America and West Indies: July 1702, 21-31

Pages 488-497

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 20, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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July 1702

July 27.
Custom House,
784. Mr. Sansom to William Popple. I have laid your letter of the 23rd inst. before the Commissioners of Customs, who had before heard nothing thereof. They refer the matter of Capt. Bertie's complaint [against Mr. Cox at Barbados] to the examination of Mr. Sharp, the other Commissioner under them in Barbados, and also to Mr. Mein, who is at present in that Island, and was formerly employed there and in other of the Plantations under the character of a Surveyor General of Customs, being a person of ingenuity and experience. Signed, Jno. Sansom. Endorsed, Recd. 28th, Read July 30, 1702. p. Addressed. [C.O. 28, 6. No. 71; and 29, 8. pp. 121, 122.]
July 27.
785. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter to Dr. Newton ordered.
Letter from Lord Nottingham, July 25, read.
Order of Council, July 9, concerning some Acts of Barbados, read.
Abstract of some letters from New York, received from Mr. Lodwick, laid before the Board.
July 28. Mr. Archibald Hutcheson attending with Mr. Johnson, and acquainting the Board that Mr. Johnson is in possession of an estate worth 200l., and therefore might be accepted as one of the sureties of his father, Sir Nathaniel; and Mr. Johnson offering Mr. Thomas Cary, a Carolina merchant, for the other, they were acquainted that the security ought to be lodged in the Treasury, and that as soon as the form of the Bond was agreed, they should have notice of it. [C.O. 391, 15. pp. 147150; and 391, 96. Nos. 130, 131.]
July 28.
786. William Popple, jr., to Dr. Newton. The Council of Trade and Plantations desire you to inform them whether Churchill have pleaded the General Newgate pardon, in which his name was inserted, since that time, according to the bail given by him July, 1701. [C.O. 5, 1290. pp. 143, 144.]
[July 28.] 787. Governor Codrington to several Members of Council and Assembly of Antigua, May 1, 1702. Asks for the general sentiments of the people of his conduct and Mr. Herbert's case, and whether they had ever heard of a treaty between him and Mr. Herbert for the two Plantations he had recovered. Signed, Chr. Codrington. Endorsed, Recd. from Mr. Cary, Recd. 28th, Read July 30, 1702. 1 p. Annexed,
787. i. Replies from the above, to the effect that they had never heard anything of the kind. Antigua, May 6, 1702. Signed severally, Jno. Hamilton, Henry Pearne, Jno. Perrie, Speaker, Peter Lee, Chief Justice. 2 pp. [C.O. 152, 4. Nos. 106, 106.i.]
[July 28.] 788. Extract from Minutes of Council of Antigua. St. John's, May 6. Governor Codrington swore before the Council that he was so far from having made any bargain with Thomas Herbert for the two Plantations he had lately recovered in Nevis of Mr. Mead that he never had the least thought concerning it. He never received, nor ever was promised any bribe. He was so very cautious on this head, that Mr. Herbert designing to make a great entertainment for him when last at Nevis, he desired to be excused. Signed, Sworn in the presence of Edward Byam, Hen. Pearne, Wm. Thomas, James Thynne, Will. Codrington, Councillors, and Geo. Larkin, Not. Publ. Endorsed as preceding. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 4. No. 107.]
[July 28.] 789. Deposition of Col. Hamilton, Antigua, April 29, 1702, setting forth that he never heard any report of a treaty between Col. Codrington and Mr. Herbert. Signed, W. Hamilton. Endorsed as preceding. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 4. No. 108.]
July 28.
