America and West Indies: January 1661

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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January 1661

Jan. 2. 1. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Present Colls. Daniel Searle, Thomas Ellice, John Yeamans, James Browne, and Edmd. Reade, Sir Richard Pearce, and William Kirton. The Provost Marshall to arrest Col. Thos. Modyford, on an impeachment of high treason exhibited by John Jennings, who is directed to bring his evidence against Modyford, within three weeks, in the meantime Modyford is to reside on his own plantation in custody of the Marshall. In accordance with Lord Willoughby's commands, it is resolved to suspend those of the King's Patents for offices, which seem repugnant the one to the other, until His Majesty's pleasure is further known, taking in the meantime a perfect account of the fees received. Names of the freeholders returned as burgesses to serve in the General AssemblyMajor John Frere and Cap. Christopher Carew, for Christ Church parish ; Colls. Thos. Modyford and John Birch, St. John's ; Constant Sylvester and Wm. Bynion, St. George's, Coll. Wm. Fortescue and Capt. Hugh Powell, St. Philip's ; Major Philip Bell and Capt. Ed. Thornburgh, St. Michael's ; Major John Standfast and Cap. Wm. Porter, St. James' ; Cap. Edmund Brainston and John Price, St. Joseph's ; Lt.-Coll. Symon Lambert and Cap. Sam. Tidcomb, St. Lucy's ; Samuel Farmer and Thomas Peade, St. Thomas' ; Lt.-Coll. Richd. Bayly and Cap. Saml. Rolleston, St. Peter's ; and Cap. Richd. Andrews and John Somerhay, St. Andrew's ; Committee appointed for expunging out of the books all Acts, against the authority of the King's Majesty. The order concerning Coll. Modyford to remain in force. 3 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., pp. 38-40.]
Jan. 6.
2. John Dooke to Mr. Lowrie. Arrival of one Nutmaker, but no letters from him or John Foster. Owing to "the sad time of rains," very little work had been done latterly, but now that the rains were nearly over, and the courts coming on would lose no opportunity of getting in goods. Hopes Lowrie has received the houses at Farmstage, according to his bargain with Mrs. Dooke. p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XV., No. 1.]
Jan. 7. 3. Minutes of the Council for Foreign Plantations. Philip Froude to provide officers and defray charges of this Council, and to be answerable for persons to be employed at the salary appointed in his Commission of 300l. a year. Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Mr. Boyle, Sir Peter Leere, Sir James Drax, Col. Venables, Messrs. Waller, Povey, Diggs, Colleton, Noell, Kendall, Middleton, Jefferies, Watts, and Howe, or any four of them, appointed a Committee to meet at Grocers' Hall, and inform themselves of the true state of the Plantations in Jamaica and New England, and to prepare such overtures and propositions as may be most fit for the King's service and the advantage of those Plantations. Messrs. Denham, Waller, and Povey, Clerk of this Council, to be a Committee to write letters to Jamaica, the Caribbee Islands, Virginia, &c. The Lord Treasurer to be requested to present to the King the advice of this Council to agree with all who have propriety in any of the Plantations, prevent same for the future, and take them all into his own hands. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIV., No. 59, p. 8.]
Jan. 10.
4. Commission to Richard Povey, appointing him Sec., and Commissary and Steward General of Stores in Jamaica. To exercise these offices by himself or his sufficient deputy, approved of and sworn by the Governor or Council, and to receive such fees, allowances, and advantages, as have been enjoyed by any Sec. of Barbadoes, or Commissary and Steward General in Jamaica ; he is also appointed a member of the Council. Certified copy by Benjamin Smith. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 27, pp. 1, 2.]
Jan. 14-25.
Inner Court of Wards.
5. Minutes of the Council for Foreign Plantations. The Committee appointed to report on the condition of Jamaica and New England, not having sufficiently informed themselves of the state of New England, made a report of Jamaica only, by Mr. Povey, which was ordered to be exhibited in writing and propositions prepared to the King. For repairing and strengthening the forts, especially Cagway ; for providing an orthodox Ministry ; for considering a mixed Commission for the Governor or Commander-in-Chief to employ the army there in planting as well as in other duties ; for raising 3,000l. for that Island, and what commodities are the fittest to be sent there ; and for the distribution of land and rules for planting. Letter read by Mr. Povey for Barbadoes, and as a precedent for the other Plantations to be brought in on Friday (18th) with the amendments now made, and directed to the Governor and Council of Barbadoes for the time being.
Jan. 21.Adjourned from the 18th. Report of the Committee appointed to sit at Grocers' Hall concerning the condition of Jamaica and New England read, but as it appeared that the Committee had not had time or opportunity to be thoroughly informed of New England, ordered that the first paragraph of said Report be entered when the whole is finished.
Jan. 24.Letter read by Mr. Povey for Barbadoes, an addition brought in by Sir James Drax ordered to be made. Committee appointed to give the King an account of what hath passed concerning said letter for Barbadoes, and to know his pleasure. To be added to the report of Jamaica that no English ships may take any of the Indians prisoners, and that the Duke of York take order therein. Messrs. Denham, Waller, and Povey to draw up a letter for Jamaica.
