America and West Indies: January 1675

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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January 1675.

Jan. 2.
406. List of papers relating to Surinam, 1574–1674, received from Mr. Locke and delivered to Mr. Bridgeman by Mr. Sec. Williamson's order, viz.:—
8 Aug. 1674. Two passes in Dutch from the States General for Mr. Gorges and Mr. Cranfield to go to Surinam.
15 Nov. Pass in blank for a person and ship to be sent to Surinam by the King.
Two letters in Dutch from the States to the Governor of Surinam, sealed.
8 Aug. Extract of the resolution of the States General concerning Surinam.
8 Aug. Translate of the States pass for Messrs. Gorges and Cranfield.
8 Aug. Translate of the Extract out of the States Register.
21 Dec. Translate of the Extract of the States Resolution concerning Surinam.
Draft of a Commission for Mr. Gorges.
Draft of Instructions for the Commissioners.
Nov. 15. Translate of the Extract of the Resolution of the States concerning Surinam.
Nov. 15. Translate of the States letter to the Governor.
Translate of the pass for the Advice yacht.
Signed by John Locke. 1½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 34, No. 1.]
Jan. 8. 407. Caveat for no pardon to pass to James Colleton for killing Elisha Bridges at Barbadoes till notice be first given to Auditor Bridges at his office in the Inner Temple. See No. 421. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 45, p. 5.]
Jan. 8/18.
The Hague.
408. Extract from the Register of the Resolutions of the States General touching the departure of the English from Surinam. The Pensionary Counsellor and other Deputies for Foreign Affairs, having reported that they have been in conference with Sir Wm. Temple, Ambassador Extraordinary of Great Britain, and had examined with the Prince of Orange a reglement and instruction for the Governor of Surinam, in reference to the 5th Art. of the Treaty of Westminster of the 9/19 Feb. 1674, which reglement has been approved with the advice of his said Highness, Ordered, That the same be sent to said Governor with orders to execute it in the fullest manner, and to afford every facility for carrying this affair to a happy termination, and to receive the Commissioners, Ferdinand Gorges, Edward Cranfield, and Edward Dickenson, with all possible civility, and render them every assistance. And also that copies of said reglement and this resolution be sent to the States of Zealand, or their Deputies, requiring them to give orders that the same be punctually observed by the said Governor. Further that there be put into the hands of said Ambassador 3 original copies of Resolutions and letters to be sent to said Governor, and that 3 passports be expedited for the merchant ships America, Roger Paxton, Master, and Hercules, Simon Orton, Master, and for the Hunter, man-of-war, Richard Dickenson, Captain, which his Majesty has appointed to convoy said merchant ships to Surinam. Reglements and instructions from the States General to the Governor of Surinam, for the execution of the 5th Art. of the Treaty relating to Surinam, in 14 Articles. The first 12 are identical with those submitted by the Council for Plantations (see preceding Vol., No. 1367), excepting articles 6 and 10, which are omitted, and a few additions to articles 2, 3, and 12, as noted in Sir Wm. Temple's letter of 11/21 Dec. 1674 (see preceding Vol., No. 1403). Article 13 provides that the Governor shall be obliged to name Commissioners to adjust differences with those of his Majesty, and particularly where his Majesty's subjects, who are indebted to those of the States, have good debts, lands, beasts, &c., they shall use their best endeavours to prevail upon creditors to accept same in payment at the current price; and in case they cannot agree that prompt justice be administered by the ordinary judges. Article 14 provides that in case his Majesty send a ship of war to convoy the transports the same shall be permitted to accompany them into the river of Surinam, and there remain till their departure. French, 10 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVIII., 32–42.]
Jan. 8/18.
409. The States General to the Governor of Surinam, enclosing the above-named reglements and instructions, and enjoining him to carry them out in the best possible way. French, 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVIII., 43–44.]
Jan. 8/18. 410. Passport from the States General for the Hunter man-of-war, Captain, Richard Dickenson, which his Majesty of Great Britain is sending to convoy the ships America and Hercules to Surinam in pursuance of the 5th Art. of the Treaty of 9/19 Feb. 1674; to suffer the same to pass to Surinam, and return thence, without any molestation, but on the contrary to afford all assistance when required. 2pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVIII., 50–51.]
