America and West Indies: May 1701, 16-20

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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'America and West Indies: May 1701, 16-20', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910) pp. 246-256. British History Online [accessed 12 April 2024]

May 1701

May 16. Petition of Thomas Reynolds, Sherriff of Ann Arundel County, setting forth that for the executions of three late malefactors he had not been satisfied, which being represented to the Board to have been always allowed to former Sherrifs, recommended to the House that he be allowed what has been usual.
Petitioner on behalf of John Bradcher (also spelt Pracher) of Charles County, read. Considering the great age as also the corobeness [sic] (fn. 1) of the crime of which the law hath justly found him guilty, undersigned pray for his reprieve:—Thomas Beale, Henry Lowe, William Watts, Archibald Hetty, Richd. Clonds, William White, Philip Lynes, Thomas Collins, James Bigger, Thomas Greenfield, John Taylor, James Smallwood, Benjamin Hall, John Wight, Jacob Lookerman, John Le Counte, Hugh Eccleston, Thomas Ennalls, John Slye, Saml. Worthington, John Bozmane, John Franklyn, William Dent, Francis Dent, Saml. Sicklmore. The Council advised H.E. to grant him a reprieve till H.M. pleasure be known, and that the Province be not burthened with his imprisonment, that security be taken for his appearance when required.
The House sent up a Bill to encourage the importing coyne into this Province. The Board pointed out that it reencountered with the Act for Religion, and also that the Justices of the Counties thereby having such power given them to ascertain at what rate money shall pay tobacco, it will occasion great confusion and clamour, in that it is impossible all the Justices should agree as to the just value of tobacco, or that the tobacco in every County should be of like esteem. It is thought that there cannot be any effectual encouragement given to introduce coine among us, unless by raising the same equal with our neighbouring Provinces, which cannot otherwise be done than by addressing H.M. for his leave so to doe, and at this juncture H.E. seems to have a caution given him against the passing this Act by the letter of the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, Dec. 3.
A Bill for more speedy obteining execution against persons flying out of the County, where judgment is recovered against them, was read twice and will pass. An ordinance proposed by the House for laying the Choptank Indians' land, read and assented to.
The House announced their resolution as to the appointment of an Agent, that the matter be referred till the next Sessions of Assembly.
The Delegates also announced their decision that the Rangers should be utterly disbanded, and their resolution that there be no more Committee in the vacancy of Assembly. They resolved that a Bill be prepared for advancement of an additional duty of 3d. per hhd. towards payment of the publick charge of this Province.
The Treaty made with the Delaware, Susquehannah and Sheoanole Indians by James Frisby, Col. John Thompson, and Capt. Edward Blay, ordered to be laid before the House.
Bills for investing land in Dorothy Stephens, and the Vestry of St. James', and for the naturalization of Peter Scamper, sent up, were read, passed and returned.
May 17. Petition of Edward Laddamore of Cœcill County for an Act of divorce, and declaring the children of his wife Elizabeth, begotten during her elopement, to be illegitimate, read and sent to the House, with a proposed bill on that subject.
Bill for more speedy executions sent up, read and assented to.
Bill for laying 3d. per hhd. on Tobacco sent up, read and amended, and sent down.
Ordinance sent up for a house to be built for the powder, 15ft. by 10ft. The Board recommended that it be 20ft. by 15ft.
Bill for the impost of 3d. sent up. The House had made the first part of the amendment as suggested: That the money be raised and paid to the King; but as to altering the word "levy" for "charge" in the second part, "and be appropriated to the defraying the publick charge of this Province," the House prefer "levy." But the Board conceiving the words "publick charge" to be the terms under which the Acts for former imposts have past, the first is rejected as novel, and the other insisted on as most proper. The Bill was returned with this endorsement.
Ordered that Richard Beard have 20l. sterl. per annum for cleansing, fixing and keeping the arms in repair now lodged in town, and that when more arrive, H.E. will be pleased to agree with him for them likewise out of the duty of 3d. per hhd. for arms.
Bill for the impost 3d. per hhd. with the alternation proposed was sent up, read, sent down, returned and assented to.
