America and West Indies: November 1726, 16-30

Pages 161-180

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 35, 1726-1727. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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November 1726, 16–30

Nov. 16.
341. Mr. Popple to Lt. Governor Doucett. Acknowledges letter of 16th Aug. Continues:—My Lords Commrs. are glad to find you have concluded a Peace with the Indian tribes etc., which they hope will be lasting, and that you will take care that the said Indians, in their intercourse with H.M. subjects under your command, may meet with such kind treatment as to give them no cause of complaint; This in their Lordps.' opinion will be the surest means of continuing a good correspondence with them. [CO. 218, 2. p. 55.]
Nov. 17.
342. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Governor and Council of the Bahama Islands. Enclose copy of H.M. Warrant, 29th Sept. etc. q.v. [CO. 24, 1. p. 93.]
Nov. 19.
343. Sir A. Elton to Mr. Popple. Encloses following. Signed, A. Elton. Endorsed, Recd. 21st, Read 22nd Nov., 1726. Addressed. 1 p. Enclosed,
343. i. Duplicate of No. 337 i. Copied from the original returned to Sir A. Elton. [CO. 5, 1320. ff. 91, 92, 92v., 94v.]
Nov. 21.
in New
344. Mr. Willard to Mr. Popple. Encloses Journal of Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay in the Sessions held 13th April, 25th May and 24th Aug., 1726, with Acts passed in May, there being none passed at the other two ; Minutes of Council, March—Aug., and Treasurer's accounts for the last year. Signed, Josiah Willard. Endorsed, Recd. 22nd Feb., Read 8th June, 1727. 1 p. Enclosed,
344. i. Accounts of the Treasurer of the Massachusetts Bay for 1726. Signed, Jer. Allen. Endorsed, Recd. 22nd Feb., 1726. 42¾ pp. [CO. 5, 869. ff. 411, 412v., 413, 414–435, 436v.]
Nov. 22. 345. Mr. Fane to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Has no objection to Acts of Virginia referred to him, Sept. 14th. Signed, Fran. Fane. Endorsed, Recd. 24th Nov., Read 13th Dec., 1726. 2 pp. [CO. 5, 1320. ff. 95, 95v., 96v.]
Nov. 22.
346. Mr. Popple to Mr. Fane. Encloses, for his opinion in point of law, Act of Antigua, 1726, for dividing the parish of St. Peter, and erecting a new parish of St. George etc. [CO. 153, 14. p. 230.]
Nov. 23.
347. H.M. Warrant appointing Henry Cope Commissary of the Stores at Annapolis Royal. Countersigned, Holles Newcastle. Copy, [CO. 324, 35. p. 295.]
Nov. 24.
348. Lt. Governor Armstrong to Temple Stanyan. Reminds him of his offered friendship, "which my friend Governour Doucett's death now offers. You know the Commission of Lt. Govr. of this Province was without any quaintome of pay untill either the Lieut. Governour of Annapolis or Placentia should be removed by death or otherwise. Sir this gentleman's death gives me the right to that pay, both by commission, and the more so for doing the dutty of my own post, as well as the Govr. in Chief " etc. Refers to his services as shown in his dispatches etc. Signed, L. Armstrong. Endorsed, Rd. June 24, 1727. 2 pp. [CO. 217, 38. No. 12.]
Nov. 24.
349. Same to [? the Duke of Newcastle]. I now take the liberty to inform your Grace of all my proceedings since my arrivall here ye 17th Sept. etc. No. i is a paper signed by the Indians of this Province ratifying the peace made with them at Boston 15 Dec. last etc. No. ii is a list of the fishery at Canso for the year 1726, which in my humble oppinion is worthy the Administerations thoughts by having a fortification errected for their security, the French of Cape Brittaine looking on us with an evill eye, and on the least difference between the two Nations will emmediatly distroy that fishery and settlements without they are protected by a good fortification and at least 300 men to garrison there constantly, which will keep them and the Indians in aw. No. iii is the oaths administred with the advice of H.M. Council to the inhabitants of the River of Annapolis Royall, who could never be prevailed upon to take it before, the next spring I shall send to the severall other settlements in this Province the same oaths and oblige them all to take them, and send them home to your Grace, for H.M. approbation, herein I hope honestly to do my dutty and if possibly to gaine both the French and Indians of this Province to be faithfull and honest subjects etc. I find really both the French and Indians very well satisfied both with the peace and the oaths of fidelity, in effecting of which it has and will cost me a great deal of money as well as paines and labour etc. If H.M. would order yearly some presents for the Indians as arms, powder, and shot with some peices of red and blue cloaths with other necessarys it would be a great meanes to secure the furr trade in the hands of H.M. subjects here, which now constantly goes to the French of Cape Britain, by means of the yearly presents sent by the King of France, this in my humble oppinion by degrees would bring these savages intirely into the dependance of H.M. and this Government. No iv is the miserable state of the fortification of Annapolis Royall etc. No. v is the Minetts of Council of all transactions since my arrivall etc., upon which I beg your Grace's approbation and derections for our guidance of next year's service. Your Grace is sencible my Commission as Lt. Govr. for this Province had no establishmt. for pay, by reason of two Captains in the Regiment being on the establishment, this will inform your Grace of the death of the Honourable John Doucett Lt. Governour of this Garrison, on the 19th instant, to which pay I had your Grace's promiss before I left England, when ever any vacancys should happen. I hope my labourious travels and fateagues will intitle me to your Grace's protection as also to represent this my case to H.M. for the benifitt of the Commission I have the honour to bear etc. I have been obliged to victuall this Garrison, being 200 men with all manner of provissions, from 1st Oct., by the non-preformance of Mr. Borland etc., who contracts with Mr. Thomas Missing of Portsmouth Contractor with the Treasury for supplying Govr. Philipps Regiment etc. This unexpected difficulty has plunged me under the greatest distress immaginable having a long severe winter I have killed about sixty oxen and cows who weighs very small, and have sent for 150 barrells of pork from New England, which I faire will miscarry by reason so severe a. fall was never known in this country in the memory of the oldest man. I most humbly begg your Grace to lay this case before the Treasury, and that Mr. Missing may be obliged to answer all the bills I shall be obliged to draw for the provissions etc., for which I shall send him receipts next summer signed by all the Officers etc. Signed, L. Armstrong. Endorsed, Rd. June 24, 1727. Enclosed,
349. i. Ratification of Articles of Peace concluded at Boston 15th Dec. 1725 etc. v. Aug. 16, No. i. 1 large p.