Jan. 12–14. 411. Minutes of the Assembly of Barbadoes. Most of the day spent in debate of the Bill for Settlement of the Militia and the amendments made by the Committee.
Jan. 13. Voted that the Bill for the Settlement of the Militia pass. That for payment of the 200,000 lbs. of sugar presented to his Excellency and for discharging other the country's debts, 700,000 lbs. of sugar be levied on land and negroes, land paying 3 lbs. per acre, and negroes 10 lbs. per head, and that there be levied on St. Michael's Town 85,000 lbs., Speight's Town 10,000 lbs., the Hole Town 3,000 lbs., and Ostin's Town 2,000 lbs.; two members nominated to draw a Bill accordingly. A new Bill for Imposition on Liquors, drawn by the Clerk, as the former Act is near expired. That said Bill be in force for 12 months; that Lt.-Col. Wm. Bate be Treasurer, and Majors John Hallett and Edw. Yeamons, Capt. John Johnson, and Francis Bond or Edward Hussey, Comptrollers; and that the Bill pass.
Jan. 14. Ordered, that the Bill for an Imposition on Wines and Liquors imported pass; that the Treasurer provide, out of the Excise on Liquors imported, one ton of refined sugar to be presented with the concurrence of his Excellency and Council to Capt. Chas. Atkins of H.M.S. Phœnix that persons excused from Parish Levies be also excused from paying for their land to this levy; that the Bill for the Levy on. Land and Negroes pass; and that the Treasurer, with the concurrence of his Excellency and Council, pay to his Excellency 200,000 lbs. out of the first sugars received from said levy. Committee appointed to consider the papers recommended by his Excellency from the Council of Plantations, respecting defects in their laws, the Jews' petition, the complaint of the Farmers of the 4½ per cent., and his Excellency's speech, and prepare answers thereto against the next sitting of the Assembly; and to consider such addresses as may be fit for the House to make to his Majesty. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XIII., 135–139.]
Jan. 13. 412. Petition of Ferdinando Gorges to the King and Council. Sets forth his right to the Province of Maine, where he has expended 20,000l., and his being dispossessed of the same by the power of the Massachusetts, and prays to be restored to his just rights, and for relief in the premises. Signed and endorsed, "Rec. 13 Janry. 1674–75. Read at the Comtee for Plantations, 22 April 1675." [Col. Papers, Vol. 34, No. 2.]
Jan. 13. 413. Petition of Robert Mason to the King and Council. Sets forth the several grants made to his grandfather John Mason, of the Province of New Hampshire, and his own right to the same, notwithstanding the Massachusetts usurp an authority and disturb the government and propriety belonging to petitioner. Prays his Majesty to reinforce his commands for his just protection, and to restore him to the possession of his inheritance. Signed and endorsed, "Rec. 13 Jan. 1674–5. Read at the Comtee for Plantations, 22 April 1675." [Col. Papers, Vol. 34, No. 3.]
Jan. 13. 414. Mem.—That these Despatches, viz., the Instructions for Capt. John Baker, the Original Letter from the States to the Governor of Surinam, and their Pass (see ante No. 406), were given to Mr. Pepys, Jan. 13, 1674–75. As also a copy of the following paper:—Capt. John Thorne, Mr. Andrew Knight, Mr. Elias Elly, Mr. Hierome Westhorpe, these being the names of the principal Planters of Surinam, it is convenient the Captain of Advice ship repair to them for their assistance. ½ p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XCIII. fo. 127.]
Jan. 13–14. 415. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Letter produced by his Excellency from the Council of Trade and Plantations in relation to the defects of the Laws of the Island, to the end same be rectified; ordered after debate that said papers lie under consideration until it be seasonable to send them to the Assembly. The Assembly attended, to whom his Excellency said he would consider the Militia Bill next Session, and gave them his Majesty's letter about the 4½ per cent., and the manner of collecting it, and a paper from the Council of Plantations about defects in Laws.
