America and West Indies: August 1675

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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August 1675

Aug. 4. 631. Minutes of the Committee for Plantations. The Lords report of Mr. Harris's case and the remedy fit for him, all drawn up this day in a letter proper for his Majesty's signature, which his Majesty approved of, and ordered to be prepared by Mr. Sec. Williamson, and sent to the Governors in New England, See next entry. [Col. Entry Bks., Vol. LX., p. 42, and Vol. 104, p. 33.]
Aug. 4. 632. The King to the Governors of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Plymouth, and Connecticut. Embodying the report of the Committee for Plantations on William Harris's petition. Recites the Petitioner's complaints, and commands the Governors of the respective Colonies to appoint honest and indifferent persons as judges and jurymen, and gives them authority to determine the differences, the result of which they are to send an account. [Col. Entry Bks., Vol. 60, pp. 42–47, and Vol. 93, p. 139 b.]
Aug. 4. 633. Petition of the Merchants and Freighters of the ship Virgin to the King and Council. That upon their humble address, setting forth the delays and denials their Agent has met with in the Court of Spain in his solicitations for satisfaction for Petitioners' losses, his Majesty, by Order of July 14th last, appointed Mr. Sec. Coventry to acquaint the Spanish Envoy Extraordinary here that, unless he forthwith gave them satisfaction, his Majesty would grant them letters of reprisal; in pursuance whereof Don Pedro Romquillos has had a copy of said Order, and some of Petitioners have attended him for satisfaction, but he replied that he was wholly ignorant of the concern, and they must expect satisfaction from the place where the injury was done. Pray letters of reprisal, as declared by his Majesty's Orders of 3 July 1674 and 14 July last. Endorsed, "Read in Council, Aug. 4, 75." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 1.]
Aug. 4. 634. Petition of the Merchants and Freighters of the ship Thomas and Mary to the King in Council. In pursuance of his Majesty's Order of 17th July 1674, Petitioners' Agent has attended in the Court of Spain, soliciting satisfaction for their losses, above 9 months, to their great expense, being more than double the time limited by his Majesty, yet cannot procure any other answer than the despatch annexed, which has not the least prospect towards satisfaction, Petitioners being directed to the Havana to sue for said ship and goods; while the pirates amongst whom the goods were divided are unknown to Petitioners, and it may be, since dead, insolvent, or elsewhere; neither if it could be obtained is above one-fifteenth part of their loss offered in satisfaction for the whole; and Petitioners are absolutely denied satisfaction for the logwood on board, yet it is acknowledged that the owner was no pirate, nor found trading in or invading any of their ports, but was taken in the high sea. Pray letters of reprisal according to aforesaid Order of 17th July. Endorsed, "Read, Aug. 4, '75," &c. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 2.]
Aug. 4.
Hampton Court
635. Order of the King in Council. On reading Petition of the Merchants and Freighters of the ship Virgin, praying that in regard all their solicitations for satisfaction of their losses had proved fruitless, his Majesty would grant them letters of reprisal, ordered that Petitioners attend his Majesty in Council the first Council day after his return to Whitehall, and produce proofs of their losses and damages, and that Don Pedro de Romquillos, Envoy Extraordinary of Spain, have notice that he may be present, and then his Majesty will give such order that his subjects may be righted, if wrong be done them, without any more delay. Endorsed, "This order was translated into French and sent to the Spanish Envoy, 7th of Aug. '75." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 3.]
Aug. 4–5. 636. Minutes of the Assembly of Barbadoes. Col. Chr. Codrington re-elected Speaker, the House having sat three times by adjournment. An Act to give encouragement to all persons to take up runaway Christian servants, and requiring security from such as keep boats, passed.
Aug. 5. Resolved on debate of petition of Col. Dan. Searle, to move his Excellency and Council, if it appear to them lawful and convenient, to afford him a re-appraisement of his estate, taken in execution at the suit of John Hallett. An Act concerning negroes, with some amendments, ordered to be transcribed, and some of the members having gone away in the afternoon so that there could not be made a House, adjourned till Tuesday next come three weeks. 3 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XIII., 188–190.]
Aug. 5.
637. Sec. Sir Joseph Williamson to Sir Wm. Berkeley, Governor of Virginia. To the same purport as his letter to Lord Vaughan of July 18 (see ante, No. 627). Sends a Latin copy of the Treaty Marine with Holland. ½ p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XCIII., 139.]
Aug 5.