The House of Delegates, on consideration of the petition of Edward Laddemore for a Bill of divorcement and the Bill there with sent down to them, resolved that forasmuch as the prayer of the petitioner is of so high a nature that the House do not think fitt to pass the Bill, but that if the Petitioner will appear the next Sessions of Assembly, and bring with him evidence to prove the elopement, then this House will take it into further consideration. Ordered that petitioner give notice to his wife Elizabeth, that she likewise appear, to make her defence, if to her it shall seem meet.
Journal of the Committee of Accounts was assented to and sent down.
Bill for paying the publick levy, sent up, was read, assented to, and sent down.
The Assembly desired that the Rangers be paid.
Ordinance for building a prison in the town of Annapolis, sent up, was approved of and assented to by the Board.
The House was summoned, and the Delegates attending, Acts for more speedy obteining executions against persons flying out of the County; for laying an imposition of 3d. per hhd. for defraying the publick charge of the Province; impowering a Committee to lay, assess and apportion the publick leavy for 1701; investing tracts of land in the Vestry of St. James' Parish; and in Dorothy Stephens; for naturalization of Peter Scamper, of Prince George's County, John Debruter of Baltimore County, and John Debruter and William Debruter, his sons, together with the other sons and daughters of John Debruter, the father, born within this Province, were assented to. [C.O. 5, 744. pp. 74–92.]
May 15. 448. Journal of House of Delegates of Maryland. Proposed by a Member whether it be not reasonable that some provision of boates may be ordered for the conveniency of laymen living over the Bay to attend at Annapolis. Referred till next Sessions.
Proposal relating to some lands of Col. George Talbot, which is presumed to be ordered to be sold for refunding the country what tobacco the [sic] have paid for him, referred till next Sessions.
Bills read on May 14 read a second time, and passed for engrossing.
Petition of James Baker, Dorekeeper, for relief of his poverty, granted, and resolved that an able servant be forthwith purchased and delivered him for his relief in his old age.
Bills, to encourage importing coin into this Province, and for more speedy obtaining execution against persons flying out of the county where judgment is recovered, brought in. The first was read and amended, and the second read.
Jno. Bosman, Naval Officer for Somerset County, laid before the House his accounts, but forasmuch as he cannot prove it, longer time was given him.
The gentlemen, appointed to purchase a servant for James Baker, say there is none to be had in the town. Ordered that 3,000lb. of tobacco be allowed him this leavy and that it be lodged in the hands of Major Lowe of St. Maries' County, to purchase a good, able man-servant.
Petition of Jacob Regnier read and referred.
Resolved that a place be provided and built for lodging the public powder, and that Mr. Richard Beard be treated with as to building it.
The House desired Mr. Speaker to send for a ream of paper for the use of this Assembly, which was done.
Geo. Plater, Naval Officer for Puttuxant District, appeared according to summons and laid before the House his publick accounts. Ordered that he take his accounts, and make oath to them before H.E. and then deliver them to the Speaker.
Thos. Colliar, Naval Officer for William State, delivering his accounts, ordered similarly.
Wm. Taylard ordered 3,000lb. of tobacco for services done by him from the time of the decease of Christopher Gregory, late Clarke of this House, till he was appointed Clerk.
Petition of Phillip Lynes for allowance of arrears of public accounts was referred to a Committee.
Col. Thos. Ennals presented the following Ordinance, which was read: "Whereas the bounds of the land, formerly granted to the Choptank Indians by Act of Assembly, was never run out and ascertained, by means whereof several differences have arisen between the said Indians and English, and it was there upon ordered that Col. Ennals, the King's Surveyor of Dorchester County, do resurvey the said land," and a Committee was appointed to assist him and make report to the next Assembly; in some short time after, Col. Charles Hutchins, one of the Committee, departed this life, by which reason the said order was not complyed with. A new Committee was appointed to assist Col. Ennals to survey the lands.
And see preceding abstract under date.
May 16. Bills for obtaining execution, etc. and to encourage the importation of coin, read a second time.
Bill for an additional 3d. per hhd. on tobacco, ordered to be prepared.
Petition of Major Wm. Barton, for an allowance of imprisonment fees for a servant boy in his custody, read. Petitioner was called in to explain. The House resolved that the Sherrif be satisfied for his imprisonment fees from the time the said boy was committed until his master disclaimed him, and that Prince George's County should pay the same.
