America and West Indies: March 1667

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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March 1667

March 1. 1431. Warrant to the High Sheriffs of London and Middlesex. To give order for delivery to John Pate or his deputy, to be put on board the ships bound for Virginia, or other his Majesty's Plantations, the convicts now in Newgate, viz., Wm. Payne, Edward Evans, John Ward, Thomas Harwood, Robert Allen, Wm. Allen, Jonas Sonier alias Somner, Dorothy Bywater, Nicholas Danse, John English, George Windrewe, Wm. Alexander, Matthew Cotten, Wm. Kellam, Isaac Oliver, John Coughtland, John Smith, Mathew Jones, John Sowell, John Rivers, and Nathaniel Hubberte. p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XXIII., p. 373.]
March 2.
1432. The King to William Lord Willoughby, Governor of the Caribbee Islands. Whereas by order of the Council Board of 13 June 1663, it was ordered that 500l. per annum out of the second moiety of the profits arising to his Majesty from said islands should be paid to James late Earl of Marlborough during his life, and then to his uncle William Ley, Esq., during his life, before any other assignment on said second moiety. And whereas by Letters Patent of 29 May 1665 his Majesty at their desire granted said annuity to Sir George Carteret and John Trethewy during the lives of the said William Ley and James Carteret, Esq. (sic.,? James Earl of Marlborough). Said James Earl of Marlborough being since dead, and said Sir George Carteret become his executor, his Majesty hereby requires his Lordship forthwith to pay to said Sir George Carteret all arrears of said annuity in sugars at the lowest rate they shall be valued at in Barbadoes, and to cause constant payment of said annuity before all other assignments as aforesaid. 1 pp. [Dom., Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XIV., pp. 128, 128.]
March 2.
1433. Summary of news from Lieut.-Gen. Willoughby, written in pencil on the back of a letter addressed to John Champante, merchant, London. Four men-of-war arrived at Barbadoes on the 12 February with Maurice Thompson, and the rest of the Barbadoes fleet. His Majesty's commission and instructions received from the Duke of York. The new Commissioners have called an Assembly and are sending a fleet to the Leeward Isles, the enemy receiving daily recruits from France and Holland. A Swede bound to Martinico and St. Christopher's taken by the Norwich frigate. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXI., No. 25.]
March 2.
1434. Col. Sam. Barwick to [Sec. Lord Arlington]. Arrival of four frigates and many merchantmen on the 12th Feb. with a power for the Governor of the island during the absence of Lord Willoughby, wherewith the inhabitants are heartily pleased ; has no notice of any instructions sent with it. The frigates gone forth on the report of 10 enemies' ships to windward. The Assembly meet on Tuesday next. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXI., No. 26.]
March 3.
1435. Hugh Salesbury to Williamson. All possible haste is made to ship the soldiers bound for Barbadoes under Lord Willoughby. The Jersey is added to the ships bound for their transport. The Fountain is ready to sail with the ships bound for Guinea. Sir Jas. Modyford is likewise ready to sail in company with Lord Willoughby for the island of Providence. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCIII., No. 31, Cal., p. 546.]
March 5. 1436. Hugh Salesbury to Williamson. Lord Willoughby will have aboard all the soldiers this day, and purposes to sail within a day or two at farthest, having for convoy the Jersey and Indian ; the Fountain sails at the same time for Guinea, and in company go several good merchant ships of considerable force. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCIII., No. 44, Cal., p. 548.]
March 5-8. 1437. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Names of members returned this day to the Assembly : Col. Rich. Bayley, Lt.-Col. Wm. Yeamans, Ralph Fretwell, Capt. John Gibbs, John Holder, Edward Binny, Jas. Walwyn, Rich. Evans, Hump. Hooke, John Davis, Rich. Hawkins, Wm. Bate, Capt. John Turner, John Jennings, Constant Silvester, Henry Odiarne, John Frere, Maj. Nath. Kingsland, Lieut.-Col. Symon Lambert, Maj. Sam. Tydcombe, Henry Sweet, and Henry Walrond, who was chosen Speaker, and Henry Arundell, Clerk.
