America and West Indies.: Supplementary Addenda 1655-74

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Aug. 28.
1198. Report of the Commissioners for the Admiralty and Navy. In pursuance of his Highness' reference of 26th July last on petition of Peter Butler, mariner, have considered the matter and report of Judges of the Admiralty, and are of opinion that the most proper and equitable way for relief of petitioner will be by letters of reprisal on the King of Spain's subjects in America. Annexed,
1198. i. The report of the Judges of the Admiralty above referred to. Certified copy, dated 27th August 1655, with Order of the Council of State, that the case be recommended to the Ambassador from the King of Spain. 3rd September 1653. Also further Order of the Council of State that Sir Oliver Fleming repair to the Spanish Ambassador, and desire his answer to the letters formerly written to him in order to obtain justice on petitioner's behalf. 1653, 10th November.
1198. ii. Depositions of William Sampson, Thomas Phillipps, and Peter Butler, concerning the seizure of the Mayflower laden with tobacco from Virginia, bound for New England, but driven by necessity to San Domingo, "whereupon letters of reprisal are issued." Translated out of the Spanish. [On 13th November 1655 a warrant for letters of reprisal was issued to Peter Butler, David Selleck, and William Alford, their ship the Mayflower, of New England, 24 tons, with her lading, having been seized at San Domingo in Hispaniola. See Col. Cal., Vol. I., p. 432.] 8 pp. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXII., No. 23a, 23a i., ii.]
[1656, Feb. 4.] 1199. Petition of Frederick Otsen, shipmaster of Horne, Holland, to Oliver, Lord Protector. Has for a long time traded with Barbadoes, and is well known to many honest merchants there. His ship the Love, Albert Albertson master, laden with wine and aqua vitæ, about three miles from land was made prize by General Penn's fleet, wherefore said Albertson at his return to Holland, out of despair, did hang himself. Has been three months soliciting restitution, and having debts owing him in Barbadoes prays license to go in an English ship thither to get in his debts. With reference signed by Mr. Secretary Thurloe. It is his Highness' pleasure to refer this petition to the consideration of the Lords of his Council to do therein what shall be fit for the petitioner's relief, and agreeable to justice. Whitehall, 1656, 4th February. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXII,, No. 44a.]
Jan. 15.
Cagway, Jamaica.
1200. Order of Lieutenant-General William Brayne to Admiral William Goodson. To deliver to Peter Pugh, Treasurer, such contingent money of the State as remains in his possession undisposed of. With seal. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 19a.]
May 8. 1201. Report of the Commissioners for the Admiralty and Navy. That Vice-Admiral Goodson's bills of imprest for 3,105l. 16s., charged upon him in the Treasurer's office, may be taken up, he having passed his accounts at Jamaica, where they were audited by Peter Pugh, appointed Auditor-General by Lieutenant-General Brayne, and attested by said Lieutenant-General. Annexed,
1201. i. Account current between William Goodson and the State of all monies received by him. Cagway, Jamaica, 1657, 26th January. Together, 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 26a, 26a i.]
Jan. 12.
1202. Report on petition of Vice-Admiral Goodson. That his commission from General Penn to command in chief the sea forces at Jamaica is dated 20th June 1655, General Penn going from thence 25th June, and that the Vice-Admiral came from Jamaica 31st January 1657 and arrived in England 26th April 1657, and so the time of his service amounted to 672 days. Are of opinion that a gratuity of 350l. be paid to him for his extraordinary service. Annexed,
1202. i. The dates of Vice-Admiral Goodson's service in Jamaica. Signed, Thos. Kelsey.
1202. ii. Certificate of the number of days of Vice-Admiral Goodson's service. Together, 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., Nos. 32a, 32a i., ii.]
Aug. 4. 1203. Report of Dr. Wal. Walker on report of the Commissioners of the Admiralty concerning Dutch ships taken by Captain Myngs for trading at Barbadoes, and carried by him to Jamaica. Conceives it most consonant to the Act of Parliament and the administration of justice to refer all these cases of seizure of ships by Captain Myngs to his Highness' Court of Admiralty of England. The Report of the Commissioners of the Admiralty is in Col. Cal., Vol. I., p. 467, dated 31st July 1658. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 46a.]
