America and West Indies: September 1701, 6-10

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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September 1701

Sept. 6. Resolves of the Representatives, that it be left to the Council to order the reception of the Governor, and that 12l. be allowed to Dunstable towards the maintenance of their Minister, read and concurred with.
Resolve of the Representatives concerning Mr. Mather (above) read again and concurrence negatived.
Resolve passed and sent down to the Representatives that the Rev. Mr. Samuel Willard nominated for Vice-President of the Colledge (together with the Gentlemen named for the Corporation in the order of this Court) be desired to take the care and oversight of the College and students there according to the late establishment made by this Court, and to manage the affairs thereof as he has proposed, viz., to reside there for one or two days and nights in a week, and to perform prayers and expositions in the hall, and to bring forward the exercise of analysing. This Resolve was concurred with by the Representatives and signed.
Resolve of the Representatives sent up, that they insist upon their vote for deferring the sending an Agent to England, and that the Address and memorial to H.M. be sent to Mr. Secretary Vernon, with the desires of this Court that he will please to prefer them. Concurrence refused.
Resolve passed and sent down to the Representatives, that the Address and Memorial to H.M. be sent to Sir Henry Ashhurst, Bart., with the desires of this Court that he will please to prefer them and solicit the matters therein contained on behalf of this Province. The Representatives returned it with their nonconcurrence. They were informed that the Board insisted on their resolve. The Representatives sent up a resolve, substituting the name of Constantine Phips for that of Sir H. Ashhurst, and adding that 100l. sterl. be paid him for his service as Agent. This was negatived. The Representatives insisted upon their last resolve.
Inasmuch as there was no prospect of a present agreement of the two Houses about the person to whom to send the Address, resolved that the sending thereof be deferred and the Court prorogued till Oct. 15. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 313–317.]
Sept. 6. 835. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. Payments made to John Walley, Bartholomew Green, Printer, and Samuel Sewall, junr.
Elisha Hutchinson. Capt. of H.M. Castle on Castle Island, ordered to procure the necessaries enumerated in his memorial.
Order directing the manner of receiving H.M. Governor upon his arrival here. signed. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 86, 87.]
Sept. 8.
Portsmouth in
New England.
836. Lieut.-Governor Partridge to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Lord Bellomont was pleased to order the Secretary to transcribe and send him all Acts of Assembly and Minutes of Council. Since his death. I find myself obliged by H.M. Commission to continue the same. In obedience whereto I herewith send your Lordships all Acts of Assembly and Minutes of Council, March 7–Sept. 14, 1701. Signed. Wm. Partridge. Addressed. Endorsed, Recd Nov. 14. Read Dec. 2, 1701. ¾ p. Enclosed,
836. i. Memorandum of Acts of New Hampshire passed March 7, 1700/1-Aug. 14, 1701.¼ p.
836. ii. Memorandum of Minutes of Council of New Hampshire March 7, 1700/1,-Aug. 14, 1701. ¼ p. [C.O. 5, 862. Nos. 76, 76.i. ii.; and 5, 909 pp. 484, 485.]
Sept. 8.
St. John's.
837. Capt. Richards, Engineer, to the Hon. William Blathwayt. The want of proper materials, and this a country that can't supply any defficiency, putts us often on difficultys. Col. Romer's at worke at Boston, wth. different advantages, he wants no attendance, nor nothing but yt. halfe an hour can supply, and did not begin till they complyd with his demands. Proposes that the men-of-war should be ordered to assist. The gentlemen (officers) that are come over this year may want estates, and while the works last, I don't see how they can gett any honestly and without prejudice to the service etc. I send home to represent our wants, and endeavour to bring our materials by the first ships, according to a subscription of their own, a copy of which I send with this, and I hope you'l put such a helping hand that I mayn't want what is absolutely necessary, for I want to return from this dismal place. Signed, M. Richards. Endorsed, Recd Read Dec. 31, 1701. 2 pp. Enclosed,
837. i. Declaration of 29 Masters of Ships, that they are willing to transport such convenient stores for Capt. Richards, provided they be put on board in good time and at H.M. expense. 29 signatures. 2 pp. [C.O. 194, 2. Nos. 45, 45.i.; and 195, 3. pp. 23–26.]
Sept. 8. 838. Journal of Assembly of Bermuda. Information being given of great quantities of timber and lime-kiln-wood belonging to the King that has been illegally taken from off Brother Islands, Ordered that Benjamin Rivers and Daniell Morgan, tenants of the said Islands, do forthwith repaire to this Assembly to testifye the truth of their knowledge in the said matter, and likewise that Mr. William Bryan, who, as it is said, carried some of the said timber or wood, do likewise appear to testifye the truth of his knowledge in the said matter, and that Mr. Jeremiah Burch, one of the members of this House, do summons them accordingly.