790. Lt.-Governor Beckford to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Since mine to your Lordps. of the 20th instant I am honoured with your Lordps.' of May 8, directed to the late Major-General Mr. Selwyn, forwarded with the several other pacquets by the President of Barbadoes, which came to my hands yesterday. A vessell sailing for New York to-day, I took the opportunity of forwarding the severall dispatches for that and the adjacent Colonies to my Lord Cornbury, and by reason of the setled posts in those parts, my Lord will meet with very little trouble in the forwarding of them. The other pacquets for Bermuda, Carolina, and the Bahama Islands shall be sent away by the first conveyance. I am to meet the Assembly the 6th of next month, and am sorry that I have no larger a power, or longer a time to lay before them what your Lordships are pleased to recommend. The last time I met them, they were generally in so good a temper, that I should not have question'd the setling of the Revenue by an Act. I am at present under a necessity of convening them for a Provision for the small force we have here, and to endeavour what we can for our securitye; and I am in hopes to prevail with them to raise a sufficient summe to get the Revenue out of debt, which is all our time will give me leave to push for; and I don't see how we could doe anything, were it not for the Act of the 7 and 8 Willm., and that confirms all powers granted by the late King but for 6 moneths; the time will be out the 8th September.
Yesterday a Spanish Man of War (which was sent from Carthagena to fetch their new Governors from St. Domingue) was brought into Port Royal Harbour, taken by our squadron, which cruises on the South side of Hispaniola. She is mounted with 16 guns (tho' I suppose she was designed for 40) and 120 odd men, such as they are. I think it was very happy for the Spaniards that they met with our ships, or else they must either have foundered or starved at sea; they had no provisions on board, and it was as much as our people could doe to keep her above water. I this day forwarded the pacquets directed for Admiral Benbow, who desired me so to doe when any orders came for him. He is, I believe, now (having alter'd his station) very near Petit Guaves; there are, I understand, several merchant ships, with but one man of war, which he will endeavour to render himselfe master of. Eight small privateers from this place are sailed for the Spanish coast; they will endeavour (having joined together for that purpose) to surprise some place or other. I hope they will meet with good luck. Signed, Pe. Beckford. Endorsed, Recd. Nov. 13, Read Dec. 1, 1702. 1 pp. [C.O. 137, 5. No. 75; and 138, 10. pp. 381384.]
July 28. 791. Abstract of preceding. [C.O. 137, 41. pp. 5, 6.]
July 29.
Colony of
New London.
792. Governor Winthrop to the Council of Trade and Plantations. The Proclamation of Her Majesty hath been solemnly attended and performed by us in the most proper parts of H.M. Colony of Connecticot, and as the inhabitants have universally acknowledged H.M., so they are confident of her gracious care, as is mentioned in your Lordships' letter (March 19). In prosecution of the war, we will doe all acts of hostility as we have opportunity. Our distance from Boston, above 100 miles, and the ships being ready to sail, of which I had no account till this day, makes it impossible to lay before your Lordships at this tyme such representations as would conduce to H.M. service and the preservation of this Colony. We hope incessantly for your Lordships' favour. Whatever evil reports are maliciously made against us, we do not deserve them, nor have we in the least suffered any breach of the Acts of Trade and Navigation. Since my return from waiting on H.M. in behalf of this Colony in 1697, the people have continued the Government in my hands, etc. Signed, J. Winthrop. Endorsed, Recd. Read Dec. 9, 1702. Holograph. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 1262. No. 1; and 5, 1290. pp. 268271.]
July 29.
Virginia, on
board H.M.S.
