America and West Indies: October 1702, 26-31

Pages 690-697

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 20, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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October 1702

Oct. 26. 1094. Mr. Larkin to the Council of Trade and Plantations, Refers to purchase of vessel mentioned Oct. 15. When I had cleared with the Collector of Customs and Naval Officer, I went to the Secretary, but he refused to let me clear with him unless I would give 1,000l. bond not to take any person off the Island without the Governor's ticket. I told him that I knew of no Act of Parliament that warranted anything of that nature, and therefore I desired to know whether there was any Act of Assembly for it, upon which he search't, but found none, but that it was usual for every person so to do. I thereupon desired to know whether Captains of H.M. ships did it, or any others that were sent here upon the service of the Crown, and particularly whether the Master of the vessel that some time ago brought here the Mediterranean Passes. He told me no, but I must. I told the Secretary that considering the usage I have had since my coming, and how long I had been a prisoner, it was impossible for me to do it. Upon this, I put in a Master and sent him to the offices to clear de novo, and to give security, but they all refused to let me do it. By this very thing do Governors oppress H.M. subjects to the greatest degree imaginable, often forcing them to pay great sums of money and give releases. The late Governor, Mr. Day, forced one Trott when he was here to pay 50l. before he would grant him a tickquett, being paid to a third hand. I bought this vessel of the late Secretary's brother ; the Secretary has been a prisoner here 16 or 17 months, but is now released. It was part of my agreement that I should carry them passengers to Jamaica. The Governor promised them when the sloops was ready to sail that they should have their tickquetts, and they were both published in the Church, and neither of them were underwritten when the vessel was ready to sail, but now the Governor refuses to grant them tickquetts, thinking that I'le carry them off without, in hopes of sadling me with a complaint to your Lordships with doing a thing that's contrary to the custom of this country. My Lords, I'le never do it, I'le first sell the vessel again and stay till I can get a passage otherways. If this be the trade, I'le take care how I come to Bermuda again. Signed, Geo. Larkin. Holograph. 2½ pp. [C.O. 37, 4. No. 11; and 38, 5. pp. 358–360.]
Oct. 26. 1095. Duplicate of preceding. [C.O. 37, 4. No. 10.]
Oct. 26. 1096. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Reference from Sir C. Hedges on Mr. Penn's petition [Oct. 2] read.
Mr. Phips and Mr. Vaughan, Agent for New Hampshire, presented a letter from Col. Dudley, July 23, with a collection of their Laws and other papers. [C.O. 391, 15. pp. 252, 253; and 391, 96. No. 171.]
Oct. 27. 1097. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Barbados. 20 barrels of powder issued for the use of the Forts.
288l. 0s. 1¾d. paid to Saml. Irish for the entertainment of the Commissioners of the Fortifications and other disbursements for the use of the Fortifications.
47l. 11s. 6d. paid to Nathaniel Brandon for entertaining the same Commissioners.
Three or four French privateers having been seen to windward watching to take our merchant ships as they are coming in, Ordered that H.M.S. Kinsale and the brigantine Lark sail in pursuit, and continue their cruize till this day sevennight, and then return unless they find very good reason to the contrary. The merchant ships now ready to sail to be stopt till their return.
Court of Chancery adjourned for four weeks owing to the illness of Mr. Harrison the Register, certified by Dr. William Browne.
Petition of Will. Sambo, a negro, complaining that Charles Squire demanded him as his slave, although he was a free negro fairly manumitted, dismissed at petitioner's request.
Petition of Capt. John Heywood, guardian of Robert, Thomas, Ann, May and Margaret Hurst, that a settled allowance might be appointed to each of them till they come to age, dismissed, nobody appearing for the petitioner.
Petition of Wm. Peacock, setting forth that he did keep a horse to carry him upon his business, and was very old and not able to do duty in the troop, and praying that he might be excused, dismissed, it being contrary to the Act of Militia.
25l. paid to Lt. Col. Walter Scott for a negro of his murthered by a negro belonging to Dr. John James Harrison, who was executed.
25l. paid to George Harper for a negro woman of his who ran away and absented herself from her master's service for over a year.