Carried by two votes that retailers of wine, after nine months expired, shall not sell and retail wine at a greater price than 8d. per pint.
Sept. 9. Act for Assigning Plantation Bonds to the parties suffering by breach of the condition, and an Additional Act for preventing Bastardy, both read, voted and passed and sent up.
Capt. Seymour ordered to attend the House. [C.O. 40, 2. p. 276.]
Sept. 8. 839. Journal of Assembly of New York. An Act, for repealing an Act for defraying the public charge, and for appointing more effectual means therefore, was read a first time.
Report of a Committee to draw heads of a Bill for regulating Elections read. Bill ordered to be brought in accordingly.
The Governor's negotiation with the Five Nations was considered.
Sept. 9. Ordered that the Governor be thanked for his care and trouble in the negotiation with the Indians.
Committee appointed to consider of the Indians' demand concerning Mr. Livingston.
Committee appointed to consider a paper communicated to the House by Johannes Cuyler of Albany.
Ordered that Mrs. Gertrude van Cortlandt lay before the House to-morrow a particular account of the 538l. received by her late husband out of an additional duty appropriated for building a Fort.
Bill for defraying the charges of Albany amended.
Act for defraying the publick charge etc. read a second time and committed.
Sept. 10. Act for regulating Elections read the first time and second time.
Bill for defraying the public charge amended.
Act to enable the City and County of Albany to defray their necessary charge read a third time, passed and sent up.
Conference as to Mr. Livingston and the Indians proposed.
Paper from Mrs. Gertrude Cortlandt, read, stating that she could not give any particular account of the 538l., her papers having been seized, and her husband not having received 538l., divers sums in arrear on that additional duty being refused to be paid her, owing to a Proclamation of the Government. The paper was referred to a Committee with powers to send for persons and papers.
The paper of Johannis Cuyler was decided to be a seditious paper. Cuyler summoned to appear before the bar of the House on the 20th. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 1009–1111.]
Sept. 8. 840. Journal of House of Burgesses of Virginia. Orders given for the Committee to prepare an Address upon the case between this Government and New York.
Bill for apprehending an outgoing negro read a second time with amendments.
Bill ordered to be prepared for making several alterations in the Capitol according to the several resolutions of the House. Committee for this purpose instructed to consider of a suitable prison and to direct the model, and also to insert a clause giving power to the Committee, appointed to inspect and oversee the building the Capitol, to make use of what money shall be wanting for finishing the Capitol and for building the said prison.
Bill for dividing King and Queen County read a third time and passed.
Bill impowering the Sheriff, etc. read a third time and passed.
Bill for quieting possessions, etc. read a second time and amended.
Bill for strengthening the frontiers read a second time and amended.
Ordered that a Committee examine Mr. Treasurer's accounts of the impositions upon liquors and upon servants.
Sept. 9. Bill for quieting possessions, etc. read a third time and passed.
Bill for apprehending an outlying negro read a third time and passed.
Bill for strengthening the frontiers read a third time and passed.
These bills were sent up.
Mr. Geo. Marrable, a Member, being accused of undecent carryage in faulting an entry made by Order of the House, ordered that he be in the Messenger's custody until he make humble acknowledgment.
Address to H.E. for laying open the Pamunkey Neck Land and the land on the South side Blackwater Swamp, so as the same may be taken up and patented, read and ordered to lie upon the table.
Mr. Marrable was brought in, and, failing to make such an acknowledgment as the House required, was remanded back into custody.
The thanks of the House and 10,000lb. of tobacco presented to the Speaker in acknowledgment of his services this session.
Mr. Marrable, having apologised, was discharged out of custody, paying fees.
Ordered that the allowances made this session be paid out of the Excise.
Book of reports of the Committee for public claims etc. sent up to the Council.
Sept. 10. Petition of Orlando Jones, for an allowance at the rate of 25l. per annum for his service as Clerk to the Directors and Trustees of the City of Williamsburgh, ordered to be torn. Ordered that he be allowed 5l.
Bill giving further directions in building the Capitol and a public prison read a first time.
Bill concerning the Militia sent down with amendments.
Report upon the Treasurer's accounts ordered to lie upon the table. [C.O. 5, 1408. pp. 245–251.]
Sept. 8. 841. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Virginia. Bill for giving power to the Sheriff etc., sent up, was read the first time. And see preceding abstract.
