America and West Indies: Addenda 1663

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1663

April 16
April 9.
367. Certificate of the Governor and Company of the City of London for Plantation of the Somers Islands. In obedience to his Majesty's command they have collected from their Books of Record, Entries, and Register an account and survey of all lands, houses, plantations, and possessions of Owen Rowe, Cornelius Holland, and Sir John Danvers in said islands in the year 1648, or since, and find that Owen Rowe in 1648 possessed 4 shares, and bought 1 in 1664 (sic), two of which were passed over to others in 1649 and 1658; that Cornelius Holland in 1648 possessed 4 shares, bought of Francis Meverell, which were decreed to Humphry Meverell in 1658; that Sir John Danvers possessed in 1648 12 shares, which were sold by Lady Grace Danvers, his widow, in 1659, to Nathaniel Smith, Merchant Taylor of London, for 270l. There are also other transfers signed by John Heydon, Deputy Governor, 16th April 1662. With further certificate that, 15th May 1662, information was received that Cornelius Holland had besides 2 shares in Paget's Tribe, for which he regularly received the rents, but it could not be learned of whom he purchased them. Signed by John Heydon, Deputy, 9th April 1663. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 94.]
1662–63. 368. Account of the general lands belonging to the Somers Islands Compy., taken out of Richard Norwood's survey book by him made in the years 1662, 1663 (printed in Lefroy's Memorials of the Bermudas, Vol. II., pp. 646–655). With note that the lands in the Somers Islands are divided by Mr. Norwood's book, and at their being first set out into eight tribes, viz., Hamilton, Smith's, Devonshire, Pembroke, Paget's, Warwick, Southampton, and Sandys Tribes, each of which contains 50 shares of 25 acres each, or 1,250 acres, except the last which contains 1,268 odd acres. There is also a summary of the common, public, and unappropriated lands, amounting to 83 shares, and a statement by Ri. Banner, Secretary to the Company, dated Augt. 4, 1684, that he cannot give so particular an account of the present distribution of these shares; but there is none of them but are applied to some public use in the Island, and the Company have not diverted them, nor aliened any of them to any private person or use. Endorsed, "Recd from Mr. Banner, Secy. to the Company 25 Sept. 1684." [This latter portion is printed at length (from another document) in Lefroy's Memorials of the Bermudas, II., 655–717.] 13 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 95.]