America and West Indies: August 1702, 6-10

Pages 506-513

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 20, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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August 1702

Aug. 6.
813. Order of Queen in Council. Referring to the Council of Trade and Plantations, for their opinion, the enclosed petition. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Nov. 19, 1702. 1¼ pp. Enclosed,
813. i. Petition of Sir Mathew Dudley, Bart., and other Gentlemen and Merchants, to the Queen. Refer to previous petitions and proposals for a Charter of Incorporation for working mines in New England, etc. Petitioners have lately received fresh assurances that sufficient Naval Stores may be produced there to supply this Kingdom, and are ready at their own charge to begin and carry on to effect a design so useful to the Publick, if they may be encouraged thereto by your Majesty's Royal Charter of Incorporation. Copy. 1¾ pp. [C.O. 5, 862. Nos. 126, 126.i.; and 5, 910. pp. 295–300.]
Aug. 6.
814. Order of Queen in Council. Referring enclosed petition to the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations for their report. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. 18th, Read Aug. 19, 1702. 1 p. Enclosed,
814. i. Petition of the Inhabitants of Barbados now in England and of the Merchants trading thither to the Queen. Some of the Petitioners have their sole dependance upon the preservation and property of Barbados and others have great effects there. The said Island for two years has had such unseasonable dry weather that many of the poor people for want of bread have been forced to leave it, and all of them brought to great distress. In order to their preservation it is of necessity that three small ships of war should be appointed for cruizers to attend the Island constantly for security of the ships that come thither from England, Ireland and the Northern Plantations with provisions, the French privateers else lying in the latitude of the Island do frequently take them, and thereby discourage the merchants from sending any ships thither, till they hear there is sufficient to preserve them from the French. And the further use the said cruizers will be to see the ships that shall be laden there and bound home clear of the French Islands by which they must pass, and will be exposed to their privateers. There is at present but one of your Majesty's ships at Barbados. The apprehensions Petitioners have that the Island may be attacked by the enemy, grounded upon several letters that the great French Fleet that lay at Martinico in March last had orders to attempt it if the English forces had made any upon the French or Spanish Dominions in the West Indies, causeth them to believe 'tis of absolute necessity for preservation of the Island, in case of an attack, that there should be some regular troops sent thither, for that the present Militia are but few, and consist mostly of servants, and the fortifications there very defenceless. The said Island lying to windward of all your Majesty's Sugar Plantations and being a great security to the rest, the loss of it would be in all probability the cause of the loss of all the others, and consequently the loss of the Sugar Trade to England. The plunder an enemy would meet with, and the immense damage they would do to England bar'ly insulting the Island and destroying the works would be a strong temptation to them to attempt it. Petitioners pray for three small ships of war and some well-disciplined regular troops to be sent thither forthwith. Signed, Paul Allestra, Mel. Holder, H. Hall, Wm. Tryon, Tho. Wright, Richd. Diamond, Ja. Aynsworth, Nath. Rous, Robt. Chester, Christ. Fowler, Richd. Hate, Benj. Scott, Hen. Hale, Rowld. Tryon, Hen. Adderly, Phi. Lascells, Wm. Walker. Signed, John Povey. 2¾ pp. [C.O. 28, 6. Nos. 73, 73.i.; and 29, 8. pp. 194–197.]
Aug. 6.
815. Order of Queen in Council. Approving a report of the Lord High Treasurer (quoted) and ordering accordingly that, the effects of the duty of 4½ per cent. in the Charibbee Islands remaining in H.M. Warehouses in England be forthwith sold, and that of the proceeds (estimated at 5,500l.), 3,500l. be applied to the sending to Barbados an able engineer, a Storekeeper, a Master-gunner and 17 other Gunners and for the paying them the advance of one quarter's salary, and that the residue of the 3,500l. be laid out in such fire-arms and ammunition mentioned in the estimate of the Principal Officers of the Ordnance annexed as the Lords Commissioners of Trade shall think most necessary; That the remaining 2,000l. be employed towards making good the demands of the Governor of the Leeward Islands for stores of war, according to the estimate of the Board of Ordnance, so far as it will reach by a proportionable quantity of each species, and especially of such fire-arms and ammunition as the Lords Commissioners of Trade shall think most necessary to be sent thither. The Lord High Treasurer is to give the necessary directions for selling the said effects of the 4½ per cent. and for applying the money arising thereby accordingly. The Principal Officers of the Ordnance are to send the Engineer, Storekeeper and Gunners, together with the said arms and stores to the respective Islands. Her Majesty is further pleased to declare that as there shall be any more of the produce of the Duty of 4½ per cent. over and above the 1,000l. payable to the heirs and assignees of the Earl of Kinoule, H.M. will give order for the particular application thereof from time to time as to H.M. shall seem most requisite upon such Representations as shall be made to H.M. from the Governor and Council of H.M. Charibee Islands. Signed, John Povey. 2¼ pp. Enclosed,
815. i. Copy of Estimate of the value of Stores of War demanded for Barbados, 17,467l. 15s. 9d., and the annual charge of sending an Engineer, Storekeeper and Gunners thither, 1,258l. 15s. 0d. Office of Ordnance, May 21, 1702. 3 pp.
