America and West Indies: August 1701, 11-15

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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. "America and West Indies: August 1701, 11-15", in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910) 406-415. British History Online, accessed May 19, 2024,

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August 1701

Aug. 11.
717. Governor, Lord Grey to Mr. Eyles. I have the favour of yours together with the enclosed petition and stated case of Mr. Secretary Skene, wch. was not a little surprising to me after the many repeated civilities I had shewn him, as he came recommended by Mr. Secretary Vernon and Mr. Yard. I send you several Minutes of Council relating to his weaknesse and incapacity for such an imployment, also the report of the Attorney and Solicitor General upon a quere put to them by myselfe and Council, by which Minutes of Council you will see what difficulties wee dispensed with in favour to him, and when at last he found and was truly sensible of his own weaknesse, he mov'd that Mr. Bedingfield might be admitted to act as his Deputy, and prevailed upon him to be sworne when the Council was sitting to officiate for him. You will find that after Bedingfield had condescended upon his so sudden request without any manner of contract or agreement, that even then he would not come to any reasonable terms with him, wherefore he petitioned myselfe in Council, that he might be discharged from the said Trust, wch. was accordingly granted him. After this, he moved several other persons to act for him, who were deemed no waies fitt for such an undertaking, and in a manner as much incapable as himselfe. After a little while, he moves again for Mr. Bedingfield to act, but could not prevail upon him with such slight terms as he proposed, viz. 60l. a year, but considering what delays wee had met with, both by his unreadinesse in reading, writing and digesting into Minutes, I privately promised Bedingfield for his better encouragement out of my own pocket 40l. a year, wch. in all makes 100l., wch. he accepted and was again swore (sic), and has ever since Feb. 4 acted and received and continues to receive from me after the rate of 40l. a year. Now let the world guesse whether or no I have been a friend to this man. As to what he pretends about a part of his office being taken from him and lodged with Mr. Bedingfield, I inclose a copy of an Article in H.M. Instructions to me, which declare them to be mine as Ordinary, and which I had long ere this endeavour'd to satisfy him of, however it seems that did not satisfy him, and because for some years past the public and private Secretarys have, by consent of the Governor for the time being, been managed by one person, therefore this Gent. will have it that all belongs to him. I have lately sent a copy of that part of the King's Instructions to Mr. Yard. Notwithstanding such his petition, he has some time since treated with Mr. Bedingfield and given him a general release as appears by the inclosed copy attested by himself. If you shall happen to hear any more of this matter, I desire you will do me the justice to satisfy the world by shewing them this letter, together with what's inclosed. Signed, R. Grey. Endorsed, Communicated by Mr. Eyles. Recd. 20th, Read Nov. 28, 1701. 2¾ pp. Enclosed,
717. i. Copy of a release granted by Alexander Skene to Edmund Bedingfield, for occupying the office of Secretary of Barbados, upon certain payments. Barbados, April 14, 1701. Attested by Edward Chilton. 2¼ pp.
717. ii. Minutes of Council of Barbados relating to Alexander Skene. Sept. 25, 1700—Feb. 4, 1701. 5½ pp.
717. iii. Extract of H.M. Instructions, Art. 46, to Governor Grey. ½ p. [C.O. 28, 6. Nos. 11, 11.i.–iii.]
Aug. 11. 718. Minutes of Council of Bermuda. The original accounts of Edward Jones were examined, and it plainly appearing that at the time of the auditing them in the Government of Col. Day, there was not a full Council, and that Jones was one of the Members of the same, and the accounts appearing obscure, obliterated and much defaced, it is the opinion and advice of this Board, that they were not fairly and justly audited and adjusted, and therefore ought to be re-examined, audited and adjusted by this Board.
Dr. Kendall's petition for allowance for the last Assizes Sermon was not allowed. His salary was paid, and other items.
The Committee of the Assembly was adjourned till the 18th. Ordered that Capt. Jones deliver up, on oath, all bail bonds, commitments etc. [C.O. 40, 2. p.42.]
Aug. 11. 719. Minutes of Council of Virginia. Petition of Theodoric Bland, Surveyor of Charles City County, referred.
Aug. 12. H.E. laid before the Council H.M. letter, May 19, 1701, concerning divers Protestants now lately arrived in this Colony in the Wm. and Elizabeth, and other papers relating to that subject. Ordered that they be laid before the Burgesses.
