America and West Indies: March 1702, 11-13

Pages 126-132

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 20, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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March 1702

March 11.
St. James's.
189. Order of the Lords of Council, announcing to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina the death of King William and the accession of Queen Anne, and directing them to cause H.M. to be proclaimed in Carolina, "according to the form enclosed," and enclosing H.M. proclamation continuing officers in their places, to be similarly proclaimed. Signed, Somerset, P., Burlington, N. Wright, C.S., Manchester, Scarbrough, H. Boyle, Ja. Vernon. Countersigned, John Povey. [C.O. 5, 289. p. 87.]
March 11. 190. Order of the Lords of Council, giving similar directions to the Lords Proprietors of the Lucaios or Bahama Islands. Signed, Somerset, P., Bolton, Burlington, Scarborough, R. Ferrers, Tho. Cantuar, N. Wright, Devonshire, Manchester, Carlisle, E.M., Stamford. [C.O. 5, 289. p. 89.]
March 11. 191. Similar Order of Lords of Privy Council to the Governors of Plantations in America. Signed, Tho. Cantuar, N. Wright, C.S., Sommersett, P., Devonshire, Carlisle, E.M., Burlington, Manchester, Scarbrough, Stamford, Oxford, Ferrers. 2 pp. Enclosed,
191. i. Copy of Proclamation referred to above. 1½ pp. The whole endorsed, Recd. March 20, 170½. [C.O. 323, 3. Nos. 117, 117.i.; and 324, 8. pp. 82–84.]
March 11.
Royal College
of William
and Mary.
192. Minutes of Council of Virginia. William Robertson, appointed Clerk of the Council, took the oaths, etc., appointed. Ordered that all the Books and Papers belonging to the Council Office now in the custody of Mr. Chicheley Corbin Thacker, Clerk of the Secretary's Office, be delivered up to him.
Letter from Major Burwell laid before the Council, wherein he acknowledges that he had received a letter from the Lords Commissioners of Trade, acquainting him that H.M. had been graciously pleased to appoint him one of the Council in Virginia, but knowing himself altogether unable to serve in such a post, he had therefore deferred producing it, until such time as he could make his application to their Lordships for a releasement, which he had done.
The Hon. Col. Wm. Byrd's absence excused.
March 12. Mr. Robert Beverley by his petition setting forth that at the trial of a cause between him and Samuel Selden before the Court of Elizabeth City County, Major Anthony Armistead, one of the Justices, and first in Commission then upon the Bench, did notoriously abuse him, and the Court permitted Selden in open Court to utter several scandalous expressions against him, without giving him any check, Ordered that a copy of Mr. Beverley's petition be sent to those Justices for their answer at the next meeting of Council.
Upon the petition of John Lewis, praying that a Commission of Administration on the estate of George Warner, decd., might be granted him under the seal of this Colony, the said Commission was granted and signed.
Mr. Benjamin Harrison, Council for the King, informing this Board that process is issued against Col. Wm. Byrd and Lt. Col. Wm. Wilson for their failing to pay the full dutys of some wines said to be imported by them in the William of Virginia, William Boswell, master, about June 20, 1700, ordered that the Collector and Naval Officer of the Lower District of James River do transmit to the Clerk of the General Court all their books of entries for June, 1700.
Ordered that the Clerk of Elizabeth City County transmit to the Clerk of the General Court all the roughs of the Records of the said County Court for these three years past, to the end that the necessary directions may be given for issuing process against such persons as are suspected to have falsified the same, pursuant to the order of the General Court, Oct. 21, 1701.
H.E. by and with the advice and consent of H.M. Council appointed the following Justices of the Peace for King William County (which by Act of Assembly is to be divided from King and Queen County from and after April 11);— Henry Fox, John Waller, John West, Henry Maddison, William Clayborne, Richard Gissedge, to be of the Quorum; Martin Palmer, Daniel Miles, Roger Mallory, Thomas Carr, William Noy, George Dabnie, and Thomas Teory. Also, John West to be Col. and Commander in Chief of all the Militia within the said County, William Clayborne, Lt. Col., and John Waller, Major, and they are hereby directed to transmit to H.E. a list under their hands of such persons as they shall think most fit to be Captains and other Commissions Officers under their command.
John Waller having petitioned H.E. to be appointed Clerk of King William County, the Council was unanimously of opinion that it will be most for H.M. service and the interest of that County that he be continued in the Commission of the Peace, but forasmuch as he hath upon several occasions given proofs of his diligence and fidelity in discharging the trusts reposed in him H.E. appointed him Sheriff of the County for 1702.
Upon a ballot being taken between William Aylett and Orlando Jones for the Clerkship of King County, the former was appointed.
H.E. appointed John Walker, Gent., to be Sheriff of King and Queen County, 1702.
