.
ii. Copy of Order of Lords Justices in Council, Aug. 31, 1699.
iii. Minute of Council of Bermuda, Jan. 2, 1700, St. George's. Ordering the release of Mr. Randolph and the issue of a Commission to Messrs Randolph, White and Jones. I p.
iv. Copy of Deposition of Edward Jones. On Jan. 31, at the house of Mary Burrowes, widow, St. George's, witnesses made depositions before the Justices appointed. Deponent demanded copies to be taken and shown the Governor. This was denied. ½p.
v. Protest of Governor Day and Council against the refusal of the Justices to show copies of the depositions to the Governor. Signed, Sam. Day, Gilbert Nelson, John Brooke, Samuel Sherlock, Robt. White, Mich. Burrows. [America and West Indies. Bermudas, 477. Nos. 61, 61. i–v.; and, (copies of 61. iii., iv., v.) Board of Trade. Bermuda, 39. pp. 23–25. Duplicate of letter, with last three enclosures only, [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 8, 8.i–iii; and 29. pp. 293–299.]
Jan. 29.
65. Mr. Secretary Vernon to the Council of Trade and Plantations, enclosing the petition of Capt. Joslyn Meade. Signed, Ja. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 1, 1699/1700. Enclosed,
65. i. Petition of Capt. Joslyn Meade. Has served H.M. for 10 years as Captain of Foot. In the time of the Irish Government was plundered of all he had and imprisoned in Dublin. Recommended to the Treasury by the Lords Justices of Ireland for an estate of 300l. per annum, petitioner has attended in England and is reduced to great extremity. Prays to be granted the government of Bermoudas. 1 p.
ii. Dublin Castle. May 12, 1698. Lords Justices of Ireland to the Treasury, recommending Capt. Meade for his services at the siege of Sligo to a grant of lands in Co. Cork. Signed, Winchester, Gallway. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 9, 9. i., ii.; and 29. pp. 249, 250.]
Jan. 30. 66. Governor Grey to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I have received your letter of Oct. 12. I send the Naval Accounts, which I hope are now done according to your directions; it was the Naval Officer's fault it was not done better sooner. As for the deposition of Mr. Peter Smith, I am very confident that Burke himself never brought any such goods hither, he having entered here in the several offices as the law directs. Whether he bought any goods of Kidd I know not: if he had, he might easily have sent them hither undiscovered by little vessels who make it a trade to run goods here, which 'tis impossible for me to prevent with one single ship. Since the arrival of H.M.S. Ludlow, Capt. Henry Lumley, Commander, there has been a very great mortality: he has lost all his officers except his Master, he has had four or five Pursers which have all died, and he has not ten men left which came out of England with him, so that hitherto the ship has been of no use. I have given him orders for a man out of every ship that anchors here, and so soon as she shall have her complement recruited, I shall dispose of her as H.M. service shall most require. The Captain has been three times dangerously ill; he is now upon the recovery. Capt. Barker I have sent out to convoy some ships to Saltertudos upon a petition of several merchants setting forth what a pressing occasion there was for him, for that that coast was so infested with pirates they could not with safety send any ships thither for salt, which is a commodity very scarce in this island. I gave him instructions that, if he met with any intelligence of any pirates when he came there, to cruise about in search of them, with a limitation that he return hither in seven weeks. As to the Lords Justices' commands relating to the executors of Sir Peter Colleton, I will take particular care they shall not have any more cause to complain of any delays. Pursuant to your order relating to Mr. Bate, I have given the Attorney General directions to enter a noli prosequi. I enclose the form of writs used here for calling a General Assembly. I forwarded your letters to the Governor of Bermudas the next day after receipt. I received your letter of Nov. 6 on Jan. 26. I hope you have received an account of all the Patent Places in this Island. I have ever since my arrival used my utmost endeavours to suppress all pirates, and could wish for H.M. interest that I had a force answerable to my inclinations to scour these seas from all such vermin. The forts are not as yet put into repair by reason of a very great levy, which is now about to be made by a bill brought in the last week entituled, An Act for raising a levy to discharge the public debts of this island, which has been once read and is committed till Friday, Feb. 2, the next sitting of the Council and Assembly. A Bill to this purpose has been attempted by some of my predecessors, but for the unhappy differences that were among them and the people, it never could be brought to any issue till now, the design of this being intended to discharge the debts which amount to about £11000 due for several ships hired by the country in the time of the war for transporting the forces to Martinique and to build and repair the fortifications etc. I earnestly recommended the matter to the Assembly, who readily complied, and declared that if the bill should prove deficient, they would most cheerfully give a further supply. On Sat. Jan. 20, I took a review of all the Forts to Windward, having some little time before visited the Leeward Forts. The charges of putting them in repair will be very considerable. I question not but I shall prevail with the Council and Assembly to make another levy, if occasion be for that purpose, and when that is finished, I will recommend to them the building a house for a Governor. Signed, R. Grey. Enclosed is a list of Gents. whom I recommend, qualified to serve as H.M. Councillors. Endorsed, Recd. March 29. Read April 5, 1700. 3 pp. Enclosed,
66. i. List of Gents. recommended for Councillors. (1) Col. Tho Maxwell, Speaker of the Assembly. Of a Scotch name but English born: of admirable parts and considerable estate. (2) Jno. Hallett. His father, Jno. Hallett, late of the Council, lately died in England. He is a Gent. of very considerable estate. (3) Tho. Sadleir, Judge of H.M. Court of Exchequer: of very good parts and a considerable estate in lands. (4) Col. Jno. Leslie, Commands our Windward Regiment of Horse and has a very fine plantation. (5) Col. Abel Alleyne commands a Leeward Regiment of Foot: an old Planter who by his own industry has acquired a very considerable estate. (6) Richd. Downes: Lt. Col. to Leslie, both Creoleans: chosen this last year Treasurer by the General Assembly: of good estate. (7) Lt. Col. Robt. Harrison: an old Assembly man of considerable estate. (8) Christopher Estwick. (9) Jno. Mills. (10) Richd. Worsam. (11) Jno. Lucy Blackman, who, were he not young, should be higher in the list, by reason of his merit and estate. I sent only 11, having supplied the vacancy of Mr. Bond by putting in Col. Wm. Wheeler before the arrival of Mr. Mein, for whom I have before desired H.M. approbation. All the Gentlemen named are zealously affected to H.M. Signed, R. Grey. Memorandum. Ap. 30. The Board agreed that upon any vacancy, Mr. Drax shall be the first named to supply it. Memorandum. July 12. The Earl of Tankerville desired Mr. Sutton's name to be considered of, whenever there happens to be a vacancy. 3 pp. Endorsed as preceding.