Two silver bowls being sent hither by the Bishop of London one to Mr. Dejoux, Minister of the French at Manakin Town, now called King William's parish, and the other to Mr. La Tannée, the other Minister, who has gone to Rappa. to officiate therein, ordered that both bowls be delivered to Mr. Dejoux for the use of the French Church in Manakin Town.
William Clay, master of the Briganteen Endeavour, deposed that he saw a man named Tho. Welsh in Carolina, who said he came down from the Chickasass and had been at Michisipy, where he said the French are settled, and have a strong Fort upon an Island in ye middle of the River, and also store of cows, mares, hoggs and sheep. He thinks there are 200 men, and if the Governor of Carolina would give him leave, he would go down with some Indians and hinder them from settling and trading. Clay also saw a French man-of-war of 60 guns at Statem Island near New York, July 10, 1700, having a great many cows, mares, hoggs and sheep on board. The Capt. said that he same from Mechisippy, and was goeing thither again, and that he was supplied by his countrymen there. On June 1st or 2nd last 20 French men came down Carolina in Indian dress to look for trade, and promised to bring down a great deal of beaver in three months' time, and the Governor of Carolina gave them leave to go back again. In Carolina they are provided, if war breaks out, with five sail they intend to fit out, and four Perreaugers (piraguas), and 200 men by water, and by land 400 Indians, and 100 horse to tack St. Augustine.
Ordered that the French certificate be left here that it may be transmitted for England. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 143.A., 144.]
Aug. 11. 720. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Virginia. Wm. Jones sworn Clerk of the Committee of Propositions and Grievances.
Aug. 12. Concerning the French Refugees, the Burgesses replied that they had resolved that these Protestants have liberty to dispose of themselves as they think fit, with which H.E. and Council concurred. Ordered that the French Gentlemen be acquainted therewith. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 468, 469.]
Aug. 11. 721. Journal of House of Burgesses of Virginia. Several Claims and Grievances referred to Committees.
Aug. 12. Ordered that Mr. James Catlett, a Member, be sent for in Custody of the Messenger to answer his default in not attending.
H.E. Speech considered.
Ordered that the Clerk bring into the House the former proceedings of the Burgesses etc. relating to the quota of men formerly required for New York.
Letter of Daniel Cox, to H.E., April 8, 1701, read, with other papers relating thereto.
Petition of Alexander Swan, late Sherif of Lancaster County, referred to the Committee of Claims.
And see preceding abstracts. [C.O. 5, 1408. pp. 143–147.]
Aug. 12.
722. Mr. Addington to Mr. Popple. Repeats substance of letters of July 9 and 10 announcing death of Lieut.-Governor Stoughton. Since which the General Assembly have met and prepared an Address with a Memorial to be humbly presented to H.M. by the hand of Wait Winthrop, who they have constituted their Agent. I suppose he will enter upon his voyage sometime in the Fall of the year, if a settlement arrive not to us before, which may alter the present measures. We are greatly alarm'd with the rumours of the probability that a new war will open with France, and are preparing what we are able to set our fortifications in order for defence. No letters or orders from the Court have arrived to the Government here of any later date than of the 2nd of Feb. last. 'Tis hoped that consideration will be had of the import of the Lieut.-Governor's letters written but a short time before his death, wherein representation is made of the circumstances of the Province in reference to war, and the supplies necessary to be afforded. We continue in present quiet, and have no notice of a Declaration of War, and it is a great happiness to us in our present unsettlement that it is kept off. We are in expectation by the next shipping from England to understand something of H.M. pleasure relating thereto. I am preparing the Minutes of Council and Journals of the General Assembly, with the late Acts and Laws to be transmitted to your Board. I forwarded some, which are probably arrived by this time. Signed, Isaac Addington. Endorsed, Recd. 6th, Read Oct. 7, 1701. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 862. No. 73; and 5, 909. pp. 468–471.]
Aug. 12.
723. Order of Lords Justices in Council. Approving of the Draught of Instructions for Brigadier Selwyn, together with a particular draught of Instructions for him in pursuance to the Laws of Trade and Navigation, prepared by the Council of Trade, and directing Mr. Secretary Vernon to have them prepared for their Excellencies' signature. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Aug. 20, 1701. ¾ p. [C.O. 137, 5. No. 47; and 138, 10. p. 277.]
Aug. 13. 724. Draught of Instructions for Brigadier Selwyn, Governor of Jamaica, relating to the Acts of Trade and Navigation, referred to in preceding. [C.O. 138, 10. pp. 246–273.]