Petition of Nicholas Rice, praying a stay of execution, dismissed, nobody appearing for him.
Petition of Sampson Wood, complaining that Christopher Warren and John Sutton, two Justices of the Peace, had refused to give him copies of their proceedings against him at the suit of Bryan Haggart in order to bring a writ of error, dismissed for his not appearing.
Petition of Richard Price against Mr. Morris about a path that was run out by a Jury on his land, dismissed, petitioner not appearing.
Petition of Capt. Stephen Gibbs praying an appeal against an order of this Board for suspending a writ of replevin obtained by Gibbs against a seizure made by John Bemisden etc. dismissed, petitioner not appearing.
Ordered that H.M.S. Kinsale, upon notice of any French privateers cruising off this Island, immediately sail in pursuit of them, without waiting for any further orders from the President. [C.O. 31, 6. pp. 292–297.]
Oct. 27. 1098. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. There not being a quorum, adjourned to Nov. 24. [C.O. 31, 7. p. 1.]
Oct. 27. 1099. Journal of House of Representatives of New York. Resolved that a Bill be brought in to raise 1,800l. (as Oct. 23), to be levied on the real and personal estates of the freeholders and residenters of this Colony.
Oct. 28. Committee appointed to consider a petition of the Mayor of the City of New York for leave to bring in a bill or bills upon several heads.
Resolved, that 1,300l. for paying 150 men, officers and incidents for 5 months, and 500l. for 30 out scouts, with their officers, to observe the enemies' motion, be levied as above, to be paid by March 25.
Resolved, that a clause be added that such person that shall lend any money upon the credit hereof, shall be allowed at the rate of 10l. per cent. per annum. Ordered that the Attorney General draw up the Bill immediately.
Resolved, that H.E. be desired to appoint a Serjeant at Arms. That part of H.E.'s Speech relating to the Public Accounts being under consideration, ordered that H.E. be desired to lay before the House the Accounts of the Revenue of the Colony, and the necessary and contingent charge of the Government since the arrival of Lord Bellomont.
Mr. D'Lancy was granted leave of absence.
Oct. 29. Ordered, that Mr. Abraham Gouverneur attend this House on Tuesday next.
Message sent down that H.E. had appointed Edward Cole Serjeant at Arms.
H.E. is very desirous that the Accounts etc. should be enquired into, and will give the House etc. all books etc. that have come to his hands, in order to their so doing. He is very desirous that the House of Representatives will, by a Bill, arm fit persons with sufficient powers to examine into the debts of this Colony, and state of the Revenue.
Ordered that a Bill be prepared accordingly. Printed. [C.O. 5, 1185. pp. 5,6.]
Oct. 27. 1100. Minutes of Council of Virginia. Various salaries etc. paid.
H.M. letter regarding assistance to be given to New York read. H.E. asked the advice of the Council as to when it would be most convenient to call an Assembly to consider it. They were of opinion, that there having been three Sessions of Assembly this summer, it will be too great a charge to have another called now; before writs can issue and elections be made, the season of the year will be so far advanced that it will be very inconvenient to have a meeting of Assembly, by reason of the frosts and cold weather which usually begins about that time; and if they met then, 'tis to be feared they would scarce be perswaded to stay from home in that cold season so long as to consider deliberately a matter of that consequence; so that it will be most for H.M. service and the ease of this country that the meeting of Assembly be put off till next spring. Ordered that an Assembly be called to meet, March 17.
Letter from Lord Cornbury, Albany, July 11, read, desiring that, in case of need, the frontiers of that Province may receive the assistance requisite from this Government. H.E. asked the advice of the Council what answer he should return. They recommend that he send a copy of what was formerly sent to Lt. Gov. Nanfan and a copy of what hath been now agreed in relation to H.M. letter.
Ordered that the Committee for Revisal of the Laws at their next meeting in November perfect what remains to be done therein, so as the same may be in a readiness to be laid before the Assembly, and that the members of the Committee attend accordingly.