Jan. 25.Report to the King concerning the letter to Barbadoes agreed to, as follows : That while they were despatching this letter they were informed of the King's pleasure to leave the direction of said letter to himself, which occasions them humbly to address his Majesty, as they conceive it improper, if not impossible, to frame a letter which requires several things to be done without some knowledge of who shall do them, and there being but two in view, a popular Governor, and the other, under his Majesty's authority, they thought it most fit to assert his Majesty's government there, being induced thereto by two letters of his Majesty [see Col. Papers, Vol. XIV., No. 18]. This Report to be presented by the Earl of Portland, and any of the Committee may speak to the sense thereof, but nothing contrary thereto : also to propose the sending 1,000l. in brandy by the ships now bound for Jamaica ; and to move the King to give directions to the Duke of York that no vessels under his command take Indians prisoners or do them any injuries whatever. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIV., No. 59, pp. 9-12.]
Jan. 25.
6. Col. Tho. Modyford to the Duke of Albemarle, his kinsman. Sends copy of his last, since when his enemies have exhibited articles against him and called them high treason, about which they have had two hearings before the Council, and failing in the proofs of all other matters, insist chiefly on his putting in execution that commission which through his Grace's favour was sent to him. Mr. Skipwith, the bearer, will give account of all transactions, the temper of the people in relation to their present Governors, and the great oppression Col. Modyford's innocence lies under. On same sheet,
Col. Modyford to Duke of Albemarle. The King's letter of 23rd June last arrived on 17th inst. Dec., commanding the obedience of the inhabitants to Lord Willoughby as Governor and Proprietor. And although Modyford was sufficiently informed that long after that time his Majesty had laid aside the proprietorship, and had on the 21st Oct. last promised not to remove Col. Modyford from the government, yet he thought it his duty to resign the government to Col. Walrond, who was by said Lord Willoughby appointed President. Is in some measure disappointed of the opportunity to do his Majesty service. Indorsed, "His resignation to Lord Willoughby. Read in Council March 27, 1667." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XV., No. 2.]
Jan. 26.
7. Warrant for regulating the Newfoundland fishery, with additional powers. These regulations are the same as those which were proposed by Attorney Gen. Noye, and approved by an Order of the Court of Star Chamber, 24th Jan. 1634 [see Col. Papers, Vol. VIII., No. 1.], with this addition. No master or owner to transport any persons to Newfoundland that are not of his ship's company. 4 pp. [Col. Ent. Bk., Vol. LXV., pp. 33-36.]
Jan. 26.
8. Copy of preceding. [Col. Papers, Vol. XV., No. 3.]
Jan. 28. 9. Minutes of the Council for Foreign Plantations. Ordered that the Address to the King concerning the letter to Barbadoes and the reasons for this Council's proceedings therein, be printed by the Earl of Portland or Lord Roberts, but not to be tied to the words of the same. p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIV., No. 59, pp. 12-13.]
[Jan. 29.] 10. Petition and representation of John Clarke on behalf of the purchasers and free inhabitants of Rhode Island, and the rest of the Colony of Providence Plantations, in the Narragansett Bay, in New England, to the King. Describes the cause and manner of their first going forth from Old to New England, the perils they have gone through in settling and planting their Colony, the encouragement which they received from the late King who in 1644 granted their charter, and the loyalty with which his Majesty has been voluntarily proclaimed throughout the Colony. Prays that they may not only be sheltered under the wing of his royal protection, but that they may be quietly permitted to flourish in their civil and religious concernments with freedom of conscience to worship the Lord their God. Indorsed, Recd. 29th Jan. 1661. See also No. 18. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XV., No. 4.]
Jan. 29-31. 11. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Present : Colls. Humphrey Walrond, President, Col. Henry Shelley, and others (see No. 1). After hearing John Jennings on behalf of the King, against Col. Thos. Modyford, and finding that Jennings relying on Modyford's confessions had dismissed his witnesses, ordered that there is not enough in those confessions to warrant Modyford's "straighter confinement," but that good bail be taken for his appearance, and further time given to Jennings for producing his witnesses. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., p. 41.]
Jan. 30.
Inner Court of Wards.
12. Minutes of the Council for Foreign Plantations. Sir James Drax and Messrs. How and Jefferies to take care of the provision of 1,000l. in brandy to be sent to Jamaica, Col. Venables and Mr. Coventry to request the Duke of York that no goods be taken aboard the Diamond frigate and the Rose Bush upon private account till the brandy for Jamaica be so stowed, that it be not embezzled, also to request the Duke's letters to all commanders at sea in America to forbear taking any Indians prisoners or doing them injury. Mr. Froude to get a letter from both Secretaries of State to the Governor of Jamaica, to take care that said brandy be sold to the best advantage and laid out for repairing the forts, especially that of Cagway. p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XIV., No. 59, p. 13.]
Jan. 13. Grant to Thos. Lynce [Lynch] of the office of Provost-Marshal of Jamaica for life. [Dom. Chas. II., Docquet Bk., p. 75.]
Jan. 14. Grant to John Man of the office of Surveyor-General in Jamaica. [Ibid.]