America and West Indies: July 1702, 16-20

Pages 472-478

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 20, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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July 1702

July 16.
761. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor Lord Cornbury. We are given to understand from my Lord Godolphin, High Treasurer, that several Bills of Exchange are come to his hand drawn by Capt. Nanfan upon the late Commissioners of the Treasury for 500l. sterl., upon pretence of applying the same to the fortifications of the Province of New Yorke, in pursuance of an Order to Lord Bellomont; and his Lordship conceiving that the said proceeding is irregular in form, but apprehending that the same was no ways well intended, the said Bills being dated April 22, few days before your Lordship's coming and long after there was reason to expect your arrival, not thinking fit to accept the same, has desired us to acquaint you therewith, and withal to give your Lordship direction that no such Bills be drawn hereafter by your Lordship or any person whatsoever upon the Treasury; but that your Lordship after a new survey of the fortifications and other public works do certify the same to this Board, that in case any supply be necessary from H.M. over and above what shall be raised by the Assembly, the same be submitted to H.M. to give such Order therein as H.M. shall think fit. Signed, Rob. Cecill, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt.
P.S.—We have received yours of May 3, and are expecting to receive a further account from your Lordship of the state of New York. [C.O. 5, 1119. pp. 193, 194.]
July 16.
762. William Popple to Sampson Shelton Broughton, Attorney General of New Yorke. I have laid your letter before the Council of Trade and Plantations. They have not given me any particular directions for answering it, which is the usual (and almost the only) ground of my writing to any one in the Plantations about the affairs of those parts. But I will take the liberty now to acquaint you that the late unhappy divisions in the Province of New Yorke have not turned to your prejudice, etc. [See July 14.] [C.O. 5, 1119. pp. 191, 192.]
July 16.
763. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen. Recommending Mr. Birch as deputy Governor of the Bahama Islands. "Two merchants of the City of London have offered to be his sureties in a bond of 2,000l. sterl. for his observing the Acts of Parliament relating to trade, and the Instructions that shall be given him by your Majesty relating thereunto." Signed, Dartmouth, Robt. Cecill, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Mathew Prior. [C.O. 5, 1290. pp. 142, 143.]
July 16.
764. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen. Offering three Acts of Antegoa, Aug., 1701, concerning Henry Pearn, Alexander Crawford and John Fry, jr., for H.M. approbation, in accordance with the reports of the Attorney and Solicitor General. Signed, Dartmouth, Rob. Cecil, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 153, 7. pp. 497–499.]
July 16.
765. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Mr. Broughton, May 4, read.
Letter to Lord Cornbury signed, and ordered to be sent to Mr. Lodwick for conveyance.
Mr. Solicitor General's Report on an Act of Antego, together with the Act itself, read. Representation thereon signed.
Representation recommending Mr. Birch signed.
Letter from Gilbert Heathcote read.
Letter from Mr. Addington, with enclosures, read.
Mr. Birch laid before the Board his Commission and Instructions from the Lords Proprietors of the Bahama Islands. Copy taken. [C.O. 391, 15. pp. 140, 141; and 391, 96. No. 126.A.]
July 17. 766. Minutes of Council in Assembly of New Hampshire. The House of Representatives announced that they had chosen Capt. John Pickering, Speaker.
Petition of several inhabitants of Hampton read, praying relief from paying rates to this Government and the Massachusetts Government. Ordered that a copy be sent to the Secretary of Boston for H.E. to consider of these, and that in the meantime the Constables of Hampton be wrote to by the Secretary to make no distress upon them, H.E. declaring he will also order the same to be done at Salisbury, when he comes to Boston.
The House attending, H.E. addressed them.
The oaths, etc., were administered to Samuel Keais, Wm. Cotton, and Francis Page, new members of the Assembly.
Half a barrel of powder sent to James Blagden at the Isle of Shoales for H.M. service.
July 18. H.E. summoned the Speaker and Representatives to take the oaths appointed, which they did.
Robert Ellott was sworn a Councillor.
The House sent up the following Resolutions:—That there be an Address of condolence and congratulation to H.M., and an Address of thanks for the settlement of the Government; that a Bill be drawn up to have the powder money paid in specie; that there be a present to the Governor, and money raised to make good the former votes and disbursements, in all 500l.; that there be an Address to the Governor by the Council and Assembly to represent the matter of timber to H.M., so as that an Act may be properly made thereupon; that a Committee of both Houses be immediately chosen to draw up the Bills aforementioned.
The Council consented to these votes, and a Joint Committee was appointed. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 299.A.–305.]
July 18.