The petition of William Westertoun and the other workmen employed about building the Capitol was referred to the Committee for inspecting it.
H.E. signed a patent to Mr. Chicheley Corbin Thacker for 1,080 acres of land in Pamunkee Neck.
Upon reading a petition from Drommaco, Chief Munguy and Ruler of the Chickahominy Indians in behalf of himself and his great men, representing several matters relating to the land appointed for them by the General Assembly between the two Herring Creeks, it being considered by H.E. and the Council that several questions of right may arise concerning the said land, ordered that the Interpreter of the Chicahominy Indians do bring them before H.E. and Council the sixth day of next General Court. Copies of this petition and order to be sent to the sheriff of King and Queen County.
Address to H.M. signed.
H.E. laid before the Council a letter from Col. Andrew Hamilton, Governor of the Jerseys, wherein he says that Mr. Penn at his going for Europe had thought fit to commit the Government of his Province and Territory to his care, and that he should endeavour to preserve a good understanding between the said Province and this H.M. Colony. H.E. thereupon acquainted the Council that Hamilton having formally taken upon him the Government of the Jerseys without H.M. approbation, and now also accepting the Government of Pennsylvania from Mr. Penn, who had not the right of Government himself, much less could transfer it to another without being approved by H.M. as the Act of Parliament directs, he thought it not proper to answer the said letter, nor hold any correspondence with Hamilton, to which the Council agree.
H.E. laid before the Council a letter from Lt. Gov. Nanfan, Oct. 24, 1701, in answer to H.E.'s letter of Oct. 2, relating to the quota of men, which was read. It was the opinion of the Council that nothing further is necessary to be done.
H.E. laid before the Council several letters and other papers, wch. he lately received from New York, giving an account of the divisions and distractions of that Government, and acquainted that he did intend (God willing), if no extraordinary business happened, to go for Maryland to consult with Governor Blakiston about the most effectual method to be taken by them for H.M. service in preserving the quiet of the Province of New York till such time as a new Governor arrives there. The Council approved of H.E.'s good intentions in endeavouring to compose those unhappy differences, which if continued may endanger the peace and safety of this Colony.
H.E. said that he had been lately at the Manikin Town, where he had received several petitions from the French Refugees, relating to private differences amongst themselves, upon consideration whereof it is thought absolutely necessary that some persons be appointed as Magistrates to govern them and determine such cases. Committee appointed to draw up a Commission for Mr. Chalin and Abraham Nicod accordingly.
Upon the petition of M. de Joux, Minister, and other the Vestrymen amongst the French Refugees at the Manikin Town, praying that M. Charles de Sailly be ordered to give an account of several sums of money by him received at London for the use of the Refugees and for building of a Church, ordered that a copy of the petition be sent to him for his answer at the next meeting of the Council.
Petition of the French Refugees relating to the laying out their land at the Manikin Town is referred till such time as the survey of the land be returned.
H.E. laid before the Council a letter which he had received from Messrs. Micajah Perry and Co., London, Oct. 28, 1701, intimating that by order of his Grace of Canterbury and the Lord Bishop of London they had consigned to H.E. a cargo of goods for the relief of the French Refugees, to be disposed of as he should find for their most general good, the whole amounting to 506l. 0s. 11d. The Council is of opinion that the cargo consists of such goods as cannot possibly be distributed amongst the Refugees in a due and regular proportion. Ordered that the goods be disposed of, and the money arising therefrom applied towards purchasing stocks of cattell and other things which the Refugees do or may hereafter more immediately stand in need of. The cargo meantime to be stored.
Warrant issued to Capt. Moodie to impress carpenters for careening H.M.S. Southampton, in any part of the Colony, and, in case of necessity from merchants' ships, but as sparingly as possible.
Proclamation ordered proroguing the General Assembly till April 23, the proclamation to lie in the Secretary's Office till six days hence, that if in the meantime any orders shall arrive from England which may require the speedy meeting of the Assembly, the said proclamation may not issue.
Memorandum. On March 13 H.E. received a letter from Col. Benjamin Harrison that for the third time since the General Court the River had prevented his attendance, the wind blowing so hard that he could not get his horse over; that he lives so far from the Ferry, if it be a calm morning, unless it proves so all day, before he can get down the wind rises, and there is no place of entertainment near to it, to take the advantage of the morning and evening, which many times prove calm when the days are windie. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 197–203.]
March 12.