March 6.A declaration from the Assembly that they are ready to lay out their estates for his Majesty's honour and interest, but desire directions in writing how to improve the occasion to the best advantage. Letter from the King to the Council of Barbadoes, dated Whitehall, Dec. 5, 1666. Their letter of Sept. 29, giving account of the misfortune befallen Lord Willoughby, received but two days ago. His Majesty's care for their welfare will be seen in the Commission given to persons well esteemed among them for exercising Lord Willoughby's powers whilst he shall be absent, "we will not conclude him finally lost," and in despatching with all possible expedition the arms and ammunition provided for Barbadoes. Letter from the Duke of York to Lord Willoughby or, in his absence, to the chief commander, dated 8th Dec. 1666. This, with a former letter, written since the news of his misfortune, will come to his hands if his person be preserved, "as I wish and hope," by some men-of-war sent to accompany a fleet of merchantmen. The commanders have directions to follow his orders in attempting to recover what the enemy has taken ; but if that be too difficult, to send the Colchester to Jamaica, and take orders from Sir Thos. Modyford, to receive on board Sir James Modyford and his men, and the rest home with this laden fleet for their security ; to be despatched with all speed, that the seamen may be home time enough for his Majesty's service. Paper sent to the Assembly, that it is the judgment of the Governors and Council that 10 of the best ships about the island be forthwith set forth to accompany his Majesty's four frigates to the Leeward Isles, whereto they desire the Assembly's assistance.
March 7.Note from the Assembly for raising a million of sugar. Committee appointed to calculate the charge of the fleet intended for the Leeward Isles. The Governors agreed to meet at Mrs. Barnes' house for despatch of business every Tuesday and Friday. Warrant to Capt. Berry to impress for his Majesty's service against the French and Dutch at the Leeward Isles the ships Pearl, Constant Katherine, John and Thomas, William, Companion, and Phnix. Declaration of the Assembly : That they have cheerfully voted 1,000,000 of sugar for setting forth a fleet for the preservation of the Leeward Isles ; and declare to the world that his Majesty's gracious letter of 5th Dec. last, and the Governors readily confirming their just rights and liberties, are the foundation of this their cheerful and ready aid. Declaration of the Governors, Council, and Assembly concerning the Government : Forasmuch as doubts have arisen as to what laws would be put in practice, it is hereby declared that all laws passed in the reigns of Chas. I. and of his present Majesty that stand unrepealed shall be taken to be the laws in force, and that the inhabitants shall be governed as heretofore, according to the laws of England and the constitutions and laws of this island.
March 8.Order to secure landsmen going on board the ships fitting for the Leeward Islands without tickets from the Governors, according to custom. Warrant to impress provisions for his Majesty's service for victualling the Pearl for 150 men for two months. Also for the St. Peter, Constant Katherine, Companion, John and Thomas, and William. Warrant to Col. Richard Bayley to summon the commanders of all the vessels riding in Speights Bay, to give account of their men, guns, and ammunition. Several warrants and orders for pressing ships and mariners, not being servants or inhabitants of Barbadoes ; also surgeons' chests and fitting a fire-ship. Debate of the Assembly about victualling the ships so as not to render the island destitute of provisions ; also that strict orders be given that no servants or slaves be carried off ; that if any be found on board they be publicly lashed and sent to gaol ; and that leave be given to planters and merchants to board any ship to search for any lost servants or slaves ; also that care be taken for preventing the running off of debtors. An Act for the better directing and regulating an equal laying of a present levy within this island, "recorded in the book of Acts." Commissions to Capt. Caleb Came to be commander of the ship St. Peter for his Majesty's service against the French and Dutch at the Leeward Isles ; and to Captains Collier, Morgan, Thompson, Williams, and Randall for the other ships. 18 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., pp. 103-119.]
March 6. 1438. Capt. Abraham Langford's receipt for 66l. 19s. from Lord Willoughby for brandy and vinegar for the soldiers on board the fleet bound for Barbadoes, with certificate from Sir Tobias Bridge, that he has appointed Capt. Langford Adjutant to his regiment to receive said monies. Indorsed, Read in Council 13 March 6 6/7. Ordered the monies to be paid to the Lord Willoughby or his order. To be sent to Mr. James Halsey at London. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXI., No. 27.]
