America and West Indies: April 1701, 1-5

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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'America and West Indies: April 1701, 1-5', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910) pp. 145-151. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

April 1701

April 1. 295. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Wharton and Mr. Hallam desired their Lordships would please to take into consideration the Order of Council of Dec. 5 last, in order to report upon Hallam's petition, which they promised to do in a short time.
Letter from Mr. Stoughton, Boston, Dec. 20, read.
Mr. Randolph granted, as desired, an extract of their Lordships' late Report to the House of Commons, which relates to Proprieties.
Two letters from Mr. Penn, Dec. 8 and 13, and 31, read and papers enclosed laid before the Board. Directions thereupon given for making extracts and copies of what relates to pirates and pirates' goods, in order to sending the same to Mr. Secretary Vernon.
Letter from Dr. Blair to the Secretary, Williamsburgh, Va., Dec. 13, read.
April 2. Letter to Mr. Secretary Vernon, inclosing extracts as above, signed and sent.
Directions given for preparing an answer to Mr. Penn.
Letter to Mr. Secretary Vernon, enclosing extracts of Lord Bellomont's letters relating to Masts provided by him in the Province of New York, signed and sent.
Mr. Henry Baker delivered duplicates of Commissions for trying Pirates, and 50 copies of the Act for the more effectual suppression of piracy.
Letter to the Rt. Hon. Mr. Boyle signed and sent.
April 3. Representation relating to the Propriety and Charter Governments in America signed and sent to the Council Board.
Mr. Larkin attending, directions were given for preparing a draught of Instructions from His Majesty to him.
Letter from Mr. Burchet, April 2, read. Answer ordered. [Board of Trade. Journal, 13. pp. 427–433; and 98. Nos. 61–63.]
April 1.
New York.
296. Minutes of Council of New York. Present:—Col. Smith, presiding, Peter Schuyler, Abra. Depeyster, S. Staats, R. Livingston, Robert Walters, Thomas Weaver. Col. Smith having acquainted the Council that three of the soldiers of the garrison are lately deserted, and the officers who informed him believe the reason arises from their being quartered in barracks without the Fort, but there is now room in the garrison for all the soldiers in this City, ordered that all the soldiers in His Majesty's pay in this City be immediately quartered in the Barracks in His Majesty's garrison, and that the Storekeeper provide Carpenter's nailes, etc., for fitting them up, and that the Collector pay the same. And for preventing desertion in the future, Proclamation ordered setting forth a reward of 40s. to any person who shall secure any soldiers of the garrison who shall at any time hereafter be found wandring beyond Turtle Bay on this Island, or on any place off this Island.
Petition of Tho. Spread granted.
Account of Richard Claese, Chimney Sweeper of the Fort, ordered to be paid.
Mr. Ludlow's account for copying several papers for His late Excellency referred to a Committee.
Payment of the Barge Crew ordered.
Ordered that the Officers and Chirurgion of the Forces do immediately give a list of what is wanting for the use of the soldiers in the hospitall, and that the same be delivered to them accordingly by the storekeeper.
Mary and Judith Thomas, nurses of the Hospital, ordered to be paid by the Receiver General, it being of great necessity, he keeping an account thereof that the King's Revenue may be repaid out of the 30 per cent., when it shall be received by the Agent of the Forces out of the Treasury of England.
Petition of Engelbert Lott, late High Sherriff of King's County, read, and whereas he hath made a considerable seizure of goods which were condemned, and the King's part not amounting to above 10l., in consideration of the great charge the Sheriff hath been at and the great loss he hath suffered by the imbezilment of the goods after condemnation, His Majesty's part of the said condemned goods was granted unto him.
April 2. Present, as yesterday.
Petition of Lieut. Mathews read, setting forth that he is eldest Lieutenant in the Fort and by His Excellency's death ought to command it, and praying to be excused doeing the duty of mounting the guard as Lieutenant. The Council are satisfied that they are Chief Commanders at present of the whole Province and consequently of the Fort, and Lieut. Mathews is only Lieut of a single independent Company of Foot, whereof Lord Bellomont was Captain, and that he ought not to be exempted from his duty of mounting guard in his turn with the other Lieutenants. Lieut. Mathews then desiring that he might have orders to do his duty under the hands of the Council, he was answered that he should go and doe his duty, or otherwise at his peril.
April 3. Present, as yesterday.
Order that the officers in His Majesty's pay give an account of the Stores received from Capt. Caldwall, in order that he may have a receipt.
Ordered that the Clerk of the Council deliver to Capt. Caldwall, H.M.S. Advice, an extract from Lord Bellomont's Letters Patents of the Constitution of this Government in the case of the death or absence of His Excellency and the Lieut. Governor, together with copies of the Minutes of Council, March 5 and 13, 1700, of the settling the Government in order thereunto.
