America and West Indies: October 1701, 6-10

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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. "America and West Indies: October 1701, 6-10", in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910) 567-572. British History Online, accessed May 30, 2024,

. "America and West Indies: October 1701, 6-10", Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701, (London, 1910). 567-572. British History Online. Web. 30 May 2024,

October 1701

Oct. 6. 922. Thomas Hodges to the Council of Trade and Plantations. On Oct. 1st Mr. Popple acquainted me that if I had any witnesses or further proof to offer on the matters contained in my reply, your Lordships were ready to receive it, and that if I desired liberty of appeal from what was don in the Chancery of Barbados on my suit against Mr. Horne, I might apply myself by petition to H.M. or the Lords Justices in Council. I am ready to supply further proof by witnesses, if you will grant me summons for such witnesses as I shall name, most of whom will not consent to give evidence or depositions unless compelled. As to your Lordships' direction to me to apply for appeal, this was part of my case annexed to my petition to H.M. Dec. 19, 1700, and stands already referred therewith to your Lordships. Signed, Thomas Hodges. Endorsed, Recd. Read Oct. 7, 1701. 1¾pp. [C.O. 28, 6. No. 18; and 29, 7. pp. 435–438.]
Oct. 6.
923. Anonymous Petition from New Providence to Ellis Lightwood. The arbitrary and tyrannical Government of Elias Haskett, our late Governor, hath been so intolerably oppressive that it could no longer be endured without the manifest loss of our lives and fortunes, and the utter destruction of the Trade and Encouragement of settling these Islands. We have with just reason suppressed and taken into safe custody Elias Haskett, until H.M. and the Lords Proprietors' pleasures be known therein, during which time we heartily desire and request of you, Ellis Lightwood, being one of the Council, and as a person indifferent on this occasion, and whose principle interest is in this Government, that you would please to take upon you, together with the advice and consent of the Council, the care and charge of these Islands and the Government thereof. "The above is signed by the whole Country in General." ¾ p. [C.O. 23, 12. No. 65.]
Oct. 6. 924. Journal of House of Representatives of New York. Committee to consider the King's commands relating to Mr. Leysler recommended that a tax be raised of 1,000l. throughout this Province for paying of Mr. Leysler, and that care be taken for paying off all the rest of the debts of this Province by some duty or custom to be raised by the House. Which was approved. Committee appointed to consider of a duty to be raised to pay the debts of the Government. They reported that a duty be laid upon the following goods imported for three years:—Upon negroes or Indians imported from their own country directly, 15s.; indirectly, 1l. 10s.; upon every barrel of fish, 1s. 6d.; every cwt. of hops, 3s.; bushel of salt, 2d.; ½ barrel of flour exported, 4½d.; 1,000 pipe staves imported, 2s.; 1,000 hogshead staves imported, 1s.; cwt. of cocoa-nuts, 2s.; upon every hundred of rice imported, 1s.; hogshead of molasses, 5s.; barrel of pitch, 2s.; barrel of tar, 1s.; cask of black soap, 3d.; gallon of distilled liquors, except rum, 4½d. Which was approved. Bill ordered to be brought in accordingly. Bill for measuring corn etc., read the first time.
Oct. 7. Bill for granting an additional duty to H.M. read with amendments.
Petition of several inhabitants of New York read, desiring the wharf between the Wall Street and Burgers Path may be ordained common and public landing-place, sent down, was returned with the concurrence of the House.
Act for measuring corn etc., read a second time. Printed, and in places barely legible. [C.O. 5, 1184. p. 1024.]
Oct. 6. 925. Minutes of Council in Assembly of New York. Mr. David Jamison's objections (see Oct. 2) were read and referred. (Entered.) [C.O. 5, 1184. pp. 882–890.]
Oct. 7. 926. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Mr. Atwood, New York, Aug. 16, received and read.
Mr. Samuel Nash, attending as desired, in relation to that part of the project of a treaty with the Emperor of Morocco which relates to passes, declared that it would be more for the advantage of England, if the Article on that subject were wholly omitted, and that all ships belonging to H.M. subjects should be free from the capture of the Rovers of that country upon the sight only of their colours, or rather without any manner of condition whatsoever; because (said he) English ships are well enough known; and whatever occasion is given for an examination (whether colours, passes or anything else), will but serve those Rovers for a pretence and colour whereby to do the more mischief.