Aug. 12.
725. Order of Lords Justices in Council. The Council of Trade and Plantations are to prepare an additional Instruction to Brigadier Selwyn, who is going Governor to Jamaica, that such of the stores as are now furnished him by the Board of Ordnance, according to the Schedule hereunto annexed, be not delivered out, but upon absolute necessity, unless the Assembly of that Island take care to reimburse the Board of Ordnance the cost of the same. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Aug. 13, 1701. ½ p. Enclosed,
725. i. List of Stores to be sent to Jamaica. Includes 1,000 muskets, 600 Trench tents, 100 barrels of powder etc. ¾ p. [C.O. 137, 5. Nos. 45, 45.i.; and 138, 10. pp. 244, 245.]
Aug. 14. 726. Draught of additional Instruction to Governor Selwyn, as ordered above. Annexed,
726. i. List of stores as above. [C.O. 138, 10. pp. 274, 275.]
Aug. 13.
727. William Popple to Edward Northey, Attorney General. By order of the Council of Trade and Plantations, I enclose the Acts past in the General Assembly of Nevis, May and June last, for your opinion in point of law. Annexed,
727. i. List of Acts referred to above. [C.O. 153, 7. pp. 211, 212.]
Aug. 13. 728. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letters from Governor Nicholson, June 24, read.
Letter from Governor Blakiston, April 8, read. Lists of inhabitants therein mentioned (being 14 great packets) were laid before the Board.
Draught of a Circular Letter to H.M. Governors relating to ships' colours, agreed upon.
Letter from Mr. Savage, Aug. 5, read. Copy ordered to be sent to Capt. Bennet, signifying further to him that this Board do concur with the Commissioners of the Customs in that matter, as thinking their officer the fittest person to take care of the whole, whose duty it is to take care of part of it.
Copy of a letter of credit, writ by the Lords of the Treasury in favor of Capt. Bembo, Aug. 8, upon occasion of his sailing with a squadron to the West Indies, read and ordered to be entered.
Memorial from Eleanor Corbett, widow (Aug. 5), read. Memorandum of her desire ordered to be kept, and, the better to prevent any surprize, that a copy of her memorial be also sent to Col. Codrington.
Memorial from Mr. Randolph relating to a case wherein a Deputy Collector of New Hampshire, Mr. Sheafe, is concerned, and praying that the same may be recommended to Col. Dudley, when he shall have his dispatches for his Governments in those parts, read. Ordered to be recommended accordingly.
Memorial from Lewis Morris read, and papers enclosed laid before the Board.
The Secretary acquainted their Lordships that Mr. Secretary Vernon having required from him a copy of the Instructions prepared for Brigadier Selwyn to be laid before the Lords Justices yesterday in Council, he had accordingly delivered to Mr. Secretary a copy thereof, together with a copy of his Instructions relating to the observations of the Acts of Trade.
Order of Council, Aug. 12, read. Directions given for preparing an additional Instruction to Brigadier Selwyn accordingly.
Several Acts past by the General Assembly of Nevis in May and June last being now brought hither by Col. Jory, ordered that the same be sent to Mr. Attorney General for his opinion.
Mr. Attorney General's report upon the Acts of Assembly of Jamaica, June 27, 1699, read. Several of the said Acts read and considered; and there having some while since a caveat been entered in this office, against the Act to oblige the parish of St. Catherine's and St. Andrews to build a bridge over the River Rio-Cobre, ordered that Mr. Cobb, the Solicitor who brought it, have notice to attend.
Aug. 14. Circular Letters to Governors about ships' colours signed.
Representation, wherewith to lay before their Excellencies a draught of Instructions for the Lord Cornbury relating to Trade, was signed.
Draught of an additional Instruction for Brigadier Selwyn was approved, and delivered to Mr. Secretary Vernon.
The remainder of the Jamaica Acts read. Mr. Cobb, attending, and desiring time to put in his objections against the Act referred to above, because of the absence of Mr. Chaplain, one of the parties concerned, and in expectation of receiving some papers relating thereunto from Jamaica, their Lordships agreed to suspend their opinion for the present upon that Act. [Board of Trade. Journal, 14. pp. 130–136.]
Aug. 14.
729. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Lords Justices. In further obedience to H.M. commands in reference to the Lord Cornbury's dispatches for the Government of New York, we herewith lay before your Excellencies a draught of Instructions relating to Trade, the like whereof having upon several occasions been approved by H.M. for the Governours of other Plantations. Signed, Ph. Meadows, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1118. p. 400; and (rough draft) 5, 1079. No. 77.]