767. E. Jenings to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Returns thanks for appointment as Secretary of Virginia. On your Lordships' Representation I am commanded to actual residence at Williamsburgh, of which I shall be very observant, as soon as possible conveniency will admit; noe houses to be rented. I am building, which I hope to finish before the Offices can be removed to the Capitol. I am reasonably happy in my present situation, an hour's time compassing the journey, etc. Signed, E. Jenings. Endorsed, Recd. 21st, Read Sept. 22, 1702. 2 pp. Enclosed,
767. i. List of Rivers and Creeks and of Admiralty and Customs Officers in Virginia. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 21, 1702. 1 large p.
767. ii. List of the parishes, ministers, tithables, and of the Trustees, Governors and number of scholars (29) in the Royal College of William and Mary in Virginia, July 8, 1702. Endorsed as preceding. 1 large p.
767. iii. List of the Acres of Land and of the Court Officers in Virginia. Total of acres, 2,129,550. Total of tithables, 25,099. Endorsed as preceding. 1 large p. [C.O. 5, 1312. Nos. 38, 38.i.–iii.; and (without enclosures) 5, 1360. pp. 226–228.]
July 20.
768. Lt.-Governor Povey to the Council of Trade and Plantations. H.E. the Governor being within his Government of New Hampshire, I acquaint your Lordships with an unhappy accident hapning within this Province, whilst I was Commander-in-Chief. On July 14, being at H.M. Castle on Castle Island, of which H.E. hath made me Capt., I received complaints from several merchants of the men belonging to their ships and coasting vessels, outward bound and ready to sayle, being impressed by Capt. Robert Jackson, H.M.S. sloop Swift, which brought expresses for the Declaration of War and was bound back again for England, on board of some of which vessels Capt. Jackson left not so much as one person, to the hazard of the ships and lading, and to the hurt of Navigation; which action of his in impressing of men, not only upon the water, but upon the land also, without having made application for any order or warrant to H.E., before his going out of the Province (who then asking him if he had anything to desire of him for the Queen's service, answered, No.), or to myself since, being expressly contrary to H.M. Instructions to H.E. and of great grievance and injury to her subjects, as well as a high affront to H.M. authority here established, I thought it my duty to give relief to the merchants in that matter, and to order the men so illegally and irregularly impressed to be discharged, acquainting the Capt. of H.M. sloop, that upon his application then to me, I should take care to supply him with what men he wanted, but he refusing, and endeavouring to get by the Castle with the sloop, and so out of my Command, contrary to his promise in a letter which he sent me, as well as my express orders left with the Lieut. of the Castle, at my coming off, and made known to the Captain, the said Lieutenant was obliged, to prevent her passing the Castle, to fire three shot at her, the last of which struck the head of her capston, killed one man and wounded five more, whereupon she came to an anchor and the Captain came up to town, and being sent for before me, behaved himself in a most violent manner, all which is fully proved in the evidences taken upon oath which I have sent to the Lord High Admiral. I therefore suspended the Captain from his command and committed him to the custody of the Marshall of the Admiralty till a convenient opportunity offers for his transportation to England, in order to his being brought to answer for his misdemeanours here committed, and have committed the command of the sloop to the officer next that ought to succeed. Signed, T. Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Sept. 22, 1702. 3 pp. Enclosed,
768. i. Lt.-Gov. Povey's certificate as to the genuineness of enclosed documents. Signed, T. Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Sept. 22, 1702. 1 p.
768. ii. Memorial of Col. Thomas Povey, Lt.-Gov. of the Massachusetts Bay. To same effect as above. Signed, T. Povey. 4 pp.
768. iii. Copy of Deposition of Sarah Lambert, Widow, of Boston, and Sarah her daughter, as to Capt. Jackson impressing Edward Storey, lodging in her house. 1 p.
768. iv. Copy of Deposition of John Gullison, ship's cook. Capt. Jackson impressed me, July 14, 1702, in Boston Harbour, leaving my ship, the Union, without any person on board, and not allowing me even to put out the galley fire. 1 p.
768. v. Copy of Deposition of William Best. When I came on board the Union (see preceding), she was on fire as the result. 1 p.
768. vi. Copy of Deposition of Woodward Tay, Boston, July 14, 1702. Capt. Jackson impressed me off the pink Elizabeth, leaving nobody on board. ¾ p.
768. vii. Copy of Deposition of William Rowland, Boston, July 16, 1702. Capt. Jackson impressed me off the Godspeed, when I had more than 20 horses and a great quantity of sheep to look after, with only one boy, and we were unmoored, just ready to sail. 1 p.
768. viii. Copy of Deposition of Christopher Bridge, cler., Samuel Lillie, mercht., and Joachim Addis, gentleman, of Boston. Corroborate Capt. Povey's account above. 3 pp.