Jan. 14. Bill presented by the Assembly for a Levy on land and negroes, also an order for 200,000 lbs. of sugar lately given to his Excellency, and a present of a ton of refined sugar to Chas. Atkins. Request of the Assembly that care be taken that the arrears on coppers and stills be gathered in. Four amendments proposed to the Act for the Levy on land and negroes. Ordered, that the Bill this day brought by the Assembly for the Excise, the Bill formerly sent by the President and Council to the Assembly and not passed by them, and copy of the Act of Excise in the Act Book, fol. 242, be sent to Sir Peter Colleton to be considered. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., 284–286.]
Jan. 18/28. 416. Extract from the Register of the Resolutions of the States General. Consenting to the demand of the Ambassador of Great Britain that they would write to the Governor of Surinam that his Majesty had appointed Marc Brent as a Commissioner in place of Ferdinand Gorges; and ordering that copy of this Resolution be sent to the States of Zealand, requiring them to give order that the same be punctually executed by the Governor of Surinam; and further that 3 original copies of Resolutions and Letters be put into the hands of the said Ambassador to be sent to the said Governor by the safest and most convenient route. French. 2½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVIII., 45–47.]
Jan. 18/28. 417. The States General to the Governor of Surinam, enclosing the above Resolution. French. 1½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVIII., 48–49.]
Jan. 20–21. 418. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. Conference desired by the Assembly and agreed to. Resolved, on consideration of some amendments in the Bill of Excise proposed by the Assembly, that the clause, that in case of the Treasurer's death or removal the Governor appoint another, be left out; also, the two clauses about the Council and Assembly drawing on the Treasurer for their expenses, it being mutually agreed that they should bear their own charges in their Public Meetings; but that the clause for settling the Comptroller be adhered to, and that Major John Hallett be Comptroller.
Jan. 21. The Assembly attended with two papers, the continuance of the Excise on Liquors, and a vote appointing a Committee to consider the getting a convenient house for his Excellency; also Bill for continuing the Committee of Accounts, and three others for payment of gunners and matrosses. Ordered that three of the Council be joined with the Committee named by the Assembly to answer several papers by his Majesty relating to the 4½ per cent., and other papers. 2pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XI., 286–288.]
Jan. 20–22. 419. Minutes of the Assembly of Barbadoes. Ordered, that whereas divers persons, having made entry of wines, have long kept them, with design to sell them at unreasonable prices, till they have turned "eagar" and unsaleable, and then petitioned for abatement of excise thereon, that in future no abatement of excise be made on any wines, unless demanded within 3 months of entry. On debate of the defects in the laws set forth by the Council of Plantations, voted that in future the 80 days appointed in the Act for Judicial Proceedings be taken off. To the 3rd clause in their paper, the Assembly assert that sufficient provision has been made by the Act of the 4½ per cent. Voted that anything attached and appraised for payment of any debt below the value of the effects attached shall be divided, and part delivered to the creditor for payment of his debt. The Bill for laying an imposition on wines and liquors returned by his Excellency and Council with some alterations; the House, being unsatisfied, desired a conference with the Governor and Council, on returning from which they adjourned.
Jan. 21. On debate of that part of his Excellency's speech relating to the multiplicity of Courts, voted that they continue as they are. Also, on request of Richard Forde, Surveyor, that an Act be passed to prohibit the copying, reprinting, or selling draughts of this Island from the copy made by said Forde, without his licence, for 7 years, under a penalty of 2,000 lbs. of sugar. That his Excellency be requested to appoint some of the Council to join with their Committee to prepare answers to the defects of the laws sent by the Council of Plantations, and other papers recommended to the Assembly. Resolutions, on debate of the alterations made by his Excellency and Council in the Bill of Excise, to pass the Bill for 3 months only, and that it be presented with the reasons set forth, and as it stood in Lord Willoughby;s time; and in regard they are resolved to manifest their respect and service to his Excellency in as full manner as they have to any other Governor, they promise themselves that his Excellency and Council will not insist on such alterations as will lessen the privileges former Governors have allowed them. Voted that the Bill of Excise, with his Excellency and Council's alterations, do not pass.