349. ii. Copy of oaths of allegiance to King George taken by French inhabitants of Nova Scotia 24th Sept., 1726. 133 Signatures. 1 large p.
349. iii. List of vessels that have taken, cured and exported fish from Canso in 1726. Totals: 130 vessels : 30,828½ quintals of fish. 1½ large folded pp.
349. iv. Report on the fortifications of Annapolis Royal, 24th Nov., 1726. v. covering letter. Signed, L. Armstrong, and 15 other officers. 3 pp.
349. v. Minutes of Council of Nova Scotia, 23rd Sept.—10th Nov., 1726. 18 pp. [CO. 217, 38. Nos. 13, 13 i–v.]
Nov. 24.
350. Lt. Governor Armstrong to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Duplicate of preceding covering letter, mutatis mutandis. Signed, L. Armstrong. Endorsed, Recd. 24th June, Read 28th Sept. 1727. 2½ pp. Enclosed,
350. i–iv. Duplicates of preceding enclosures, i–iv. Endorsed, Recd. 24th June, 1727. [CO. 217, 5. ff. l–7v. ; and (abstract of covering letter only) 217, 30. p. 22.]
Nov. 24.
351. Mr. Popple to President Carter. Encloses papers relating to the case of the John and Betty (v. 12th and 15th Nov.). Continues :—My Lords Commissioners desire you will examine into the several facts, and if you find them true, that you cause restitution to be made to the owners etc. In your last letter, you acquaint their Lordships, that there being little business done in the Assembly, you do not think it proper to trouble the Board with the Minutes, but I am directed to acquaint you that no reason ought to prevent your communicating to their Lordsps. an account of all proceedings. [CO. 5, 1365. pp. 305, 306.]
Nov. 24.
352. Same to Mr. Elton. Returns original of Sir P. Yorke's opinion (Nov. 15), and acquaints him with preceding. [CO. 5, 1365. pp. 306, 307.]
Nov. 24.
353. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Recommend Captn. John Butterfield and Capt. Francis Jones for the Council of Bermuda in place of Capt. Samuel Rayner and Major Henry Tucker decd. [CO. 38, 8. p. 43.]
Nov. 29. 354. Order of King in Council. Referring following to Committee of Council for their report. Prefixed,
354. i. Petition of Francis Yonge, Agent of South Carolina, to the King. Prays that petition of Council and Assembly in answer to the petition of Lords Proprietors for leave to appoint a Governor, and counter-petitions etc. may be referred to Committee of Council, and await reply from Carolina to the Lords Proprietors' second petition (14th July), as the continuance of the Government under H.M. is of the greatest consequence to the well being thereof, and that petitioner may then be heard thereupon by his Council etc. The whole, 2 pp. Enclosed,
354. ii. List of following enclosures. 1 p.
354. iii. Petition of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, to the King. Ask for H.M. approbation of Col. Samuel Horsey appointed by them Governor of S. Carolina to succeed Governor Nicholson, appointed provisional Governor by H.M. during some commotions in that Province long since quieted etc. Copy. 1 p.
354. iv. Petition of Same to Same. Ask that certain articles should be inserted in the Instructions of H.M. provisional Governor. June 14, 1726. Copy. 2 pp.
354. v. (a) Order of Committee of Council that a copy of above petition (No. iv) be delivered to the Agent of the Province. July 18, 1726. Copy, (b) Memorial of Richard Shelton, Secretary to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, to the Committee of Privy Council, for a short day for considering above petition. July 25, 1726. Copy. The whole l½ pp.
354. vi. Petition of the Council and Assembly of South Carolina to the King. Refer to their petition of April, 1725, and representation of 1720, expressing concern at the Lords Proprietors' petition, No. ii, and begging H.M. to continue them under his immediate protection and Government, for which the same reasons still subsist as in 1720. 21st May, 1726. Signed, Ar. Middleton, Thos. Broughton, Speaker. Copy. 2 pp.
354. vii. Address of Council and Assembly of S. Carolina to the King. Answer to Mr. Shelton's Memorial, (No. v (b)) with reasons humbly offered to the Committee of H.M. Council for continuing S. Carolina under the Government of H.M. 21st May, 1726. Signed as preceding. Copy. 6½ pp.