638. M. Ogeron to (? Mr. Byndloss). Intreats him to give to whom he shall think fit the letter of attorney he directs to him, that he may recover what is due to the Lord Admiral from the privateer captains and their companies that sail under his commission, and touch in Jamaica to dispose of their prize goods. With attestation by James Barclay, sworn 22nd July 1676, that he truly rendered the above out of a French original, which he believes was signed by Ogeron, whose hand he very well knows; and certificate from Samuel Longe that this is a copy delivered in Council. Endorsed, "Recd. from Mr. Bindloss." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 4.]
Aug. 7–17.
639. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Lord Privy Seal. Encloses List of Papers that have passed on Capt. Cooke's business, and of what has been sent to Mr. Sec. Coventry, and copies of the despatches given by the Council of Indies to the Captain of the Havana. Has waited near a month without answer, and perceiving their mind is not to give any real satisfaction for injuries done in the Indies, has consented to the Captain's eager desire of returning home. Endorsed by Locke, "Rec., Sept. 24, 1675, by Mr. Cooke." Encloses,
639. i. List of Papers concerning differences between the Spaniards and English in the West Indies:—
1673, Dec. 5. Orders on behalf of Mr. Littleton, &c., concerned in the ships Virgin and Mary. See preceding Vol., No. 1178.
1673–74, Mar. 5. Order of Council concerning the ships the Virgin Pink, &c. See preceding Vol., No. 1226 II.
1673–74, Mar. 11. Order upon Report of Committee. See preceding Vol., No. 1226.
1675, June 9. Order for recalling Mr. Edmund Cooke out of Spain. See ante, No. 579.
1675, Aug. 4. Order about Capt. Cooke, &c. See ante, No. 635.
1675, Sept. 30. Minute of the Council of Plantations. See No. 683.
1675, Oct. 8. The Judge of the Admiralty's Report about Mr. Cooke, &c. See No. 693.
1675, Nov. 1. Letter to Sir Leolin Jenkins about Mr. Cooke. See No. 702.
1675, Nov. 29. Report from Committee of Plantations in the case of Capt. Cooke. See No. 719.
1675, Dec. 1. Minute of the Council about Capt. Cooke. See No. 720.
1677, Apr. 30. Letter from Mr. Chas. Bertie to Sir Robt. Southwell about Captain Cooke.
1677, May. Draft of a Report from Sir Robt. Southwell to the Lord Treasurer about Capt. Cooke.
1674, Oct. 19–29. Copy of a memorial to the Queen of Spain and Translation. See No. 640 I.,II.
N.B.The remainder of the papers described in this list, forty in number, the originals of which are all consecutively numbered, are abstracted below. Together, 6 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, Nos. 5, 5 I.]
Aug. 7–17.
640. Sir Wm. Godolphin to Sec. Coventry. This is to accompany and recommend Capt. Edmond Cooke returning homeward to give account of his success here in obedience to the Order of Council. He carries no better satisfaction on the business of the Virgin and Thomas and Mary than Sir Wm. represented the 30th past, and foretold the 10/20 March, for though having replied against those despatches they have been entertained with hopes of amendment from a Consulta transmitted by the Council of the Indies to the Queen. Finds after waiting above three weeks it is an amusement only, and their wonted way of denial, which is not to answer Has therefore thought it expedient the Captain should stay no longer, who will put into his Honor's hands a packet of 40 papers, being copies of what have passed here in his solicitation, which he has enforced in the best manner that the common interest of both crowns seemed to him to require. Some of the wisest ministers here concur in his indignation at the late inhuman dealing with the English in the West Indies, but the ignorant zeal and presumption of new councillors and of the generality prevails over the wisdom of a new to such a degree as they exclaim against those who treated with him the Peace of America as betrayers of their country. They ought therefore rather to provide against future injuries than to depend on satisfaction here, till they have taught the Spaniards their own interest in the Indies by more efficacious means than friendship. Endorsed, "Recd. 23 Septr." Annexed,
640. i., ii. Memorial of Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Queen of Spain. Containing a full account of the depredations upon the Virgin of London, Edmond Cooke, Master, by the Spanish in the West Indies (see preceding Vol., No. 1178 I.), and demanding reparation and satisfaction for same. Madrid, 1674, Oct. 19/29. Spanish, with English translation.
640. iii., iv. Memorial of Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Queen of Spain. Complaining of the depredations upon the ship Thomas and Mary, Wm. How, Master, and Rich. Ashall, Merchant, taken by Don Francisco Lopez de Andrade, in the West Indies, and demanding reparation and satisfaction for the same. Madrid, 1674, Oct. 19/29. Spanish and English translation.
