East Indies: February 1607

Pages 148-150

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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February 1607

Feb. 3–27. 362. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Accounts of Christ. Vincent, purser, to be audited. Profit of adventure of Phillip Winchcombe, factor, deceased. Demands on account of Edward Edmonds. Agnes Smith’s complaint in chancery about Mr. Bramley’s adventure. Nicholas Cage, formerly an adventurer of 100l. and now 200l., sworn a free brother of the society. Nine hundred pieces of blue calico to be bought of Mr. Deane, who promises to adventure a good sum in this voyage, for 11. s. 6da piece, as very fit for the Moluccas. Lading of the Dragon. One cwt. of the root of “saxifrage” [sassafras?], and a quarter cwt. of anniseed for beverage, “very wholesome for the preservation of men’s health.” The lemon water to be sent as it is, notwithstanding the opinion of Sir Hugh Platt. Request of Edmond Scott for the residue of his wages; his accounts to be audited. Scarlet and violet apparel for Wm. Hawkins to be ordered, his cloak to be lined with taffeta, with silver lace; and David Middleton’s boy’s clothes. The preacher to have 100l. for the whole voyage. Agreement with the butcher. Adam Batten entertained a factor in the room of Geoffrey Carlille. A surgeon”s mate. The captains, masters, and two mates of each to meet at Sir Jas. Lancaster’s house, for conference about the voyage.
Feb. 10.—Edmund Scott’s accounts. Letters and commission from the King for the East Indies ordered to be lymned and prepared for His Majesty’s signature, and several copies to be translated into Portuguese. Plate and cloth, to the value of 200 marks, to be provided for presents to be sent with the King’s letters. Agreement with Adam Batten, factor. John Rodrigoe, the Indian, to be held in suspense about going the voyage until the ships have departed; a gown and other necessaries for his provision at sea to be provided for Marcus the Indian, and what “shall be fit for such a dissolute person as he is.” Security for the pepper. Proportion of victuals for the two ships and the pinnace, with 280 men, and by whom to be provided.
Feb. 13.—The vessels to sail towards Land’s End at the beginning of next spring, on Thursday next (19th Feb.) Sir Jas Lancaster’s remembrance of observation of the times meet to be observed, and the places to be touched at in the now intended East India voyage; copy to be given to the chief merchant or captain of each ship for their better instruction. General proportion of victualling, for the Dragon, 600 tons, the Hector, 500 tons, and the Consent, 105 tons; also minute of the proportion of merchandise [referred to as appearing at large 16th Sept. last, fol. 105, in the second waste book, but this book is not preserved].
Feb. 19.—Offer of 50l. to Henry Levett, chaplain to Lord Pembroke, to go the voyage as a preacher; with 15l. gratification; but before admittance inquiries to be made of his life and doctrine, and to preach before the Company. Prohibition to employ Edmond Bonham. Mr. Keeling to have an inventory made of all things in the ships. Extraordinary provisions for the captains' cabins. A debt of 5l., of John Taro the Indian, to be paid out of his wages by the Company to Katherine Gibson. Desire of John Heron to be elected a factor. The King's letters to the Princes of India, translated into Portuguese, lymned and engrossed by Mr. Segar for His Majesty's signature.
Feb. 20.—The secretary of the Company to be furnished with an inventory of all the ships' goods for registry, and copies to be delivered to the chief of each vessel; nets, hooks, and lines to be provided for the voyage. Carpenters' store. Choice of a factor.
Feb. 23.—Suit of Robt. Oldridge for his servant's wages. The tin to be marked and barreled up. Request of Mr. Keeling and Mr. Hawkins for allowance. Letter from the Lord Admiral for the employment of Bonham. Mr. Levett, a preacher, demands 100l. per annum and 50l. for provision; he is offered 60l. per annum and 30l. for provision, and will give his answer to–morrow. Salt fish for the voyage. Richard Osmotherley admitted an adventurer for 100l. for this voyage only, he having a son going as a surgeon. Henry Newton and John Heron unfit for factors; Mr. Worsnoone's boy to be employed. Mr. Keeling's journal delivered to Thos. Styles by the governor's order.
Feb. 24.—Inventory to be taken of old stores. Pursers accounts to be delivered before the ships departure. Christ. Vincent to bring in his account as purser of the last voyage. Mr. Levett agrees to go the voyage. Mr. Keeling to be nominated in the King's commission general of the voyage, Mr. Hawkins lieut.–general, to whom and to David Middleton harbour wages are granted till the ships depart; presents bestowed upon them by foreign princes to go to the general account of the Company. Waste cloths and drums for each ship to be prepared. The captains, pursers, and pursers' mates to enter into bond for performance of their duties, as formerly; the conditions. Mr. Hawkins to have 50l. for his provision to sea. The means to increase each man's adventure to be considered.
Feb. 27.—The captain's bonds allowed. Lady Owen's son, bringing in 500l., admitted a free brother of the society. Forty shillings to be lent in charity to Ann, wife of Edward Collins, a servant of the Company at Bantam. Mr. Bannyng's request to sell his pepper. Inventory of the goods left at Bantam to be made and given to each ship; 51. presented to Mr. Stevens for a copy of the book of maps made by him. By whom and how 6,377l., or thereabouts, payable by the Company for the Dragon, Hector, and the stock at Bantam, is to be raised. A fourth voyage to the East Indies to be prepared by next spring, and supplies for setting forth two ships. Whether it be fitter to freight ships to bring home the Company's goods or otherwise. Penalties for not paying in adventures. [Seventeen pages and a half. Court Bk., II, 14–22.]