354. viii. Act of S. Carolina appointing Francis Yonge Agent of S. Carolina. 21st May, 1726. A true copy, Signed, Hen. Hargrave, Depty. Secretary. 3 pp.
354. ix. (a) Mr. Middleton, President of the Council, S. Carolina, to Governor Nicholson. Charles Town, 7th May, 1726. Upon receipt of Mr. Shelton's Memorial, has concluded to call the Assembly to give it a full answer. It is the cause of the whole Province etc. Signed, Ar. Middleton. Copy. ¼ p.
(b) Same to Same. 24th May, 1726. Encloses petition and answer of both Houses to Mr. Shelton's Memorial etc. Continues:—I have prorogued the Assembly again to Sept. 6th, but upon any emergency I can call them in a week etc. You will also receive the Indians journal etc. Col. Chicken and Capt. Fitch go away to the Indians this week in order to settle all matters with them etc. Signed, Ar. Middleton. Copy. ¾ p.
(c) Same to Same. 10th June, 1726. I have this week wrote to your Excellency that I had now with me 16 of the Upper and Lower Creeks but not above five of them Headmen, (v. No. xi.) These Cheifs are some of those that have always stood by the English interest and do now again assure the same. I send enclosed the whole discourse I had with them, but as Capt. Fitch is now on his way to their Nation I have referred him to what will be said to their whole Nation by him when all their Cheifs meet in a body etc. I have given these Indians very handsome presents, and they are perfectly well pleased and shall sett out to-morrow morning. P.S. Our traders from these parts where the French are assure me that the French have a design, that upon the first rupture with the Crown of Spain they will attack St. Augustine by sea and land for that they want a port on this sea. If so we must be in a poor condition here. Signed, Ar. Middleton. Copy. 1 p.
354. x. (a) Ralph Izard to Governor Nicholson. Charles Town. 21st May, 1726. Conveys thanks of Council of S. Carolina for continuing his good offices to them and the Province. Continues:—Mr. Yonge will acquaint you of the step we have taken etc. We should be unjust to your Excellency's character etc., did we in the least doubt of your continuing to honour this Province with your best endeavours, to set aside the malicious scandalous and false reflections of Mr. Shelton, and to continue us under H.M. protection and Government. Signed, Ra. Izard. Copy. ¾ p.
(b) Mr. Broughton, Speaker of the Assembly, to Governor Nicholson. Charles Town. 21st May, 1726. Begs his assistance to Mr. Yonge in his application to H.M. for continuing the Province under his immediate Government etc. Signed, Thos. Broughton, Speaker. Copy. ¾ p.
354. xi. (a) Mr. Middleton to Governor Nicholson. Acknowledges letter. Refers to reports that the Proprietors will have the Government. Continues:—They have sent over a Chief Justice and Attorney General etc. I will if I can get proofs of what you desire. I am sure your Excellency will clear yourself before the Lords of the Committee, and as to the Proprietors they have been tools to their officers these many years past and should we be so unhappy under them again I assure you the country's lost. It can never enter into my thoughts that H.M. will give up ye Government, and I will do what I can to put the people right in their notions and of their true interests. I am of opinion that all the hardships you mention will fall on the country in case the Governmt. should be altered and the children of the present generation will curse their fathers for it. When the Assembly came to a resolution to encourage the Swiss, it was for the better peopleing the country and always beleiving and desiring the Government to be in H.M. and the soyle also if possible. I expect some Headmen of the Upper Creeks every day, and then the Assembly will meet and I shall lay yours before them, but I beleive many of them are so poisoned by the evil ones amongst them that little to their true interest will be done. We are like to have some disturbance with our Creek Indians and Coll. Chicken and Capt. Fitch are again going up to the Creeks and Cherokees, once more to setle things with them. Since the burning of the Fort you must believe the expence is great to put things in order. I will send all their accounts in due form. I shall take care that the Indians journals shall be sent; and I assure you I take all the care I can of the Southerne frontiers ; I shall do all I can to serve Mr. Yong and get what money I can remitted to him. I shall make your Excellencys complements to all the Gentlemen you mention ; I had almost forgot to tell you that the Senecan Indians of New York are so bold as to come into our Settlements and kill our neighbouring Indians this must for the future be prevented by treating with them at Albany. Signed, Ar. Middleton. Copy. 1¼ pp.
(b) Same to Same. June 7th, 1726. Refers to previous letters etc. Continues:—I don't find but the people (excepting half a douzen) are very staunch against the Proprietors and should H.M. give them the Governmt. (as I hope he will not) they will find but an uneasy time of it. I very much long to have the affair of the Fort setled for I have a continual trouble with them. I hope your Excellency will see the bills paid that I have drawn for necessarys for the Fort both before and since the burning and as for any of the officers I will draw no more for them. I wonder I hear no more of the settling the boundarys with the Spaniards at Augustine. I wrote you in my former I was afraid we should have some disturbance with the Creek Indians ; and indeed it was proposed by the lower people to kill all the traders but the Middle and Upper People would not come into it. I have now sixteen of the Lower and Upper People now with me but three of them Chief men. They arriving but yesterday I have not talked with them to know their proposals, etc. We shall find it a hard task to keep these Indians in order and should we have a rupture with them it will be very expensive and endanger our out Settlements. I have a watchfull eye to the Southward as you desired me. I think we have done all that can be to keep us under H.M. protection and Government etc. P.S. The 17th of this month will be a years sallary due to me and I desire your Excellency will see it paid. I doubt not the Reverend Mr. Guie has given you a full account of the behaviour of our Clergy at their last meeting when they were desired to petition H.M. to continue his Government to us. Signed, Ar. Middleton. Copy. 1¼ pp.
