America and West Indies: September 1661

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 5, 1661-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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September 1661

Sept.? 166. Petition of Sir Thos. Whitstones to the King. In research of somewhat answerable to his hopes from the King's promise, is reduced to extreme necessity, and expects no issue but death or his Majesty's favourable intervention. Implores his Majesty to bestow upon him a plantation in Jamaica. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XV., No. 84.]
Sept. 3. 167. Sir Thomas Whitstones to Secretary Nicholas. Begs assistance in his petition to the King which the Lord Chancellor has promised to second ; otherwise he must perish in the Marshalsea. The letter is endorsed by Nicholas with a note to the Lord Chancellor, and with the latter's reply that he will deliver the petition, which he doubts will come to nothing ; it would be better if the King would give Whitstones 100l. to get him out of prison and send him to Jamaica. In 1663 Sir Thos. Whitstones had the command of a fleet in Jamaica, see Index. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. XLI., No. 11, Cal., p. 81.]
Sept. 9.
168. The King to Governor Endecott and the Governors of all the Colonies of New England. Having been informed that several of his Majesty's subjects called Quakers are imprisoned, that some have been executed, and others are in danger to undergo the like, they are hereby required, if there be any called Quakers already condemned to death or other corporal punishments, or that are imprisoned and obnoxious to the like condemnation, to forbear proceeding any further therein, but forthwith to send said persons, whether condemned or imprisoned, to England, together with their respective crimes or offences laid to their charge, to the end such course may be taken with them here as shall be agreeable to our laws and their demerits. Copy certified by Jo. Cooke, Clerk to Sec. Morrice. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XV., No. 85.]
Sept. 9-18. 169. Orders of the Governor and Council of Jamaica. That Nicholas Keine, fire-master and gunner, appoint some one to guard the magazine, hoist the flag at the descrying of any ship, and attend to the other duties of a "Mettross," for which James Jordan shall pay him 12d. per diem weekly out of the impost money.
Sept. 11.That John Morgan, master of the Elizabeth of Limerick, deliver 2,000 lbs. of turtle to Thos. Rosewarden, Benj. Pecken, and John Tudor, in satisfaction of their shares of meat.
Sept. 18.Divers complaints having been made of the dearness and badness of sugar, ordered that no person sell any of the sugar now brought by Mr. Loveing for more than 5d. per lb. In consideration of said order Loveing contracts to take 6,000 lbs. of bounty sugar at 4s. per cwt., and 8,000 lbs. of Mr. Grant at 30s. per cwt. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 34, pp. 30-32.]
Sept. 11. 170. Grant to the Duke of York, Lord Willoughby of Parham, Col. Wm. Legg, and Tho. Culling, Alexander Bence, Robert Starre, John Lewis, and Philip Payne, of London, merchants, of all regions, countries, and territories from Cape Blanco, situate in 20 N. lat., on the continent of Africa, unto 2 leagues to the northwards of Sallee, lying in 34 N. lat., on the north part of Africa, bordering on the Atlantic Sea, and of the free trade thereof for 31 years, rendering two gold ducats when his Majesty shall arrive in said dominions ; incorporating them by the name of the Morocco Company, and giving them license yearly to deduct 1,500l. out of the customs for all merchandise exported thence and brought into his Majesty's dominions towards erecting and maintaining fortifications. [Dom., Chas. II., Docquets.]
Sept. 12. 171. Warrant to pay 2,000l. to Sir William Berkeley out of the duties and customs arising from the next ships for Virginia in recompense of his services as Governor of Virginia [Docquet]. N.B.There is another copy of this docquet dated Sept. 16, to pay the same amount "in consideration of the many faithful and good services performed by him as Governor of Virginia, and in full recompense of all other engagements from his Majesty and his Father of blessed memory." (Dom., Car. II.)
Sept. 20. 172. Capt. Richard Hodges of the Guernsey to the Navy Commissioners. Lay off Newfoundland till August 29, expecting a fishing fleet unto the southward, and sent to all the ports bidding the vessels repair to the Bay of Bulls, the usual place where they make up their fleet ; they returned answer they were bound by charter not to stay for any company, but to hasten as soon as ready to a market. Hastened home, having only three weeks' victuals, with only three sail, two bound for the Straits and one for England ; the remainder of the fishermen will not be ready to depart the country till the latter end of this month, for they are resolved to stay as long as possible by reason it hath been a bad year for fishing. Had a bad passage, meeting a very great storm. The new Governors of Newfoundland claim of the two French prizes sent home by him, though he took them five days before the Governors came into the country ; told them if Lord Baltimore had any right to them he could recover in England, for his own part he could grant them no part thereof. Wants to get passage for the Frenchmen on board the Guernsey, and an order to come into Portsmouth to victual. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. XLII. No. 10, Cal., p. 93.]
Sept. 20. 173. Grant to Thos. Povey of the office of Receiver-General of the rents, revenues, and profits payable to his Majesty from any of his foreign dominions, colonies, and plantations in Africa and America, during life, with the fee of 100l. per annum. [Dom., Chas. II., Docquet Bk., p. 140, Cal., p. 94.]
Sept. 23. 174. Grant to Thos. Breedon of London, merchant, during life, of the office of Governor of L'Acadie and part of Nova Scotia, with the same powers and privileges as have been formerly granted to others, procured by Mr. Secretary Nicholas. [Dom., Chas. II., Docquet Bk., p. 141.]
Sept. 27. 175. Minutes of the Council and Assembly of Barbadoes. List of Acts passed (re-enacted), which are recorded in the book of Acts, viz. :For settling the regiment of horse. Encouraging all faithful ministers, and appointing and regulating their maintenance. Concerning the conveyance of estates. Encouraging the importing of gold and silver. For the better ordering and governing of negroes. For the good governing of servants, and ordaining the rights between masters and servants. Settling the militia. For the more exact stating of the accounts of the late tax of 5l. per acre, and levying the arrears thereof. Ordered that the order of 10th May last, for expunging all Acts and orders in any books, which are any ways derogatory to the authority and dignity of the King, be forthwith put in execution by the committee. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XI., pp. 63, 64.]