America and West Indies: February 1736

Pages 156-160

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 42, 1735-1736. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1953.

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February 1736

Feb. 2.
246. Lt. Governor Broughton to the Council of Trade and Plantations. In reply to command of 17th June, encloses following. Signed, Tho. Broughton. Endorsed, Recd. 19th April, Read 21st Oct., 1736. 1 ¾ pp. Enclosed,
246. i. List of Acts of S. Carolina, in force 25 March, 1731, and made since, laying duties on importation and exportation of negroes, wines and other goods etc. Endorsed, Recd. 19th April, 1736. 7 pp. [C.O. 5, 365. ff. 124, 124 v., 126–129, 130 v., 131 v.]
Feb. 3.
St. James's
247. Wavell Smith to Mr. Popple. Encloses "three protests of two gentlemen of the Council of Antigua against the proceedings of Coll. Morris and the majority of the Council in their attempt of reducing my fees" etc. Is preparing his complaint to lay before H.M. of all "the monstrous irregularity in the proceedings of Antigua, St. Christopher and Nevis" etc. Signed, Wavll. Smith. Endorsed, Recd. 4th Feb., Read 25th Nov., 1736. Addressed. Seal. 1 p. Enclosed,
247. i. Resolution of Assembly of St. Christophers, July 1st, 1735, proposing to pay the Secretary £118 etc. Copy. Signed, James Losack, Clk. Assembly. 1 p.
247. ii. Protests by George Thomas and George Lucas against the proceedings of the Council of Antigua in reducing the Secretary's fees, June 5, 1734. Entered in the Minutes of Council, July 1st, 1735. Printed. 3 ¾ pp. [C.O. 152, 22. ff. 227–228, 229–230 v., 231 v., 232 v.]
Feb. 5.
St. James's.
248. Order of King in Council. Appointing Abell Dottin to the Council of Barbados, in the room of Col. Terrill deed. Signed, W. Sharpe. Endorsed, Recd. 7th, Read 8th April, 1736. 1 1/3 pp. [C.O. 28, 24. ff. 147, 147 v., 150 v. ; and 5, 21. ff. 41, 41 v.]
Feb. 6.
St. James's.
249. Order of King in Council. Confirming Act of the Massachusetts Bay for the trial of capital offences etc. committed in the island of Nantucket. Signed, W. Sharpe. Endorsed, Recd. 7th, Read 8th April, 1736. l 1/3 pp. [C.O. 5, 879. ff. 1, 1 v., 4 v.]
Feb. 6.
250. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Propose confirmation of Acts of Virginia, (i) amending Act for settling titles and bounds etc., and (ii) for the better support of the College of William & Mary etc. [C.O. 5, 1366. pp. 135, 136.]
[Feb. 12.] 251. Heads of what is proposed by Henry McCulloh in the settlement of the two tracts of land petitioned for. (i) I intend to settle a person I am now concern'd with in South Carolina, who is a man of considerable fortune, upon the head of the north-east branch of Cape Fear river. I am att the same time to send over a considerable number of workmen to build small houses for such people as I intend to send there from Europe to carry on the pott ash trade and for the raising hemp and other naval stores equal to the undertaking in my petition, the number I propose to settle on this tract is one hundred and eighty substantial people, (ii) Upon the tract on the head of the north-west river I intend to fix the said gentleman's brother and also to send over to that place proper workmen for the founding of a township and after the houses are prepared for them to settle one hundred and twenty like substantial people, and there intend to apply a considerable sum of money for carrying on the furr trade as well as raising hemp and other naval stores. It is to be remark'd here that tho' the number of people are not so many as might at first be expected, yett that there must necessarily be a great addition of servants and slaves for the carrying on of this undertaking and that tho' I ingage for no more than three hundred, yett as the settlement grows it will be my interest greatly to encrease that number. North Carolina hitherto has been very inconsiderable as to trade and tho' there is near 40,000 whites in that Colony, which is one-third more then in the South, yett there produce is not equal to one-tenth part and we have not had so much as one ship from that Colony this last year, which plainly shews what necessity there is to incourage those that are willing and capable to introduce trade and commerce amongst them. It is to be presumed from this state of the Colony it will appear that a settlement carried on in the manner above hinted at, by trading people, will answer all the ends proposed in giving such grants to the undertaker;—For trade naturaly occasions an encrease of people, and in such case the settlement becomes lasting. And at the same time putts those that are already settled there on new methods of industry, which will inrich the Colony and make it usefull to its Mother Country. Endorsed, Recd., Read 12th Feb., 1735/6. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 294. ff. 249, 250 v.]
[Feb. 12.] 252. Mr. Jenner to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Jenner, Agent for the Switzers who propose to settle in North Carolina, desires to have the lands hitherto ungranted, allotted for them that are scituated between Roanoak River, and the west branch of Cape Fear River above the Indian tradeing path home to the Mountains ; in lieu of the lands on Neus River before requested. Endorsed, Recd., Read 12th Feb., 1735/6. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 294. ff. 248, 248 v.]
Feb. 15.
St. Christophers.