Aug. 14.
730. Circular Letter from the Council of Trade and Plantations to the Governors of H.M. Plantations in America. Their Excellencies the Lords Justices having been pleased by Order in Council of July 31 to give certain directions relating to the Colours to be worn by ships commissioned by the Governors of H.M. Plantations, whereby to distinguish the said ships at once from ordinary merchantmen and also from H.M. ships of war, we send you here enclosed a copy of their Order, that you may observe the same in H.M. . . . of . . . under your Government. Signed, Ph. Meadows, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. Memorandum, The above letter mutatis mutandis was writ to the Governors of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Yorke, Maryland, Virginia, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Barbados, Bermudas. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 36. pp. 23, 24.]
Aug. 14. 731. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. Warrants signed for paying Elizabeth Monk, Taverner in Boston, 8l. 10s. for a publick dinner on Wednesday May 28, being the day for the election of Councellors or Assistants for the year then ensuing; and to Edward Bedford of Boston, Taverner, 27s. 6d. for the entertainment of 17 soldiers sent from Col. Wainwright's regiment for enforceing the Castle, May 10 last; and to Henry Franklin 4l. for piloting H.M.S. Arundel from Nantasket to Boston, May 3, and to Nantasket, Dec. 20, foregoing.
Whereas the General Assembly, May 28 last, did resolve that the remaining debts, contracted by the Public during the Government of Sir E. Andros, which were reported by the Committee of Claims, together with such further debts as the Committee shall receive the claims of within the time limited, be paid out of the tax granted at said Session, and that the Committee be directed and impowered to grant Debentures upon such claims until Oct. 7, Ordered that Mr. Treasurer do accept all such Debentures as shall be drawn upon him by the Committee aforesaid.
Licence granted to Benjamin Emmons, senr., to erect an additional building of timber to his dwelling-house.
Licence granted to Giles Fifield of Boston to erect a timber building on the north side of the Street leading to the sea by Col. Hutchinson's in the said town, provided he slate or tile the roof.
Account of the charge of fitting out H.M.S. Province galley, referred to a Committee. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 78–80.]
Aug. 14. 732. Minutes of Council of New York. Samuel Denton the person complained against, June 26, by Mando, a free negro woman on behalf of herself and her child, appeared, and both parties were heard. The matter was referred to John Coe, one of the J.P.s for Queen's County, Nassau Island, to enquire into and to do justice to the parties with all convenient speed.
Aug. 15. Proclamation of H.M. March 6, 1701, relating to pirates, was read, and ordered to [be] proclaimed at the City Hall and affixed there for the public view.
The Governor read to the Board a letter from H.M. March 26, 1701, relating to Mr. Weaver's salary, and the letter from the Council of Trade and Plantations enclosing it, April 30.
Col. Abraham Depeyster produced an order from the Lords of the Treasury, April 25, 1701, to William Blaithwaite, Surveyor and Auditor General of the Accounts of the Revenue of this Province, commanding him to depute Abraham Depeyster to be his Deputy, which was read and he took the oaths appointed.
The Attorney General informed the Board that he hath filed with the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Judicature a suggestion for a prohibition to set aside a sentence given in the Court of Admiralty on an Information there filed against the ship of Capt. John Wake, for trading within this Province without being legally qualified, and prayed (in order that the said Wake, or the persons imployed by him might not have any room for clamour by means of being delayed until the Supreme Court of Judicature next), that a special Court may be called for the hearing, trying and determining the said matter. The Chief Justice was authorised to call a Court for Aug. 23 accordingly. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 571–574.]
Aug. 14. 733. Minutes of Council and Assembly of New Hampshire. Jeremiah Gillman (see July 19) appeared to give an account of public money. Ordered that he make up the said account with the Treasurer within 14 days and pay the balance to him.
James Bunker likewise ordered to pay 1l. 12s. to the Treasurer in 14 days time. Joshua Peirce also appeared as summoned. [C.O. 5, 789. p. 61.]
Aug. 14. 734. Minutes of Council of Virginia. Major William Buckner returning his report in ye defference between James Chappman and others his fellow seamen and James Westmore, Master of the Africa Galley, Ordered that nothing be done in that matter, but that the Clerk of the Council is ordered forthwith to send the three, who was the first sturers up of this mutiny, on board H.M.S. Shoreham to be entered into H.M. service.
