America and West Indies: Miscellaneous, 1711

Pages 185-187

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 26, 1711-1712. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1925.

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Miscellaneous, 1711

[1711]. 237. Copy of clauses in a Governor's Instructions relating to form of levying and issuing public monies. 1 p. [C.O. 318, 3. No. 38.]
[1711]. 238. Copy of an Act of Pennsylvania directing an affirmation to such who for conscience sake cannot take an oath. ¾ p. (v. Dec. 4 and 19). [C.O. 5, 9. No. 20.]
[? 1711]. 239. List of Governors and Proprietors of the Plantations. 1½ pp. [C.O. 152, 42. No. 108.]
[1711]. 240. Naval Officers' Account of Shipping, Massachusetts, 1686–1719. [C.O. 5, 848.]
[? 1711]. 241. Address of several inhabitants and merchants of Barbados to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Capt. Jacobs, H.M.S. Sweepstakes, having been very diligent in cruizing and taken more of the enemy's ships than any commander on this station, pray that he may have the command on this station for the future. 78 signatures. 2 pp. [C.O. 28, 43. No. 51.]
[? 1711]. 242. Address of the General Assembly of Barbados to the same. As preceding. Signed, Thomas, Maxwell, Speaker, and 17 others. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 28, 43. No. 52.]
[? 1711]. 243. Mr. Fetherstonhaugh to [? Lord Dartmouth.] Prays his recommendation to Governor Spotswood of Benjamin Needler, son of Mr. Culverwell Needler, late Clerk Assistant of the House of Commons etc., who is going to Virginia. Signed, W. Fetherstonhaugh. 1 p. Enclosed,
243. i. Draft of letter of recommendation as above. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1341. Nos. 13, 13 i.]
[? 1711]. 244. Address of inhabitants concerned in the Fishery of the Massachusetts Bay to the Queen. Return thanks for granting petition for a convoy to their Fishery on the coast of Cape Sables, and that so suitable a frigott as the Squirrel has been sent, the Commander whereof gives us encouragement etc. etc. Signed, John George and 22 others. Endorsed, Recd. 17th Jan., 17 11/12. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 10. No. 148.]
[1711]. 245. Memorandum of the Staff of General Hill, Commander in Chief of the Expedition against Canada, 17 10/11. Col King, Q.M.G.; Col. Thistleton, Adjut. Genl.; three Majors of Brigade, a surgeon, physician, chaplain, Commissary of the musters, Commissary of the stores. Concludes with reference to the Staff for Lord Cobham's Expedition in 1719. Probably dates from preparations for Expedition in 1746. 1 p. [C.O. 42, 13. No. 15.]
[1711]. 246. Abstract of records preserved "in the Office Books relating to the Expeditions against Canada in 1709, 1710, 1711." (Made at a later date, ? 1746 Ed.) 7, 13, and 2 pp. [C.O. 42, 13. Nos. 8, 8a., 8b.]
[1711]. 247. [? Lord Dartmouth to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.] H.M. haveing some moneths since received advice that ye French intended an expedition to North America for recovering of Port Royall, which was taken from them last October by Col. Nicholson, H.M. was pleased to direct what assistance and support could at this time be afforded those people for defence of that place and ye countrey of Nova Scotia by sending back Col. Nicholson with ye Saphire and Leopard and two transports with armes and stores of warr. And there being fresh intelligence that ye enemy are still pursueing that designe, it is H.M. pleasure that you doe with all expedition send away the Newfoundland Convoy, and ye convoy to the mast shipps bound for New England with Instructions to ye Comodore of ye Newfoundland Convoy, to use all possible means of getting intelligence, and when he is certainely informed by way of Placentia or from New England or otherwise, that a French squadron is come into those seas and sayled towards Port Royall, that he doe imediately dispose of ye fishing shipps with the best security he can and with the ships of warr under his comand (or soe many of them as can be spared) sayle to New England to joyne ye Leopard and Saphire ye convoy to ye mast shipps and such of ye guard shipps as may be taken from ye service of that coast, and ye forces to be raised in New England, and to observe such orders and instructions as he shall recieve from ye sd. Col. Nicholson or ye Governor of New England, for preserveing of Port Royall and oposeing the sd. French squadron. And I desire your Lordshipps will be pleased to transmitt to me by ye first opportunity, the names, rates and strength of ye Newfoundland convoy, of the convoy to ye mast shipps and of ye shipps of warr that are apointed to guard ye coast of North America. 2½ pp. [C.O. 217, 31. No. 5.]