354. xii. Representation of Richard Shelton to the Lords of the Committee of Council. States case of the Lords Proprietors of S. Carolina to be restored to the right of Government. They are in treaty for transporting thither several hundred foreigners, who will be a greater protection than the soldiers planted by Governor Nicholson 300 miles from any settlement. Many of the most substantial inhabitants are so intimidated by the behaviour of Mr. Nicholson that they will quit the Province if he returns etc. etc. Mem. This case is printed and given to the Lords Committee when they went in the Council Chamber. Signed, Ri. Shelton. 3¼ pp. [CO. 5,383. Nos. 28, 28i–xi; and (shorter version of No. xi) xii.]
Nov. 29.
355. Order of King in Council. Referring to the Council of Trade and Plantations the representation of Lord Baltimore, requesting H.M. approbation of his brother, Benedict Leonard Calvert, whom he has appointed to be Lt. Governor of Maryland in the room of Charles Calvert. Signed, Temple Stanyan. Endorsed, Recd. 6th, Read 7th Dec, 1726. 1 p. Enclosed,
355. i. Charles, Lord Baltimore to the King. Representation referred to in preceding. Signed, Baltemore. Copy. 1 p. [CO. 5, 1266. ff. 219, 220, 222v.]
[Nov. 30.] 356. Governor Nicholson to the Honble. Temple Stanion Esq. F.R.S. Encloses following copies of letters to President Middleton etc. Enclosed,
356. i. Governor Nicholson to Mr. President Middleton. July 23rd, Lincoln's Inn. Encloses papers. By the Lords Proprietors' petition to H.M. you'l see what their Lordps. aims at. Therefore I think you would do very well to have the Assembly meet as soon as possible and answer it etc. As I have I shall continue to do for them all that lyes in my power etc. I most earnestly recommend you to transmitt money to care on your affairs here. I have undertaken to satisfy Mr. John Sharpe, who is one of the best sollicitors both by his capacity interest etc. Refers to departure of some recruits for the Company and of a Chaplain for St. George's Parish. Signed, Francis Nicholson. Copy. 1 1/8 pp
356. ii. Same to Same. Lincoln's Inn, at Mr. John Sharpe's Chambers. July 26. Since the writing of the above something further has been done. Refers to following. Continues:—I thank God everything in your affair is as desired. Yesterday morning I waited on the Duke of Devonshire President of H.M. Councel as I have done several times before and given his Grace an account of the affairs of South Carolina as I have also done to Lord Townshend, Sir Robert Walpole and the Duke of Newcastle and I think you would do very well to write a letter to each of them and return them thanks for what they have been pleased to do on severall occasions for H.M. Province of So. Carolina, which letters must be signed by yourself as President and the rest of the Councel and by the Speaker in behalf of the Commons house of Assembly, and like letters to H.M. Attorney and Sollr. General, as likewise to Mr. John Sharpe, for I think that after so many petitions, memorials etc. have been presented to H.M. and his Privy Council those affairs have been transacted with the least expence that could be. You must take a special care justly and fully to answer all that has been presented to H.M. and Privy Councel more particularly what I now send you with the utmost expedition that (if possible) I may have it by the latter end of October etc. You must be sure to send a most dutyfull and loyal Address to his most sacred Majesty. It may so happen that your affairs may come before the Parliament, therefore you must provide for that etc. Suggests that Col. Fenwick or some other Member of Assembly should be sent to represent their case etc. My returning to you I think will not be till after your affairs are setled here except a warr should happen with Spain or France of which here is no likelyhood etc. Signed, Francis Nicholson. Copy, ? p.
356. iii. Mr. Sharpe to President Middleton. Lincoln's Inn, 23rd July. The Proprietors' new petition though in appearance giving up the point contended for in their first, is in reality praying for the same thing—all the power and excercise of Government, appointing all officers and making all laws etc. Criticises it in detail. Signed, John Sharpe. Copy. 1 ? pp.
356. iv. Same to Same. 26th July. Since writing preceding letter, the Lords Proprietors' Sollicitor, and the Sollicitor for the Merchants against the Generall gave me the following notice to move for hearing the complaint against him, but instead thereof Mr. Shelton presented the underwritten memorial and at the same time the Lords Proprietors without giving any notice to the General or Mr. Yonge or myself as they ought to have done moved very strongly for a speedy day to take their last petition into consideration. But General Nicholson and myself being then attending at the Councel Office on the notice against him, they were disappointed, for my Lord President ordered the General and me to be called in, when tho' both Mr. Shelton and the two Mr. Berties pressed the affair all in their power, the Lords were pleased on what the General and I offered to their consideration to be of opinion it was reasonable the Province should have time to answer the same, and for that purpose put of the consideration of the Proprietors' petition till October etc. as preceding. Signed, Jno. Sharpe. Copy. ½ p.
356. v. Mr. Watson to Mr. Sharpe. Gives notice that he is about to petition for the hearing of complaints against General Nicholson etc. Signed, H. Watson. Copy. ? p.
356. v. (a) Memorial of Richard Shelton to the Lords of the Committee of Council. 25th July, 1726. Prays that a short day may be appointed for the consideration of the petition of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina. Signed, Ri. Shelton. Copy. ? p.