253. Governor Mathew to Mr. Popple. Encloses Minutes of Council, Nevis, to Sept. 1736, and Treasurer's accounts, St. Christopher, to Jan. 1736. Signed, William Mathew. Endorsed, Recd. 12th April, Read 30th Sept., 1736. Holograph. 1 p. Enclosed,
253. i. Treasurer's account of import duty, St. Christopher. July, 1735—Jan., 1736. Total Receipts, £430 10s. 6d. Signed, William Pym Burt, Treasr. 1 p.
253. ii. Treasurer's account of money, (£106 7s. 10d.) received from Wm. Buckley. 1 p.
253. iii. Treasurer's account of money (£500) received from Martin Blake. 1 p.
253. iv. Treasurer's account of licences for hawking and pedling (£60). 1 p.
253. v. Treasurer's account of money (£519 3s. 4 ¾d.) received from Wm. Buckley. 1 p.
253. vi. Treasurer's account of poll tax on negroes and 5 p. c. on house-rents etc. Total, £5,320 14s. 4 ½ pp.
253. vii. Treasurer's account of powder duty. Totals. Receipts, £246 13s. 11d. Expenditure, £19 8s. 8d. 4pp.
253. viii. Treasurer's account of money appropriated for the use of the fortifications. Totals. Receipts, £1,309 8s. 9 ¾d., including balance brought forward, (£677 3s. 6 ¾d.). Expenditure, £1,044 6s. 4d. 2 pp.
253. ix. Treasurer's account of licence duty, July 1735—Jan., 1736. Totals, Receipts, £85, Expenditure, £160 2s. 0d. Nos. ii–ix, Signed, William Pym Burt, Trear. Nos. i–ix, Endorsed, Recd. 12th April, 1736. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 22. ff. 89, 89 v., 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97–99, 101 v.–104, 105, 106 v.]
Feb. 24.
254. Mr. Popple to the Board of Works. The situation, cold and stench of the necessary house belonging to this Office rendering it of little service, my Lords Commissioners etc, desire you will give directions for the makeing a water closet, there being a place here in which it may be done with little expence. [C.O. 389, 37. p. 369.]
Feb. 25. 255. Deposition of Samuel Wragg and Samuel Deane, of London, Merchants. Wragg and others concerned with him in a co-partnership for erecting of saw-mills, raising of pott-ashes and carrying on several other improvements in S. Carolina, did actually spend £1,500 sterl. in transporting about 30 artificers from Holland by contract to serve two years etc. Before the Indian war, 1715, the said artificers had actually built one sawmill to go by wind which frequently worked with 36 saws at a time, and, had they not been taken away by the then Governour to serve in the war, they wd. have erected two mills more. But being foreigners and the time for which they contracted expiring, most of them would not stay any longer, by which means they have suffered great loss etc. Signed, S. Wragg, Saml. Deane. Endorsed, Recd. 27th Feb., Read 4th March, 1735/6. 1 p. [C.O. 5,365. ff. 74, 75 v.]
Feb. 26.
256. Extract from a letter from the people of Appenzel in Switzerland to Mr. Ochs. A great many families are dispos'd to come and settle in America in H.M. Dominions, but they stay only to have granted what hath been layd before yr. Ldsps. concerning. 1. The naturalisation that they may be made free English subjects, and enjoy all the priviledges of them, as natural born subjects of Great Brittain. 2. As they are great lovers of their own liberties, they humbly desire that they may have the same priviledge as they enjoy in their own country, to serve all civil and military offices according to the Constitution and laws establishd in Great Brittain, to have their own ministers, which they shall provide for. 3. That they may have the enjoyment of these priviledges for them and their descendants for ever. 4. That the land which is given them, may be their own property, to sell or dispose of it as their own, and paying their quit rent, that is usual, that they shal be free for ever without paying anything what so ever besydes the usual quit rent, which things they humbly desire to have it in writing fully expressd without limitation, and seald, for their full satisfaction. Without which, they are not dispos'd to undertake the voyage, in particular, all those that have any substance to pay for their voyage and settle att their own expence, and these are the people with which a good foundation must be layd to support the others which come who have nothing to settle themselves withall. Endorsed, Recd, (from Mr. Ocks), Read March 16th, 1735/6. ¾ p. [C.O. 5, 294. ff. 257, 257 v.]
Feb. 28.
257. Governor Belcher to the Council of Trade and Plantations. My last to your Lordships was on the 15th of January, two days after which I adjourn'd the Assembly here to the 17th of next month, and now cover to your Lordships the remaining part of their Journals to the time they sat, where your Lordships will find they have given some incouragement to the manufacturing of pot-ash in this Province, and if it can be brought to perfection, it will be of considerable advantage in the commerce betwixt Great Britain and this place. There is a bill now lying at the House of Representatives, and which has past H.M. Council, for the better preservation of the King's woods, and I shall do all in my power, that it may come into a law, altho' I am very doubtful about it. I hope H.M. bounty of hemp seed will be here in good season this Spring, for incouraging the farmers to go briskly on in raising that commodity etc. Signed, J. Belcher. Endorsed, Recd. 21st May, Read 16th Sept., 1736. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 879. 15, 15 v., 19 v.]
Feb. 28.
258. Same to the Duke of Newcastle. Duplicate of preceding, mutatis mutandis. Signed, J. Belcher. Endorsed, R. 10th May. 3 pp. [C.O. 5,899. ff. 209–210 v.]