The Officers of the Forces, together with the Serjeants, being summoned, and demanded the reasons why the soldiers did so frequently desert, said the souldiers are not satisfied with the pay they have hitherto received, and demand their pay in sterling money, which the Council cannot relieve them in till His Majesty's pleasure is further known. They likewise offered, that the new recruits, not having clothing provided out of their pay due before leaving England, are much discouraged. Proclamation for preventing desertion read and ordered to issue. Ordered that on desertion of any of the souldiers any of the officers having notice which way to pursue, may repair to the Receiver General, who is hereby ordered to supply them with money sufficient to support the charge of the pursuit, and it shall be allowed him in his accounts.
Ordered that the officers and serjeants do assure the souldiers that Lord Bellomont represented to His Majesty and the Ministers the hardship of the 30 per cent. deduction, and that they may expect suddenly to know His Majesty's pleasure.
Petition of Capt. James Weemes read, desiring to go to England to adjust the accounts of his Company. The Council are of opinion that His Majesty's service requires Capt. Weemes' residence at this juncture of time, and he is hereby required to repair immediately to his post at Albany. Memorial of Capt. Weemes read, setting forth the condition of the garrisons of Albany and Schenectady, which the Council resolve to lay before the Assembly.
Salaries of William Sell, Daniel Toy, and Nicholas Feilding, Land and Tyde waiters, of James Evitts, Searcher of the Port, of John Depeyster, Surveyor of the Customs, of John Crooke, Ganger, of Barne Cosens, Clerk of the Council, and of Richard Stokes, Messenger of the Council, paid.
The Council advised the Representatives to adjourn till tomorrow, many of their members not being yet come to town. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 481–488.]
April 2.
297. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. We enclose some extracts of letters from Lord Bellomont lately received, relating to Masts provided by him in the Province of New York for the service of H.M. Navy; whereupon we observe that our directions, which he mentions as the ground of his proceedings, were not for buying any certain number, nor for sending any of them home, but only to make a trial how some trees for the largest masts, which he had informed us were growing above Albany, could be got down the Great Fall, and to compute at what rates they might be delivered on ship-board at New York. Nevertheless his Lordship, upon the opinion he has that it may be for H.M. service, having proceeded to contract for 24 masts of the dimensions and at the prices within specified, and it being necessary that some directions be given about sending for them together with such ship-timber as he may have ready to fill up a ship proper for such a cargo, as likewise about the payment of such Bills as he has drawn, or may draw, upon this account, we desire you to lay the whole matter before H.M. Signed, Stamford, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill. [C.O. 5, 1118. pp. 248, 249; and 5, 1079. No. 66.]
April 2.
298. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Rt. Hon. Henry Boyle. We take leave to acquaint you that you, as Chancellor of H.M. Exchequer, are one of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, and that we shall be glad of your assistance at this Board, whenever your other affairs will permit. Signed, Stamford, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill. [Board of Trade. Miscellanies, 11. p. 104.]
April 2. 299. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. Enclosing extracts of letters from Mr. Penn, with copies of papers therein mentioned, relating to pirates (Dec. 8 and 31, 1700) and pirates' goods in Pennsylvania. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1289. p. 39.]
April 2. 300. Order of the House of Commons, that the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations do lay before the House an account of what complaints have been made to them in relation to the Trade or Courts of Justice in the several Plantations in America, Proprieties and elsewhere, and what they have done therein. Signed, Paul Jodrell, Cl. Dom. Com. Endorsed, Recd. Read April 5, 1701. ¾ p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 5. No. 92; and 35. p. 409.]
April 2. 301. Journal of the House of Representatives of New York. Adjourned till to-morrow.
April 3. Adjourned till to-morrow.
April 4. See Minutes of Council under date. Put to the question whether, by reason of the death of the Earl of Bellomont and the absence of the Lieut.-Governor, the Members met by proclamation from the Council were of right to sit as Representatives according to the tenor of the writ by which they were chosen. Carried in the affirmative. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 965, 966.]
April 2.
302. J. Burchett to William Popple. My Lords of the Admiralty being now sending their Instructions for the ships going to Newfoundland, I desire you'l lett me know whether, besides the heads of enquiry, you have anything from my Lords of the Council for Trade to recommend to the Commander-in-Chiefe during his being in those parts, and particular whether there is occasion for his taking a survey of the Bay of Bonavista. There is Provisions shipt on board a vessel taken up by the Victuallers of the Navy for ye Soldiers intended for Newfoundland, but an intimation being given me this morning, as if it was uncertaine whether they will be sent thither, I desire you will informe me in that matter, and if they are to goe, when they will be ready, and where they must embarque. Signed, J. Burchett. Endorsed, Recd. Read April 3, 1701. Addressed. 1 p. [C.O. 194, 2. No. 35; and 195, 2. pp. 429, 430.]
April 3.