Upon the report of the Committee for Election and Priviledges, resolved that Mr. Jno. Lecompt was duely returned as a burgess for Dorchester County.
Upon the petition of Major Wm. Barton, ordered that Prince George's County make satisfaction of the Sherif's fees for imprisonment of an Indian, otherwise that the Indian do so by servitude to be adjudged by the Justices of the County Court.
Bill, to encourage importing of coin, having been read with H.E.'s remarks thereupon, was rejected.
Bill for laying an imposition of 3d. per hhd. upon tobacco was read the first time. It was resolved that this Act should continue three years and to the end of the next Sessions of Assembly which shall happen after the said three years end.
Bill for preventing the abuses of horse-stealers etc., read, and referred to the consideration of the next Sessions of Assembly.
Committee appointed to state the accounts of Phillip Lynes reported that they found all allowances justly due to him have been paid. Agreed.
Petition of Jacob Regnier, for removing the publick powder out of his house purchased of Joseph Hill, was read and considered. This House conceived that Capt. Richd. Hill had formerly let the house to the country for a publick storehouse for powder till such time they were better provided.
And see preceding abstract under date.
May 17. Bill for an additional duty read the second time.
Committee appointed for assessing a publick levy.
Ordered that John Debenter (sic) of Baltimore County, for naturalisation of himself and children, pay the Speaker 4l. 10s. and the Clerk, William Taylard, 1l. 10s., and Peter Scamperd pay the Speaker—and the Clark 1l.
Ordered that Wm. Bladen be supplied with Bills of Exchange.
Bill empowering a Committee to assess a public levy read twice and will pass.
Samuel Young appointed Collector on the Western Shore.
Petition of Mrs. Mary Vansweringen, for an allowance for arrears of Ordinary expenses due to her from the publick, was read and rejected.
Bill for the impost of 3d. per hhd. was read with amendments. Resolved that it continue but two years and to the end of the next Sessions of Assembly after the said two years.
James Smallwood, having shewed his urgent affairs calling him home, was granted liberty of the House to depart.
The Committee appointed to examine the printed Laws made their report. Mr. Bladen was sent for, and Mr. Speaker having acquainted him with the many erratas committed in printing the body of Laws, it was required by the House that he cause the erratas forthwith to be printed and sent into the several Countys, to which he readily concurred. Further consideration referred till next Sessions of Assembly.
Journal of the Committee for examining the Publick Accounts was read, assented to, and sent up.
Petition of Dinah Devoran as to whether an Ordinary kept by her at the Ferry House, N. of Seavan River, outside Annapolis, be liable to the same penalties as the Ordinaries in Annapolis, considered. Resolved, that it be deemed a County Ordinary.
And see preceding abstract under date. [C.O. 5, 744. pp. 209–233.]
May 16.
449. William Popple to Sir Thomas Trevor and Sir John Hawles. The Council of Trade and Plantations order me to send you the enclosed Act of the General Assembly of Bermuda for raising a Publick Revenue for the support of the Government, together with the Address of the Assembly and the Minutes of Council thereunto annexed, by which it appearing that there is some dispute there about the continuance or expiration of that Act, their Lordships desire your opinion whether by these papers it do appear to be now in force or no, and whether there be any thing contained therein that limits the continuance of it to any certain time. [C.O. 38, 5. pp. 159, 160.]
May 16. 450. Mr. Champante to the Council of Trade and Plantations. By commands of this Board, petitioner has acted as Agent for the Massachusetts Bay and disburs'd several sums, and now thinks himself engaged to further concern himself in taking out H.M. Orders in Council upon some Acts of that Province, for which further fees must be paid. Petitioner prays for an introduction and testimonial from the Board to the Lieut.-Governor and Council of that Province, to whom he is an absolute stranger. Endorsed, Recd. Read May 16, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 862. No. 52; and 5, 909. pp. 415, 416.]
May 16. 451. Minutes of Council of New York. Present, as on May 13. Col. Depeyster and Mr. Weaver being appointed by the Countess of Bellomont to desire the officers in H.M. pay to bring in their accounts of what pay is due to them from the Earl, they brought in some general accounts of pay due from the date of their Commission, but with no distinct charge of what due from the Earl of Bellomont, whereupon the Council ordered officers to attend, and gave them a copy of the account of all pay received by Lord Bellomont's Agent in England, prepared by Col. Depeyster and Thomas Weaver, to enable them to make a proper charge, and in order to prevent any unjust clamour from the said officers or the victuallers.