Ordered that it be recommended to the said Committee to give directions that the Capitol be fitted up against April next for the reception of the General Court, and the several offices there unto belonging, according to the direction of the Assembly.
Whereas several letters from England advise that a man of war may be speedily expected here to relieve H.M.S. Southampton, who is to convoy home what ships are in this country, Ordered that an embargo be laid on all ships bound for England until further order.
Letter from Thomas Tench, President of the Council of Maryland, read, giving an account of some Indians that had brought English goods into the Susquahanna Fort, and of a great mortality at New York.
H.E. communicated a letter from John Povey recommending John Thraile to have his place of Solicitor of the Virginia affairs, and asked if any of them had any objection against him; if not, he would employ him as such.
Complaint against Capt. Danl. Lewis, of the Sarah galley, that, in his voyage from Barbados he had taken up some men of a wreck belonging to New York, and taken from them ten ounces of gold and a negro boy, referred to Mr. Benjamin Harrison.
Ordered that the Princess Sophia be inserted in the prayer for the Royal Family, in accordance with H.M. Order in Council.
Ordered that H.M. Proclamation against vice, prophaneness and immorality, March 26, 1702, be published in all public places, with an exhortation requiring all magistrates to put in force all penal laws of this country.
Petition of Accomack County referred.
Petition of Mrs. Mary Rider referred to the General Assembly.
Petition of George Norsworthy, Thomas Swan, and Daniell Sullivan referred.
Petition of Capt. Thomas Mountfort referred.
Petition of William Bolton referred.
Oct. 28. Warrants for collecting quit-rents etc. signed. [C.O. 5, 1409. pp. 261–265.]
Oct. 28.
1101. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Upon intimation from the Agents of Barbadoes that they cannot be ready to attend this afternoon, the hearing was deferred for a week. [C.O. 391, 15. p. 256; and 391, 96. No. 174.]
Oct. 28. 1102. Minutes of Council of New Hampshire. Nov. 12 appointed for a Thanksgiving Day to Almighty God, for many blessings and favours bestowed upon this Province, first in preserving the sacred person of H.M. Queen Anne in maintaining so good a harmony between her and her allies, and in granting so great successe to their forces, both by sea and land, and also for so good a settlement in this Government lately made by H.E. Joseph Dudley, under the happy influence whereof we have a fair prospect of enjoying peace and quietness amongst us, and notwithstanding the war with France, to continue peace with the Indians, and in a peculiar manner to preserve our inhabitants in general from the contagious sicknesses that have been so fatal in the neighbouring provinces, in bringing to maturity a plentiful harvest of all sort of graine, and above all for the enjoyment of the Gospel and Gospel Ordinances. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 113, 114.]
Oct. 28.
1103. Extract from Report of the Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen upon the Woollen Manufactory. .... Of late years great number of people are enticed over to your Majesty's Northern Colonies in America, and particularly those under Propriety and Charter Governments, which persons while they were in England did contribute to the consumption of our woollen manufacture, but being entertained there, do with the rest of the inhabitants clothe themselves, children and servants with the woollen manufacture of the product of those countries. Divers manufacturers and workmen also are carried over upon specious pretences of a more easie livelihood in those parts. And in this manner those Proprieties do not only cloath themselves with woollen goods, but furnish the same commodity to the more Southern Plantations, notwithstanding the prohibition in the Act of the 10th and 11th of his late Majesty, and by their application to this sort of trade, instead of confining themselves to the production of such commodities as are agreeable to the true design and intention of their settlements, they have improved their skill to such a degree, that we have been particularly informed by persons employed by us to make enquiries, that as good druggets are made in those countries as any in England, and sold there for 4s. and 4s. 6d. per yard that country money. To which we also crave leave to add, that those Plantations having several dying wares, either of their own product or in their neighbourhood, much cheaper than the same can be procured in England, they are able to afford those manufactures much cheaper than they can be sent thither from hence.... Since the Act which prohibits the wearing of several sorts of East India goods, great quantities thereof are now shipt off to your Majesty's Colonies in the West Indies, by which, and the manufacture of wooll carried on in those parts, the consumption of those goods usually sent thither is greatly obstructed, and the intended effect of that Act defeated thereby.... [The remainder of the report deals with the economics of the English Woollen Trade apart from its relation to America and the West Indies. Ed.] Signed, Weymouth, Dartmouth, Rob. Cecill, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, Jno. Pollexfen, Mat. Prior. [C.O. 412, 548. pp. 504–518.]
