America and West Indies: April 1663

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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April 1663

April 3. 430. Examination of Samuel Wilson, tailor. Had some hundreds of letters to carry into New England, amongst others one bundle of news-books and the letter taken upon him, which were given him by one Hooke [see ante, No. 422] ; knows not where Hooke lives. Major Thompson delivered him several letters to carry to New England, and two days after came and asked him where he had put them, because he heard there would be a search for letters ; knows not where Thompson lives, but met him and received the letters on the Exchange. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LXXI., No. 12, Cal., p. 98.]
April 5. 431. Petition of Henry Janson, Doctor of Laws, to the King. That his Majesty about a year since granted petitioner all the wastes and illegal encroachments in Barbadoes [see ante, No. 276]. Mr. Kendal and some other planters there have obstructed this grant, and though ordered to give in their exceptions speedily in writing to the Privy Council, have all this while refused to do so. Prays they may be ordered to appear before the Privy Council and show reason, if they can, for their past contempt and continued opposition to his Majesty's grant. Indorsed, Rec. April 5, read 15, and to be heard 24. To be heard the 29th, 1663. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 16.]
April 7. 432. Edward Godfrey to Thos. Povey. Has formerly written how the Province of Maine standeth at present. Know as Columbus offered the discovery of the West India to Henry VII. you are at present offered a tract of land already discovered and in part populated with English, which for future and discovery is of more concernment than any part of America as yet settled on by the English. Send for Gorges at Francis Lutterell's, at Gray's Inn, and talk with him ; you will find him a man not capable of such a great business, to be the undoing of so many loyal subjects, and suffer those parts of the which, till 1652, had ever lived according to his Majesty's laws, but now is made a receptacle of those of Hugh Peters, Vane, Vener, Baker, Potter, who to avoid their principles fly thither for shelter, and keep us loyal subjects out of our inheritance after 30 years' possession so dearly bought. Desires he will talk with Lord Robartes' son, Mr. Hender (?) that Godfrey may know Povey's resolution. Though Gorges' grandees have plundered Godfrey's house in New England, and possessed themselves of most of his records, precedents, and papers of 55 years' travail, he has sufficient here in England to guard a right course and settle those parts as formerly to any reasonable man. Is informed that one Mr. Nicolls, belonging to the Duke of York, is to go for New England. Has all passages of 40 years in that country, which will show him and Povey what is needful. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 17.]
April 7. 433. Agreement between the agents of Connecticut and Rhode Island, touching the Narragansett country. Differences having arisen between Jno. Winthrop and Jno. Clarke, agents for taking out Patents for the colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island respectively, as to the meaning of certain bounds in a Patent lately granted to Connecticut, said agents have jointly appointed Wm. Brereton, Major Robert Thomson, Capts. Richard Deane and John Brookhaven, and Dr. Benjamin Worsley to consider what might be most commodious for settling said bounds :the undersigned have unanimously agreed to advise, that a river called Pawcatuck shall be the bounds, and shall in future be called alias "Narragansett River ;" 2ndly, "if any parts of that purchase at Quimbage doth lie along upon the east side of that river that goeth down by New London within six miles of the said river, that then it shall wholly belong to Connecticut colony, as well as the rest which lyeth on the western side ; 3rdly, that the proprietors and inhabitants of that land about Mr. Smith's trading house claimed or purchased by Major Atherton, Capt. Hutchinson, Lieut. Hudson, and others, or given unto them by the Indians, shall have free liberty to choose to which of those colonies they will belong ; 4thly, propriety shall be carefully maintained through said colonies. Signed, Wm. Brereton, Robert Thomson, B. Worsley, Ri. Deane, Jno. Brookhaven. With mem. that to the four proposals above mentioned said Jno. Winthrop and Jno. Clarke consent as a final issue of all the controversies betwixt them. Signed, Jno. Winthrop, in the presence of J. Beane, Wm. Potter, and Robert Thomson. Copy by John Sanford, Recorder of Rhode Island and Province. Indorsed, Recd from the Governr of Rhode Island, the 12th Nov. 1680. 2 pp. Two copies. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., Nos. 18, 19.]
April 8. 434. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. President Walrond acknowledges the receipt of 1,000l. from the last Spanish ship admitted to trade, and will present it to Lord Willoughby on his arrival, according to a former agreement between the President and Council. p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., p. 78.]
April 9.
435. Patent of Receiver-General of the Revenues of Foreign Plantations. His Majesty judges it meet to erect an office in England to be called the office of Receiver-General of the Revenues payable from his foreign dominions, colonies, and plantations in Africa and America, with the fee of 400l. per annum, to be paid out of said revenues, and to grant said office to Thomas Rosse and Thomas Chiffinch, Esquires, for their natural lives and the life of the longer liver, to exercise same by themselves, or sufficient deputies, observing all orders from the High Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer, but not to be receivers or collectors of the customs or duties payable on goods imported from said colonies and plantations. 1 memb. [Pat. Roll, 15 Chas. II., Part 11, No. 4.]
April 9.
Point Cagway.
436. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. Upon a question whether it be requisite to take in more persons in the Council. Resolved that Lt.-Coll. John Lynch, Mr. Pugh, and Capt. John Man be sworn of the Council, and they were sworn accordingly. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 37, p. 21.]
April 10.