Richard Davis paid 41s. for sweeping chimneys in the Fort.
John Maddocks, Storekeeper of the Fort, paid 41s. 9d.
Ordered that the Clerk of the Council prepare a Bill of Exchange signed by the gentlemen of the Council on their private credit for 100l. sterl. on John Champante, or the Agent of H.M. Forces for the time being, payable to Francis Gourdon or order, they having received the value thereof for the payment of the soldiers. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 525–527.]
May 17.
452. Governor Grey to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I have received H.M. letter of March 16, with your Lordships' of the 25th, which with the other papers I have communicated to the Council. I cannot but wonder and stand amaz'd that such complaints should be laid before the King and Council as carry not a letter of truth in them. By the next ships I intend to joyne with the Council to answer every particular thing there laid to our charge. I have sent copies of that part of the King's letter relating to the several Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas that each may answer for himselfe, and do not doubt to make it appeare that all the allegations contained in the several petitions are false and scandalous, and in the meantime shall desire your Lordships will suspend your opinion. I have received your letter of March 7, wherein are several matters which I shall communicate to the Council at our next sitting. To that part of it relating to the French settlement upon Sta. Lucia, I gave my Lord Grey an account Aug. 20 last of what I had done. The reason why I did not write to your Lordships at that time was that I was taken suddenly with this countrey distemper, which confined me to my bed and chamber for several weeks. Signed, R. Grey. Endorsed, Recd. 21. Read July 30, 1701. 3 pp. Enclosed,
452. i. Memorandum of Journal of Assembly of Barbados, Oct. 22. 1700—March 29, 1701. Slip.
452. ii. Memorandum of Minutes of Council in Assembly of Barbados, Nov. 5, 1700—May 3, 1701. Slip.
452. iii. Account of stores of war in Barbados, Jan. 31, 1701. 2 long slips.
452. iv. Memorandum of Acts of Barbados, Nov. 5, 1700—May 15, 1701. Slip.
452. v. Memorandum of Naval Officer's List of vessels entered and cleared in Barbados, Sept. 24—Dec. 25, 1700. Slip. [C.O. 28, 6. Nos. 1, 1.i.–v.; and (without enclosures) 29, 7. pp. 344–348.]
May 17. 453. Duplicates of above letters and enclosure iii. Endorsed, Recd. Aug. 16, 1701. [C.O. 28, 6. Nos. 2, 2.i.]
[? May 18.] 454. Petition of George Wingfield to the King. Petitioner came over from Holland in your Majesty's army at your first landing at Torbay and performed many signal services for your Majesty's interest, and continued in your service till the late disbanding the Army. The places of Lieut.-Governor of St. Christopher's and Montserat being vacant, prays for the grant of one of them. Inscribed,
454. i. Mr. Secretary Vernon to the Council of Trade and Plantations. H.M. refers above to the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations to examine petitioner's qualifications. Signed, Ja. Vernon. The whole, 1 p. [C.O. 152, 4. No. 24; and 153, 7. pp. 169, 170.]
May 19. 455. Copy of H.M. Letters Patents for registering Servants in the Plantations, April 14, 11th of William (1699). Countersigned, Cocks. Endorsed, Recd. 19th, Read May 22, 1701. 3 large pp. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 5. No. 96; and 35. pp. 457–472.]
[? May 19.] 455A. Copy-of Instructions for executing the above-mentioned office. 1 large p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 5. No. 97; and 35. pp. 473–478.]
May 19.