off of Cape
793. Governor Nicholson to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Refers to Robinson's letter, July 22. I thank God that I'm pretty well recovered. Two days ago I had an account by two Masters of vessels, who came lately from Philadelphia, that one of H.M. frigates was arrived at Boston with H.M. commands to proclaim war, so I am hourly in hopes of receiving H.M. commands to do the same here: and I shall according to my duty on all occasions venture my life and fortune to serve Her most Sacred Majesty, whome I pray God send long to reign over us and give her intire and perfect victory over all her enemys, but particularly over the French and Spaniards. I design (God willing) that our Assembly shall meet the 12th of the next moneth, according to prorogation; before which time I'm in great hopes of having the honour and happiness of hearing from your Lordships, and receiving your commands concerning what I sent to your Lordships by Col. Quary. I'm sorry that the acct. of the Militia is not more perfect, but the season, and unseasonableness of the year, and the great distance are some of the causes of it. I hope by the meeting of the Assembly I shall have them all returned, but I'm afraid I shall not find them better provided with ammunition, etc., than they were last year, and not much better disciplined: though I have been in several counties and exercised each troop and company myself, and given orders for each troop and company to doe it once a fortnight. And if please God there should be an occasion of my making use of the power which the Assembly hath intrusted me with, for levying forces for defence of the country, I hope that He will be pleased to enable me to do it effectually. I'm in hopes that the Committee for the revising of the Laws, etc. (I have spoken to them about it) will finish that affair before the meeting of the Assembly. I have taken such care that I hope the Capitol will be quite finished by the next spring. And if possible, I design that the October General Court (God willing) shall be held there; except we be disappointed of things sent for to Mr. Micajah Perry for that building. And I am in hopes that the fourteen hundred and odd pounds, which is in Mr Treasurer Carter's hands, will be enough to finish it. I thank God that H.M. Revenues of the Quit-rents, of the 2s. per hhd., etc., doe arise well, but I'm apprehensive that the London merchants will endeavour that no ships shall come hither till next Fall come 12 moneth; if so, then your Lordships know very well there will be no revenue of the 2s. per hhd., and how detrimental it may be to H.M. Revenues in England, your Lordships are the best judges thereof. I own that unless ships and vessels in fleets can get out here before the beginning of June, it's prejudicial to them, therefore I most humbly propose that for the future (if possible) all Fleets, which shall go hence, may doe it at the farthest by the beginning of June or rather the latter end of April or beginning of May, for I'm afraid a great many ships in this Fleet doe suffer by the worm with staying so long, and likewise by the sickness of their men. H.E. Governor Blakiston knows this very well, as also the Captains of H.M. men of war and of other ships. Governor Blakiston can give your Lordships an account of our circumstances.
I came hither in order to see the Virginia and Maryland Fleets made up; and to give all necessary directions and assistance thereto, and for their safe getting out of the Capes. The Fleet will consist of about 150 sail, which I hope in God will all safely arrive at their several ports in England, and pay to H.M. between 3 and 400,000 sterl. Few or no ships or vessels will be left here; and I hear that not many in Maryland, nor tobacco: and I thank God that there is an appearance of a pretty good crop this year, tho' the great and unusual rains of late have drowned some of the lowlands.
I have had the honour to receive your Lordships' letter of March 19, and proclaimed Her most Sacred Majesty with all the solemnity I think this country was capable of; and I dare venture to assure your Lordships there was never such an appearance of people together in Virginia before. For my own part according to my duty I neither spared cost nor pains to have it done as I thought I was in duty obliged to doe it. I have received yours of April 13th as to using the Seal, etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. P.S.I sent your packetts for H.M. Governors by express to Governor Blakiston. F.N. Endorsed, Recd. 24th, Read Sept. 29, 1702. 3 pp. Enclosed,
793. i. Abstract of preceding. 1 pp.
793. ii. List of enclosures. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 2 pp.
793. iii. Memorandum of Minutes of Council of Virginia, March 11, 12, 1702. p.
793. iv. Memorandum of Minutes of Council of Virginia, April 2May 30, 1702. p.
793. v. Memorandum of Minutes of Council of Virginia, June 19July 15, 1702. p.
793. vi. Memorandum of Journal of Council in Assembly of Virginia, May 1329, 1702. p.
793. vii. Memorandum of Journal of House of Burgesses of Virginia, May 1329, 1702. p.
793. viii. Copies of Acts of Virginia, passed May, 1702, (1) to prevent Masters of ships running away after embargoes are laid, (2) for continuing the sitting of Assemblies in case of the death of H.M. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 3 pp.
793. ix. Copy of an Ordinance of Assembly for settling the dividing lines between the Counties of Isle of Wight, Surrey, Charles City, and Nanzemond on the South side of Blackwater Swamp. May, 1702. Endorsed as preceding. 1 pp.
793. x. Copy of proceedings of the House of Burgesses of Virginia relating to their Agent. June 23, 24, 1702, Same endorsement. p.
793. xi. Memorandum of Journal of Council in Assembly of Virginia, June 1825, 1702. p.
793. xii. Memorandum of Journal of House of Burgesses of Virginia, June 1825, 1702. p.