March 9.
1439. Wm. Lord Willoughby to the King. Finds there is no trust in a sea captain's word for departing his port, though Capt. Carteret and the rest of the officers have been diligent ; now he has them under sail and hopes to arrive at Barbadoes "despite of Hans or Monsieur." "Pardon I beseech your Majesty that I put you in mind of the good breeder (my good wife) I leave behind, who hath brought your Majesty seven he subjects such as I dare own ; may the two mares prove as justifiable in their kind, but if they fail she is resolved to supply your Majesty with a handsome jade of my breed, but not by her. The God of Heaven bless your Majesty and prosper your attempts by sea and land, and send you Princes to command as great territories as I desire to conquer, and though out of sight I beseech your Majesty forget not the humblest of your subjects." Has rdered the fleet to set sail this day. Indorsed, 9 Mar. 6 6/7, R. Portsmouth. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXI., No. 28.]
March 9.
New Plymouth.
1440. Thomas Prence, Governor, in the name of his [Majesty's Court of New Plymouth, to [Col. Nicolls]. His good affection in imparting to Capt. Willett the petition of William Nicarson against them accepted with much thankfulness. Necessitated to crave that he would send the petition which contains false and scandalous charges, or a true copy under the hand of a public officer, whereby they may have sufficient ground for the conviction of Nicarson and vindication of themselves. The Commissioners told Nicarson that unless he would submit to the Court they would not speak in his behalf, so his fine was remitted, and as large a tract of land granted to him as though he had legally purchased it. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXI., No. 29.]
March 10.
1441. Sir Thos. Temple to Sec. Lord Arlington. Received on the 6th inst., his Majesty's letter of the 28th Aug. last, also his Lordship's with a double of that of Feb. 22, 1666. The Governor and magistrates have newly received a letter from his Majesty, so that he found them ready to give their best assistance, but their capacity is very small, most of their shipping being abroad. Refers to what they wrote in answer to his Majesty's commands concerning Canada. Wrote fully concerning affairs in Nova Scotia by Col. Cartwright, but his ship was taken by a Dutch man-of-war, and all his letters thrown overboard ; and again wrote by Capt. Scarlett, but he is cast away in a great storm, seven men being lost, and none of his papers saved. Sir Robert Carr goes in this ship to Bristol, but Capt. Martin who brought his Majesty's letters intends sailing in six weeks, by whom he will fully give account of Nova Scotia, which he thanks God he has hitherto preserved from the French. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXI., No. 30.]
March 12.
1442. The King to William Lord Willoughby of Parham, Governor of the Caribbees and Proprietor of Surinam in America. On petition of Giles Green, an infant six years old, that John Parker by indenture of 12th June 1663 sold to Giles Green, father of petitioner, and his heirs in remainder after the death of said Parker's wife, 4,000 acres of land in Surinam, granted by or purchased from the late Francis Lord Willoughby, Parker being lately deceased ; his Majesty considers that petitioner's father's estate was much weakened by payment of 5,000l. customs to his Majesty, and recommends the case in very especial manner to his Lordship, requiring him to direct that said estate be managed to the best profit and that if said widow shall die the profits shall be answered to petitioner and his heirs. 2 pp. [Dom., Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XIV., pp. 130-1.]
March 12. 1443. Thomas Middleton to Williamson. Enclosed is an account of the provisions issued out of the King's stores for the use of the soldiers shipped at Portsmouth for Barbadoes. Begs him to present his humble service to Lord Arlington, and to procure an order for delivering them, and to send it as soon as possible. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCIII., No. 102, Cal., p. 558.]
March 12-15. 1444. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Order on complaint of Capt. Thompson against the mate and others of his ship the Pearl, to seize said persons and proceed against them. Warrant to Peter Hancocke and others to impress men, horses, boats, shallops, cattle, beef, fish, and Madeira wine for his Majesty's service. Capts. George Parris and Morrice Williams to succeed Capts. Thos. Collier and John Williams in the command of their ships. Proposals of the commanders of the ships pressed for the King's service in reference to the security to be given for the hire or loss of their ships, with the answers of the Council to same.