815. ii. Copy of Estimate of value of Stores of War demanded for Antego, 2,516l. 9s. 10½d. Office of Ordnance, May 21, 1702. 2¾ pp.
815. iii. Copy of Estimate of value of Stores of War for Nevis, 1,111l. 5s. 2d. Office of Ordnance, May 21, 1702. Endorsed, Recd. Read Aug. 13, 1702. 2¾ pp. [C.O. 28, 6. Nos. 72, 72.i.–iii.; and 29, 8. pp. 137–145; and (Order and Enclosures ii., iii., only) 153, 7. pp. 509–518.]
Aug. 6. 816. Memorandum of preceding Order in Council. ¼ p. [C.O. 152, 4. No. 109.]
Aug. 6.
817. Order of Queen in Council. Ordering, upon the report of the Master of the Ordnance, Stores of War to the value of 3,388l. 3s. 4d. to be sent to Virginia and payment to be made out of the quit-rents of the Colony. [See Acts of Privy Council, Colonial. II., p. 412.] Signed, John Povey. 1½ pp. Annexed,
817. i. Estimate of the cost of arms for 1,000 ft. and 400 horse in Virginia by the Office of Ordnance; as above. June 16, 1702. ¾ p. The whole endorsed, Recd. Read Aug. 18, 1702. [C.O. 5, 1312. Nos. 41, 41.i.; and 5, 1360. pp. 218–220.]
Aug. 6. 818. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. Peter Heywood and Henry Lowe took the oath to Queen Anne and subscribed the Test.
The Assembly met. Members elected—
For St. Catherine's, Francis Rose,
For St. Catherine's, Mathew Gregory,
For St. Catherine's, Robt. Nedham.
St. Thomas, John Coply,
St. Thomas, Dr. John Blaire.
St. David's, Edwd. Turner,
St. David's, John Clarke.
Clarenden, Charles Long,
Clarenden, John Peeke.
Vere, Andrew Langley,
Vere, Valtn. Mumbee.
St. Dorothy's, David Masters,
St. Dorothy's, Edward Mohunn.
St. Andrew's, Lt.-Coll. Thomas Clarke,
St. Andrew's, Dr. Saml. Knight.
Port Royal, Richd. Thompson,
Port Royal, John Lewis,
Port Royal, Thos. Hudson.
Kingston, Edward Stanton,
Kingston, Edmund Edlyne,
Kingston, Thos. Barrow.
St. George's, William Willson,
St. George's, Dr. Noah De Launay.
St. Mary's, Richard Bathurst,
St. Mary's, John Ellis, jr.
St. Anne's, Thomas Brayne,
St. Anne's, Nich. Phillpott.
St. James', Usher Tyrrell,
St. James', Dr. John Towgood.
St. John's, Francis Bragg,
St. John's, John Ayscough.
St. Thomas in the Vale, Archar Martin,
St. Thomas in the Vale, Willm. Nedham.
St. Elizabeth's, John Lewis,
St. Elizabeth's, Thomas Raby.