640. v. Sir William Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin, President of the Council of the Indies. Recommending the person and business of Capt. Edmond Cooke, about the ship Virgin; as also about the ship Thomas and Mary. Madrid, 1674, Nov. 2/12. Spanish.
640. vi. The Conde de Medellin to Sir William Godolphin, in answer to the above. Endorsed, "This letter was not delivered to me till November 19th." Madrid, 1674, Nov. 2/12. Spanish.
640. vii. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin. Endorsed, "Answering his of the 12th, and expostulating on the business of the ships Thomas and Mary, of Virginia, and Virgin, of London, taken by the Spaniards in the West Indies." Madrid, 1674, Nov. 20/30. Spanish.
640. viii., ix. Memorial of Captain Edmund Cooke to the Conde de Medellin, President of the Council of the Indies. Presenting jointly the exemplifications under the seal of the Admiralty Court of England containing the proofs made there touching the damages and losses sustained by the capture of the ships Thomas and Mary and Virgin, &c. 1674, Dec. 2/12. Spanish and English translation.
640. x. Memorial of Thomas Cooke to the Conde de Medellin, President (of the Council) of the Indies. Presenting the exemplification translated into Spanish by the Secretary of languages in virtue of the Council's order to that purpose, and praying justice thereupon. 1674–75, Jan. 8/18. Spanish.
640. xi. Memorial of Thos. Cooke to the Conde de Medellin. Annexing the translation of two Orders of Council about his and Mr. Ashall's business for their coming to Madrid to demand satisfaction. Madrid, 1675, Feb. 6. Spanish.
640. xii., xiii. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin. Pressing dispatch and satisfaction on the several complaints made by him of hostilities committed by the Spaniards on the English in the West Indies, particularly in the cases of the ships Virgin, Thomas and Mary, and Humility, and the murder of Timothy Stamp. Madrid, 1675, Feb. 11. Spanish and English translation.
640. xiv., xv. The Conde de Peneranda to Sir Wm. Godolphin. The Queen of Spain has commanded the Council of the Indies that the English prizes made in the Havana by Francisco Lopez de Andrade and Don Phelipe Geraldino be restored to their owners; and at the same time the Council of the Indies has represented to Her Majesty the vexatious murders and robberies committed by subjects of his Majesty of Great Britain. against those of this Crown, a particular relation whereof he will deliver his Excellency, her Majesty promising herself that his Majesty will order due satisfaction and reparation to be made. Madrid, 1675, April 10. Spanish and English translation.
640. xvi., xvii. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Conde de Peneranda. In relation to the complaints on both sides in the West Indies, and that those of the Spaniards may be justified and proved as ours have been. Madrid, 1675, May 8. Spanish and English translation.
640. xviii., xix. The Conde de Peneranda to Sir Wm. Godolphin. The Council of the Indies will give him the clearest information as to what prizes the Queen commanded to be restored. Sends relations of the violences committed by the English against Spanish subjects in the Indies in the same form that Council put them into the Queen's hands, not doubting his Excellency will transmit them to his Majesty of Great Britain, and solicit due satisfaction and reparation. Madrid, 1675 May 9. Spanish and English translation.
640. xx., xxi. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin. Begs to specify in what manner the prizes are to be restored, what satisfaction for ships since lost, goods plundered and damages accruing, with such other particulars as may enable him to give his Majesty some distinct account what satisfaction to his suffering subjects and to the public justice he may at length expect from her Majesty's friendship. Madrid, 1675, May 15. Spanish and English translation.
640. xxii., xxiii., xxiv. The Conde de Medellin to Sir Wm. Godolphin. Sends in answer to his Excellency's of this date, inclosed letter from Don Antonio de Rozas expressing the satisfaction her Majesty has resolved to give to the owners of the ships Thomas and Mary and Humility of London, also letter to the Governor of the Havana for punctual restitution and performance of her Majesty's warrant. Encloses,
i. Don Antonio de Rozas, Secretary of New Spain, to the Conde de Medellin. Madrid, 1675, April 7. Spanish.
ii. The Conde de Medellin to Don Francisco Rodriguez de Ledesma, Governor and Captain General of the Havana. Recommends the bearer, Captain Edmund Cooke, who also carries a despatch from her Majesty concerning his ship, which is to be executed without any delay or vexation. Madrid, 1675, May 9. Spanish.