793. xiii. xiii. Copies of the Ordinances of the Assembly of Virginia for levying forces. Sept. 17, 1701June 25, 1702. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 3 pp.
793. xiv. Copies of Proclamations by the Governor of Virginia, 1702. Same endorsement. 10 pp.
793. xv. Duplicate of July 18. No. 767.i.
793. xvi. Duplicate of July 18. No. 767.ii.
793. xvii. Duplicate of July 18. No. 767.iii.
793. xviii. Memorandum of Journal of Committee for inspecting the Capitol, April 4May 7, 1702. p.
793. xix. Memorandum of Journal of Committee for revisal of the Laws, April 1May 9, 1702. p.
793. xx. Memorandum of Account of Quit-Rents, 1701. p.
793. xxi. List of Grants of Land in Virginia, made April, 1702. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 2 pp.
793. xxii. Memorandum of Account of the 2s. per hhd. Nov. 10, 1701July 10, 1702. p.
793. xxiii. Order of Council of Virginia for laying the state of the Revenue before the Treasury and Council of Trade. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 1 p.
793. xxiv. Account of the impositions on servants, liquor and slaves. July 11, 1702. Same endorsement. 3 pp.
793. xxv. Copy of E. Jenings' Bond as Secretary of Virginia, June 23, 1702. Same endorsement. p.
793. xxvi. Memorandum of Naval Officers' List of Ships, June 6July 10, 1702. p.
793. xxvii. Copy of proceedings of the General Court of Virginia upon Navigation Bonds made to the King, April, 1702. Two cases dismissed, one continued. Same endorsement. 1 p.
793. xxviii. Order of Council of Virginia, June 24, 1702, etc., concerning the establishment of the Admiralty. Same endorsement. 1 p.
793. xxix. Loyal Address of the Grand Jury of Virginia to the (late) King. Same endorsement. 1 p.
793. xxx. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Princess Ann County. March 9, 170 . 1 p.
793. xxxi. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Northampton County. 1 p.
793. xxxii. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Westmorland County. 1 p.
793. xxxiii. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Norfolk County. 1 p.
793. xxxiv. Similar Address of the Rector, Trustees and Governors of the Royal College of William and Mary. 1 p.
793. xxxv. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Stafford County. 1 p.
793. xxxvi. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Accomack County. 1 p.
793. xxxvii. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Richmond County.
793. xxxviii. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of King William County.
793. xxxix. Similar Address of the Officers, Civil and Military, of Essex County.
793. xl. List of above Addresses. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 1 pp.
793. xli. A collection of matters relating to the French Refugees transacted in Council and Assembly, March 12June 23, 1702. 9 pp.
793. xlii. Abstract of changes in numbers of Militia since Oct., 1701. 2 pp.
793. xliii. Account of arms and ammunition in the hands of Lt.-Col. Wm. Randolph, 1702. 1 p.
793. xliv. Abstract of the Lists of the fifth men in the Militia in some Counties. Endorsed, Recd. Sept. 24, 1702. 1 p.
793. xlv. Abstract of Militia of Counties not sent in Dec. last. (Charles City, New Kent, Surrey and Stafford.) Totals:Officers, 100. Horse, 162. Dragoons, 144. Foot, 622. Swords, 307. Hatchets, 54. Pistols, 60 pr. Carbines, 35. Musquets, 583. Same endorsement. 1 p.
793. xlvi. Muster-roll of Troop of Dragoons, Charles City County. 1 p.
793. xlvii. Muster-roll of the Middle Company of Foot in New Kent County. 1 p.
793. xlviii. Muster-roll of the Lower Company of Foot in New Kent County. 1 p.
793. xlix. Muster-roll of Troop in Surrey County. 1 p.
793. l. Muster-roll of Company of Foot in the Lower precinct of Surrey County. 1 p.
793. li. Muster-roll of Foot Company in Surrey County. 1 p.
793. lii. Muster-roll of Foot Company in Surrey County, Dec. 1702. 1 p.
793. liii. Muster-roll of Foot Company in Surrey County. 1 p.
