America and West Indies: December 1662

Pages 115-119

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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December 1662

Dec. 2.
389. Twenty-four Acts passed at a Grand Assembly held at James City, Virginia, by prorogation from 23rd March to 2nd Dec. 1662 ; but the titles only are given of those Acts against which is written in the margin, Repealed, Expired, Obsolete, Useless. Printed in Col. Entry Bks., Nos. 89, 90, 91, see ante, No. 262. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 88, pp. 49-53.]
Dec. 3-16.
St. Jago de la Vega.
390. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. The Act for the seal of tobacco returned and disannulled. Petition of Capt. John Harrington referred to Capts. Lyttelton and Fuller. Surveyors to be appointed and collections made by the several justices, for clearing and levelling the highways, which are to be mended before the end of the year. Proclamation of Deputy-Governor Lyttelton in accordance with the above order for the repair of highways.
Dec. 11.—Col. Sam. Barry's instructions read and allowed. The trade with the King of Spain's subjects to be prosecuted by force, and an attempt made to leeward, on the coasts of Cuba, Honduras, and the bay of Campeachy. The Provost-Marshal, on his visit to any ship, to signify that all persons desiring the benefit of his Majesty's proclamation must enter the names and numbers of their families at the Secretary's office on landing. Proclamation of Deputy-Governor Lyttelton in accordance with the above order concerning persons desiring the benefit of the King's proclamation.
Dec. 16.—Proclamation of the Deputy-Governor of Jamaica. Countenancing the transportation by Capt. Robt. Munden in the Charles frigate of Col. Sam. Barry and Capt. Langford to Tortugas, near Hispaniola, from whom Capt. Munden is to receive orders for reducing the same. An additional Act to an Act formerly made for raising a public revenue out of all strong liquors imported into this island. [Col. Entry Bks., No. 34, pp. 67-73, and No. 37, pp. 20, 21, 26, 27.]
Dec. 5. 391. The King to the Governor and Council of Virginia. Whereas his Majesty in the first year of his reign [18 Sept. 1649] granted to Henry Lord Jermyn, now Earl of St. Alban's ; Ralph Lord Hopton, then Baron of Stratton ; Sir John Berkeley, now Baron of Stratton ; Sir William Morton, Knt., and others, all that territory in America bounded by the rivers Tappahannacke or Rappahannacke and Quiriough or Patowomecke and Thasopayocke Bay, together with the rivers themselves and all the islands within them, which by reason of the late unhappy times they could not enjoy. And whereas the said Earl of St. Albans, Lord Berkeley, Sir William Morton, and John Trethewy, assignee of said Lord Hopton and the surviving patentees, have lately granted to Sir Humphrey Hooke, Knt., John Fitzherbert, Esq., and Robert Vicaredge, merchant, said territory for a certain number of years. His Majesty's pleasure is, without any intention of withdrawing the said Plantation from under the care of the Governor and Council of Virginia, that they aid and assist such person as shall be employed by the parties interested for settling the Plantation and receiving the rents and profits thereof, said patentees having merited much by their great services and sufferings, as well for his Majesty as for his late Royal father. 2 pp. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., No. 10, pp. 19-21.]
Dec. 18. 392. Minutes of the Council and Assembly of Barbadoes. List of the burgesses returned to the Assembly, vizt., Major Rich. Buckworth, vice Capt. Christopher Carew, for Christchurch Parish ; Capt. Thos. Merrick and Lieut. Thos. Lake for St. Andrew's ; Capt. Jas. White, vice Thos. Wardall, for St. Joseph's ; Robert Breviter, vice Capt. Wm. Sandiford, for St. Peter's ; John Jennings, vice Capt. Ed. Thornburgh, for St. Michael's ; the remaining burgesses were re-elected, and Col. Thos. Modyford, Speaker. Heads of addresses to be presented to the King. That a declaration be made by Act of Parliament, touching the assurance of their titles to their lands ; tenure in soccage to be held of the King ; their children to be declared free born of all his Majesty dominions ; no tax laid without the consent of the freeholders ; no custom to be paid on exports from England, but to be as Virginia, New England, &c. ; free trade also with Africa, or else to be furnished with negroes by the Royal Company, at the same rate as by the merchants. Lord Willoughby, if in England, to be desired to present these and any further addresses. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., pp. 76, 77.]
Dec. 18. 393. Order of the President and Council of Barbadoes. That Capt. Povey bring in his account of all fees received during his exercise of the Provost-Marshal's office since 4th Jan. 1661, with order to the serjeant-at-arms and marshals of the courts of common pleas in Barbadoes to yield obedience to Francis Cradock as Provost-Marshal. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVI., No. 114.]
Dec. 19.
394. Licence to Sir Thomas Bludworth and Sir William Turner, sheriffs of London. Whereas divers prisoners condemned for crimes within clergy usually obtain pardon under limitation of being transported into Foreign Plantations, but in the meantime remain at the charge of the sheriffs without any allowance. Said sheriffs are hereby licensed to transport 20 prisoners under their custody, on giving security that none of them shall return within 12 years of their landing in said Plantations. Names of the prisoners : Rich. Ridewood, John Poole, Steph. Hobson, John Johnson, Rich. Trellis, Geo. Langford, Wm. Starkey, Abraham Drew, Hen. Howard, Wm. Stoakes, Thos. Smith alias Suringfield, Nathaniel Harris, Thos. Langthall, Morris Jones, John Harvey alias Harris, Hen. Bailey, Rob. Chapman, Sam. Eles, John Smith, Margaret Parry. 2 pp. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XIV., pp. 1, 1a.]