356. vi. Governor Nicholson to President Sharpe. 22nd Aug. 1726, from Mr. Sharpe's Chambers in Lincolns Inn. Encloses lists of stores of war sent from England, and recommends the sending of a full account of "what is become both of those sent by the Crown and also by the Lords Proprietors." Refers to negotiations with Mr. Trott "who could not make out a good title to the Proprietorships which if he had you will see how near I was becoming a purchaser of them" etc. Encloses various papers, etc. Continues :—What you have done by your peticon to H.M. and your answer to Shelton's Memorial is very well approved of by all that wish well to H.M. interest and service and that of his service of South Carolina, and I hope in God you will soon send the finishing stroke for I take either the good or bad fate of Carolina depends on the defence you send over etc. I have already given copies of your petition, address and other papers to the Earl of Westmorland etc. and my Lord Bishop of London and shall do the same to the other Lords of the Ministry and Councel to both whom I think your Country ought to give thanks for what they have already done etc. And I think you would likewise do very well to write to the Honoble. Charles Delafay Esq. and Temple Stanhope [sic] Esq., the two Chief Secretarys to the Duke of Newcastle upon the said accot. As for my own part I can only repeat that as I have hetherto spared neither cost nor pains, so I shall for the future continue the same God willing for the promoting those two inseparables H.M. interest and of South Carolina etc. Signed, Francis Nicholson. Copy. 1¼ pp.
356. vii. Mr. Sharpe to President Middleton [? Aug. 22]. Encloses copy of state of case prepared by him to be laid before the Attorney and Solicitor General, to which he has now added copies of the reply to Mr. Shelton's Memorial and the petition to the King since received. "Taking both together, they have the whole case before them" etc. Hopes that their answer to the last Memorial will shame the Lords Proprietors from their present attempts etc. Signed, John Sharpe. 1 p.
356. vii. (a) Same to Same. Oct. 5th. Sends copy of preceding. ? th p.
356. viii. Governor Nicholson to President Middleton. London, Aug. 22, 1726, nine a clock at night. I have just come from Mr. Sharpe's Chambers where I have made up a pretty large packett for you to which I must referr you for the publick affairs. As to what you have writt concerning them I can say nothing to it at present, as for the sallary I hope very speedy to make up the accots. with the Honoble. Kinsmil Eyre Esqr. tho' they cannot properly be done but once a year, but I hope to get Mr. Eyre to pay Mr. Harwood some part of your years salary. Encloses copies of papers concerning Mr. Trott. I think the Assembly was to hasty in paying of him the thousand pounds and what you had from him for that money you must take care to have it secured well and not made use of upon any accot. till H.M. Royal pleasure is known, what you did in making use of 2000 pounds of the printed bills for rebuilding Fort King George etc. I hope will not be disaproved of neither if you expend the like summe or more for the fully compleating the said Fort. Here is very much wanted your last tax bill with the journals of the Assembly. You must take especial care to transmit copies of the journals, accounts etc. with duplicates by the first opportunity etc. Refers to case of Conselliere, and hopes Skeene has received the money etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy, 1? pp.
356. ix. Same to Ralph Izard. 22nd Aug. Compliments and thanks for Council's letter, reply to Shelton's Memorial and petition to the King etc. Recommends the bearer, Capt. Edward Massey. "I hope the Burton Ale I sent for you proved good" etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. 1 p.
356. x. Same to Thos. Broughton. 22nd Aug. Thanks to the Assembly as preceding. "Your petition and answer I esteem to be extraordinary well done" etc. Offers his services etc. Recommends Capt. Massey and concludes:—I have given him two guineas, as I have done two others to Mr. Splatt to drink with yourself and the Honourable Gentlemen of the Commons house of Assembly and when it is doing to be present with you would be acceptable to, Fr.N. I hope the Burton Ale I sent by Capt. Clarke for you proved good for Mr. Samuel Wragg undertook for it. Copy. ½ p.
356. xi. Same to President Middleton. London, 8th Oct., 1726. Hopes that the affairs of the Company and Garrison will be compleated in a short time after Capt. Massey's arrival, "because the certainty of those affairs are much wanted here in order to have proper measures taken concerning them" etc. As to the report that Coll. Horsey was appointed Governor, "I don't wonder that they endeavour to keep up their sinking interest by repeated lyes, for nothing will be fully determined in the affair of your Government till please God a just and full accot. comes from your Assembly etc. Therefore I hope you will be very expeditious." Will send, by two ships sailing next month, duplicates and triplicates of papers already dispatched. " I am often with Mr. Sharpe our Sollicitor consulting about our affairs, and I have not ventured since I came here to lye out of Town only one night at my first comeing, because something might have intended to be done prejudicial to H.M. Province of So. Carolina" etc. Refers to enclosures. Sends compliments to Council and Assembly etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. 1 p.
356. xii. Same to Same. London, at Mr. John Sharpe's Chambers, Lincoln's Inn. 9th Oct., 1726. Encloses accounts. Continues:—I hope the Assembly will take effectual care to remitt money for the repaing me satisfying Mr. Sharpe etc., which I think they may very easily do having had so great a number of negroes imported. Encloses Nehemiah Partridge's "receipt of a packet for you and likewise a receipt for two guineas and a double pistoll" etc. P.S. "I hope Mr. Herold will give you an account of the money received of the Honble. Kinsmill Eyre Esq. for the accot. of your sallary to Xmas last, when he received the money I had not received my own nor have I as yet received it all" etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. 1 p.