640. xxv. Sir William Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin. Pressing the despatches for the restitution of the English Prizes taken in the West Indies. Madrid, 1675, June 6. Spanish.
640. xxvi. The Conde de Medellin to Sir Wm. Godolphin. In answer to the above. Madrid, 1675, June 6. Spanish.
640. xxvii. Don Antonio de Rozas to the Conde de Medellin. Endorsed, "Copy of the Secretary of New Spain, his paper to the Conde de Medellin, June 6, 1675. Enclosed to me by that Conde the same day, referring me hereunto for the state of the despatches about the restitution of the English Prizes made in the Indies. Madrid, 1675, June 6. Spanish.
640. xxviii., xxix. Commission of the Queen Regent of Spain to Don Antonio Ortiz de Matienzo, Lieutenant to the Governor and Captain-General of Cuba and the City of San Christobel of the Havana. For restitution to be made to Wm. How and Richard Ashall of the value and proceed of the Thomas and Mary and her lading taken by Francisco Lopez de Andrade, except the Campeachy wood which is declared for lost as not to be traded without license. Madrid, 1675, June 8. Spanish and English translation.
640. xxx., xxxi. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin. Relating briefly the proceedings that had passed on Capt. Cooke's business about the Virgin, made prize in the Havana in May 1673, the present difficulties and mistakes thereupon, and pressing for dispatch. Madrid, 1675, June 21. Spanish and English translation.
640. xxxii., xxxiii. Commission of the Queen Regent of Spain to Don Antonio de Matienzo. For restitution to Edmond Cooke of the Virgin, of London, and her merchandize, seized by Don Philip Ceraldino in May 1673, near the Havana, except the Campeachy wood. Madrid, 1675. July 2. Spanish and English translation.
640. xxxiv., xxxv. Memorial of Capt. Cooke to the Conde de Medellin, President of the Indies. Against the Despatch [Commission of the Queen of Spain] delivered to him for the [Governor of the] Havana as insufficient. Madrid, 1675, July 16. Spanish and English translation.
640. xxxvi. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Conde de Medellin. "Against the Despatches delivered to Capt. Cooke for the Havana as insufficient, and accompanying the Captain's Memorial to the same effect. Also about the ship Humility, Matthew Fox, Master." Madrid, 1675, July 16, Spanish.
640. xxxvii., xxxviii. The Memorial of Capt. Cooke above referred to. Madrid 1675, July 23. Spanish and English translation.
640. xxxix. Memorial of Capt. Cooke to the Conde de Peneranda. Against the orders he had received for the Havana, and praying his favour to the dispatch of a new Consulta about his business from the Council of Indies depending before the Queen. Madrid, 1675, July 25. Spanish.
640. xl. Sir Wm. Godolphin to the Marquis de Mesorada, Secretary of the Universal Dispatch. Has received the King's orders to dispatch Capt. Cooke to England to acquaint his Majesty with the success of his suit in this Court since September last, in seeking satisfaction for the ships Virgin, and Thomas and Mary, taken by subjects of this Crown in the West Indies, and having understood there is a Consulta depending in her Majesty's hands concerning this matter, begs his Excellency to dispatch the business with all possible brevity. Madrid, 1675, Aug. 1. Spanish. Together, 90 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, Nos. 6, 6 I–XL]
641. Another copy of the Queen Regent of Spain's Commission abstracted above, No. 640, XXVIII. Endorsed, "Reced. 21° July 1675. Read in Council Augt. 4th 1675." 1½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 7.]
642. Answer of the Queen Regent of Spain to the Memorial touching the Humility of London, taken by Don Philip Geraldino, Irishman, in the Havana, dated Madrid. 1675, June 8. Two copies, one endorsed, "Read in Council 17 Sept. 1675," the other, "The humble petition of Martine Stampe for Reprizal agt, the Spaniards, Recd. June 29th 1677. Read in Council, July 20th 1677." Together, 4½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35 Nos. 8, 9.]