All the Members present took the oaths, etc. appointed, and afterwards retiring, elected Major Francis Rose their Speaker, of whom H.E. approved. The Speaker prayed the usual privileges, and H.E. addressed the House:—It is no small satisfaction to me to see most of the same faces as were at our last meeting, and though we cannot too much lament the sad occasion of our last separation upon the death of the greatest and best of monarchs, yet we have reason to bless God that he was succeeded by such a Princess, whose firm and timely resolutions gave a new life to her subjects, as well as a new face to the affairs of Europe. We are now engaged in war. I could wish therefore the affairs of this Island were in a better posture. You cannot be ignorant of the low state of the Revenue, and the urgent necessity we lie under of paying not only our old debts, but of raising such sums as you shall judge necessary for our common defence and security. The fireships are not yet paid for. The accounts were laid before the last Assembly. They were made ready at the instance of a General Council of War, and were then adjudged necessary, but will now, be sure, be of greater use. And I think it will be a blott upon our public credit to let that remain any longer a debt. The Additional Duty is once more fallen. I cannot think it will raise much money during the war. However, it's so easy a tax that I am of opinion it will be highly convenient to renew it. The time limitted for the quartering the officers and soldiers is now expired, and you cannot be ignorant of the trouble it has occasioned. It will behoove us immediately to enter upon this work, and to make suitable provisions not only for them, but such other officers and soldiers as H.M. shall be pleased to send to our assistance. Our time is likely to prove short, and the war so buisey in these parts, that I hope I need not put you in mind of a dispatch of what I have recommended to you. H.M. has been pleased to order me to assure you and all other her subjects of her gracious favour and protection, and we in return ought with our fellow subjects in England to exert ourselves with one heart and mind against her enemy," etc.
Aug. 7. John Gay was sworn Clerk, and Edward Batterton Messenger of the Assembly. Some Members of Assembly took the oaths.
The writs of the Election and returns were sent down.
Aug. 8. Two Members of Assembly sworn. [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 393–398.]
Aug. 6. 819. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. Letter from John Winthrop, Governor of Connecticot, read, in answer to H.E.'s letter relating to the molestations and injuries offered to the inhabitants of Enfield and Suffield, two of the towns belonging to this Province.
H.E. asked advice of the Council as to the people lately issued forth to settle at Cascobay, who are put in fear by reason of opening the war, and about to remove. Advised, that he write unto them, directing that for their better security in this time of war, and to prevent the insults of the Indians, they be drawn together to dwell under the covert of H.M. Fort, their present settling there not to prejudice the title of any persons to the lands they shall settle upon, and they not to make any strip or waste of wood and timber.
500l. paid to Thomas Brattle towards completing the fortifications on Castle Island.
Wages due to garrisons of Fort Mary at Saco and the Fort at Cascobay, Oct., 1701—April, 1702, paid.
Thomas Downing's account for hire of a ketch paid.
John White, Chaplain of the Forts at Saco and Cascobay, paid at the rate of 1l. a week.
3l. 6s. 4d. paid to Andrew Belcher for money expended by him.
278l. 14s. 11d. paid to the Treasurer for provisions supplied to the Forts, and charges for a journey to Connecticut, to find out the boundary.
David Wentworth, David Jenner, Joseph Allen and Thomas Cooper paid for hammocks, bedding, etc., for the soldiers at H.M. Castle.
244l. 16s. 1d. paid to Capt. Cyprian Southack, Commander of H.M.S. Province galley, for fitting out and provisioning her last spring.
A deputation from William Atwood, Commissary and Judge of the Admiralty, appointing Thomas Newton to be his Deputy for Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, read.
Thomas Newton took the oaths appointed. [C.O. 5, 788. pp. 184–187.]
820. Earl of Nottingham to the Council of Trade and Plantations. It is H.M. pleasure that Mr. Chamberlain's name be inserted among the Council of Barbados in Sir Bevill Grenville's Instructions, if you have no objection to the contrary. Signed, Nottingham. Endorsed, Recd. Read Aug. 11, 1702. 1 p. [C.O. 28, 6. No. 74; and 29, 8. p. 123.]
821. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letter from Lord Nottingham, July 29, read. Directions given for preparing an answer.
Capt. Haskett attending and desiring a report upon his petition, directions were given for preparing a Representation accordingly.
Letter from Sir Henry Ashurst, in reply to letter of July 14, read.
Ordered that Mr. Vaughan, lately arrived as Agent from New Hampshire, and Mr. Partridge be desired to attend the Board on Monday.
Ordered that the Proprietors of East and West New Jersey have notice to attend the Board on Wednesday, in relation to Lord Cornbury's Commission and Instructions. [C.O. 391, 15. pp. 155, 156; and 391, 96. No. 134.]