356. xiii. Same to Same. London, 11th Oct., 1726. Encloses "the state of the case between the inhabitants of S. Carolina and the Lords Proprietors," which may be of great use to the Assembly in answering Shelton. The sooner we have a full answer the better etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xiv. Same to Same. London, 17th Oct., 1726. Encloses receipts for packets dispatched. Sends compliments to Members of Council and Assembly. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xv. Same to Richard Arnold. London, 5th Oct. 1726. Encloses copies of letters etc. concerning Capt. Massey's Company of Invaleeds, to be laid before Mr. Secretary Pelham, etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xvi. Same to Capt. Massey. London, 8th Oct. 1726. Hopes that he will soon report upon the Company and Fort etc. Continues:—Yesterday I saw Mr. Pelham at the –Duke of Newcastle's Office, who told me he was well satisfied with what I had given to Mr. Arnold (v. preceding), and earnestly recommends a speedy answer concerning those affairs. The affairs of the Province stand much as when you left us etc. P.S. I gave copies of those letters to Mr. Temple Stanion, his Grace's Secretary for H.M. Plantations, to lay before the Duke of Newcastle etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ¾ p.
356. xvii. Invoice of arms and stores of War delivered from the Board of Ordnance for S. Carolina, 10th Oct., 1715. Copy, ¾ p.
356. xviii. Invoice of arms and stores of war sent by the Lords Proprietors, 5th Oct., 1715. Copy. 1 p.
356. xix. Nicholas Trott to Governor Nicholson. Aug. 17, 1721. Asks that his collection of the laws now finished may be inspected by a Committee of the two Houses. Signed, Nicholas Trott. Copy. ½ p.
356. xx–xxiii. Mr. Trott's proposals for making a new edition of the Acts of Assembly, with the votes of Assembly thereon, 1717, and list of subscribers etc. Copy. 3½ pp.
356. xxiv. Message from the Assembly inviting the Council to concur in an Address to the Lords Proprietors to redress the grievances against the Chief Justice, Nicholas Trott, embodied in a remonstrance signed by every Attorney practising in the Province etc. Signed, George Logan, Speaker. Copy. ½ p.
356. xxv. Governor Nicholson to Mr. Hammerton, Naval Officer, S. Carolina. London, 22nd Aug., 1726. Acknowledges quarterly lists of shipping, and requests an attested return of pitch, rice and tar up-to-date etc. "I have no reason but to hope that when we shall receive the answers of the Assembly, the affair against the Lds. Proprietors will be ended as they desire" etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy, ¾p.
356. xxvi. Same to Same. London, 22nd Aug., 1726. Desires him to keep a good correspondence with Capt. Massey etc. P.S. I have given Capt. Massey one guinea to drink with Mr. Andrew Allen etc. and I desire that you may be one of the company and that Mr. Allen may invite none but such honest gentlemen as yourself etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xxvii. (a) Returns of rice, pitch and tar, deerskins and turpentine imported from Carolina, 1715–1724. Christmas 1719–20 shows rice 44,914 cwt., pitch and tar, 2509 lasts.
(b) Returns of rice, pitch and tar imported from S. Carolina, March 1725–1726. Rice, 21010; pitch 53483, tar 4212. Signed, Wm. Hammerton.
Memo. (From) these accots. doth appear that the trade is considerably increased since S. Carolina hath been under H.M. immediate Governour. Copy. 1 p.
356. xxviii. Imports and Exports to and from S. Carolina and the Plantations, May 1721—Sept. 29,1723. Signed, Wm. Hammerton. Copy. 2 pp.
356. xxix. Governor Nicholson to Thomas Hipworth, Chief Justice of S. Carolina, London, 22nd Aug., 1726, Acknowledges letters and refers to following etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xxx. Same to Edward Whitaker, Attorney General, S. Carolina (? Aug. 22). At present all affairs are at a stand until we have an answer from the Council and Assembly etc. Hopes he will be sent over to present the country's case, in which he hopes they will exert themselves to the utmost. Continues :—Then I think they need not in the least doubt but that you will have justice done you more in all respects. I suppose as usual you will have lyes writt from hence concerning your affairs either to intimidate some or amuse others etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy, ¾ p.
356. xxxi. Same to Mr. Hart, Secretary of S. Carolina. London, 11th Oct., 1726. Refers to his letters to Mr. Middleton and urges him to send copies of public papers by all opportunities etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. ½ p:
356. xxxii. Same to Col. Woodward, Col. of the Militia in Port Royal. London, 11th Oct., 1726. Sends him a "Queen Ann's guinea to drink with the Capt. and the Officers and chief inhabitants of your town and port." Hopes that he has got the pilot boat finished and able pilots etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xxxiii. Same to Major Blakeway, Clerk of the Commons House of Assembly. London, 11th Oct., 1726. "I don't find you have sent any journals of your house which are very much wanted here" etc. as No. xxxi. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. xxxiv. Same to Henry Hargrave, Depty. Clerk of the Council. London, 11th Oct., 1726. Thanks for letters and refers to preceding. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ¼ p.
356. xxxv. Richard Shelton to the Duke of Kingston, Lord Privy Seal. Enters Caveat that no grant may pass of any office, employment or land in S. Carolina without notice being given to him. Signed, R. Shelton. Memorand. The above caveat was upon the account of John Hammerton having H.M. warrant to be Secretary of the Province according to the agreement with Charles Hart. Copy. ½ p.