Dec. 29.
James River, Virginia.
395. Captains Rich. Gouldesburgh and Rich. Hodges to the Navy Commissioners. Have been forced to draw three bills of exchange on the Commissioners, having left Jamaica with only three months provisions, and having met with violent storms in the Gulf of Alurada. Richard Ditty has accepted the bills, and has been very ready to serve his Majesty. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LXV., Nos. 69, 70, Cal., p. 605.]
Dec.? 396. Robert Johnston to Sec. Bennet. Particulars of several suspicious persons. It is against reason to think that Baker should be able to discover any plots without doing wrong to persons ; he was a member of Cotton's Church in New England, but lost his credit and was banished thence for blasphemy and atheism ; he has since discovered himself more fully to be a blasphemer, atheist, liar, and profane person. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LXV., No. 10, Cal. p. 594.]
Jamaica. 397. An account of the officers and soldiers of the militia of this island, raised by order of his Excellency Thomas Lord Windsor, Governor. Divided into five regiments ; the first consisting of 15 officers and 327 men, Col. Lord Windsor, Major Povey, Captains Man, Fuller, and Burroughs ; the second, of 12 officers and 256 men, Col. Lyttelton, Captains Lyttelton, Walrond, and Ashton ; the third, of 24 officers and 452 men, Col. Mitchell, Major Cope, Captains Clee, Freeman, Guy, Collier, Evans, and Morgan ; the fourth, of 24 officers and 540 men, Col. Barry, Lt.-Col. Archbold, Major Hope, Captains Massie, Valett, Rivers, Cooper, and Thorne ; also Captain Johnson's company of 53 ; and the fifth, of 24 officers and 356 men, Lt.-Col. Lynch, Major Sanderson, Captains Groves, Lloyd, Freeman, Atkins, Englesfield, and Browne. In all 53 officers and 2,030 men. In Williamson's hand. 1½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVI., No. 115.]
Jamaica. 398. Copy of preceding. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVI., No. 116.]
[1662?] 399. Bermudas. "A collection of laws and orders since those printed anno 1622 ; together with a rental of the public land as made and returned anno 1627 and 1657. Also an account of the glebes, how disposed ; of the time of the ministers' entertainment ; and of their respective settlements this present year 1662." Also laws and orders made in 1662, 1663, 1669, 1675, and 1676. Certified copy by Rich. Banner. 27 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVI., No. 117.]
1662. 400. Acts passed in Barbadoes during the year 1662, in continuation of those of 1661, entered ante, No. 203. No. 32. An Act for the better amending, repairing, and keeping clean the common highways and known broad paths within this island, leading to church and market, and for laying out new ways, and turning old ways where it shall be needful. 9 January 1661-2. No. 33. An Act for the encouragement of such as plant or raise provisions to sell. 13 March 1661-2. No. 34. An Act concerning ships. No. 35. An additional Act to the Act of Highways. 12 June 1662. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 15, pp. 45-55.]
1662? 401. Warrant to prepare a bill for his Majesty's signature authorising the Treasurer of the Exchequer to pay the sum of 500l. yearly to Thomas Povey, to be by him transmitted and equally distributed to five ministers serving in Jamaica, or to four ministers and a schoolmaster, as shall seem fit to the Governor, said sum to be paid halfyearly, commencing from the Feast of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin, 1662, 250l. already paid by virtue of Privy Seal dated the 15th May last, to be defalked therefrom ; and other letters of Privy Seal dated the 21st March last authorising said payment, having been mislaid, are hereby vacated and annulled. Draft with corrections. 2 pp. The Warrant is dated 23 February 1663, see Dom. Entry Bk. Chas. II., No. IX., pp. 281-283. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVI., No. 118.]
402. Relation of the imprisonment of about 200 Quakers in Dorsetshire. Many Quakers are imprisoned in Virginia under the government of Sir William Bartlett [Berkeley], and their goods taken from them, and some banished, because they cannot swear, and because they cannot promise to abstain from meeting together to worship God, and abjure the same, and help to maintain their church and worship. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LVI., No. 134, Cal., p. 426.]
403. Petition of Ann, widow of Nicholas Downe, chief clerk of the kitchen, to the King. Petitioner's husband served his Majesty from his infancy till his going over to France, and lost all his property in the wars ; after which he was forced to go to Virginia under the protection of Governor Sir Wm. Berkeley ; dying there shortly after, he left petitioner without support. Prays for a pension. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LXVI., No. 107, Cal., p. 621.]
404. A closely-written paper of 12 pages addressed to the Lord Mayor, aldermen, citizens, and merchants in London, entitled, Complaint from heaven with a hue and cry and a petition out of Virginia and Maryland to the King and his Parliament against the Barklian and Baltimore parties. The platform is Pope Jesuit determined to overthrow England with fire, sword, and distractions, and the Maryland Papists to drive us Protestants to purgatory. 12 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVI., No. 119.]