March 13.Lieut.-Gen. Willoughby propounded his readiness to go to the Leeward Isles, if his brother William might be admitted to his place in the Government ; whereupon put to the vote whether the Governors may prudentially appoint any commanders over the Admiral appointed by the Duke of York, and over Col. Jas. Russell, Governor of Nevis, and negatived. The Provost-Marshall to give notice to the Commissioners to sail for the Leeward Isles on Saturday. Capt. Thos. Collier having submitted is to have his commission again, and Capt. John Williams to treat with Capt. Morrice Williams about the surrender of his commission. Declaration for the encouragement of the seamen in this expedition, as to plunder of vessels taken from the enemy. Warrants to Thos. Revell to impress five tons of iron to be cut up for shot, all powder and shot he can find, saltpetre, and wine. Answer of the Assembly to a message of the Governors and Council as to the sufficiency of the vote of one million of sugar to set out the ships for the Leeward Isles, that they will be ready with further help, yet there is a necessity for maintaining some ships of war for their own defence, which calls for a speedy and considerable levy, and they conceive they will too much burden themselves if they alone bear the whole charge for themselves and Nevis. The Assembly advise that, in consideration that the attack by the French and Indians may be attempted by Saturday the 23rd at furthest, that his Majesty's four ships and those then ready be despatched, rather than Nevis be lost in the interim.
March 14.Opinion of the Assembly that if Henry Willoughby absents himself in this expedition, his brother William may not be received in his place, and that two of the Governors may act though the third dissents. Order and warrants concerning the shipping impressed. Commission from Col. James Russell, Governor of Nevis, to the Robert of Nevis, to sail immediately for Barbadoes, and deliver a packet to Lt.-Gen. Henry Willoughby.
March 15.Orders in reference to powder and arms and to search for runaway seamen. 15 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., pp. 120-134.]
March 18.
On board the Jersey.
1445. John Scott to Williamson. On the 11th William Lord Willoughby of Parham weighed anchor in the John and Margaret, passed the Needles before noon, and on the 12th at 8 in the evening passed the Lizard. Begs him to mention his name when he writes to Lord Willoughby. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCIV., No. 45, Cal., p. 568.]
March 18-22. 1446. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Order to William Birdall to muster all the men in the six ships bound for the Leeward Isles. Also orders for powder, match, shot, pikes, and matchlocks, and to search the ships for landmen, so that none be carried off without tickets according to law.
Mar. 19.Warrant to impress cannon powder. Instructions for the Commanders of the impressed ships. The fleet to cruise up and down till further order. Orders to Capt. Berry to distribute the French prisoners sent in his fleet, and deliver them to Col. James Russell at Nevis. Other warrants to impress a surgeon's mate, to receive and take care of the sick sent ashore from the Vice-Admiral's ship, and for pikes, firelocks, and other necessaries for the fireships. Commission for Col. Jas. Russell to be Governor of Nevis, during the absence of his Excellency Francis Lord Willoughby.
March 20.Several warrants and orders for arms and ammunition. Letter from the Governors and Council of Barbadoes to Col. James Russell : incloses his commission and would be glad of a testimony of grateful acceptance of what has been done, to publish to the inhabitants of Barbadoes, who have heartily contributed near three millions of sugar for their sakes. Instructions for Capt. John Berry, Admiral of the fleet bound to the Leeward Isles : To use his utmost to take or sink vessels belonging to the enemies of England, destroy ships or fortifications, and with the Governor of Nevis attempt the destruction of St. Christopher's or any other islands of the enemy, which he is directed to visit, and do his best to free English prisoners and kill and destroy enemies and their settlements. Having done his utmost against the enemy and secured his friends, to return by the 1st June, to obey the Duke of York's orders for convoying the merchantmen to England. Commission to Capt. Wm. Freeman to be Capt. of a company of foot to be raised in any of the Leeward Isles by the appointment of Col. James Russell in this present expedition. Commission to William Birdall to be Muster Master-General for the six merchantmen employed in this expedition.