Letter from Mr. Addington, Aug. 12, read.
Memorial from Mr. Hodges, Oct. 6, read.
Letter from Lieut.-Governor Partridge, Aug. 15, read.
Oct. 8. Letter to Lieut.-Governor Nanfan upon the subject of the petition of John Wake etc., signed, and ordered to be delivered to the petitioners when ever they call.
Letter from Sir William Beeston, July 7, read, and the Naval Officer's Account therein mentioned laid before the Board.
Letter from Governor Hasket, July 19, read. Extract ordered to be made and sent with a letter to Mr. Secretary Vernon.
Letter from Mr. Yard, dated this day, read, and some directions were thereupon given in order to the preparing the Commission and Instructions, for a Governor to be sent by H.M. to East and West New Jersey, referred to therein.
Oct. 9. Letter to Mr. Secretary Vernon, ordered above, signed and sent.
Mr Attorney General's report upon the Acts of Nevis, read. Some of the Acts referred to read and considered. [Board of Trade. Journal, 14. pp. 173–177.]
Oct. 8.
927. Governor Bennett to [?Mr. Secretary Vernon]. Duplicate of letter dated Aug. 28. (No. 797.) q.v. Enclosed,
927. i. Duplicate of No. 797.ii.
927. ii. Duplicate of No. 797.iii.
927. iii–vi. Duplicate of Nos. 797.iv.–vii. [C.O. 37, 25. Nos. 64, 64.i.–vi.]
Oct. 8.
928. Council of Trade and Plantations to Lieut.-Governor Nanfan. Two petitions having been lately presented to us in the name of John Wake and the owners of the Elizabeth and Katherine, we send you copies of them here enclosed. We do not pass judgment upon the case nor direct anything upon the prayer. But as we are informed that the Commissioners of H.M. Customs have given orders for the discharge of the said ship, and on other like occasions have not thought fit that the utmost rigour of the law should be exerted, but have given reasonable time for producing certificates of the registry of ships, where the equity of the case has required it, so for the general good of Trade and Navigation, we direct you to take care that there be no unfair stretching of the Law in cases of this kinde, nor in particular to the prejudice of these owners, and that no sinister motives (as is suggested by them) have any influence upon the proceedings that are made against them. And the better to prevent or remedy any such irregularity, we further require you to give us a full account of the state of this case, and of the proceedings that are made upon it, together with your own opinion upon the whole matter. Signed, Ph. Meadows, Jno. Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1118. pp. 420, 421; and 5, 1079. No. 79.]
Oct. 8.
929. Governor Bennett to William Popple. Refers to letters enclosed for the Board of Trade and Mr. Secretary Vernon. "To prevent any of mine being opened and sealed up againe, is the reason I have made the impression of my seale in the margent, which shall constantly be the same. If any alteration happens, pray let me know it, that I may endeavour to detect that villany, which I am told has been to frequently practised in this country. Signed, B. Bennett. Endorsed, Recd. April 17, 1702. Sealed. 1½ pp. [C.O. 37, 3. No. 61; and 38, 5. pp. 199, 200.]
Oct. 8.
930. Mr. Yard to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Your Lordships' report concerning H.M. Provinces of East and West New Jersey having been laid before the Lords Justices, they direct that you prepare, as proposed, a draught of a Commission for a Governor to be sent thither by H.M. together with Instructions for him, and that you consult therein the Proprietors of those Provinces in order to their surrender of their pretended right to the Government there (which if they are willing to make, you are to accept of), and that you have the same in readiness to be laid before H.M. at his return for his consideration, that an end may be put to the great disorders that at present disturb those Provinces. Signed, R. Yard. Endorsed, Recd. Read Oct. 8, 1701. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1261. No. 25; and 5, 1289. pp. 259, 260.]
Oct. 8. 931. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. Committee appointed to examine the accounts for fitting and repairing H.M.S. Arundel for her voyage home.
Mr. George Larkin presented H.M. Letter of April 14, 1701, and a duplicate of H.M. Commission for the trying of pirates, etc. [C.O. 5, 788. p. 98.]
Oct. 8. 932. Journal of House of Representatives of New York. Act for paying the debts of this Government, made in the late happy Revolution, read the first and second time and committed.
Oct. 9. Amendments to the above Act-altering the duty on exported flour to 3d., on soap to 6d. a firkin, and continuing the Bill till 1706, etc., agreed upon. Act for quieting and setling the possessions of some inhabitants of Long Island passed with amendments.
