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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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No. 90, for England anything read England had anything.

No. 340, for Novia Scotia read Nova Scotia.

No. 371, 1662? transfer to 1663? after No. 551.

No. 387, for Granado ałs Granada (sic in orig.) read Grenada.

No. 404, dele. This document belongs to the year 1676.

No. 436, for Lt.-Col. John Lynch (sic in orig.) read Lt.-Col. Thos. Lynch.

No. 578, for see ante No. 581 read see No. 581.

No. 618, 1663? transfer to 1665? to follow No. 903.

No. 623, endorsed by Williamson, 1663, should (I think) be placed in 1665.

No. 731, for Dan. Lanhuckner read Dan. Lanhathner.

No. 770, for devote some course read direct some course.

No. 804 I. add, Indorsed : The letter of the Council and Assembly of Antigua for free trade.

No. 804 II. for Handley read Standly.

for Reg. Osborne read Rog[er] Osborne.

No. 804 III. for Regines read Reymes.

for Watling read Wathin.

for Creeke read Crooke.

for Ebrington read Elrington.

for Law read Lane.

No. 895 should I think precede No. 991.

No. 948, for His Majesty's read His Majesty.

No. 1180, for Scindy Point (sic in one copy) read Sandy Point.

No. 1184, Col. Carteret (sic in orig.) refers to Col. Geo. Cartwright.

No. 1213, for Grenada read Granada.

No. 1273, for Lt.-Col. Lawrance read Lt.-Col. Lowerane [Lovering.] N.B.—This letter is a copy.

No. 1613, add. The last paragraph is printed in New York Documents, III., 165-166.

No. 1629, for The humble remonstrance above mentioned set forth read The humble remonstrance above mentioned. Set forth

No. 1643, although this document refers to the year 1632, it is one of the papers abstracted Nos. 1598-1600, and relates to the title of the English to Nova Scotia.

No. 1675, for their masters read our masters.

No. 1729 I. for Bay of Butts read Bay of Bulls.

No. 1780, II., for Audmabo read Anamabo.

Nos. 742, 1542, 1748, 1795, are omitted.