March 22.Report of the value of the pinnace pressed from the Swede. Warrant to press seamen not being servants in the island, arms, ammunition, and boats. Request of the Assembly to address his Majesty ; if the Council approve will appoint a committee to prepare it. They also request that a proclamation of 15 Feb. for settling military and civil officers may be taken into consideration, that the regiment known by the name of "American Brittan," which is a grievance to the people, may cease to be ; to know what arms and ammunition belonging to the island have been taken by the fleet, and that what remains be put in places of security ; that two or three nimble ships ply about the island ; what ought to be done in fortification, and that ships for England may take goods in exchange for powder and shot for the public use. 18 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., pp. 135-153.]
March 23.
1447. Sir Thos. Langton to Williamson. Formerly acquainted him that there are three Frenchmen sent hither prisoners from Barbadoes, and intreated him to obtain directions from Lord Arlington for their disposal ; they are very mean, poor, and sickly ; requests him to once more remember Lord Arlington thereof, that order may be sent for their enlargement or otherwise. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCIV., No. 128, Cal., p. 581.]
March 26. 1448. Proclamation of Gov. Sir Thos. Modyford. For the renewal of the sittings of the Courts of Common law as fully and amply as if said Courts had not been adjourned in manner herein expressed : Provided that during the continuance of the guards no officer or soldier shall be arrested for debt while on guard or directly going to or from the same, or on the days of their exercise. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XXXIV., pp. 166-168.]
March 26, 27. 1449. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. A paper sent to the Assembly, entitled An Act for the further continuance of the fortifications, &c., to which the Assembly answer, that they will be ready to finish any works begun by Francis Lord Willoughby with the concurrence of the late Assembly ; which Assembly was forward to have accomplished what was begun, that there was no need of making that illegal ordinance, and should they make it into an Act and thereby punish those who in vindication of their laws and liberties have not obeyed it, they would be betrayers of the rights and liberties of those they represent. The Assembly desire that two of the nimblest ships of force be victualled, manned, and armed for guarding the coasts of the island ; and that if there be any ships of war they may be also employed.
March 27.Warrants to impress provisions for victualling the Samuel and Ann for 100 men for one month ; also to impress great guns, arms, and ammunition, and boats and victuals for the Charles for 80 men for one month. 3 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., pp. 153-156.]
March 28. 1450. Advices, being memoranda from letters. Plymouth, March 24 : a London vessel of 400 tons and 18 guns arrived from, Virginia in five weeks, her lading tobacco. The Governor has forbidden the planting of tobacco for the ensuing year. Several ships are arrived there from London and Bristol, but there is no account of the last fleet bound thither from hence. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCV., No. 59, Cal., p. 592.]
March 29. 1451. Chr. Maynard to Sir Thos. Clifford. Is anxious to obtain a passport for a vessel to transport goods of his now in France. Pleads his losses in the war, and fears yet greater losses, since news from Barbadoes saith that the Governor has stopped all merchant ships, and keeps the men and the best ships and sets them out for the King's service ; one of his ships, of which he wrote to him long since, may thus go into the King's service, for she has 16 guns and will carry 22. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCV., No. 68, Cal., p. 394.]
March 30. 1452. Henry Muddiman to Sir Edw. Stradling. News letter. From Barbadoes comes further account that four French ships had been almost within gun shot of the forts, the islanders conceiving them to have been English till they were past the point ; they bore away to the Leeward ; 'tis supposed they came to view the forts. Three or four of their privateers coasted about the island for a month and took three or four ships going thither. The French have disposed their biggest ships in those parts, and M. de la Barre, their Viceroy, is gone with four of them to Cayenne, a place inhabited by the French and very sickly. Virginia is so stored with tobacco that they have resolved to plant no more this year ; the like resolution is taken in Maryland, Carolina, and some other places for two years, that they may clear their hands of the present store before they raise more. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCV., No. 89, Cal., p. 597.]
March. 1453. Order from [Hugh] Salesbury to deliver to Abraham Langford, Lord Willoughby's Commissary, certain stores for transporting soldiers to Barbadoes, dated Feb. 25, with note, by Comr. Middleton, of their delivery. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. CXCV., No. 118, Cal., p. 603.]