[1659, Jan. 13.] 1204. Report of "The Committee to whom the matter touching the prisoners sent from Nevis is referred." That about July last Peter Bishop and Robert Overton, the persons sent over, did with others plot a design against the Governor and Council, to surprise and spike all the guns in the forts, seize Governor Russell and other military commanders and carry them to the mountains, and in case of resistance to kill them. That they appealing against the Grand Jury to his Highness have been sent over by the Governor and two witnesses to make good the accusation. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 50a.]
1205. Grant to Thomas Lynch of the office of Provost-Marshal of "the islands of Jamaica" for life. Docquet. [Chas. II., No. XIX., p. 75.]
January. 1206. Grant to Richard Povey of the office of Secretary of "the islands of Jamaica," and also of the office of Commissary-General of provisions for the fleet and forces, for life. Docquet. [Ibid.]
Jan. 20.
Port Royal, Jamaica.
1207. Richard Browne to Joseph Williamson. His Majesty's ship Oxford, commanded by Captain Edward Collier, came to anchor 29th October, at the Isle of Vacour, on the coast of Hispaniola, where were several English and French privateers belonging to Jamaica, and two French men-of-war, one being the Cour Volant of Rochelle, Captain La Veven commander, that robbed Isaac Rush, of Virginia, Master of the Commonwealth, of 12 barrels of pork, a barrel of butter, and another of flour. Captain Collier sent his Lieutenant to command La Veven aboard, but he answered that it was not usual for any captain of a man-of-war of France to be commanded out of his ship. The next morning, Captain Collier weighed, and came close to him, intending to board him, when La Veven came aboard; upon his commission being demanded he made several evasions, but subsequently produced one from Monsieur de Beaufort to La Veven, but on his taking Rush's provisions, he went by the name of Captain la Roche of Toulon, and Rush coming into the Isle of Vacour the next day, maintained that he was the same man, whereupon Captain Collier, believing he was no other than a pirate, had him brought aboard his ship, "in order to his trial" at Jamaica, and commanded all the French, to the number of 45, on board the Oxford also. A Council of War was held aboard the Oxford on 2nd January by Admiral Morgan and eight others named, when they designed to attack Carthagena with the ships they had, and two or three more they expected with Monsieur la Veven's ship, which they had in possession, they mustering altogether about 900 men. While the captains were at dinner on the quarter-deck, the Oxford blew up, when 200 men were lost, including Captain Aylett, Commander of the Lilly, and Captains Bigford, Morris, Thornbury, and Whiting, only six men and four boys being saved. The accident is supposed to have been caused by the negligence of the gunner. I was eating my dinner with the rest, when the mainmasts blew out, and fell upon Captains Aylett, Bigford, and others, and knocked them on the head; I saved myself by getting astride the mizen-mast. The Oxford being thus lost, Captain Collier set sail in Veven's ship for Jamaica, where Captain Veven was tried before Sir James Modyford, Judge of the Admiralty, and condemned as a pirate, and the ship as pirate goods; but after sentence Veven appealed for his life to his Excellency Sir Thomas Modyford, which appeal was granted. 2¼ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIII., No. 103a.]
Feb. 14. 1208. Minute of the "Foreign Committee" on Crespo's ship. The ship to be restored, but declared that the King finds no legal right to restore her yet considering that the Governor of Jamaica sent for the proprietors with a promise to restore her, and his Majesty's former orders in the case, now of his own free grace his Majesty thinks fit to do it. This to be done in Council, where young Modyford is to be warned to attend, to give an account why his Majesty's former orders were not obeyed, and the Governor's promise made good, and to receive their Lordships' directions for satisfying the proprietors, &c. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIII., No. 103b.]
