East Indies: December 1601

Pages 130-131

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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December 1601

Dec. 4–22. 298. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Upon advice received of the arrival in two Dutch ships at Middleburg of 13 men who had been detained four years prisoners in the East Indies, and that one was an Englishman, "who hath the language of Sumatra and the experience of the trade of divers islands thereabouts," it is thought meet that the governor, Alderman Watts, should take some private and secret course to have conference with him touching the state of the trade of those parts.
Dec. 22.—The Muscovy Company having received letters from the Privy Council, consent to join the East India Company in the discovery of the North–west passage ; resolution to prosecute the discovery with all expedition; adventurers, to set down their contributions in a book according to former agreement, at the rate of 12d. in the pound of their first contribution in the voyage by the Cape of Good Hope, or else to set down their voluntary refusal to adventure ; contributions to be brought to Wm. Romney, deputy–governor, by 20th January next. The committees appointed for both companies to agree upon the conditions and other proceedings of the voyage. Opinion of counsel to be taken how an agreement shall be made by consent of the adventurers amongst themselves, or by any warrant that can be derived from either of the companies. [Two pages and a quarter. Court Bk., I., 80–81.]
1601 ? 299. Statement of what is necessary to prepare for a [second] voyage to the East Indies (?), under these several heads. "Anchors according to their proportions and ironwork. Copy of the sailmaker's account for sails made for a ship of 800 tons for this journey to the East Indies. Manner of victualling for the East Indies." [Three pages. East Indies, Vol. I., No. 22. Indorsed, "Touching anchors."]
[1601–3.] 300. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Warrant to take up shipwrights and ship carpenters to expedite the preparation of a voyage to the East Indies which Her Majesty doth favour. Names of those who have presented themselves to be employed as factors in this voyage; viz., Wm. Garway, Robert Chamberlain, Wm. Skidmore, and Robert Kirkman. The Carnation of Colchester, John Thurston, from London to Colchester, "bouyed" upon an anchor of the Scourge, owner Stephen Johnes. Names of ships, number of men and tonnage, also state of the adventure 68,373l., besides the charge of the North–west. The Gift sent out with victuals, thought to be cast off at sea. [Three quarters of a page. Court Bk., I, 120.]