East Indies: April 1602

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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April 1602

April 1–30 303. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Money warrants, including 28l. 18s. for 64 hides, "to make the mariners_ cassocks, breeches, and gowns."
April 2._Money warrants. Committees appointed for victualling and preparing necessaries for the two ships. Thos. Stephens to keep the books of account, and have a salary of 30l. a year.
April 5._Warrant to pay 100l. to Thos. Yarmouth, purser of the Discovery, for anchors and other necessaries for the voyage through the North–west passage.
April 10._Payment of 10l. to John Drewe, master of the Godspeed. Articles of agreement between the Governor and Company of the Merchants of London, trading to the East Indies, and George Waymouth, mariner. The Company "being moved with great hope that there is a possibility of discovery of a nearer passage into the East Indies by seas by the way of the North–west, if the same were undertaken by a man of knowledge in navigation and of a resolution to put in execution all possibility of industry and valour of the attaining of so inestimable benefit to his native country and his own perpetual honour," have entertained George Waymouth, "a man in their opinion qualified and fit to undertake and attempt the performance of this discovery," to whom they have delivered 100l. to furnish himself with convenient instruments of navigation, and have committed two ships, the Discovery and the Godspeed, to his direction, victualled for 16 months. Waymouth undertakes to be ready by [sic], to sail towards the coast of Greenland, and pass on into those seas by the North–west towards Cathay or China without giving over proceeding on his course so long as he finds any possibility to make a passage through those seas, and not to return for any let or impediment whatever until one year has been bestowed in attempting the passage. Merchants or pursers to be allowed to take an account of how the goods, provisions, wares, &c., have been bartered or otherwise disposed of. To deliver to the governor or deputy a report of all his proceedings in the voyage worthy of note within ten days after his return to England, and not to discover the same to any other persons. The Company agree to pay him 500l. within forty days after his return, "upon sufficient proof and testimonial by him made that he hath passed through the North–west passage into the East Indies, and arrived at any port within the dominions of the kingdoms or empires of Cathay, China, or Japan." Unless he discover the passage it is agreed that he will not demand any salary or reward, "in regard the voyage was undertaken by the Governor and Company partly by his persuasion and upon his resolution to adventure his travail and life therein for the good of his country."
April 14._Money warrants for provisions and other necessaries for the voyage. Thos. Yarmouth_s accounts to be audited. The pursers of the ships to receive allowance for their bills of provisions.
April 20._Warrant for 60l., for biscuit for the North–west passage.
April 22._Warrant for 100l. to Thos. Yarmouth, for provisions for this intended voyage.
April 24._Agreement with John Cartwright, of London, preacher, to go with Geo. Waymouth in the voyage of discovery, to have 3l. a month if the discovery be made, but if not only 30s. a month: the Company having paid him 15l. towards preparing himself for the voyage. Edward Pullison, appointed purser of one of the pinnaces, to have 40s. a month if the discovery be made, 20s. a month if not. Warrants for 300l. for necessaries for the voyage.
April 30._The articles of agreement with Capt. Waymouth and the Queen_s letters to the Emperors of China and Cathay are read, and auditors chosen to audit the accounts of the charge of the voyage. Warrant to pay 50l. to Capt. Waymouth for his own and his servants_ charges and diet. [Ten pages and a half. Court Bk., I., 86–91. "The voyage of Capt. Geo. Waymouth intended for the discovery of the North–west passage toward China, with two fly boats," is printed in Purchas, III., 809–814. He sailed from Ratcliffe on May 2,1602, and returned to Dartmouth in September, 1602. [See No. 310.] On 27th October, 1607, a pension of 3s. 4d per diem was granted to Geo. Waymouth "until such time as he shall receive from His Majesty some other advancement." See Docquet. Domestic, Jac. I.]