Aug. 7–17
643. Sir Wm. Godolphin to James Littleton. It is a great mortitication to Sir Wm. that he has obtained no better satisfaction for the injuries Littleton and others concerned in the ship Virgin have sustained from the Spaniards, than what Captain Cooke the bearer will show in the despatches for the Havana; against which he has excepted as insufficient, as well touching the logwood as for the uncertainties. They will not disburse anything here towards reparation and he is too well acquainted with Spanish forms of proceeding to advise him on so weak grounds to seek any at the Havana, unless by virtue of his Majesty's Commission, instead of this from the Queen of Spain. Nothing has been omitted on his part for the prevention of violent remedies which he easily foresees must follow, and Captain Cooke has solicited with all vigour and dexterity; but their misfortune has been the loose constitution of this Government during the minority which God be thanked will expire two months hence and the erroneous opinions the Spaniards conceive of ours from some transactions in Parliament. They fancy Parliament will not suffer the King to do them any harm, and that without the Spanish trade England would be all in disorder, and this makes them bold. Hopes next Session will render his Majesty formidable to his neighbours, which will furnish his Ministers abroad with the best arguments to obtain justice for his subjects. Encloses a list of papers which have passed in this business, which he will find at large in Secretary Coventry's office. Pays his service to Messrs. Wm. Buckler and Robert Foorthe who subscribed with him the letter. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 10.]
Aug. 7–17.
644. Judgment by P. Versterre, Governor of Surinam, against Rowland Simpson, for 240l. payable to Andrew Clifford. Dutch, 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 11.]
Aug. 8.
645. Warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General. Whereas his Majesty has been informed that Capt. George Brimicane of Jamaica at a Court of King's Bench held in that island was found guilty of murder and sentence of death passed upon him, and whereas the Governor has informed his Majesty that the Judges having certified him that the fact could scarcely be adjudged murder, and having recommended said Captain Brimicane to mercy he had reprieved him for his Majesty's pleasure, it is his Majesty's pleasure that a Bill be prepared to pass the Great Seal containing a grant of pardon to said Capt. George Brimicane for said murder, and of all penalties and for feitures by reason thereof. 1½ pp. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 28, pp. 141, 141a.]
646. Warrant to Lord Vaughan, Governor of Jamaica, empowering him to continue his reprieve to Capt. George Brimicane, who was sentenced to death in Jamaica for murder, but reprieved all his Majesty's further order, on certificate from the Judges that the fact could scarcely be adjudged murder, and to deal with him as a person his Majesty intends to pardon. 1½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk, No. XCV., 66, 67.]
Aug. 11.
647. Warrant to Sir Thomas Chicheley, Master General of the Ordnance. Whereas the provision of powder lately send for Jamaica has been cast away, the vessel suffering shipwreck, he is to deliver 100 barrels of powder more to such person as shall be authorised to receive the same by the Governor of Jamaica. 1 p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 29, p. 132.]
Aug. 11. 648. The Committee of Council of Trade and Plantations to the Governor of Virginia. That the King has superseded the late Commission for Trade and Plantations and restored all the business of that nature to its accustomed channel of a Committee of his Privy Council. Require a clean and full account in writing of the state and condition of his Plantation, the rules and laws of Government, the revenue, number of Planters, &c., and also a journal of all things which have passed since his arrival there. Circular letter. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 97, p. 9.]
Aug 11.
649. The Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations to Sir Jonathan Atkins, Governor of Barbadoes, &c. His Majesty has superseded the Council of Trade and Plantations, and committed the management of those affairs to a Committee of the Privy Council. Expect a full account in writing of the condition in which he found that island, the Laws, Government, officers, revenue, forces in his Majesty's pay, number of Planters and people, trade, condition of neighbouring countries, and on what terms they live, also a journal of all things that have passed since his arrival, and from time to time what shall occur in relation to the heads aforesaid. Circular letter. 2½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. VI., 25–27.]
Aug. 11.
650. Minutes of the Committee for Trade and Plantations. His Majesty having dissolved the late Council of Trade and Foreign Plantations, and committed what was under their inspection to a Committee of the Privy Council appointed for matters relating to trade and foreign Plantations, their Lordships on the 11th August 1675, signed the following circular letter to Lord Vaughan to have a minute account of all things under his Government, viz.: That they have thought fit to give his Lordship advertisement that his Majesty has committed to a select number of the Privy Council the care of his Plantations, who are possessed of all books and papers of said Council. Expect from his Lordship a full account in writing of the condition in which he found Jamaica, a description of the country and commodities; the laws and rules of Government; the Offices Civil, Ecclesiastical, and Military; Revenue; the effective force in his Majesty's pay; the number of Planters and people, and how many are able to bear arms; the trade; the condition of the neighbouring countries and places, and on what terms they live with each other; and generally of all things he shall judge necessary for their Lordships full information. They also require him to transmit a journal of all things which have passed since his arrival and of what shall occur for the future. 3½ pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XXIX., 27–32.]