Office of
193. Board of Ordnance to the Council of Trade and Plantations. We enclose estimate [below], but cannot do so for the masts for floating a chain at the entrance of St. John's Harbour in Newfoundland with a boom, etc., it relating not to our Office but to the Navy, as we acquainted your Lordships, Jan. 31. Signed, C. Musgrave, J. Pulteney, Wm. Boulter, John Charlton, Ja. Lowther. Endorsed, Recd. Read March 16, 170½. 1 p. Enclosed,
193. i. Office of Ordnance, March 12, 170½. Estimate of the charge of the Ordnance, Mortar pieces and stores of war mentioned in an accompt received from the Lords of Trade, Feb. 13, 170½. The total estimate amounts to 23,070l. 7s. 9d. 3 pp. [C.O. 323, 3. Nos. 115, 118; and 324, 8. pp. 70–73.]
March 12.
194. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Capt. Powel, with a petition from the soldiers at Newfoundland, desiring to be discharged from contributing to the maintenance of a Minister there, was read, but not thought fit to be complied with.
Letter from Mr. Thurston, Feb. 3, read. Ordered that copies be prepared to be given to the Commodore of the Newfoundland Convoy, in order to his examining into the state of the matters referred to.
Representation upon Newfoundland considered. Mr. Thurston ordered to attend to-morrow.
Order of March 6 from Sir Rowland Gwynne, Chairman of the Committee of the House of Commons, upon Mr. Hodges's petition, was laid before the Board. Directions given that the papers thereby required be laid before that Committee.
March 13. Report to the House of Commons in answer to their Order of Feb. 26, relating to the proceedings of this Board upon complaints of the Courts of Justice in the Plantations, was agreed upon.
Ordered that the Representation be prepared to be laid before Her Majesty to the like effect as that laid before the King, Jan. 24, concerning the state of defence of the Plantations. [C.O. 391, 14. pp. 352–355; and 391, 96. Nos. 43, 44.]
March 13.
195. Governor Bennett to Mr. Popple. The store ship from the Tower is arrived here, which gives a new life to the defence of this place, expecting at the latter end of the year (if there be a war) that the French will visit us, they in their return home being obliged to come into this Latitude. By letter from the Governor of Nevis, Jan. 28, I am informed that there are at Martinico 30 [French] men of war, etc. Mr. Jones has been indicted very often this Assises, which is now over, and found guilty in the following:—one for perjury, three for extortion on account of his fees, three for breaking open people's houses to execute writs, one for false imprisonment, and in one for exposing the Castle, of which he was Capt., by having a very small quantity of powder there. Signed, B. Bennett. Endorsed, Recd. 8th. Read May 13, 1702. 1½ pp. Enclosed,
195. i. List of the French Fleet, commanded by Le Comte Chateau Renaugh [Châteaurenaud], at anchor in Fort Royal and Port Saint Peire's at Martineco.
Ships. Captains. Guns. Men.
Le Merveilleux Vice Admiral Château
104 700
Le Monarch Lt. Gen. Le Marquis
96 700
Le Vinguer M. Rose Maonq,
Cheife de Esquadron.
84 600
Le Superbe M. Chareloyre. 70 550
Le Espron M. de Beausen. 70 500
Le Orgeleux M. Lt. Chev. de Choftan
[? Chasteau] Regnant.
90 550
Le Fort M. Le de Parron
70 500
Le Constant M. Le Manchan 70 500
Le Invincible M. Le Ceguillo 70 500
Le Firm M. du Pallay 70 450
Le Esperance M. de Legollissomiere 70 500
Le Bourbourne M. le Conte de Blanac 70 500
Le Biguare M. Villar 66 450
Le Juste M. Carouch Allart 66 400
Le Ole M. de Ferrerie 66 400
Le Henry M. de Condray 66 400
Le St. Louis M. de Genisne
64 380
Le Pesselant M. de Serbie 60 380
Lassiere M. Delligree 60 380
Le Prudent M. de Grandpre 60 380
L'orriflame M. de Pasle 60 380
Le Trydent M. Devaine 60 380
Le Surrene M. de Mongron 60 380
Le Capeable M. Delaroize person 60 380
Le Modere M. Bombron 54 300
Le Solide M. Chambellin 54 300
Le Vollantiere M. Lanquin 44 200
Le Dauphin M. Dupissencour 44 200
5 fire ships and
two cravats.
1 p. [C.O. 37, 3. Nos. 65, 65.i.; and (without enclosure) 38, 5. pp. 215, 216.]
March 13.
196. Order of Committee of the House of Commons. That the Council of Trade and Plantations lay before them a copy of their Commission; Instructions of the Governors of New England, New York, Jamaica and Virginia; the several Acts made in Jamaica for giving presents to Governor Beeston, and the reports of the Council of Trade on each of them; all the Memorials laid by the Agents of the Island [? Barbados] before the Commissioners of Trade relating to the ill condition of the Island by the defect of their fortifications and want of stores, magazeens, etc., and praying to be furnished with cannon. Signed, R. Gwynne. Endorsed, Recd. Read March 16, 170½. ¾ p. [C.O. 28, 6. No. 43.]