July 14. 1209. Don Carlos Enriques to the King. Notwithstanding that new things are commonly looked upon as difficult, and especially that this business which I pretend to give a beginning to may seem so, yet believes the like has not been propounded to any monarch since the first conquerors of America and parts of Asia, who undertook things that had not that security, or promise of success, that the writer's has, as was done by Sir Francis Drake in the time of Queen Elizabeth, though with a different design, for he went only as the huntsman to try what he could find, and though he has been endeavoured to be imitated by several other navigators of England, France, and Holland, they have not met with the same good luck, because of their temerity and rashness, and had such ill success, that of several who ventured few ever returned to their country to give an account of their fellows. Describes the necessaries for the voyage, how the vessels are to be built, equipped, and manned with 150 men, the places they will touch at in going, the amount of money required, and the course to be pursued on arriving at the Straits [of Magellan], for taking possession of Elizabeth Island and the Isle of St. Clara, and for founding a colony there. Desires three commissions, one on pretence of going for Jamaica, the second to be used when they have passed the Canaries, as if designed for some of his Majesty's factories in the Indies, and the third for the preservation of the writer's own authority as absolute chief, to which post he begs for reasons given, to be appointed, as also to be naturalized as his Majesty's subject. Beseeches the King to cause his propositions to be well considered, and himself sent for and examined upon all difficult points, without deferring it to the time when he will be necessitated to go to Flanders to solicit his stipend, being unable to subsist much longer at the English Court without it. Portuguese with English translation. Endorsed, "Don Carlos Enriques' second proposition in order to a voyage to the West Indies. Rec. July 14, 1669." 21 pp. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 103c.]
July 25. 1210. Don Carlos Enriques to the King. In his late propositions he offered two things— one easy without hazard, as his going the intended voyage with one vessel to discover the coasts and the passage of the Straits of Magellan, the other more chargeable and requiring greater circumspection as the carrying more shipping, and going with intention to settle near the Straits a colony of England without delay. The time of the year to pass the line is so near that he must go from hence in November to arrive about March or April when the Indians gather their harvest of maize and papas, a kind of potatoe, which may easily then be had. Is not in a condition to subsist here, and therefore prays for a dispatch of his business, or some relief while he attends. Portuguese. 5 pp. [Col. Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 103d.]
Aug. 23. 1211. "Particulars requisite for the regiment intended for the West Indies." Provisions for six months. Stores of war, spare arms and ammunition for twelve months. Necessaries, viz., shoes, stockings, shirts, and cravats, with a parcel of coats and hats for twelve months. Two months, pay advanced with directions to receive their pay until further orders out of the 4½ per cent. in the Leeward Islands or Barbadoes. Endorsed, "Read 23 Aug. 1669." 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIII., No. 103e.]
Aug. 25.
1212. Note by Don Carlos Enriques of several necessaries for the voyage to the West Indies. Portuguese. Endorsed in English. 1 p. [Col Papers, Addenda, Vol. XXXIII., No. 103 f.]
Aug. 1. 1213. Affidavit of Robert Smart of Dartford, Kent, labourer. Has voluntarily consented to go to Virginia upon the account of George Potts in such service as he shall appoint for four years, according to the custom of the country, or to reimburse said George Potts charges, and to go in the Jamaica Factor, Constable master, or any other ship. Annexed,
1213. i. Certificate from the Registrar's Office. That said Robert Smart consents to go to Virginia as aforesaid, and that said George Potts agrees at the end of said term to give him double clothing with other necessaries according to the custom of the country. [Trade Papers, Vol. CXXIV., pp. 11–13.]
Jan., Feb.
1214. Affidavits of Mary, wife of Mark Collins, and Thomas Stone against William Haverland, "generally called a spirit." Also of William Haverland against John Steward for spiriting persons to Barbadoes, Virginia, Jamaica, and other places for twelve years, five hundred in a year as he has confessed. Also against William Thiene who in one year spirited away 840, Robert Bayley "an old spirit who hath no other way of livelihood." and others, spirits, Also of Grifith Jones against Mark Collins, a spirit, of Joshua Pretty, and Martha wife of William Tanner. Annexed,
1214. i. Copy of the Act to prevent stealing and transporting other children, passed 18th March 1670[–71]. See Commons Journal, p. 142. [Trade Papers, Vol. CXXIV., pp. 13–18.]
