America and West Indies: July 1700, 16-20

Pages 420-424

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 18, 1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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July 1700

July 16.
642. Governor the Earl of Bellomont to Mr. Secr. Popple. I imbark to-morrow for N. York. Refers to letter to the Council of Trade and Plantations, July 15. I make it my earnest request you will favour and promote the Charter of Incorporation for Harvard College with your Board, and that you will advise and assist Sir Hen. Ashhurst in carrying it on. I had news yesterday by the Captain of the galley, whom I sent with goods and provisions to the Indians on Kenebeck River, that there is some mischief hatching between the Jesuits and those Indians; that there was a general meeting of those Indians at one of their castles called Naridgewack on that river, and that upon the last day of June, where all the Indians took the sacrament at the hands of those Jesuits. Moxes, the chief Sagamore, told the Captain be had lately received an angry letter from the Governor of Canada, chiding him severely for holding any sort of correspondence with me and threatening him what the King, his master, would do to punish them. He likewise told the Captain that the Jesuits had insinuated to 'em that the King, their Master, was resolved to maintain all the country eastward of Kenebeck River against the English, and that the Indians were great fools if they suffered the English to enjoy any lands to the Westward of it. He told the Captain the Penicook Indians would fall on the Monheags very soon. Capt. Southack delivered me a memorial containing these and several other matters, but I have not time to get it transcribed. You may please to tell the Lords of the Council of Trade of this, if you think it worth the telling. Signed, Bellomont. I find I forgot in a late letter of mine to your Board, wherein I desired some tools if we were to fortify our frontiers, to bespeak 10 or 12 dousin of pickaxes, which I desire may be sent, if the rest of the tools be sent. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 23, Read 25th ditto, 1700. 3 pp., with abstract. Holograph. [Board of Trade. New England, 10. No. 54; and 38. pp. 229–231.]
July 16.
643. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts Bay. Rev. Samuel Willard, Chaplain to the Governor for three Sessions of the Assembly, paid 12l. 30l. paid to William Stoughton to be disposed of for secret intelligence service. 500l. paid to his Excellency to be improved in managing the Address of the Assembly to the King. Warrants for other allowances granted by the Assembly ordered :—50l. to Chief Justice William Stoughton, 50l. to the Rev. Increase Mather, President of Harvard College, 200l. to James Taylor, Treasurer and Receiver General, 60l. to Capt. Anthony Checkley, Attorney General, 12l. to John White, Clerk of the House of Representatives, 30l. to Lawrence Dennis on account of his disbursements for the public, 20l. to the widow of Samuel Storer, late of Charlestown, in consideration of his great services in the war against the French and Indians, 80l. to John Arnold, prison-keeper in Boston, 50l. to the Committee for examining claims under Sir E. Andros' Government, 12l. to the Minister of the French Congregation in Boston, 6l. to Margery Williams, relict of Robert Williams for his services in 1690, 10l. and a pension of 4l. to John Baker of Swanzey, a soldier wounded in His Majesty's service, 7l. to Theophilus Farrington, of Lymm, and 12l. to John Harvey of Aimsbury, wounded soldiers, 10l. to the town of Wells for the support of their Minister, and 6l. towards building their Meeting house. The town of Wrentham, being brought low by the late war and other distressing Providences of God, remitted 20l., their proportion of a tax granted to His Majesty in 1696.
His Excellency acquainted the Council of his purpose to embark to-morrow.
His Excellency embarked upon H.M.S. Arundel for his Government of New York. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 305–307.]
[?July 16.] 644. Capt. Benjamin Bennett to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Recommending the following to be of His Majesty's Council when (he) arrives at Bermuda, Capt. Geo. Tucker, Major Michael Burrows, Tho. Harford, Robt. White, John Kendall, Rector of St. George's, Patrick Downing, Capt. John Dickinson, of Southton Tribe, Tho. Dunscomb, sen., of Pembroke Tribe, Jos. Hinson, Benj. Philips, Benj. Brereton, Capt. John Triningham. Signed, B. Bennett. Endorsed, Recd. 16th, Read 17th July, 1700. ¾ p. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. No. 36; and 30. pp. 34, 35.]