Sept. 9. Amendments to the Bill concerning the Militia ordered to lie upon the table. And see preceding abstract.
Sept. 10. Bills, for dividing King and Queen County, and giving power to the Sheriff etc. read the second time and committed for amendments.
Bills, for strengthening the frontiers, apprehending an outlying negro, and quieting possessions etc., read the first time. And see preceding abstract. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 484–486; and 371, 372.]
Sept. 9. 842. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Lords Justices. Enclosing following. Signed, Ph. Meadows, Jno. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior.
Sept. 9. 842. i. H.M. Additional Instruction to Brigadier Selwyn. Whereas H.M. has been graciously pleased to direct several stores to be furnished by the Principal Officers of his Ordnance for the defence and security of Jamaica, and it being reasonable that the charge thereof and of the officers and artificers sent thither be borne by the inhabitants, for whose benefit they are sent, it is H.M. pleasure that you accordingly move the General Assembly that they take care to reimburse the Board of Ordnance for the stores and provide for the annual pay of the said officers and artificers, or, in case they neglect to do the same, that you suffer not any of the said stores to be delivered out but upon absolute necessity. Signed, Ja. Vernon. Subscribed, Sent in October. [C.O. 138, 10. pp. 295–298.]
Sept. 9. 843. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from the Board of Ordnance, Sept. 4, read. Representation thereon drawn and signed.
Mr. Hodges presented a Memorial to the Board, and the Address of the Assembly of Barbados, Nov. 5, was communicated to him, and an extract delivered to him of some part thereof, which he desired. Ordered that the heads of matters contained in the Journals may be shewn him in order to such extracts or notes concerning the Court of Errors and the days of the Council's sitting, as he desires.
Capt. Gardner acquainted the Board that, not having been able to obtain any more money at the Pay Office for the subsistence of the soldiers at Bermuda than till Dec. next, he had applied to the Lords of the Treasury about it, and would continue to solicite the matter, and acquaint their Lordships with his success.
Sept. 10. Papers relating to the state of the Jersies considered. Directions given for a Representation thereon.
Sept. 11. Further progress made in that matter. [Board of Trade. Journal, 14. pp. 154–158.]
Sept. 9. 844. Minutes of Council of Bermuda. Petition of Mr. Wells at the Ferry referred to the Assembly. [C.O. 40, 2. p. 43.]
Sept. 9. 845. Minutes of Council of New York. Account of Thomas Weaver referred to a Committee. [C.O. 5, 1184. p. 585.]
Sept. 9. 846. Minutes of Council in Assembly of New York. The Committee appointed Sept. 4 reported that it is their opinion that a Bill be prepared and laid before the House of Representatives for the applying a sum not exceeding—out of the 1,500l. raised for building a Fort at Onnondage, for the putting such part of the frontiers of the Province into an immediate posture of defence as the said House shall think fit, the said sum to be put into the hands of such Commissioners as the House of Representatives shall appoint, who shall account to the House, the money to be repaid when it shall be thought fit to proceed to the building of the Fort, for which sum the credit of the Assembly shall be engaged. Also that Gertrude Cortlandt be summoned before the Representatives and ordered by them to pay unto the Collector the 538l. raised by the Act for building the Fort at Onnondage within such time as the House shall think fit, or otherwise that the said House do order a Bill to be prepared and laid before them for the effectual enforcing the speedy payment thereof as aforesaid.
The Governor produced a Bill for regulating the fences in Ulster County; a Bill for encouraging the City of New York, and a Bill for confirmation of a certain agreement made by Thomas Swartwont and Co. and Garrit Aertsen and Co., which had been sent up and were read a first time. [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 870–872.]
Sept. 10. 847. Journal of Assembly of Bermuda. Ordered that Mr. John Kidgell, Clerk of the Assembly, be taken into custody of the Marshal and be imprisoned for three months without bail, for behaving himself contemptuously towards H.E., unless it shall please H.E. to discharge him sooner.
Ordered that the trenches about these Islands, where needfull, be opened, cleansed and repaired, and that all the inhabitants by themselves or sufficient servants be ready to work at the same at such day and times as by order of H.E. in Council shall be appointed, and that this order be published in the respective parish churches to the end that none may pretend ignorance.
Sept. 11. An Act for explanation and amendment of the Act for settling fees was presented to the House, and at the same time an answer to Mr. Tho. Brook's reasons against the passing of the said Act, and also an Order about the Trenches where needful.
Sept. 12. The House adjourned for four weeks. [C.O. 40, 2. p. 277.]
Sept. 10. 848. Minutes of Council and Assembly of New Hampshire. Adjourned till to-morrow, there not being a full Council.