America and West Indies: February 1669

Pages 7-8

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 7, 1669-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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February 1669

Feb. 3.
17. Sir John Trevor to Sir Edward Walker. To deliver to Peter du Moulin the papers in his custody relating to Surinam. 1/2 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 15.]
Feb. 3. 18. Receipt of Peter Du Moulin for 4 papers concerning Surinam from Sir Edward Walker, viz.:—1. Abstract of the narrative sent by Major Bannister, Governor of Surinam. Aug. 2, 1668. 2. Letter from Lord Willoughby of 11th Aug. 1668. 3. Copy of Lord Willoughby's letter to Admiral Crynsens. 4. Letter of Lord Willoughby to the Lords of the Council, received 27th Oct. 1668. 1/2 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 16.]
Feb. 6. 19. Mem. in the handwriting of Under Sec. Williamson concerning the restitution of St. Christopher's. Lord Willoughby never agreed nor treated with De La Barre for an equivalent. N.B. We do and must insist on reparation of damages for non-execution on the French part. Plantations: by what we have yielded of repaying first, no man will be restored, none being able to pay. French delays were upon the points of reimbursement, ameliorations and the entertainment of prisoners. Indorsed: Feb. 6, 1668–9. 1/2 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 17.]
Feb. 10. 20. The King to Lord Willoughby, or other Commander-in-Chief for the time being, and to the Council of Barbadoes. Fair copy of draft letter dated January See ante, No. 15. 1 1/2 pp. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II, Vol. 31, p.17–17đ.]
Feb. 18.
Port Royal,
21. Richard Browne to Williamson. Gave him account about a month since of the unhappy blowing up of the Oxford Frigate and the taking of M. La Vivon, of the Cour Volant, of 18 guns and 10 petarders, which was condemned as a Pirate; she is now called the Satisfaction, and victualled for four months, to go as a Privateer against the Spaniards in the Bay of Campeachy; goes surgeon in her. Here is one, John Johnson Romane, of the West Friesland of Horne, ready to sail for Holland; her consort was taken six weeks since by a French privateer, and made a man-of-war of 12 guns, which now lies cruizing about the port for this vessel, but as she is going in our company, presumes they dare not meddle with her. Here are 10 sail of ships lading for England, the products of this country. Indorsed: Rec. 4 May. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 18.]
Feb. 19. 22. Warrant to the Sheriffs of London to discharge John Ludlow, convicted of felony, on giving security to transport himself to some of His Majesty's Colonies or Foreign Plantations. 3/4 p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 30, p. 110đ.)
Feb. 26.
23. Order in Council. Notwithstanding some reasons and pretensions alleged by Sir Thomas Temple why Alexandria and Caledonia, Members of Nova Scotia, should not be surrendered to the French King as part of Acadia, it is ordered that Sec. Lord Arlington forthwith prepare a second order to Sir Thomas for the present delivery of Acadia to the French King according to the Treaty of Breda in the very same terms as the former order. 1/2 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 19.]