America and West Indies: Addenda 1659

Pages 126-129

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1659

Jan. 30.
Port Morant, Jamaica.
311. Capt. Christopher Myng to Commissioners of the Admiralty. At his first arrival brought into this port certain vessels surprised at Barbadoes trading there contrary to the Act of Parliament. At a convention of the Colonels of the Army they were judged lawful prize, but the power of condemnation disputed. The Commissioners will receive the affidavits concerning these vessels, and the reasons he now gives for their surprisal, viz.:—The Charity, Geo. Prince, master; the Mary, Hopewell, Hellibrand, John Baptist, and Estrich. Requests orders for the disposal of these vessels and taking them out of his hands lest time and ruin leave nothing of them. 2pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 51.]
Jan. 31.
312. An abstract of the officers and soldiers residing upon the island of Jamaica, according to the last Muster Rolls transmitted from thence bearing date the 31 January 1658[–9]. Total, 2,041, which include 4 Colonels, 3 Lieutenant-Colonels, 4 Majors, and 24 Captains, 2 Chaplains and 7 Surgeons, and a troop of horse of 70 men. Examined per Hodges. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 52.]
Feb. 2.
Port Cagway, Jamaica.
313. Wm. Dalyson to [his cousin Robt. Blackborne, Secretary to Admiralty Commissioners]. Is bound for New England on an undertaking he hopes will prove satisfactory, to put off certain goods and bring back those they stand in need of, the General having freely given him leave. An assistant left in his room by Mr. Burough. This is a very dear place, and his salary will hardly maintain him. Has interwoven his fortunes in this undertaking with Mr. Burough, and Capt. Myng and others have examined the business and well approve of it, part being to buy plank and board to finish our fort in this Point. Has acquainted his father and mother; all in good health, and the plantations thrive mightily. Endorsed, "Rec. per Blackamoor, 26 June 1659." 1½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 53.]
April 20. 314. Certificate of William Houlding that Ralph Dod and Wm. Monke, two soldiers from Scotland brought over by Gen, Brayne, were put on shore from the Grantham at Jamaica, where they remained until after his death, and then went again on board said ship, but being soldiers belonging to the garrison the General could not admit of their coming away, and therefore were discharged. ½ p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 54.]
April 23.
315. Cornelius Burough to [Secretary to Admiralty Commissioners]. Sends Dalyson's letter [see ante, No. 313], which states his reasons for going to New England. Capts. Myng and Lloyd, with whom they consulted, said it was a warrantable business and an opening of trade between New England and Jamaica. Prizes brought in by the Diamond, Marstoa Moor, Hector, and Cagway, "an abundance of wealth" plundered from the enemy at Comino and Cora, valued at 200,000l. and better. Capt. Myng says they have brought with them 50,000l. in coined money besides plate, rings, and jewels. The seamen broke into the hold of one of the prizes, a Dutch vessel, and fought and took ten or fifteen thousand pounds. Would not have the success to be mistaken, for though they are a terror to the enemy yet there is but little advantage to the island save only the spending of their money. "This action, if the naked circumstances were laid down, it would exceed your belief. Doubtless we may say to our enemy, as Hamon's wife said to him, if they be of the seed of the Jews they will prevail against thee, so say I, if we are the people that God will own there are strong presumptions that we shall be their masters. … Our spirits are now raised, and I hope God will go on to bless us." Is very much afflicted with weakness in his eyes, contracted here by cold and sitting up late in the night. 1p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 55.]
April 24.
316. Cornelius Burough to [Admiralty Commissioners]. Sends this by the Blackmore. Respecting the measure of brandy sent a year ago by the Francis and Mary, and his accounts for provisions by Capt. John Wilgresse of the Blackmore of 43,122 lbs. of tortoise, commonly called here turtle, brought into this harbour by Capt. James in Lt.-Gen. Brayne's time, but sent to Barbadoes where it was put off for sugar. Arrival yesterday of the Marston Moor, Hector, and Cagway, which have been abroad well nigh four months. In this expedition they have burnt Coro and Comina, two rich towns on the main, and taken two Dutch ships under Spanish colours which resisted them. It is thought that the whole pillage amounts to 30,000l., though has not yet had time to examine particulars; about 300 of the army on board have got plentifully. These affairs will contribute abundantly to the advance of this island, and enable many officers who have planted beyond their ability to go through 1p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 54d.]
June 5.
317. Cornelius Burough to [Secretary to Admiralty Commissioners]. Writes by the Marston Moor, the Captain [Myng] goes "to England in suspense," the General's letter will explain. Finding no power to try and condemn the Dutch prizes he seized, he was so far unhinged and out of tune that he was less serviceable than otherwise he might have been. Is free from any bitterness, malice, or evil intendment to him notwithstanding upon his suspension he clearly imagined Burough had been a principal author and abettor of his misfortune. If he mentions ought against Burough that he be required to put in his positive charges. It were preposterous to anticipate an answer as he knows of no just ground for anything. The whole matter is before him. Knows no man will repine at his success if Captain Myng be acquitted "most sure I am, I am in no ways guilty of his illfortune." 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No.55a.]
