East Indies: December 1527

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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December 1527

1527. 2. “ The Book made by the Worshipful Master Robert Thorne in Anno 1527,” [to Dr. Lee, Ambassador from King Henry VIII. to Charles V., Emperor of Germany,] being an information of the parts of the world discovered by the Emperor and King of Portugal; and also of the way to the Moluccas by the north. Diversity of the use of the trades discovered. Two Englishmen sent to discover “ the islands of the Spiceries,” in a fleet of three ships and a carvil that went from Seville, armed by the merchants, in April 1527, in which Thorne and his partner adventured 1,400 ducats, so that his two English friends, learned in cosmography, should go in the ships and bring him an account of the situation of the country. Difference between the Emperor and King of Portugal about those islands. The first navigation for discovery of “this spicery” purposed by the Portugals in 1484; the Pope grants the King of Portugal all he should discover; the island of Callicut discovered in 1487, “whence is brought all the spiceries he hath.” Agreement between the Kings of Spain and Portugal for their several discoveries. Conjecture of a much nearer way to the islands of the Spicery than either the Spaniard or Portugal have. Vehement desire of the writer to attempt the navigation towards the north: his father, from whom he inherited this desire, and Hugh Ellyot, another merchant of Bristol, the discoverers of Newfoundland. Also,
“ A persuasion to King Henry VIII. for the discovery northward,” being a declaration of the Indies and lands discovered and subdued unto the Emperor of Germany and King of Portugal; and also of other parts of the Indies and rich countries to be discovered, which Robert Thorne, merchant of London [who dwelt long in Seville] exhorts the King to take in hand. [Together 28 pages. Brit Mus., Lansdowne, C., fol. 65–80. Printed in Hakluyt, I., 237–245. See also Purchas, III., 806–809. “A report of a voyage of two Englishmen in the company of Sebastian Cabota, intended for the Moluccas by the Streights of Magellan, but performed only to the River of Plate in April 1527. Taken out of the information of M. Robert Thorne to Dr. Lee touching the discovery of the Moluccas by the north,” is printed in Hakluyt, IV., 228.]