Aug. 11.
651. Minutes of the Committee of Trade and Plantations. Their Lordships signed a circular letter to Lord Vaughan at Jamaica, and Sir Jouathan Atkins at Barbadoes, for a minute account of all things under their Government; other letters to be prepaid but with some variation. Letter from Sir R. Southwell by order of the Lords to Sir Chas. Wheler, Lord Berkeley being now in preparation for France and their Lordships desirous to arm him with fit expedients to demand satisfaction in the business of St. Christopher's desire that Sir Chas. would alter the enclosed paper so as to bring all into a fair draft, and also make another draft according to the method in which he proceeded with M. De Baas, that they may choose the best, supposing he may have the same ready in a fortnight. A letter sent to Mr. Harris at the Duke's Play House to hasten the seal for St. Christopher's, the motto to be Sigillum Sancti Christopheri Nevis et Cæterarum Insularum Nostrarum America Septentrionali adjacentium. 1 p. [Col. Entry Bk., No. CIV., 33, 34:]
Aug. 11. 652. Sir Robt. Southwell to Sir Chas. Wheler. Copy of the letter abstracted in the preceding minutes. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XLVI., 14.]
Aug. 13.
653. Edw. Cranfield and Marcus Brandt to [Sec. Sir Joseph Williamson]. Having an opportunity by way of Holland, thought themselves obliged to send copies of what they formerly wrote by Capt. Dickenson, and to advertise him of the departure of his Majesty's ships subjects and slaves, having rather more on board than in the list here inclosed. The ships are very much pestered and could not contain more. By way of Jamaica he shall have particulars more at large.
653. i., ii. Copies of their letters of 11 July 1675 [dated 13 Aug. 1675] enclosed, see ante, No. 624.
653. iii. A general list of the English that depart from Surinam to Jamaica, numbering 109 names with wives, 90 children, &c., and 1,049 slaves. For details see lists enclosed in letter of 22nd Sept., No. 675. Together, 5½ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, Nos. 12, 12 I–II.]
Aug. 13. 654. Copy of above list, with one or two omissions. [Col. Entry Bk., No. LXXVIII., 101–105.]
Aug. 14. 655. Two Acts passed in the island of Montserrat, viz.: An Act restraining physicians' high fees and fining rum works. In margin, "Print this and (2) for the speedy fixing of fire arms and also for the encouragement of workmen. Dated 14 Aug. 1675. In margin, "Expired." [Col. Entry Bk., No. L., 224–227.]
Aug. 23.
656. The King to Lord Vaughan (Gov. of Jamaica). Having received complaint from the Queen of Spain that several of his subjects of Jamaica take commissions from Foreign Princes who are enemies to the Catholic King, his Majesty requires him immediately to issue a Proclamation recalling all such as have taken any such Commissions, and prohibiting others from taking any for the future, or assisting such as shall attempt hostilities against said King or his subjects; and that he proceed against any daring to offend against this order with the utmost severity of the law. 2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. XCV., 69, 70.]
Aug. 25.
Port Royal.
657. Sir Henry Morgan to Capt. John Edmunds at Point Negrill. Understanding from William Crane that he is timorous to come into any of their harbours, assures him he will be very welcome in any harbour; and Mr. Crane the bearer will inform him he shall have as much privilege as he can in reason expect from the writer. Endorsed, "Sir H. Morgan's Letter to a Privateer with French Comn." 1½ p. [Col. Papers, Vol. 35, No. 13.]
Aug. 31.
658. Mem. That a letter was written from his Majesty to the Governor and Council of the Massachusetts Colony in New England in behalf of Samuel Bellingham for a re-hearing of his cause concerning his father's will. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. 110, p 77.]
Aug. 31 659. Minutes of the Assembly of Barbadoes. The Supplemental Act concerning negroes passed. Ordered, that the petition of James Collins for remission of 802 lbs. of sugar, arrears of old levies, he being very poor and unable to pay, be granted, and that the Committee of Public Accounts take notice thereof; also, that the Treasurer allow Richard Bate, merchant, half the duty of 76 pipe of Madeira wine entered by him, he having been at great trouble and charge to save same after the ship was bulged. On information of Thomas Wardall, Esq, that some land in St. Michael's Town belonging to the country is encroached upon by William Willson, the Assembly move his Excellency and Council that some course be taken for the discovery thereof, and vindication of the country's legal right.