456. Lieut.-Governor Bennet to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I arrived at this place on April 29 and pursuant to H.M. commands, Jan. 27, enclose a state of the fortifications, guns and stores of war in these islands, and there being a sloop bound to Barbados, send this that way, being informed ships at this time of year saile weekly for England. Upon viewing the Castle and Forts, I found all their works and platforms in a very bad condition, and few of the carriages able to support their guns, and in general everything so out of order that the fortifications are but of little consideration, which, according to your Instructions, I will lay before the Assembly when they meet on June 9th. The supply of great guns, my Lords, I am to request, there being so general a deficiency and unserviceableness of those here, and many more being wanting, that might be placed to doe service in the Castle and Forts, that I cannot propose fewer than twenty whole culverins, and fifteen demi-culverins, which if thought fit to be complied with togeather with a sufficient complement of round, double-headed and Partridge shot, and a supply of all necessary ammunition for those guns as are useful, according to the inclosed account, I doubt not but to put these islands in a very good posture of defence. According to an order of Council and your Lordships' Instructions, Mr. Day has given 2,000l. security to abide the determination of H.M. in Council as to the Dolphin sloop. When I arriv'd here, I found an uneasy, dissatisfied people, who now seem better pleas'd, but I dare not praise them till further experience. On the 9th inst. a large vessel was discover'd from the Castle, and about four in the afternoon stood in with the land, but in the evening stood off again, the next day she appeared again, but in the afternoon wee lost sight of her. In the night a boat came ashore, and on the 11th at noon, a messinger from the Capt. came and desired leave to wood and water, but said he would not come into the harbour. I then examined from whence the ship came, and whither bound, but found the man in soe many stories that I had reason to suspect [the ship], therefore detayned the person, and sent boats out to speake with her, being then in sight, which when discovered, she made all the sail she could and bore away, and has been seen noe more. I have since examined the fellow that came to me, who swares that the ship's name was the Thomas and Elizabeth, Capt. Thomas Oggden, and came from the Bay of Campeachy and had a great quantity of logwood on board and bound for the Streights. The best excuse I can imagine for this Captain's management is, I believe he fear'd I should have oblig'd him to have entered into Plantation Bonds, and why I trouble your Lordships with this account is, least I should be complain'd off for refusing him the necessary supply he ask'd, which I had given orders for, if he would have lett the boats acquainted him. I hope it is not expected I should now give an account of this Island, but as soon as it's possible for me to informe myselfe, I will performe every article of my Instructions. Signed, B. Bennett. Endorsed, Recd. July 23, Read 24th ditto, 1701. 3 pp. Annexed,
456. i. Abstract of preceding. 1 p. Enclosed,
456. ii. Account of Stores of War in Bermuda. Endorsed as Letter. 2 pp. [C. O. 37, 3. Nos. 55 (Duplicate, dated June 9), 55.i., ii.; and (without enclosures) 38, 5. pp. 162–166.]
May 19. 457. Lieut.-Governor Bennet to [? Mr. Blathwayt]. Repeats substance of first part of preceding letter. Concludes, I find Mr. Noden's Bills very honorably complied with, and hope care will be taken, before the money advanced be expended, that more may be ordered, or the men must starve, nobody here loving a soldier soe well as to give him credit. I have not yet distributed them into the Castle and Forts, they not being in a condition to receive them. Signed, B. Bennett. Endorsed, Transmitted to ye Board in Mr. Blathwayt's letter, Aug. 22, 1701. Recd. Aug. 28, Read Sept. 2, 1701. Duplicate, dated June 9. 2 pp. [C.O. 37, 3. No. 56; and 38, 5. pp. 180–182.]
May 19. 458. Attorney General to the Council of Trade and Plantations. In reply to Mr. Popple's letter of 16th, I am humbly of opinion that the continuance of the Act in question is not limited to any certain time, but that it is a perpetual law. Signed, Tho. Trevor. Endorsed, Recd. Read May 22, 1701. ¾ p. [C.O. 37, 3. No. 54; and 38, 5. p. 161.]
May 19. 459. Minutes of Council of New York. Present. The Hon. John Nanfan, President, Abraham Depeyster, Samuel Staats, Robert Livingston, Robt. Walters, Thomas Weaver.
Letters were produced and read from the gentlemen appointed to manage the Indian Affairs at Albany, May 6 and 12. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 527, 528.]
May 20.
New York.