Oct. 30.
1104. Lt. Gov. Wm. Partridge to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Refers to public papers sent by Col. Dudley, and the universal satisfaction of the Province in H.M. appointment of him as Governor, especially in the last Treaty with the Indians, and the early fitting out of the Privateers, who have served our coast and done very great spoil upon the enemy. In the Governor's absence, I have suspended George Jeffrey, a Scotch trader, and who was appointed by H.M. one of the Council here, but his qualifications, as I humbly suppose, were unknown to your Lordships. He came here a Scotch Trader, and few of them, as is known to every body here, ever got anything but by running their Scotch commodities. Some time after his coming hither he was convicted swearing falsely. And in a late case of the seizure of four bags of cotton-wooll seized by the Collector of this port for being brought in without any cocquett, expressly against the Act of Parliament, the Collector soon brought forward the tryal at the Inferior Court and recovered. The owner appealed, and we could not guess at whose instigation the owners should suppose to evade the Law, till myself and the Collector heard this Mr. Jeffrey buisily and confidently saying to the Gentlemen of the Court, that it was justice to give judgment against the King in this case, and that he would stand by the claimers of the wool all the world over, upon which the jury cleared the wool. And [? had] not H.E. been here at that time, to order a new seizure and trial, that president had opened the door to all the false trade that such persons would have upon these heads. I shall as freely restore him upon your Lordships' commands as ever I suspended him. Signed, Wm. Partridge. Endorsed, Recd. 9th, Read Jan. 14, 1702/3. 2 pp. Annexed,
1104. i. Abstract of preceding. ¼ p. [C.O. 5, 862. Nos. 132, 132.i.; and (without enclosure) 5, 910. pp. 354–356.]
Oct. 30.
1105. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Letters from Capt. Bennet, Sept. 1 and 5 read, and notes taken in order to an answer.
Letters from Mr. Larkin, Aug. 19 and Sept. 5, read. Notes taken in order to writing to the Governor. [C.O. 391, 15. pp. 256, 257; and 391, 96. No. 174.]
Oct. 30.
1106. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. Petition of John Marion, of Boston, Administrator of the Estate of Mary Veazie, of Boston, [See Cal. A. & W. I. 1701. No. 687] read. Ordered that the decree of William Stoughton, Judge of Probate, County of Suffolk, Dec. 26, 1700, whereby one moiety of the remaining personal estate of Samuel Veazie is assigned unto Mary Veazie, be affirmed. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 463–465.]
Oct. 30. 1107. Journal of House of Representatives of New York. Resolved that Major Jackson acquaint the town of Hempstead that a public Free-School is designed to be erected, and to enquire of them what encouragement they will allow towards the same, within the bounds of that township.
Committee of Grievances appointed.
Petition of Col. Bayard and Alderman Hutchins referred to that Committee.
Ordered that the Clerk write to Jacobus Cortlandt, Representative of New York, and Floris Crome, Representative of the County of Orange, that they attend the service of this House.
Petition complaining of the irregular erecting a Court of Chancery, the exorbitant fees of the officers and their arbitrary and unjust orders and decrees, referred to the Committee of Grievances.
Ordered, that candles be brought in.
Bill for levying 1,800l. for the defence of the Frontiers was read and referred to Committee.
Oct. 31. The above Bill was amended.
Leave of absence granted to Mr. French and Mr. Hunt. [C.O. 5, 1185. pp. 6, 7.]
Oct. 31.
Office of
H.M. Remem-
Inner Temple.
1108. Certificate of security being given for Edward Birch to be Deputy Governor of the Bahama Islands. Signed, R. Barker, Remembrancer. Endorsed, Recd. Read Nov. 6, 1702. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 1261. No. 157; and 5, 1290. pp. 235, 236.]