793. liv. Muster-roll of a Foot Company [? Stafford County]. 1 pp.
793. lv. Muster-roll of a Foot Company [? Stafford Co.]. 1 pp.
793. lvi. Muster-roll of Dragoons, Stafford County. 1 p.
793. lvii. Muster-roll of a Troop of Horse, Stafford County. 1 p.
793. lviii. Muster-roll of a Foot Company. 1 p.
793. lix. Muster-roll of a Troop of Horse. 1 p.
793. lx. Muster-roll of a Troop of Horse. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1312. Nos. 40, 40.i.lx.; and (without enclosures) 5, 1360. pp. 230239.]
July 29.
794. Earl of Nottingham to the Council of Trade and Plantations. The persons contained in the enclosed List being appointed Members of the Council of New York, I transmit the same to you, that you may cause them to be inserted in the Instructions which are preparing for the Lord Viscount Cornbury. Signed, Nottingham. Endorsed, Recd. 3rd, Read Aug. 7, 1702. 1 p. Enclosed,
794. i. List of Persons appointed to be of the Council of New York. Frederick Phillips, Giliaen van Renslaer, William Smith (Q), Thomas Willet, Peter Schuyler (Q.), Gabriel Minviel, Caleb Heathcote, Henry Beeckman, Matthew Clarkman (no objection), Samson Shelton Broughton (Q.), William Nicolls, Thomas Noell (no objection), Philip French, Jacobus van Cortland (no objection), Rip van Dam (Q.), Thomas Wenham, Steven de Lancey. The following names are added, with queries opposite them, in the same hand as that in which the above comments and queries are made: Abraham de Peyster, Sam. Staats, R. Walters, Rmer, Wm. Lawrence, Gerardus Beekman. 4 pp.
794. ii. Comments on some of the Persons appointed to be of the Council of New York (? by William Popple).
Fred Phillips, in the Earl of Bellomont's time, resigned his place in the Council on account of his age, being 72 years old. He has been an illegal Trader; a ship of his was seized by Sir P. Ricaut at Hamb. for carrying a cargo of East India goods thither, wch. goods had been received from the Pirates at Madagascar.
Wm. Smith: there is strong suspicion of his abetting Pirates, but no proof.
Tho. Willet: an abettor of pirates; and concealor of their effects.
Gab. Minvielle: a Frenchman, an abettor of Pirates.
Wm. Nicolls: He kept correspondence with Pirates, procured protection for them, and had rewards for it. He endeavoured to hinder the settling the Revenue on the King.
Phil. French: An illegal Trader. He raised the Rabble to prevent the Earl of Bellomont's making a seizure of East India goods.
Stev. de Lancey: a hot Frenchman, a trader with the Pirates at Madagascar, and concerned with Shelley who brought 60 pirates from Madagascar.
Mem. Mr. Philipps and Mr. Nicolls were turned out of the Council with several others upon examination of the complaints against them by an Order of Council, Oct. 25, 1698. Willet and Minvielle were turned out by the E. of B., wch. was approved here.
The Assembly but 21. The Council in all the Plantations is but 12. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1047. Nos. 63, 63. i., ii.; and (letter and enclosure i. without notes) 5, 1119. pp. 200, 201.]
July 30.
795. William Popple, jr., to Mr. Sansom. The Council of Trade and Plantations desire you to communicate to them what answer shall be received. [See July 27.] [C.O. 29, 8. p. 123.]
July 30.
796. Dr. Newton, Advocate to the Lord High Admiral, to Mr. Popple. I do not find that Churchill [see July 28] has ever yet pleaded his pardon. Signed, Hen. Newton. Endorsed, Recd. Read July 31, 1702. Addressed, 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1261. No. 138; and 5, 1290. pp. 144, 145.]
July 30.
797. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Governor Codrington, June 4, read, and papers received from Mr. Richard Cary laid before the Board.
Letter from Mr. Sansom, July 27, read. Ordered that he be desired to communicate what answer the Commissioners of Customs shall receive from Mr. Sharp and Mr. Mein. Ordered that a copy of Capt. Bertie's complaints be given to Sir Bevill Granville upon his going to Barbados, and that he be desired to examine the same and make his report to the Board.