768. ix. Copy of Deposition of Jonathan Pitcher, one of the Garrison of Castle Island. On July 14, 1702, I carried a letter from the Lt.-Governor to Capt. Robert Jackson on Governor's Island, who after reading it, turned and struck deponent twice with his cane, saying that was to teach me good manners, and bade me acquaint my Master with it. 1 p.
768. x. Copy of Deposition of William White and Jabez Dunkin, in corroboration of preceding. ¾ p.
768. xi. Copy of Letter from Capt. Jackson to Lt.-Governor Povey. July 14, 1702. I am very obedient to your power, but must remind you that the Queen's ship is under my command, and the whole power in me invested. How far you take that power I am willing to allow, but desire you would send your power, or by what authority you unman'd my ship, without reason, since I am accountable for her well or ill-doing. I do assure you I will not sail till your permission, nor dispute authority, but beg you will call your Council for further advice. Summon me and I will willingly appear. Signed, Rt. Jackson. 1 p.
768. xii. Deposition of Nathaniel Holmes, Lieutenant of H.M. Castle. On July 14 Capt. Povey ordered me to fire a shot to stop H.M.S. Swift bound out. The ship came to an anchor and his Honour sent me on board to demand of Capt. Jackson those men which he had imprest without order, or that himself come to him. When I came near, he catcht up a musquet, cockt it and presented it at me and swore, "God damn my blood if I do not shoot you through the head!" He said, "Go tell the Governor that I don't value him nor his order, and that I am as good a man as he, every day I rise." I returned, and then the Rev. Mr. Bridge went on board, and Capt. Jackson consented to deliver the men if the Lieut.-Governor would send a written order, which was done. But before it was delivered, Capt. Jackson hastened on shore to Governor's Island (see No. ix.). Describes his firing on the Swift, after vainly calling upon Capt. Jackson to stop. July 18, 1702. 2½ pp.
768. xiii. Copy of Deposition of Joseph Chapin, one of the Garrison of Castle Island, in corroboration of preceding. July 18, 1702. ½ p.
768. xiv. Copy of Deposition of Joseph Merefield and Jabez Dunkin, of the Garrison of Castle Island, in corroboration of first part of No. xii. Boston, July 18, 1702. 1 p.
768. xv. Copy of Deposition of John Arnold and John Roberts as to the firing upon the Swift after she refused to come to. Boston, July 18, 1702. 1 p.
768. xvi. Copy of Deposition of William Thwing, Nath. Vialls, Thomas Hals, Masters of Ships, of Boston, as to the firing upon the Swift, after warning. July 15, 1702. 1½ pp.
768. xvii. Copy of Deposition of Nathaniel Viall and William Thwing after the firing of the second gun from the Castle, the Boatswain of the Swift called out, "I wish we had the Royal William along your sconce side, we would beat it down about your ears," etc. ½ p.
768. xviii. Copy of Deposition of Samuel Sewall and Andrew Belcher, Members of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. On July 14, Capt. Jackson attending, the Lieut.-Governor recapitulated the accident on board his ship. Jackson said, "You are the murderer." The Lt.-Governor affirming that they had refused to receive a written order of his, Jackson swore profanely and said it was a lie. Mr. Justice Dummer offering to put in a word, Jackson threatened to break his head (having a staff in his hand to assist his wooden leg). Capt. Townsend, one of the Council, offering to speak, Capt. Jackson said he would kick his shins. His behaviour was the most insolent and wild that we remember to have observed in any man. July 18, 1702. 1 p.
768. xix. Copy of Deposition of Edward Storey, late Mate of H.M.S. Gosport, in corroboration of No. iii. and of the firing upon the Swift. After the third shot, Deponent left the helm and let go the anchor, "which he did without any order." 2 pp. The whole endorsed, Recd. Read Sept. 22, 1702. [C.O. 5, 862. Nos. 121, 121.i.–xix.; and (without enclosures) 5, 910. pp. 260–265.]
July 20. 769. Minutes of Council in Assembly of New Hampshire. Petition of John Jackson, Robert Almery, and Joseph Jackson read, and ordered that the fees having been settled many years past, that the same continue to be collected and received as usual.
Petition of Shadrach Walton read. Ordered that the sum due to him as Captain of the Fort, Sept. 23, 1698—Aug. 23, 1699, be paid.
Petition of Mary Foulsham read, relating to her being released out of prison, being in for debt and a very poor woman. Ordered that the Secretary write to the creditor who keeps the petitioner in gaol, that if he does not take care to find out the petitioner's estate, whereby he may satisfy his debt by levying execution thereupon in 20 days time at furthest, he shall allow her 2s. 6d. per week for every week afterwards that she shall be kept in gaol at his suit, or otherwise the petitioner to be discharged.