ii. Copy of form of writ used for calling an Assembly in Barbados. 1 p. Endorsed as preceding.
iii. Memorandum of accounts of Naval Officers of Barbados, June 25–Sept. 24, 1699. ¼p.
iv. Memorandum of accounts of Naval Officers of Barbados, Sep. 25–Dec. 24, 1699. ¼p. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 8. Nos. 43, 43.i. –iv.; and 45. pp. 41–46.]
Jan. 31.
67. Edward Randolph to the Council of Trade and Plantations. This accompanies my letter of Jan. 29 wherein I enclose a copy of Mr. Day's sham Commission of the Peace. Divers of the inhabitants have applied themselves to me and Col. White to take their depositions of great oppression and injustice done them by Mr. Day and Mr. Nellson, Chief Judge, but as Mr. Day and the Council have refused to issue such a Commission to myself, Col. White and Mr. Jones according to the true intent of the Lords Justices' Order, we hold ourselves not legally qualified to take depositions of any matters foreign from what are particularly expressed in that Order. We have a flying rumour that Mr. Day will be commanded home to answer the misdemeanours now proved upon him, which doth very much trouble some of the suffering inhabitants, who will be ruined in their estates and left out of all hopes of recovering their just dues of him, if he should not first be obliged to make them satisfaction. 'Tis probable application will be made by some to succeed Mr. Day in the Government of these Islands: they are certainly of such great import to the Crown as not to be entrusted to the care of necessitous persons as were Col. Goddard and especially Mr. Richeires and Mr. Day, two broken linnen drapers, of worse morals. I have no prejudice to either of them; I heartily pity Mr. Day and forgive him his folly to me. 'Tis my duty that obliges me to write plain English upon this subject. I therefore propose that H.M. suspend the sending another Governor until the matters charged against the preceding Governors now in England be proved, and meantime, that there be no failure of justice, that he appoint Col. Anthony White, Capt. Charles Walker, Capt. John Tucker, Capt. Thomas Harford, Samuel Spofferth, Robert White and Major Burrows to take upon them the present administration of the Government. Signed, Ed. Randolph. Endorsed, Recd. 24, Read 28 May, 1700. Copy. 1¾ pp. Annexed,
67. i. Abstract of above. ¾p. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 10, 10. i.; and 30. pp. 1–3.]
Jan. 31. 68. Copy of some queries as to the legality of exporting timber from New England to any foreign country, drawn up by Sir Henry Ashhurst and answered by Ja. Howe, a lawyer. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 31, 1669/1700. 3 pp. [Board of Trade. New England, 10. No. 10.]
Jan. 31.
69. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Order of Council, Jan. 25, about Newfoundland read and ordered to be communicated to Mr. Thurston.
Lord Bellomont's letters and papers (Nov. 18, 22, 29, and 30) and Report on Rhode Island, Nov. 27, 1699, laid before the Board. Letter of Nov. 22 read. Sir Henry Ashhurst attending, and being acquainted with Lord Bellomont's complaint of Mr. Partridge, L.G. of N. Hampshire, sending timber thence to Portugal, he communicated some queries he had drawn up, with the opinion of one Mr. How, a lawyer, upon that matter, and promised to bring some proposals about furnishing naval stores from New England as cheap as from Denmark or Norway. As to the paragraph in Lord Bellomont's letter of Aug. 28 relating to his salary as Governor of the Massachusetts Bay, he said he believed the Council and Assembly would not consent to settle a salary upon all Governors for the future, but that if H.M. should be pleased to write to them, or if this Board should do it, he doubted not but they might be persuaded to settle a suitable salary upon the Earl of Bellomont during his Government: and he desired their Lordships in case they should write such a letter to recommend to that Government the making of him some allowance for acting as their agent. [Board of Trade. Journal, 12. pp. 339–353; and 97. No. 20.]