June 6. 1215. Andrew Orgill to the Council for Foreign Plantations. Having spent great part of his time in Barbadoes, presumes to offer some considerations that may be serviceable as to the Plantations. Annexed,
1215. i. Considerations concerning the Plantations. They stand in two different relations to this Kingdom: one class is destructive to the trade of England, because not producing native commodities fit for our market they are obliged to subsist by our trades; the other class is most advantageous, as growing commodities not producible here, and employing many people who are supplied by our manufactures, and thereby benefit trade and navigation. Of the former class are New England, Virginia, Maryland, and Long Island, and it would be most advisable to encourage them to remove to Jamaica, which is of the latter class, very fruitful, and only needing cultivation, 1,500 or 1,600 from New England, and 150 from Virginia, amongst whom Mrs. Anne Toffs, are wishful to remove thither, if they may have land and liberty of conscience, and if the present Governor of Jamaica, who encourages planting may be allowed to remain. [Trade Papers, Vol. CXXIV., pp 19–23.]
Jan. 30.
Port Royal, Jamaica.
1216. Richard Browne to Jos. Williamson. News by a sloop from the Bay of Campeachy that Captain Yellowes, late of this Island, has lately taken five ships laden with logwood, one burnt another sunk, and one belonging to Mr. Bent, of London. Captain Morris, lately commander of the frigate Lilly, has come in. The Governor of St. Jago on Cuba sent a vessel to complain against him for taking a vessel belonging to Trinidad laden with tobacco and sugar. Hears the Spaniards demanded 700l., and were satisfied by Sir Thomas Lynch. Morris was condemned as a pirate and the Lilly forfeited to his Majesty, but two or three days after he received a pardon, and is again made Commander of the Lilly, and he and one Captain Allard are hired by Sir Thomas Lynch at 80l. a month, Allard to seek a trade and Morris with instructions, if possible, to attack Yellowes; but he and his consort, having twelve and 16 guns apiece, may endanger them both. Twelve men that ran away in a canoe from here are retaken; for punishment, the servants to have three years added to their indentures, the freemen to pay 50l. apiece or be whipped. Advice that Captain Quadman is arrived at Curaçao with negroes and other goods from this place, and that the Welcome frigate is there. Last week Major Beeston, Commander of the Assistance frigate, arrived from Trinidad with fifty live cattle, and having sold some negroes, sailed for Hispaniola, where report says 600 or 700 French and English are gathering to attempt something against the Spaniards which has forced the Governor of St. Jago on Cuba to send to Sir Thomas Lynch for relief "to dissipate their intentions." Cannot fully learn the reason of Captain Wilgress' dismissal from command of the Assistance; however, he goes for England and so does Major Beeston, Report speaks that Admiral Morgan is to be sent for England in the Welcome by his Majesty's orders and that Vice-Admiral Collier is secured, having sold his estate with intent to go off, but now is prevented and " I hope prosecuted, that he may receive his deserts for his cruelties and rogueries, besides the loss of the Oxford frigate and 250 souls therein." Fear of Captain Yellowes by the vessels sailing towards Campeachy for logwood. If that trade fail, this Island will be ruined in regard. Privateering being damued, they know not how to employ the men they have, therefore must venture or else starve. News that Sir Charles Wherler has seized Captain Morley's ship at Nevis, where, in regard she came from the Bay of Campeachy with logwood, he hath condemned her as a prize. Several vessels from Nevis speak very hardly of Sir Charles for seizing and putting them to excessive charge. Death, about a fortnight since, of Dr. William Dunn, physician in ordinary, to his Majesty and the king of France, being in these parts on a voyage of pleasure in the Assistance to Trinidad. Captain Johnson, a privateer, refuses to come in. Major Beeston has orders to attack him. His continued resolution for England in March next. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIII., No. 106a.]
Feb. 10. 1217. Relation by Major William Beeston, Captain of the Assistance frigate, of his taking the Charity which had been formerly Captain David Martyn's man-of-war, at Campeachy, Commander Francis Weatherbourne, and besides him, 20 English, French, and Indians. 2¼ pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIII., No. 106b.]
1674 ? 1218. Memorial of Francis Moryson, Agent for the Colony of Virginia, to Secretary Lord Arlington. That the frigate designed for that place is to sail within three days. That his Lordship will order his despatch to the Governor and Secretary of the Colony and give command either by the King's or his own letter to the Governor that all ships lade and unlade under the fortifications erected for defence in each river. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXXIII., No. 110.]