July 16. 645. Minutes of Council of New York. Several papers relating to the Indian Affairs brought down by Robert Livingston Esq. from Albany, dated June, July, 1700, read. Mr. Livingston's account was referred to a Committee. Barne Cosens' account for stationery paid. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. p. 330.]
July 16. 646. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Draught of a Commission for Capt. Bennet to be L.G. of the Bermuda Islands, read, approved and ordered to be transcribed fair.
Report required by Mr. Secretary Vernon, July 4th, considered.
July 17. A new Commission for this Board, dated July 11th, to the same effect as the former, excepting only that the name of Mr. Locke is omitted, and the name of Mr. Prior inserted, was read. Secretary ordered to write to Mr. Lowndes to move the Treasury for payment of the Stationer's and Post Officer's bills sent to them March 31st, 1699.
Memorial from Capt. Bennet, with the names of some persons whom he hath been informed are fitly qualified to be of His Majesty's Council in Bermudas, read. Draught of his Instructions considered. Ordered that the Secretary send to Mr. Lowndes a copy of what (was) writ him, June 20th, relating to the expediting of Commissions for the trial of pirates in the Plantations, and desire him to move the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for such directions as they think fit.
Three letters from Governor Grey, April 20th, 27th and May 10th, were read. Upon the first, ordered that copies be sent to Mr. Attorney General of the paragraph in the letter of this Board, to Mr. Grey, Jan. 23rd, relating to his having put Mr. Wheeler into the Council of Barbados; of the paragraph in Mr. Grey's letter upon that subject, of the articles in his Commission and Instructions to which he refers; and of the opinion of the Attorney and Solicitor General of Barbadoes upon those Articles, and that Mr. Attorney General's opinion be desired as No. 647. This letter to Mr. Attorney General ordered to be sent to the Agents of Barbados, that they may procure his speedy answer.
July 18. Progress made with report upon Lord Bellomont's proposals. In reference to the burning quality usually complained of in the tar brought from the Plantations, ordered that Sir Bath. Gracedieu be desired to attend the Board.
Progress made in considering the draught of Capt. Bennet's Instructions. It being observed to the Board that Mr. Randolph had some while since complained, that upon the death of the late Collector, Saml. Trott, Mr. Day had put another into that place and refused to admit one nominated by him in pursuance, as supposed, of his Instructions from the Commissioners of the Customs here, the said Day justifying his so doing by a Clause in His Majesty's Commission to him for that Government, ordered that a copy of that clause in His Majesty's Commission, together with extracts of what Mr. Randolph has writ about it in his letter of the 16th, and Mr. Day in his letter of May 18th, 1699, be sent to Mr. Sansom to be laid before the Commissioners of the Customs; and that he be desired to inform this Board how that matter has been settled, and whether the Commissioners of the Customs do understand that clause to interfere with the directions given or to be given by them in relation to His Majesty's Customs under their management, and, if so, what alterations they think proper to be made in that clause, or in the like clause, to the Governors of other Plantations, in order to avoid any such interfering for the future. [Board of Trade. Journal, 13. pp. 113–118; and 97. Nos. 124–126.]
July 17. 647. William Popple to Sir Thomas Trever. The Council of Trade and Plantations send you extracts of their letter to Mr. Grey, Jan. 23, Mr. Grey's reply, April 20, etc., and desire your opinion whether the articles in his Instructions give him any power and authority to appoint any persons to be Members of His Majesty's Council in Barbados, otherwise than when there are fewer than seven residing in the Island, according to the limitation expressed in his Commission. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 45. p. 90.]
July 17.
648. William Popple to William Lowndes. The Council of Trade and Plantations being very sensible of the necessity of dispatching the Commissions, which are to be sent to His Majesty's Plantations for the trial of pirates, and not having yet understood that any further progress has been made therein since my letter of June 20th, send you the enclosed copy of that letter and desire you to move the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for such directions therein as they shall think fit. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 35. p. 306.]
July 17.