Oct. 10. The House met and adjourned. [C.O. 5, 1184. p. 1025.]
Oct. 9.
933. Mr. Addington to William Popple. Refers to Journal of Assembly, Acts and Minutes of Council, May–Oct., 1701, sent by H.M.S. Arundel, and acknowledges receipt of pacquets from the Council of Trade and Plantations, May 15 and 20. Refers to deaths of Governor and Lieut.-Governor. The Administration is rendered more difficult lying in the hands of the Council, and nothing can be ordered by a less number than a major part of them; but we are in hopes of H.M. Governor speedily to arrive, and it is a very great happiness to us that a war 'not broke out during our unsettlement,' the affairs whereof require a quicker dispatch than could possibly be given under such a constitution. We are making all diligent application according to our ability for the defence of H.M. interests by repairing and setting in order our Fortifications, particularly on Castle Island near Boston, where considerable new works are making by the directions and under the oversight of Col. Romer. We are extremely obliged to H.M. bounty in granting us a supply of powder, which is safely arrived. The General Assembly have some time since commissioned and instructed Wait Winthrop, Esq., to attend H.M. in quality of an Agent of this Province, but the intelligence of H.M. having appointed a Governour, and that his dispatches were preparing, put them on deferring that matter until their next Session, which is appointed to be on Oct. 15. Mr. Larkin arrived here this week, and the Council have assigned a day to advise with him about settling the rules and forms for proceeding in trials of pirates. Signed, Isa. Addington. Endorsed, Recd. Nov. 25, Read Dec. 5, 1701. 2½ pp. Annexed,
933. i. Abstract of preceding. 1 p.
933. ii. Copy of letter from the French Governor Brouillan, to Lord Bellomont. Aug. 8, 1701. Duplicate of No. 785.ii. Endorsed, Recd. Nov. 25, 1701. 2½ pp.
933. iii. Copy of a letter from the Council of the Massachusetts Bay to the French Governor of Nova Scotia. Duplicate of No. 785.iii. Endorsed, Recd. Nov. 25, 1701. 1¾ pp. [C.O. 5, 862. Nos. 78, 78.i.–iii.; and (without enclosures) 5, 910. pp. 3–7.]
Oct. 9.
934. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Vernon. Enclosing extract of letter from Capt. Hasket, Governor of the Bahama Islands, July 19. Continues:—These Islands lying before the Gulph of Florida and in the way of all ships that come out of the Bay of Mexico, it is of great consequence to us that they shou'd be kept out of the hands of the French or Spaniards, and therefore that part of the letter which relates to soldiers necessary for their security, seems to be very worthy consideration. We have formerly applyed to the Lords Proprietors about several matters relating to the Government thereof, but have not been able to dispose them to such compliance as was proper for H.M. service. We cannot expect any better success in the present occasion, and therefore desire you wou'd please to lay this matter before their Excellencies the Lords Justices (as a business which we conceive the Lords Proprietors obliged both in interest and duty to take care of) for such direction to them thereupon as their Excellencies shall think fit. Signed, Phil. Meadows, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 5, 1289. pp. 266, 267.]
Oct. 10. 935. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Ordered that Mr. Richardson, a Barbary merchant, be desired to attend the Board on Tuesday next in relation to Morocco Passes.
Acts of Nevis further considered. Mr. Jory attending gave some answer to the Attorney General's objections against several of the said Acts, and promised to explain his sence thereupon more fully in writing. [Board of Trade. Journal, 14. p. 178].
Oct. 10. 936. Minutes of Council in Assembly of New York. The following Bills were sent up, read a third time with amendments, passed and sent down: (1) Act for encouraging the City of New York, (2) regulating fences in Ulster, (3) regulating elections, (4) repealing an Act for defraying the public charge etc. and appointing a more effectual means therefor and for maintaining the poor and preventing vagabonds, (5) confirming an agreement between Swartwont and Co. and Aertsen and Co., (6) obliging Robt. Livingston to account, (7) for allowance to the Representatives, (8) for settling and amending the highways and roads in Ulster, (9) for destroying Wolves in Ulster and Westchester, (10) enforcing the owners and possessors of unimproved lands in the county of Albany, Westchester, Richmond and Orange to pay their proportion of their quit-rents and taxes.
Resolutions agreed to upon the case of Swartwont and Aertsen.