America and West Indies: Addenda 1634

Pages 75-76

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 9, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Addenda 1634

July 3.
160. Petition of Peter Spencer to the Lords of the Admiralty. Being bound in a ship of passengers for Virginia, "it fortuned a bottle of strong water was lost," for which a boy of the ship was in most cruel manner whipt by the master, Jeremy Blackman, with the tags of points bent and whipcord to force him to confess, through which torment the boy (as the Master pretends) accused petitioner with two others, and notwithstanding petitioner manifested his innocence the Master caused him to be drawn up with ropes, and hung up by the wrists with a murderer or mortar piece of 2 cwt. made fast to his legs, there hanging in most miserable torment upon the rack till the passengers crying out shame on him cut petitioner down. Prays their Lordships to call Blackman before them to answer the above, and also his language to his Majesty's drum-major. With reference to Sir Henry Marten and his report thereon. [Dom. Chas. I., Vol. 271, No. 12.]
July 27.
Belvoir Castle.
161. The King to the Sheriffs of London and the Keeper of Newgate. The King having received certificate from Edward Littleton, Recorder, touching the King's mercy to Thos. Brice, a condemned prisoner in Newgate, they are required to deliver him to Capt. Thomas Ketelby, or to any other Captain whom Ralph Brice, father to the delinquent, shall appoint, the body of said Thomas Brice, to be transported to the King's plantation in Virginia, provided that if he should return to England without the King's special license, then he shall be taken and executed according to the judgment already pronounced against him. [Dom. Chas. I., Vol. 272, No. 63.]
Aug. 17.
Aboard the "Charles," Plymouth Sound.
162. Sir John Pennington to Lords of the Admiralty. Met on 9th instant a great Holland ship, the White Greyhound, of Rotterdam, which came from St. Christopher's laden with tobacco and cotton, and bound for Holland, yet there were 28 Englishmen aboard, planters, and two-thirds of the lading belonged to them, so sent her into Plymouth by one of the whelps to Sir Jas. Bagg. Hopes he has not done amiss, though his warrant for that business does not stretch to the Dutch, howsoever, is sure it will be at least 1,000l. in the King's purse. Extract. [Dom. Chas. I., Vol. 273, No. 49.]
Aug. 23
163. Emannel Downing to See. Sir John Coke. Has not heard from Mrs. Meredith about Bourke's land, hopes his Honor will take or has taken a course for passing Read's grant. A ship returned from New England to the west country with masts, which is the first, and now the trade being by us discovered, fears the Dutch will use their wits to appropriate it. But if the plantation prosperously proceeds, doubts not the English will make good that trade against Dutch and French, and likewise gain the country to his Majesty. The Governor this spring sent some English to plant upon the river of Connecticut whither the Dutch last year encroached. They will now be confined to their bounds unless they mean to fight for more. [Coke MSS., Hist. MSS. Commis., XII. Report, App. II., p. 64.]