Aug. 8. 822. Mr. Hutcheson to Mr. Popple. Besides those I have noted to be dead, Mr. Mead named for Nevis and St. Xtopher's, Mr. Fry and Mr. Duncomb for Antego, and Mr. Willet for St. Christophers are also vacancies; Mr. Mead being in England and so ill that 'tis believed he will not recover, and if he does 'tis more than probable he will as little desire to assist Col. Codrington in Council, as Col. Codrington desires his assistance. Mr. Fry is very old and infirm and has not for two years past appeared in Council; Mr. Duncomb has sold his estate there, is now in England and designs to return no more; Mr. Willet has refus'd serving, and has not for 18 months past appeared in Council. Signed, Arch. Hutcheson. Endorsed, Recd. 11th, Read Aug. 17, 1702. Addressed. Sealed. ¾ p. Enclosed,
822. i. List of Councillors for vacancies: Aug. 6, 1702. Signed, Arch. Hutcheson. For Antego: Col. Henry Pearn, Lt.-Col. William Codrington (already added by Gov. Codrington), Major Henry Lyons, Major John Lyons (both of the Assembly), John Perry, Provost Marshall. For Nevis: Lt.-Col. Daniel Smith, Major Richard Abbot (already added by Gov. Codrington), John Horne, Master in Chancery, Thomas Minor, one of the Assembly, of whom I hear a good character. For Montserrat: Major John Daly, Capt. Joseph Little (both in the Assembly many years and served in all the expeditions in the late war in those parts), Capt. Crow. For St. Xpher's : Robert Cunningham, John Panton (both of the Assembly). Addressed. 1 p.
822. ii. Lists of Councils of Mountserrat, St. Christophers, Nevis, Antego. 2 pp. [C.O. 152, 4. Nos. 110, 110.i.,ii.]
[Aug. 10.] 823. Gabriel Thomas to the Council of Trade and Plantations. The Earl of Nottingham advised petitioner to apply himself to your Lordships. Endorsed, Recd. Aug. 10, Read Aug. 11, 1702. ½ p. Enclosed,
823. i. Gabriel Thomas to the Queen. Petitioner is well acquainted with the Provinces and Territories of Pennsylvania, and hath been a great promoter of the interest of both, and considering that Thou art wronged and encroached upon by Wm. Penn in reference to lands, quit-rents and other rights belonging to Thy Crown, which may be remedied by granting a Commission to run a line between the Province of Pennsylvania, and thy territories, which are called the County of Newcastle, and to receive the quit-rents with other rights appertaining unto Thee, and to take up for thy service what land lies vacant between Wm. Pen's bounds called the Province, and Thy territories, with a Post Office also for the Plantations on the Continent in America, which will be necessary and advantagious. Prays for such a Commission. 1 p.
823. ii. Gabriel Thomas to the Queen. The distressed case of thy poor subject, who hath spent his time and substance in the service of Wm. Penn, and set forth a book called the History of Pennsylvania, which proved to the Province's great advancement, by causing great numbers of people to go over. Penn hath declared that had he given the same encouragement to thy Territories, they would have brought to the Crown near 20,000l. per annum more than they do now; yet doth not only deny to pay Petitioner's wages, but countenanced Nathaniel Puckle and John Haddon unjustly to keep Petitioner's lands from him, because, as petitioner conceives, he hath appeared and is still ready to appear an evidence for the Crown against Penn. ¾ p.
823. iii. The case of Gabriel Thomas. He is dampnified above 1,000l. for appearing with Col. Quary at the Council of Trade on the Crown's behalf against Wm. Penn, for wch. the said Governor doth not only withhold his right in lands and money due to him, but also threatens to lay him in gaol during life, unless he will give under his hand that what he had declared to Col. Quary and was to give in evidence was false; but if Thomas would comply, then Penn would pay his debts. Thomas not having money to withstand the effect of Penn's threats, nor to sue for his rights, did petition the Queen for her charitable relief, to pay his debts and return to Pennsylvania, which he humbly hopes he shall obtain. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 1261. Nos. 140–143.]
Aug. 10. 824. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Sir John Cook presented his answer to queries of July 14, which were read.
Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Partridge and Mr. Chamberlain attending as desired (Aug. 7), and being asked several questions relating to an Act of New Hampshire, passed there in Sept., 1701, for raising 550l., Mr. Vaughan answered that he, not being Treasurer (Mr. Spenhallow [sic], the Speaker, being now in that place), could give no account of the disposal of that money, though indeed some part of it was remitted to him, to bear his expenses as Agent. He believed an authentic copy of the Act might have been sent over for H.M. approbation, but was miscarried. And Mr. Partridge desiring a copy, it was ordered to be given him accordingly. They presented some Addresses to the King about the Woods, Mr. Allen, and the Quota.