America and West Indies: Miscellaneous, 1732

Pages 287-289

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 39, 1732. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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Miscellaneous, 1732

1732. 511. Map of Maryland with the Three Lower Counties: Lord Baltimore's own map annext to his Agreement with Mr. Penn in 1732. [P.R.O., M.P.G. 513.]
[1732.] 512. Some particulars of the Bahamas. Description of the islands and their resources. Many persons in the other plantations are already disposed to settle there, especially from Bermuda, where they have encreased to such degree that many families are continually quitting it for want of room etc. If the Bahamas are purchased by the Crown and suitable measures taken and a proper Governor appointed, the island of Providence could hardly fail of soon becoming sufficiently inhabited etc., and perhaps become of more consequence than any other English settlement— the West Indies etc. Endorsed, Humbly proposed by Mr. Edward Walpole in favour of Major Frontin. The Duke of Newcastle wishes well to him in this affair. 3 pp. [C.O. 23, 14. ff. 227–228 v.; and (duplicate, endorsed, Major Frontin the person the Lord Essex recommended to the D. of Newcastle for the Government. Mr. James Colebrooke and Mr. Burrel will declare their approbation of him). [C.O. 23, 14 ff. 229–230 v.]
[? 1732.] 513. Petition of Swiss Emigrants to Secretary, Lord Harrington. Wee have been informed by a little boock printed in Bern that the King of England wants mann that are brought up to country buissines, and know to improve land and macke butter and cheese, in the Roy all Province of Carolina wich as wee hear'd is a land flowing with milch and honey, wee thinck ourselves happy to beckome the subjects of so great and generous a king and usefull to the most charitable nation under Heaven. Wee have sold our small substance in our native country and meight have paid our expencess. But as wee were instead of fourteen days, fourteen weecks upon the Rhine where the armees have made all thing's scarce wee have laid out all our money and must now beg Yr. Excellency to recommend us and our wifes and children to the King's bounty that he may send us to that blessed country in the Two Brothers commanded by Captain Thomson, who has been so good to the Saltz burgers, while our Captain has been so hard to us etc. Without date or signature. Addressed. 2/3p. [C.O. 5, 306. No. 21.]
[? 1732.] 514. Petition of Richard Partridge, Agent for Rhode Island etc., to the Duke of Newcastle. Encloses following. As they have hitherto defended themselves at their own expence without any charge to the Crown against the insults of the enemy both by land and sea, it is therefore humbly pray'd thou wouldst recommend it to the King etc. to grant them a number of cannon etc., viz. 30 eighteen pounders and 10 twelve pounders etc. Powder and ball they will provide at their own cost. Signed, Ri chd. Partridge. Without date or endorsement. ¾ p. Enclosed,
514. i. Petition of the General Assembly of Rhode Island to the King. Return thanks to H.M. for continuing to them the quiet enjoyment of their ancient Charter privileges, "great in their nature, but far greater by being suited to the circumstances of this your Majesty's Colony" etc. Moved by gratitude for the enjoyment of these privileges, they considered it their duty to fortify the frontier so as not to fear any attack from the enemy. They were moved "above all by a fixed and steady resolution of doing everything that Providence had put in our power to do for the maintaining and preserving that part of the territories of our most good and beneficent Sovereign committed to our care. What are your Majesty's subjects apprehended to be most for the safety and preservation of your Majesty's sd. Colony and Dominions adjacent was the fortifying Newport the chief town in said Colony and the most frontier upon all the coast of New England, where your Majesty's subjects have built a regular and beautiful fortification of stone with a battery subjoined where may be conveniently mounted sixty cannons," etc. Pray H.M. to bestow a number of cannon etc. Signed, in the name and behalf of the Genl. Assembly, J. Jencks, Govr. No date or endorsement. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1302. ff. 7, 8.]
[? 1732.] 515. Extracts from Commissions of Lt. Governors William Tayler (Mass) and David Dunbar (N.H.) as to command in Governor's absence etc. (Cf. Nov. 20, and A.P.C. III, No. 252). Without date, signature or endorsement. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 10. No. 187.]
[? 1732.] 516. Message of the Assembly of Barbados to H.E. In reply to H.E.'s message, state that their choosing a temporary Speaker and proceeding upon business without presenting him to the Governor is in accordance with numerous precedents. There is no instance of their applying to the Governor for his approval of a Speaker except at the first meeting of an Assembly. They have no intention of encroaching on H.M. prerogative, and as it is rather a matter of form and ceremony than any real substance they hereby present the chosen Speaker for his approval, and beg H.E. to consider the importance renewing the Excise bill which expires that night etc. Without date or endorsement. 2 2/3 pp. [C.O. 28, 45. ff. 208-209.]
[? 1732.] 517. Govenor Cosby to the Duke of Newcastle. Your Grace was pleased to grant Memorialist an Instruction [31st May, 1732], authorizing him to receive half the salary and perquisites of the Government of New York from the death of Governor Montgomery to the date of his Commission. The Jerzeys having been omitted in said Instruction, Memorialist has reason to believe this perquisite will be disputed when he visits that part in the Spring etc. The President of Council at New York has without difficulty allowed the same, but should the President of New Jerzeys dispute it, this difference may create a jealousy between the two Provinces of more importance to Memorialist than the small profit accruing to him hereby. Prays that a like Instruction be granted for New Jersey etc. Without date or endorsement. Cf. May 3, 1733. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1085. No. 71.]
1732. 518. Correspondence of Commandants of Essequibo with the Directors of the Dutch West India (Company. [C.O. 116, 26.]