Jan. 22. The Bill for continuance of the imposition on wines and other liquors till 23 April next, read and passed. That a law be provided according to the prayer of the petition of some of the Hebrew nation; also that William Sharpe and 2 others be a Committee to treat for a habitation for his Excellency. Bill for reviving the authority of Commissioners for settling the Public Accounts, read and passed. Ordered by his Excellency, Council, and Assembly, that the Treasurer pay out of the Excise on liquors imported, to Edward Preston, Gunner of James Fort, 8,240 lbs. of sugar for his salary from 19th May 1673 to 12 Jan. 1674–75; and to the Gunner of the Fort of Spights and his mate from the last May 1673, and to the three Gunners of the Forts at Ostin's Bay from the 25th June 1673 to this day, after the rate of 2,000 lbs. of sugar per annum each. Adjourned to Tuesday 6 weeks; altered at his Excellency's request to Tuesday 3 weeks. 6½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XIII., 140–146.]
Jan. 21.
420. Sec. Sir Joseph Williamson to Sir Jonathan Atkins, Governor of Barbadoes. Has his of the 9th Nov., with news of his safe arrival at Barbadoes, where he wishes him all happiness, and will be extremely glad if he can contribute to it. Would be glad to knit such a correspondence with those parts as to know regularly all that passes, especially what relates to trade and the general interests of the Island; and if the occurrents of this part of the world be of any satisfaction to him, they shall be punctually sent. ½ p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XCIII., fo. 128.]
Jan. 22.
421. The King to Sir Jonathan Atkins, Governor of Barbadoes. Having understood that one Elisha Bridges, of Bridgestown, in that Island, has been lately killed by James Colleton and others, whereby their estates will, in case they be found guilty, become forfeited to his Majesty, he is to take care that the said estates be preserved safe and entire, to be disposed of as his Majesty shall hereafter direct. ½ p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XCIII., fo. 128.]
Jan. 22./Feb. 1. 422. Extract of a letter from the Deputies of Zealand at the States General to the States of Zealand. The Ambassador Extraordinary of Great Britain has earnestly desired that the letters and despatches, which ought to be sent to Surinam in virtue of the Resolution of the States General of 8–18 Jan. (see ante, No. 408), should be addressed to M. Van Benninghen, Ambassador Extraordinary at the Court of Great Britain, to be delivered to those his Majesty sends to Surinam, so that they may go at the same time with the Resolutions. French. 1½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., LXXVIII., 52, 53.]
Jan. 28.
423. The King's pass to Edward Cranfield, one of the four gentlemen ushers daily attending his Majesty's person, whom his Majesty has commissioned with others to go into the West Indies. Recommends him to all Governors and officers, that they receive him with all civility and favour, suffer him to travel where he shall think fit, and see him accommodated with conveniency for it, without debarring him entrance into any of his Majesty's towns, castles, &c., at due hours, and take order for his transportation into any other of his Majesty's plantations, or into England, as he himself shall judge fitting. And all his Majesty's subjects are required to give him their best assistance. 1½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 34, No. 4.]
Jan. 28. 424. Minutes of Council of Antigua. Ordered, that all that have claims upon the country bring them in to the Treasurer, so that the debts and credits of the country be known; that an Act be drawn for the better regulating of the Militia; that persons going off the Island set up their names in both Falmouth and St. John's; and that storehouses be discharged and suspended to all intents and purposes. That an Act pass for each man's proportion of arms and ammunition, and for encouragement to bring in arms and ammunition. (See under date 23 Augt. 1670.) ½ p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No. 55*.]
Jan. 30.
425. Sec. Sir Joseph Williamson to Sir Jonathan Atkins, Governor of Barbadoes. This comes to let him know what is at the bottom of his Majesty's desire (see ante, No. 421), that all care be taken of the forfeitures arising on occasion of the killing of one Bridges. His Majesty has granted those forfeitures to Lord Sunderland, who has commanded this to engage his kindness in the matter. Begs he will let his Lordship see he was not mistaken when he took him in his friendship. Hopes his people take care to send regularly all the occurrents of these parts, in return of which must beg what passes there constantly and a little at large. 1p. [Col Entry Bk., No. XCIII., fo. 128.]
426. Two Acts passed in the Island of Antigua, viz.:—An Act for the better regulating and governing of the militia of this Island, dated 28th Jan. 1674/5. 2½ pp. An Act for encouragement of the Royal African Company in England for the supplying this Island with negroes, dated 3rd May 1675. 2pp. Together, 4½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. L., 295–299.]