356. xxxvi. Governor Nicholson to [? President Middleton]. London, 22nd Nov., 1726. Hopes his dispatches will arrive safely etc. Encloses letters given him by Col. de Valogne "by which you will see the present fate of the Neufchatalers. Capt. Omer went to Helfasulce to take them in and is sailed from thence directly for Carolina, if so I hope you will take effectual care that he no ways breaks the Acts of Trade and Navigation. Mr. Wragg told me that Satur Godwin and one or two more French men undertook this affair with a view of great proffit, by it I think it will be much for H.M. and Country's interest and service if you could get a copy of that agreement. The affairs of South Carolina continues as when I writt you, for there hath been no Councel since and I have given the ministry an account of what I have writt to you, and I am now coppying out all letters etc. sent to you, to be left in his Grace's the Duke of Newcastle's Office, and I intend God willing to have the same done in order to give Mr. Sharpe, the Sollicitor, who hath drawn up something concerning your affairs" etc. Urges him to send a just and full account of affairs by every opportunity. "I looke upon the fate of your Country to depend upon it" etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy, l¼ pp.
356. xxxvii. Jean Watt to M. le Col. de Valogne, at Giles's Coffee-house in Pell Mell. Neufchatel, 31st Oct., 1726. Refers to Mr. Pury's project, "who going thro' Geneva heard there of the departure of Mr. Vernet and about 100 persons who have been here about a month waiting the oppertunity of going to Carolina but strange catastrophe ! Mr. Vernett has disappeared ever since Friday last for want of £100 sterl. and Mr. Pury absconds since last night, to avoid the fury of the people, who having spent their money wander up and down the streets not knowing where to find a dinner nor a bed to lye down upon etc. So many people offered themselves on the sight of the vessell prepared that I am perswaded if one had money above 600 voluntiers might have been procured, but this management of the Lords Proprietors hath been the principal cause of the miscarrying of the undertaking by the alteration of their Patent and refusing to fullfill the agreement for the transportacon of 600 persons from England to Carolina. This sad event quite overturns the design of our good friend Mounsr. Pury" etc. Signed, Jean Watt. Copy. Translated from French. ½ p.
356. xxxviii. Same to Same. Neufchatel, 4th Nov., 1726. Through the prudent measures taken by the Magestrate of this City the tumult among the Carolinians was appeased by sending them out of this Principality and giving to each of them 25 bats of this country. There is about 40 of them, who chuse to go to Holland and thence into England, they not daring to return to their own homes, where they could not avoid the reproaches of their friends who had diswaded them from that enterprise. The resolution of these people is great and they deserve to be assisted. I desire you will impart this letter to General Nicholson. P.S. Recommends to his protection a widow who helped to quell the fury of the people the first day of the tumult and is leading the 48 into Holland etc. Likens her to the widow in the Gospel, "And I must take notice to you, that it was by a woman that rice was transplanted into Carolina, where the finest is now in the world to be found" etc. Translation. 1 p.
356. xxxix–xlix. 10 Receipts for packets from Governor Nicholson to President Middleton etc. 26th July–22nd Nov., 1726. 2½ pp.
356. 1, li. Petition of Francis Yonge, Agent of S. Carolina, to the King, with Order in Council thereupon, v. 29th Nov. 1½ pp.
356. lii. Governor Nicholson to Mr. Sharpe. 30th Nov., 1726. Enquires what was done in Council upon Mr. Yonge's petition, preceding. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ? p.
356. liii. Mr. Sharpe to Governor Nicholson. 30th Nov. Yesterday Mr. Yonge's petition was referred to a Committee etc. Signed, Wm. Sharpe. Copy. ? p.
356. liv. Governor Nicholson to President Middleton. 30th Nov., 1726. Informs him of above proceedings (1–lii). Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Copy. ½ p.
356. lv–lvi. Two receipts for packets from Governor Nicholson to President Middleton, Nov. 22nd and 30th, Carolina Coffee House. Copy. ½ p. [CO. 5, 387. No. 66.]
Nov. 30. 357. Council and Assembly of S. Carolina to [? the Duke of Newcastle]. Return thanks for his many and singular favours as signified to them by Governor Nicholson, and pray for the continuance of H.M. royal protection etc. Signed, Ar. Middleton, P., Ra. Izard, Wm. Bull, A. Skene, B. Schenckingh, Char. Hart, James Kinloch, and, by order of the Commons House of Assembly, Tho. Broughton, Speaker. Endorsed, Rd. Jan. 23th. 2¾ pp. [CO. 5, 387. No. 67.]
Nov. 30.
358. Duke of Newcastle to Governor Hart. Encloses following. Concludes :—The Lords Commissioners of Trade looking upon it as a controverted point, which they cannot take it upon them to determine, and being of opinion that the petitioners (Smith and Cust) may be continued in possession of the offices they claim until it shall be otherwise determined by due course of law, it is H.M. pleasure, that you should continue them accordingly, pursuant to the said report. Signed, Holles Newcastle. Annexed,
358. i. Copy of Representation of 19th May, q.v. [CO. 324, 35. pp. 290–294 ; and 313.]
Nov. 30.
St. Christophers.
