America and West Indies: September 1669

Pages 40-42

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 7, 1669-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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September 1669

Sept. 10.
106. Joseph West to Lord Ashley. The three ships have been here 12 days, but now the wind being fair intends sailing, for he clearly finds his Lordship's expectations will not be any ways answered there in getting servants and a brave wind has been lost going there. The sovereign here and other gentlemen have used all endeavours, but to no purpose, for he is not assured of a man that will go. Mr. Bowman and others not in the way, but hopes they will be aboard before the ships sail. Mr. Reade, a deputy or steward to Major Hambledon, has clearly run away, and so have Humfreys with his wife and child, and he like a rascally knave reported very high and scandalous words against the Proprietors. Has laid out the 30l. received in provisions. Endorsed by John Locke also, "Post paid 4d." [Shaftesbury Papers, Section IX., No. 15.]
Sept. 13. 107. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. A black box directed from Whitehall the 20th May last, containing two commissions and other papers relating to St. Christopher's, was delivered to Sir John Yeamans, Col. Philip Bell, Col. Samuel Barwicke, and Col. William Sharpe, by Richard Noke, deputy secretary. 1/2 p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 11, p. 182.]
Sept. 16.
108. Sir Jno. Yeamans, Phill. Bell, Sam. Barwicke, and Wm. Sharpe to (Col. Codrington,) Deputy Governor of Barbadoes. In pursuance of his Majesty's commission concerning the English interest at St. Christopher's, have prepared a letter to the Sieur De la Barre to give notice of their powers. And seeing they have no intimation of any shipping appointed for transporting them or provision for defraying the charge of this affair, they desire to know whether he has any orders from his Majesty or Lord Willoughby to supply them, and if not, whether as his Majesty's deputy he will do the same. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 83.]
Sep. 16.
109. Sir John Yeamans, Phillip Bell, Will. Sharpe, and Sam. Barwicke to the Sieur De la Barre or the Commander at Martinique. Having received commissions from his Majesty of Great Britain to treat with him or commissioners authorised by the most Christian King, for composing differences that may arise upon putting into execution the most Christian King's orders of 16th January last, for restoring that part of St. Christopher's which the English possessed on 1st January 1665, and concerning ameliorations, diet of prisoners, re-entry of the English into estates sold to the French, and all other matters, and being instructed to give him notice, and with him fix time and place for meeting, have sent this express that by his answer they may understand his intentions. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 84.]
Sept. 17.
110. Joseph West to Lord Ashley. On leaving this harbour the wind veered and has been against them ever since, but hopes soon to sail. Has received a letter from Mr. Blany with two bills from Robt. Southwell for 30l., which, however, he shall not pass except necessity forces by a long stay here for want of wind. Endorsed by John Locke. [Shaftesbury Papers, Section IX., No. 16.]
[Sept. 22.] 111. Petition of Robert Forth, Merchant, to the King and Council. Petitioner pays his Majesty yearly in customs and excise to the value of 3,000l. or 4,000l., and having several ships now bound for Barbadoes, prays for licence to transport 150 geldings to said island. Endorsed, Rec. Sept. 22, read the 28 June 1669, and granted. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 85.]
[Sept. 28.] 112. Narrative of the usages and customs of Barbadoes concerning proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas, approved by his Excellency and Council, 17th October 1664. See previous Vol. No. 833, Enclosure I. Endorsed, Read in Council, 28 Sept. 1669. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol., XXIV., No. 86.]
[Sept. 30.]
113. Deposition of William Lowe before Sir Thos. Modyford Deponent with 11 others prisoners in Cartagena, made their escape the 19/29th June last, and left behind them 27 English prisoners; viz., Henry Bragg, John Elliott, Hugh Long, Robt. Cooker, Edward Browne, Roger Cann, Richard Wight, Emanuel Manchy, Haman Howman, Hugh Hunter, George and his wife, Richard Glascow, Richard Trelawny, Jno. Brewen, Thomas Holland, Godfry, Jno. Woodham, James —, Arthur Certis, Paul Hopely, Mathew Rider, Edwd. Gamen, Thomas Cree, Wm. Beates, William Pike, and John Richardson. All which were cruelly used, and put to hard labour daily from 4 in the morning till 7 in the evening, each being in irons of the weight of 26 lb., many days without any allowance and at best but half a rial a day, often times beaten cruelly by the overseers and soldiers, and upon complaint to the Governor of the smallness or no allowance of provisions, had this return, "starve for hunger, and go to hell." After escape they took some Spaniards prisoners, who informed them that the above 27 were in irons, and it's thought they will be starved, if relief be not obtained. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 87.]