303. William Popple to Josiah Burchett. The Council of Trade and Plantations have nothing particular to recommend to the Commander of the Newfoundland Convoy in relation to the Bay of Bonavista, nor have they anything further to add to the Heads of Enquiries, which have already been sent you. As to the additional soldiers, their Lordships do believe it is still intended that those soldiers be sent thither, but do not yet know when they will be ready nor where they must imbark. [C.O. 195, 2. p. 431.]
April 3.
304. Governor Grey to Mr. Blathwayt. I received yours of Jan. 1 last, which favour I had sooner acknowledged had any vessell gone from these parts for London before now. What complaints have been made, occasioned by delay of Justice in the Chancery, there is no ground for. By the next ships I shall send an account of the manner and method of our proceedings in that and all the other Courts of the Island, and likewise an account of all trials of all sorts that have been transacted in the several Courts from my arrival here to this time. We have not one cause upon the Chancery List, the several Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, Court of Admiralty, Court of Exchequer, etc., have orders to render an account to me in Council at our next sitting of all their proceedings in order to be transmitted home. Signed, R. Grey. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 11, 1701. Copy. 1 p. [C.O. 28, 4. No. 90; and 29, 7. p. 313.]
April 3.
305. Order of King in Council. Referring to the Council of Trade and Plantations, for consideration and report, the following petition. Signed, Edward Southwell. Endorsed, Recd. 9, Read April 15, 1701. ¾ p. Enclosed,
305. i. Petition of Alexander Skene to the King. Petitioner has been at last admitted to part of the office of Secretary of Barbados [see Cal. A. & W. I. 1699, 1700], in accordance with your Majesty's Order in Council, but neither Gov. Grey nor Mr. Bedingfield have made him any satisfaction for the profits, etc., of that office during the time that Petitioner was kept out of it, nor for his great expenses connected there with, nor is Petitioner as yet admitted into the enjoyment of the said office according to your Majesty's Letters Patents and the constant usage of the Island, for Edmund Bedingfield, by colour of a grant from the Governor of the office of Private Secretary to the said Governor, or on some other pretences by the authority of the said Governour, hath sett up another Secretary's Office in the said Island, and hath removed severall of the Books and Records that from the first settlement of the Island till then were always kept in Petitioner's Office, and takes all the fees and perquisites relating to Marriages, Protests, Wills, Administrations, Guardianships and other public matters, which of right belong to Petitioner's Office, which is thus rendered of little value, whilst offices are multiplied and your subjects put to double trouble. Copy. 2¼ pp. [C.O. 28, 4. Nos. 87, 87. I.; and 29, 7. pp. 307–310.]
April 4. 306. Minutes of Council of New York. Present as April 1. Col. Peter Schuyler and Robert Livingston were desired to give in their accounts to the Commissioners appointed for stating the public Accounts, as soon as possibly they can, for the same is absolutely necessary for H.M. service and in pursuance of the Act of Assembly.
Ordered that the Clerk of the Council deliver to Robert Livingston a Minute of Council of Jan. 27 last, relating to the Excize of Albany, of Jan. 30, relating to his salary, as Secretary for the Indian affairs, and to Col. Schuyler and Mr. Livingston a Minute of this day relating to them.
Ordered that the Storekeeper deliver for the use of H.M.S. Advice two Rheam of Cartridge paper, the Captain having informed this Board that there is none to be procured elsewhere.
The Assembly were advised to adjourn till Monday, but thirteen of their Members being come to town. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 488, 489.]
April 5.
307. Governor Blakiston to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I have by this conveyance addressed myself to Mr. Secretary Vernon to move His Majesty in my behalfe of comeing for England ye next summer, 1702, in case my health will not give me leave to be serviceable to His Majesty longer. Describes the state of his health. The inhabitants here have an universal satisfaction of my endeavour since my arrival, etc. Signed, N. Blakiston. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 12, 1701. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 5, 715. No. 31; and 5, 726. pp. 81, 82.]
April 5.
308. John Thurston to Mr. Popple. I pray you will let me have your letter to the Commissioners of the Customs to acquaint them that the cloathes I am sending to Newfoundland, and which contain the particulars hereunder mentioned, are for the use of the garrison there, in order to their passing to the Downs, without any let or hindrance. List of articles of clothing. Signed, Jno. Thurston. Endorsed, Recd. Read April 5, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 194, 2. No. 36; and 195, 2. p. 433.]
April 5.
309. William Popple to John Sansom. The Council of Trade and Plantations command me to send you the [above] letter, and to certify that the said clothes were provided for those soldiers by the directions of this Board, in pursuance of His Majesty's Order. [C.O. 195, 2. p. 432.]
April 5. 310. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Order of the House of Commons, April 2 (q.v.), read. Directions given for collecting Heads of the matters inquired into for an answer.
Draught of Instructions for Mr. Larkin agreed upon.
Memorial from Mr. Thurston read. Forwarded, as desired, with letter to Mr. Sansom. [Board of Trade. Journal, 13. pp. 434, 435; and 98. No. 64.]