649. Wm. Popple to Mr. Lownds, repeating application for payment of Stationer's and Post Officer's bills. (See Jan. 3). [Board of Trade. Miscellanies, 11. pp. 83, 84.]
July 17.
Custom House.
650. Mr. Sansom to Mr. Popple. I received yours of the 10th and doe herewith send you the draught of such Instructions as the Commissioners conceive may be proper for Capt. Bennet, appointed to be L.G. of Bermuda, in pursuance of the Laws relating to Trade and Navigation, being much the same as were heretofore prepared by them and sent to the Governors of the respective Plantations. There hath been one Act since past to prevent the exportation of wool out of Ireland and England, etc., wherein amongst other things 'tis declared that no wool or woollen manufactures of the product of His Majesty's Plantations shall be exported out of any of the said Plantations, to which Act the last article in the said Instructions hath reference. Signed, Jno. Sansom. Endorsed, Recd. 17th, Read 24th July, 1700. ¾ p. Enclosed,
650. i. Copy of Instructions for Capt. Benjamin Bennet, as referred to in preceding. 9½ large pp.
650. ii.–iv. Forms of entry, clearing and registering ships to and from the Plantations. 3 pp. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 4. Nos. 37, 37. i.–iv. ; and (without enclosures) 30. pp. 38, 39.]
July 18.
651. Order of Lords Justices in Council. Directions are to be sent to the respective Governors of His Majesty's Plantations in America, as well such as are granted in Propriety, as such as are Governed by Commission from His Majesty, to transmit an account to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, in the most particular manner, of the methode of proceedings in the several courts upon trials of all sorts of causes in the said Courts in those parts, and that the same be communicated by their Lordships to this Board for His Majesty's better information, in the determining Appeals from the Plantations. The Council for Trade and Plantations are to signify their Excellencies' pleasure herein to the said respective Governors accordingly. Signed John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read. 24th July, 1700. ¾ p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 5. No. 75 ; and 35. pp. 309, 310.]
July 19.
652. William Popple to John Sansom. The Council of Trade and Plantations having understood by letters from Mr. Day, L.G. of the Bermuda Islands, and from Mr. Randolph (May 1699) that upon the death of the late Collector of Customs in those Islands Mr. Day had put another into that place and refused to admit one nominated by Mr. Randolph in pursuance, as supposed, of his Instructions from the Commissioners of Customs here, Mr. Day pretending to justify his so doing by a clause in His Majesty's Commission, they send you the enclosed copy of that clause and extracts of those letters, desiring to know whether the Commissioners of Customs understand the clause, which has been constantly the same in the Commissions given to the Governors of all His Majesty's other Plantations, to interfere with the directions given, or to be given, by them in relation to His Majesty's Customs under their management, and if so, what alterations they think proper to be made therein, in order to avoid any such interfering for the future. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 30. pp. 35, 36 ; and Plantations General, 35. pp. 307, 308.]
July 20.
653. Col. Foxe to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I had the honour of your Lordship's letter; Feb. 16, 1699/1700, (though directed to the President and Council of Nevis, I will take care to put your orders into execution). I have sent copies of the King's Orders and your letter to the several Lieut.-Governors and Council of these Islands with directions to have them recorded into their books, and to make a strict enquiry of the 9 men that ran away from Henry Munday's ship. I enclose a copy of the deposition of Richard Budge, formerly Master of the Diligence, bound from Bristol to these parts, who had his ship taken from him and was plundered by a pirate, who, a while after, gave him another ship, in which he came into the road of this Island with much difficulty. I have secured her in behalf of the owners, she being the Baltimore of Bristol, which had been taken before. I have given notice of it to one of the owners, who lives at Barbadoes. I shall be very glad to have your directions in such matters. Signed, Edw. Foxe. Endorsed, Recd. 13th, Read 16th Sept., 1700. 1¼ pp. Enclosed,
653. i. Deposition of Richard Budge. Detailed account of his capture by pirates, as above. Signed, Richard Budge, June 17, 1700. Copy. 1¾ pp. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 6. Nos. 75, 75. i. ; and 46. pp. 82–87.]