America and West Indies: Addenda 1585

Pages 27-28

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1585

Feb. 8.
36. Queen Elizabeth's Warrant to Sir John Perrot, Lord Deputy of Ireland, twenty horsemen and forty footmen having been appointed for Kerry and Clanmorris, and Raphe Lane, one of the Queen's equerries, to the government thereof. "Forasmuch as we have occasion to employ him presently in other our service of importance, we are pleased for his better encouragement thereunto that he during the time that he shall be thus employed shall enjoy that his government" and supply the same by substitute or lieutenant, and also enjoy his full entertainment. Endorsed, "Graciously given him by her Majesty in consideration of his ready undertaking the voyage to Virginia for Sir Walter Raughley at her Maj. commandment." [Correspond., Ireland, Vol. 114, No. 71.] There are several letters from Ralph Lone in the First Volume of this Calendar, dated from Port Ferdinando Virginia, between 12 Aug. and 8 Sept. 1585.
April 7.
37. Richard Hakluyt to Secretary Sir Francis Walsingham. It pleased her Majesty two days before his dispatch, upon sight of a couple of books of his, one in Latin upon Aristotle's polities, the other in English concerning Mr. Rawley's voyage, to grant him the next vacation of a prebend in Bristol, which is a thing of very small value. The words of his Grant are that he should enjoy it next, whether it be by death, vacation, resignation, or any other way howsoever; and yet since his coming out of England he is advertised that Mr. Sanders, a prebend of that place, either hath or means to resign his room to another, which if not hindered by his Honor's favour, his reversion will not be worth the money the seals stood him in, for if these resignations be permitted he may be these seven and seven years before he shall be placed; therefore beseeches his Honor not to suffer his Grant to be frustrated by any such dealing. How careful he has been to advertise Sir Walter Rawley from time to time, and to send him discourses both in print and written hand concerning his voyage, he had rather his Honor should understand of Sir Walter than of himself. Foreign news. The rumour of Sir Walter Rawley's fleet, and especially the preparation of Sir Francis Drake, doth so much vex the Spaniard and his factors, as nothing can do more, and therefore he could wish that altho' Sir Francis Drake's journey be stayed, yet the rumour of his setting forward might be continued. Report that divers Lords in England were up in arms, and with the Catholics had taken an Island. 3 pp. [Dom. Eliz., Addenda, Vol. 29, No. 9.] Another letter from Haklayt to Lord Treasurer Burleigh, dated from Paris, 11 April 1588, relates wholly to Foreign news.]
June 20.
38. The Queen's Commission to Barnard Drake. Whereas we have been given to understand that the ships and goods of our subjects have lately been arrested in Spain, and others of our subjects who employ themselves in the fishing at the Newfoundland are determined to make sale of their fish in Spain, we have thought meet to send Barnard Drake not only to advertise our subjects to avoid this danger, but to join with him in doing their best endeavours to seize all ships appertaining to the King of Spain or his subjects, and bring them into some of the western ports of our realm without dispersing any part of their lading until our further pleasure be known. Draught with corrections, also fair copy. [Dom. Eliz., Vol. 179, Nos. 21, 22.]
June. 39. "A graunt unto the Ladie Anne Gilbert and to her assignes of all such lands in the countie of Kent as Richard Guilford Esquior was sensed of at the time of his departure beyond the seas contrarie to a Statute made against fugitives, wth a further graunt to the same Ladie of all the goodes chattels and debtes anie way due to the sayd Guylford at his said departure, and that yt shall be lawfull to the said Ladie for the recoverie of the same goodes and debtes eyther to sue for ye same in Her Mate name or in her owne. The goodes to have for ever wthout anie accompt and the lands for so long time as they shall bee in her Ma hands. Subscribed by Mr. Attorney Generall. Procured by Sr Walter Rawley, xiijs, iiijd." [Signed Gffier Inder, Vol. I.]
Oct. 15.
40. The Council to Sir John Gylbert. On knowledge of a general arrest in Spain of her Majesty's subjects' ships and goods Sir Walter Raleigh was directed to set forth certain ships for interrapting such of the King of Spain's subjects as should repair to the fishing at Newfoundland, which has been executed with so good success as to bring to this realm a good number of Spanish vessels wherein are about 600 mariners. Are credibly advertised her Majesty's subjects in Spain are used in very hard and insafferable sort, therefore think meet to reduce the diet of the Spanish mariners from 3s. 4d. a man per week to 3d. a man per day, the charge to be allowed out of a third part of the fish allotted to the ships' victuals of war. 1 p. [Dom. Eliz., Vol. 183, No. 13.]