East Indies: June 1604

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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June 1604

June 8.
335. Robert Savage to Sec. Cecil. Arguments against peace with Spain. It will avail little unless the English have trade to all the King of Spain’s dominions in the East and West Indies, Brazil, Guinea, and Binney, without exacting more customs than were paid before the restraint, the trade to Lisbon for spices having been overthrown through the East India trade with England and the Netherlanders, as well as the sale of cloths and kersies, which were the chiefest commodities transported from those parts. [Two pages. Correspondence, Spain.]
June 18.
336. Licence to Sir Edward Michelborne, with his associates and shipping, to discover the countries of Cathaia, China, Japan, Corea, and Cambaia, and the islands and countries thereto adjoining, and to trade with the people there, notwithstanding any grant or charter to the contrary. [Docquet. Domestic, Jac. I, Cal., p. 121. Printed in the Fœdera, Vol. XVI., p. 582. On 24 Oct. 1605 Chamberlain writes: “We hear that the Spaniards have met with Sir Edward Michelborne at sea and massacred him and all his company.” Domestic Corresp., Vol. XV., No. 104. Cal, p. 237. This report was not true, but, according to Purchas, Capt. John Davis, who accompanied Michelborne, and several of his company, were slain on board the Tiger in a fight with Japanese, 27th Dec. 1605.]