June 7.
318. Lieut.-General D'Oyley to [Admiralty Commissioners]. By advice of a Council of War, has sent home the Marston Moor, their victuals being spent, and a time of year to get turtle at Caimanos. Has sent home the Captain suspended for disobeying his orders and plundering the hold of one of the prizes of 12,000 pieces of eight. This carriage too unhandsome and contradictory, and too distasteful to the other officers of the fleet that he thought not fit to try him here. Some others to blame whom he is almost afraid to send to sea, for all they meet, friends or foes, suffer little or much, the officers generally countenancing them so that the ships brought from Barbadoes were so notoriously plundered that if they had belonged to the State he could not have received them. There has been a constant market aboard the Marston Moor without any control. The Captain and some others allege it is customary to plunder and break holds, and urge Sir Rich. Stainer and Capt. Jeffreys for precedents who have done the same unrebuked, but rather countenanced. There were twenty-two chests of the King of Spain's silver which Capt. Myng stood by and saw divided, having a chest delivered to him and the Major, and not any preserved for the State. The cocoa delivered to Capt. Burough, the Steward-General, some sold, the rest given to the soldiers, and very acceptable. Two of the ships sold by inch of candle for four hundred odd pounds, the other, a good new ship fitted as a man-ofwar, 350l. being offered though worth 1,000l. Fitted her with stores belonging to Mr. Beckford. Has sent home some prisoners, merchants, not being able to exchange them. Jacob Hunter, midshipman of the Marston Moor, sent in the Pearl with ten seamen and six landsmen to cruise, taken by the Spaniards. 1¼ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 56.]
June 9.
319. Cornelius Burough to [Secretary to Admiralty Commissioners]. Are at low-water mark as to provisions, the nipple is squeezed. We are once a year straitened in this manner. Gives account of their necessities, as formerly; often in suspense whether a greater offence to write or be silent. Planting prospers exceedingly well; forwarded much by Capt. Myng's late success. "Not a man on the island but can say he hath reaped a benefit by that action." The cry was 300,000l., as he has mentioned; Capt. Myng believed there was 500,000l. in money. Believes the General mentioned in his letter 400,000l.; a great deal scattered amongst them. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 57.]
June 10.
320. Cornelius Burough to [Secretary to Admiralty Commissioners]. Refers to his letter by the Blackamore concerning Mr. Dalyson going for New England [see ante, No. 315]. Respecting his difference with Capt. Myng which is but six days old, as "matter of astonishment to me, so wonder to all others." Details his visit aboard the Marston Moor with Col. Francis Barrington, when Capt. Myng broke forth into extreme passion, calling Burough rogue and rascal, who told him he was but 31 years old, and had been nine years at sea, and had the management of an estate, wife, and children, but Myng replied he meant as to the State, so thought it best to petition lest his words be made use of. Justifies all his actions. The General has as yet no Commission delayed by his Highness's death, but would not give free consent to the writer's return. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 58.]
June 14.
321. Cornelius Burough to [Secretary to Admiralty Commissioners]. The violent weather has delayed the Marston Moor's departure 4 or 5 days. Yesterday a ship from Amsterdam brought Mr. Sommers from Barbadoes with news of Mr. Dalyson who went on the Black Lion bound for New England in company with seven others for Virginia, Barbadoes, &c. Account of their voyage. John Gosling will inform him of the whole matter. 1p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 33, No. 59.]
Aug. 31.
322. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. "It is the judgment of the Assembly, and it is hereby by them declared, that all patents formerly obtained from Oliver or Richard, late protectors for any offices within this island (except for the government thereof) be utterly void and null, and the Assembly desire the Governor and Council's concurrence hereto, and that the same be published in the parish churches as usual publications are." ¼ p. [Col. Entry Book 11, p. 12.]
Sept. 3.
323. Warrant from the Council of State to Gulter Frost. On report of Committee of Council for the Affairs of Jamaica, and in pursuance of an Order of this Council of 18 Aug. last, to pay Francis Hodges 544l. 14s. 11¼d., for the wives of the officers and soldiers in Jamaica one month's pay, to the widows of those who died or were slain in said service one-fourth part due to them, and to the relations of said officers and soldiers that are poorest 105l. out of said sum, according to directions from Lieut.-Cols. Andrews and Miller. ½ p. [Dom. Interreg., I. 107, p. 118.]
Nevis. 324. "An Act intituled Public Worship, &c." 1p. [Col. Entry Book 49, p. 5.]