Order of Council, July 9, approving the Commissions of Governors, read.
July 31. Form of a bond to be entered into by the Governors of Proprieties, agreed upon, and ordered to be sent to Mr. Attorney General for his opinion.
Letter from Dr. Newton, relating to Churchill, read. Ordered that a Representation be prepared to lay the case before H.M.
Order of Council, July 2, approving appointment of Sir N. Johnson, read.
Order of Council, July 23, approving appointment of Edward Birch, read.
Draught of a clause to be inserted in the Instructions to be given to the Governor to be sent by H.M. to Barbadoes, for securing the liberty and property of H.M. subjects there, and to prevent hardships by long and unreasonable imprisonments, agreed upon. [C.O. 391, 15. pp. 150154; and 391, 96. Nos. 132, 133.]
July 30.
Port of
798. Minutes of Council of Maryland. The President, Tho. Tench, acquainted the Board that Governor Blakiston, upon his departure, advised him to call the Council before the last of this month, and that John Carvile, to whom H.E. had sent the Sheriff's Commission for Cecill County, had refused to accept it. The County Court being near at hand, he proposed to send a blank Commission to James Frisby to give to such person as he shall think fitting. Ordered accordingly.
Commission of the Peace for Cecill County issued, appointing William Harris, Hans Hanson, Mathias Vanderheyden and Edward Blay of the Quorum, Ebenezer Blakiston, John Stoope, John Hynson, Joseph Hopkins, John Moll, and Samuel Byard, Justices of the Peace. Ordered that the Secretary and the Clark of the Council keep each of them a fair book, wherein to enter the names of all persons appointed and commissionated to any office in this Province, and that the Sheriffs make a speedy return of all such officers and the date of their commissions.
Resolved that the Commissions to be issued under the Great Seal bear the teste of Thomas Tench, President of the Council. The Great Seal, Commissions and Letters from the Lords of Trade, etc. were delivered to the President, and the Council advised that they should be lodged in the Council Office.
Letters to Lord Cornbury and Governor Nicholson, to acquaint them with Governor Blakiston's departure, ordered to be written.
July 31. Capt. Nathaniel Bostock's letter of July 29, requiring this Board to lend him 100l. sterl. for the support of H.M. Advice boat Eagle, read. He was told that the Board are heartily sorry that it is not in their power to assist him in so great an exigency, and that no Instructions have been given this Government or Capt. Bostock to apply to them for any credit or otherwise. And since H.M. has no money here which is particularly to be applied in providing this Province with a constant magazine of arms and ammunition, they cannot supply him unless out of their own pockets, not having power to dispose of any of that money otherwise than as intended and directed. However, that H.M. service do not suffer, upon this pressing occasion they will procure him 100l. sterl., provided he will give good country security to refund the same in some reasonable time.
It being represented that the Dissenters are very industrious to draw away the unstable people, who not being sufficiently instructed in the principles of their religion are often seduced, and that this happens in a great measure from the neglect of the clergy in their duty of their parochial visits, ordered that the Ministers of the several parishes be admonished monthly, or at least quarterly, to visit their parishioners and instruct them in the principles of their religion, whereby they may prevent their being seduced.
John Brice, Abraham Birkhead and Josias Towgood appointed Justices of Ann Arundel County.
Proclamation ordered, to satisfy the inhabitants that the Government is devolved upon the President and Council, and that all persons are continued in their respective offices.
Ordered that the County Courts order the several overseers of the highways to fell such trees as stand nigh the public roads and have been killed by the caterpillars or otherwise, to prevent the dangers of their falling, and that they take care to put the Act of Assembly relating to highways in due execution.
The Board having nothing further lying before them, desire the President to expedite the business of the Province not being of very great consequence, and to give the Board account thereof at their next meeting. [C.O. 5, 745. pp. 14.]
July 31.
799. William Popple to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General. Enclosing bond of sureties for Governor Birch, and desiring an answer to queries sent July 14. [C.O. 5, 1290. p. 150.]