460. Lieut.-Governor Nanfan to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I presume the Earle of Bellomont has acquainted your Lordships with his liberty granted me to goe to Barbados in order to settle my small fortune there, very much entangled by my three years' absence in attending H.M. service, as his Lieut.-Governor of this Province under his Lordship, himself designing to reside here till the middle of this month. I have made all possible dispatch and arrived here yesterday. This ship being immediately ready to sayle, I cannot give particular answers to your packetts received, directed to the Earle of Bellomont, bearing date Sept. 19, Oct. 30 and Feb. 11, but shall perfectly observe your orders, and by another ship that will sayle within fourteen days will be very exact in informing your Lordships of all things necessary. The unfortunate death of the Earl of Bellomont in my absence has been no small grief to me, but through the prudent management of the Council, the publick peace has been intirely preserved, and everything in the same posture as when his Lordship dyed with little alteration. I hope to merrit your pardon for my absence, and gaine your good opinion of my administration by wholly applying myself to the public business of the Province etc. Signed, John Nanfan. Endorsed, Recd. July 8, Read July 9, 1701. 2 pp. Annexed,
460. i. Abstract of preceding. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 1046. Nos. 16, 16.i.; and (without abstract) 5, 1118, pp. 383, 384.]
May 20.
461. Council of Trade and Plantation to the Lieut.-Governor and Council of New York. By our letter of Feb. 11, you will have perceived the good opinion we have of Mr. Champante's capacity and diligence. Upon the first notice of Lord Bellomont's death, being obliged to take some care for the carrying on of the affairs of New York, we thought it proper to desire him to continue his endeavours therein for the present, as formerly. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jno. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1118. pp. 285, 286; and 5, 1079. No. 72.]
May 20.
462. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Lieut.-Governor and Council of the Massachusetts Bay, recommending Mr. Champante (see May 16). Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jno. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 909. pp. 417, 418.]
May 20.
463. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. Enclosing list of Stores of War wanting for Port Royal, (see March 14), to be laid before H.M., that such care may be taken therein as H.M. shall judge convenient, it being necessary that the Plantations be assisted and supported from England in their defence, which they will not be able otherwise to carry on. Signed, Stamford, Lexington, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jno. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 138, 10. pp. 158, 159.]
May 20.
464. William Popple to Edward Northey, Attorney General, and Sir John Hawles, Solicitor General. The Council of Trade and Plantations being frequently applied to from the Governors of the American Colonies for the resolution of doubts upon the Acts of Trade and Navigation in reference to endenized foreigners, desire your answer to what I writ you April 30. They further send you an abstract of a letter from Lord Bellomont, Feb. 21, upon the like subject, together with an abstract of a letter from Sir William Beeston, March 14, relating to the naturalization of foreigners in the Plantations, that you may be pleased upon consideration thereof to give them your opinion on the whole matter. [C.O. 138, 10. pp. 159, 160.]
May 20. 465. Minutes of Council of Bermuda. Writs issued for the Assembly, to meet on June 9. On a motion of H.E. the Governor about his Majesty's Company of soldiers being supplied with provisions, ordered that all boats belonging to the Town of St. George's, who from henceforth shall come in from fishing, and have any fish to sell, shall come to the Tower Bridge and there expose it to sale, and that the said soldiers shall have the first refusal, they paying the accustomed price, and that no vendor land any fish at any other place before they come to the Bridge.
John Brooke was sworn Attorney General.
The Bill of Fare given in by Mr. Burrows for entertaining his Excellency at his arrival here, amounting to 70l. 5s. 4d., allowed off by this Board.
Officers of Militia sworn. [C.O. 40, 2. pp. 35, 36.]
May 20. 466. Minutes of Council and Assembly of New Hampshire. Mr. Secretary carried to the House of Representatives, by order of the Council, a report from the Committee of what laws were proper to be passed, together with several Bills drawn up for that purpose. [C.O. 5, 789. p. 19.]
May 20. 467. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Sir Wm. Beeston, March 14, with an account of stores of war wanting in the fortifications of Port Royal, read. Letter to Mr. Secretary Vernon written inclosing a copy of said account to be laid before his Majesty. Ordered that that part of Sir William Beeston's letter which relates to naturalisations of foreigners in the Plantations be sent to Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor General, and their answer desired thereunto, as likewise to what was writ to them about endenized foreigners April 30, and to the like queries contained in Lord Bellomont's letter of Feb. 21.
Letters to the Lieut.-Governor and Council of the Massachusets Bay, and to the Lieut.-Governor and Council of New Yorke, signed.
Capt. George Wingfield's petition read. He was summoned and informed that he may do well to produce what testimonials he has of his services and of his capacity for those places.


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