Hancock Custis was sworn Naval Officer of the Eastern Shore, Collector of the Virginia duties and Notary Publick for the Eastern shore, and gave bonds.
Ordered that the proceedings of H.E. and Council heretofore had concerning fortifications be laid before the house of Burgesses, and that they consider the business of ye Rangers upon the frontiers at the heads of the Rivers, and whether it may not be proper (upon any emergent occasion) that the same be vested in H.E. and ye Council, now in the time of eminent danger.
Whereas it is thought very convenient for ye better strengthening our frontiers and discovering the approaches of an [enemy], and saveing ye expense of continuing Rangers, that encouragement may be given to all such as will goe out and seat in a body upon our frontiers at ye head of the Rivers, Committee appointed to consider how the same shall be effected, and with what number of men at the first scituation, in wt. manner and wt. encouragements shall be to them given, that ye same may be laid before the General Assembly. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 144, 144A.]
Aug. 14. 735. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Virginia. Several propositions of the inhabitants of Charles City County read and referred to the Burgesses.
Petition of the inhabitants of Bristol read and referred to the Burgesses.
Petition of Tho. Blunt, Interpreter, for his salary referred to the Burgesses.
Petition of the inhabitants of the Upper Parish of Isle of Wight County that some of the inhabitants of the Lower Parish be added to them, referred to the Burgesses.
Several aggrievances of the inhabitants of Northampton County read and referred to the Burgesses.
Aug. 15. Three petitions from Mr. Chicheley Corbin Thacker referred to the Burgesses.
(And see preceding abstract under date.) [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 349, 350, 469, 470.]
Aug. 14. 736. Journal of House of Burgesses of Virginia. H.E.'s speech further considered.
Petition of Bristol County rejected.
Several Petitions referred to the Committees of Propositions and of Claims.
Aug. 15. Several matters referred to the Committee of Propositions.
Ordered that H.E. be humbly moved to cause the accounts of the Public Revenue to be laid before the House with all convenient expedition.
Committee appointed to consider the petition of Edmund Jennings, etc. claiming land in Pomunkey Neck.
Grievance of Accomack County, proposing an alteration of the Act for rewarding the killing of wolves, dismissed as frivolous and impertinent, as also their Grievance proposing a fine upon foreign Indians belonging to Maryland or other counties, who shall presume to hunt within the said County.
Petition of vestry of Lownes Creek Parish against the consolidation of it with the Upper Parish of Isle Wight County rejected.
Grievance from Northampton County, desiring present liberty to export Indian Corn rejected, the law already made being held well suited to this County.
Propositions from Accomack, Northampton and Isle Wight Counties, for ascertaining the value and rate of money, rejected, the matter being already under the consideration of the Committee for the Revisal of the Laws.
Proposition of Accomack County, for setling the County by way of cohabitation, read; resolved that it be not further proceded with at present since the matter lies under the consideration of the Committee for revisal of the Laws.
Grievance from Isle Wight County, praying the allowance for the attendance of evidences at County Courts may be lessened and also that the toll for grinding wheat and corne may be lessened, rejected.
Upon a grievance from Isle Wight County that no allowance is by law provided for jurymen in differences about land or for Constables for executing of warrants, resolved that it is necessary a suitable allowance be appointed, and that it be referred to the Committee for Revisal of the Laws to consider how much shall be allowed and how paid.
Petition from the Vestry etc. of the Upper Parish of Isle of Wight County, praying the bounds of the parish may be enlarged, rejected.
Petitions of Chicheley Corbin Thacker, Robert Pasley and John Chiles for allowances referred.
Gawin Corbin granted leave of absence.
H.E.'s Speech further considered.
Petition of Edmund Jennings referred to a Committee. [C.O. 5, 1408. pp. 147–158.]
Aug. 15.
in New
737. Lieut.-Governor Partridge to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Since the death of Lord Bellomont, nothing has occurred within this Province worthy of your Lordships' notice. I have now onely to acknowledge your favour, in that I have recd. H.M. Order permitting my comeing home for England, and shall undertake my voyage accordingly at such a season, when I find my absence may not be detrimental to H.M. service and interest here. I intend per next shipps to transmit coppyes of all Laws etc. since my Lord Bellomont's death. Signed, Wm. Partridge. Endorsed, Recd. 3rd, Read Oct. 7, 1701. Addressed and Sealed. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 862. No 74; and 5, 909. pp. 471, 472.]