359. Governor Hart to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Acknowledges letter of 6th July on 24th instant etc. Continues:—As your Lordships are pleas'd to observe that letters from Governors of H.M. Plantations do frequently miscarry, as well as the papers refer'd to therein, I shall for the future punctually obey your Lordships' commands, etc. (v. 6th July). Continues:—At the same time I am oblig'd to represent to your Lordships, that as the several Islands of my Government are very distant from one another it will be difficult for me to obtain duplicates of the publick papers out of the several offices to send with duplicates of my letters. There shall be nothing wanting on my part to comply with your pleasure in this command. Your Lordships are pleas'd to observe that there is no regular account in your Office from the Leeward Islands of the number of negroes that have been annually imported there either by the Affrican Company or the Separate Traders. I have in obedience to your Lordships' command yesterday signified to Charles Dunbar Esq. H.M. Surveyor General of ye Customs that he do immediately give his orders to the several Collectors in the Leeward Islands (and to transmit the same immediately to me) an exact account of the negroes imported etc. for at least five years past, and that an annual account may for the future be sent me etc. Your Lordships are pleas'd to say, you are surpriz'd to find by my last letter, that I give so very different character of Mr. Pym Burt, from what I did 11th July, 1722 etc. I was then newly arrived in my Government, and took that Gentleman's character from a person I had laid under the highest obligations, who had a secret interest to serve therein. But I can assure your Lordships, what I have lately represented is from my personall knowledge, and agreeable to that command and duty I owe to H.M. Yet as I have been unfortunate enough in my representations I submit it to your Lordships pleasure. Your Lordships are pleas'd to say, you have recommended Mr. Daily, and Mr. White to be of the Council of Montserrat, in the room of Mr. Cochran, and Mr. Irish deceased, and Collo. Carey Broadbelt to be of the Council of Nevis etc. But as their mandamus is not yet come out, I have not given orders to swear them into the Council. Encloses Minutes of Assembly of Antegoa, 27th April—4th Oct. 1726. As the powder Act of Antegoa is lately expir'd, the Council and Assembly have sent me, by the hands of Lt. General Mathew a bill, which I have pass'd into an Act, enclosed. I must acknowledge to your Lordships that this Act is not strictly within the rules of my Instructions as laying a duty on the sniping of Great Britain : But as such an Act is pass'd in all these Islands, and is really for the defence of that Island, and the protection of trade, as is sett forth in the preamble ; I hope I shall not be culpable for passing it, as it is only the revival of a former Act; and especially when your Lordships will please to consider that I have no interest in it, and am so far from having any thing for my support from that island, (nor do expect any) that I have expended full £700 a year there out of my private fortune ever since the dissent to the Act for my better support. So that if I have committed any error in the passing of this Act, I hope it will be esteem'd as intended for H.M. service, and to which the rumour of a war with Spain, was no small inducement, H.M. having at this juncture a fleet in the West Indies lying off of Porto Bell in the Spanish Dominions. On 27th Nov., I receiv'd advice by a boat from Antegoa, which came here on private business, that H.M.S. the Kinsale, and under her convoy the Royal George Assiento ship, arriv'd there on the 25th, and went into English Harbour in that Island in order to refit the Royal George, who receiv'd some damage in her intended voyage passage for England off the coast of Virginia etc. Sends this advice as the ship is of great importance to the Royal Assiento Company. Signed, Jo. Hart. Endorsed, Recd. 14th Feb., Read 28th April, 1727. 5 pp. [CO. 152, 15. ff. 310–312, 313v.]
Nov. 30.
St. Christophers.
360. Same to Mr. Popple. Refers to preceding and acknowledges letter with petition of Mr. McDowall, which he will answer by the next ship. Continues:—This is intended as a meer matter of clamour against me : For Mr. McDowall has been near three years in England, and yet I never heard that he has m[ade] any complaint of this kind, and I am sorry he now gives me such a handle to expose his practices [on] this occasion etc. The Order in Council upon his petition is dated long after the Commission was issued by H.M. etc. The three Commissioners are now actually disposing of the late French land, where he is now to be redressed etc. P.S. I just now had a vizit from the son, and son-in-law, of Monsieur Lyndesay the Governor of St. Eustatia etc. who inform me that their father on 27th inst. O.S., received a letter from the Governor of Carassow etc., that about three weeks past a Spanish sloop, one Nichola a French man Captain (who had formerly been a pirate) with 170 men on board, had taken nine sloops belonging to the Dutch at Carassow trading to the coast of Caracos, and murther'd all the men on board, except six. And that the Dutch Governor of Carassow was fitting out a vessel with 200 men to go in pursute of him. I am further inform'd by these gentlemen, that Nichola, when he finds any vessel he can overpower, hoists a black flag, and acts like a pirate. But if he meets any ship of war, or others that are too strong for him, he then produces a Commission from the Governor of Porto Rico, as a Guarda de la Costa, to the irrepairable damage of all vessels that trade to the West Indies. I have formerly acquainted Capt. Delgarno, H.M.S. Southsea Castle, who is now cruizing among the French and Spanish Islands of these practices, of the Spanish guarda de la costa's ; who is resolv'd to bring in all such pirates, where he shall find a black flag ; and it is very probable they will be prov'd such, either from the British or Dutch Colonys in these parts, whenever they shall be taken. I had forgot to tell you there were two Jews taken on board one of the Dutch sloops mention'd, who in their barbarous mirth they (the Spaniards) cut into very small peices, saying they wou'd not be at the trouble of sending them to the Inquisition at Mexico etc. Signed, J. Hart. Endorsed as preceding. 3 pp. [CO. 152, 15. ff. 314–315v.]