1661 to 1677 1219. A List of Acts passed in Virginia from March 1661 to October 1677, "transmitted by Captian Jeffreys and received from the Right Honourable Mr. Secertary Coventry on 24th September 1678. Sir William Berkeley, Governor." Total, 192 Acts. Also the full text of each separate Act. Certified copy "drawn from the book of laws" by Robert Beverley, clerk of the Assembly. 102pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXVI., pp. 1–102.]
1220. Abstracts of the preceding Acts. 65 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXVII.]
1221. "The Laws of Virginia now in force or which may be made so by taking off the suspension which some of them lie under as they are transcribed from the records in Anno 1697." Received in Sir Edmond Andros' letter to the Board [of Trade and Plantations], dated 5th June 1698. Some of these Acts are struck through with a pen with the marginal notes "Provided for, Obsolete, Repealed 1699." 136 pp. [Virginia, B. T., Vol. LXXXVI., pp. 1–136.]
1222. Another MS. copy of the above laws of Virginia. With index and marginal notes in red ink, "Needless, Expired, Obsolete, Repealed, Private, Useless, Provided for." There is frequent reference in this Volumme to "the [preceding] bound book received from Sir Edmond Andros." 100 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXVIII., pp. 1–100.]
Besides these four Manuscript Volumes of Acts which contain respectively the Acts passed in Virginia down to 1682, 1684, 1697, and 1702, there are four printed Volumes of Acts, viz., Col. Entry Bks., Vol. LXXXIX., printed in London 1727, Vol. XC., printed in Williamsbarg 1733, and Vol. XCI., printed in Williamsburg 1755. Virginia B. T. Vol. LXXXIX., is a duplicate of the copy printed in London, 1727.
1660 to 1676. 1223. Orders of the Grand Assembly held at James City, Virginia, 13th March 1659(–60), Sir William Berkeley, Knight, Governor and Captain-General. Also the Orders of 11th October 1660, 23rd March 1661, 23rd March 1662, 2nd December 1662, 10th September 1663, 10th October 1665, 23rd October 1666, 20th September 1667, 17th September 1668, 3rd October 1670, 20th Sep tember 1671, 24th September 1672, 20th October 1673, 21st September 1674, 7th March 1675(–76), and 5th June 1676; to these last is appended the Mem.: "All the Acts and Orders of this Assembly are repealed and made null and void by his most sacred Majesty's instructions and proclamation, and also by the fourth Act of the Assembly bearing date at Green Spring, 20th February 1676–77, intituled an Act declaring all the Acts, Orders, and Proceedings of a Grand Assembly held at James City in the month of June 1676 void, null, and repealed." Certified copy by Robert Beverley, Clerk of the Assembly. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXVI., pp. 201–224.]
1676. 1224. Abstract of the records of all grants of land that have been made in South Carolina in the year 1676, in continuation of those abstracted in 1675, see ante No. 717.
Persons Names to Whom granted. No. of Acres. In what County, Parish, or Township, or in what River or Creek situated. Date of Grant.
Stephen Bull 400 Ashley river 28th Oct. 1676.
William Jones 210 Ittavan island 20th Jan.
Maurice Mathews 402 Ashley river 28th April "
John Boone 200 20th Feb."
Edward Cooper 570 Cooper river 15th April "
Robert Donne 150 Near Charles Town 5th Aug. "
Henry Symonds 134 Cooper river 17th Aug. "
Jacob Wayt 764 Ashley river " "
Thomas Stanyarne 950 Wandoe river 14th July "
James Donoho 10 Ashley river 16th Dec. "
James Donoho 90 30th Dec. "
John Barton and James Powell 140 17th Aug. "
John Bulline Town lot 1st Feb. "
George Canley 160 ? Ashley river 28th Oct. "
George Canley 10 20th Oct. "
Richard Conant 150 Goose Creek 14th July "
Stephen Bull 97 ? Cooper river 16th Dec. "
John Godfrey 100 ? Wappoe creek 17th Aug. "
Thomas Hunt 498 ? Berkeley county 15th April "
[Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXIII., pp. 1–4.]