437. Order of the King in Council. Letters and papers from New England being read, the King declared that he intends to preserve the charter of that plantation and speedily to send over Commissioners to see how the charter is maintained on the part of the Province, and to reconcile the differences at present amongst them. p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LX., pp. 10, 11.]
April? 438. Petition of Jo. Collins to the King. For a grant of the island of "Burbooda" [Barbuda] which lyes upon a rock in 17 latitude, uninhabited, and never brought any profit to the Crown and is not fit for any use but to graze some few cattle. [Cruttwell says this island was called Dulcena "from its beautiful appearance."] Signed but mutilated. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 20.]
April 15.
439. Minute of the preceding petition of John Collins, with reference to the Council for Foreign Plantations, see Warrant, 8th July, No. 514. p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XIII., p. 266.]
April 21. 440. Bond of Samuel Wilson, Martin Aglethorpe, Edward Merryweather, Noah Floyd, and Randolph Ingram, in 1,000l., for good conduct and presenting within a year to a Secretary of State the person of Hooke, writer of a seditious letter to New England, see ante, No. 422. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LXXII., No. 17, Cal., p. 117.]
April? 441. The King to [the Deputy Governor of Jamaica]. His Majesty has heard of the success of the undertaking upon Cuba, in which he cannot choose but please himself in the vigour and resolution wherein it was performed, although it does not appear to his Majesty that any public benefit accrues to his service thereby. Has likewise been informed of new undertakings of the like nature ; but because his Majesty cannot foresee any utility likely to arise thereby, but on the contrary concludes that whatever the success be, the strength of the place will be much weakened and the minds of the planters distracted from industry on the island, which alone can make it considerable, his Majesty has thought fit hereby to command him to give no encouragement to such undertakings unless they may be performed by the frigates or men-of-war attending that place, without any addition from the soldiers or inhabitants. Draft with corrections in the handwriting of Sec. Nicholas. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 21.]
442. Fair copy of the preceding letter "to the Deputy Governor of Jamaica to regulate future attempts on the Spaniards, &c.," which has been struck through, and Sec. Nicholas has written the draft of another letter to be sent instead, which is calendared in the abstract following. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 22.]
April 28. 443. The King to the Deputy Governor of Jamaica. Understanding with what jealousy and offence the Spaniards look upon our island of Jamaica, and how disposed they are to make some attempt upon it, and knowing how disabled it will remain in its own defence if encouragement be given to such undertakings as have lately been set on foot, and are yet pursued, and which divert the inhabitants from that industry which alone can render the island considerable, the King signifies his dislike of all such undertakings, and commands that no such be pursued for the future, but that they unitedly apply themselves to the improvement of the plantation and keeping the force in a proper condition. Countersigned by Sec. Bennet. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII. No. 23.]
April 28. 444. Two copies of the preceding letter, one bearing date 26th May 1663. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XCIII., pp. 13, 14, and pp. 16, 17.]
April. 445. Another copy of preceding letter. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XXI., pp. 152, 153.]
April 28.
Point Cagua.
446. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. Resolved that the Cocoa walks distributed to the officers of the late army remain their property, and be confirmed by the seal of the island. That Mr. Pugh and Capt. Man bring in an abstract of the tenths and fifteenths due to his Majesty and his Royal Highness from the records of the Admiralty Court. That Lt.-Col. Thos. Lynch, Capts. Fuller and Man, and Mr. Pugh, contract with a carpenter for rebuilding the bridge at Passage Fort, and report on the best means of levying the same on boatmen, alehouse keepers, and merchants. That an Act be drawn empowering any two justices of the peace to settle a maintenance for the ministers of their precincts. That the Spanish prisoners be sent to England by the first King's ship. That butchers shall not charge more than 6d. per lb. for tame hogs, under a penalty of 20s. for each offence. That a review of the accounts between Capts. Morris, Williams, and Burroughs be made. That the Spanish negroes be exercised in martial discipline, under the command of Juan Luyola. Proclamations of Dep. Governor Lyttelton in accordance with the above resolutions of Council concerning the price of butchers' meat and the accounts between Capts. Williams and Burroughs, both dated April 9. 4 pp. [Col. Entry Bks., No. 37, pp. 21, 22, and No. 34, pp. 79-81.]
April. 447. Warrant to Sir Heneage Finch, Solicitor-General. To prepare a bill containing a grant to Lord Windsor, Governor of Jamaica, of all that point of land called Point Cagway, next adjoining Charles Fort, containing about 400 acres, with all privileges, mines, &c., and also the ferry over the harbour, and all its rights, to be holden for ever in free soccage, as of the manor of East Greenwich in Kent. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 24.]
April. 448. Copy of the preceding, in the handwriting of Sec. Nicholas, but with the clause about mines omitted. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 25.]
April 29.
449. Secretary Sir Henry Bennet to Sir Chas. Lyttelton Deputy Governor of Jamaica. Sir Edward Nicholas has put into Sec. Bennet's hands his letters of Dec. 15 and Jan. 13, relating the condition of the island, in which his Majesty will take some speedy resolutions for supplying all things requisite. For the present here goes only an order forbidding him absolutely to encourage any more such undertakings as have been from the island abroad into other parts, the disability into which they will cast them, as to their own defence and improvement, making his Majesty dissatisfied with the success of them, how good soever they be. Will solicit with all efficacy the things desired, both for the good of the island, and his particular satisfaction. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 26.]
April? 450. Draft of preceding in Sec. Nicholas' hand. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 27.]