East Indies: March 1577

Pages 17-18

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2, 1513-1616. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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March 1577

March 30.
33 Sir Wm. Wynter, Thos. Randolphe, G. Wynter, A. Jenkinson, London. Edmond Hogan, and Michael Lok, to the Privy Council, and “other the Adventurers of the intended voyage to Cathay.” According to their letters of the 17th present, with command to undertake the care of “the through and speedy setting forth to the sea of Mr. Furbisher with the shipping thought meet to pass with him for the discovery pretended,” they find upon the examination of Furbisher and others, with him in his last voyage, and the perusal of other matters, “that the supposed streight which Mr. Furbisher doth set out is so far forth as we can gather and judge a ‘teneth,’ and therefore a thing worthy in our opinions to be followed.” Number of vessels, men, provisions, and other necessaries for the voyage, the charge of which amounts to 4,500l., towards which there is already in value 1,000l. The residue to be levied upon such as are or will be adventurers. Speedy order to be taken for bringing in the money to Mr. Huggins [? Hogan] appointed treasurer of the Company; without which nothing can be done. If it be longer deferred time will not serve this year to take the voyage in hand. Inclose,
i. Particulars of the shipping, men, provisions, and other necessaries thought meet for the voyage intended by Mr. Frobisher. The Ayde of 200 tons, with 65 mariners and 25 soldiers; the Gabriel of 15 tons, with 10 mariners and 3 soldiers; the Mich_l of 25 tons, with 10 mariners and 2 soldiers. Estimate of the proportion of victuals for the 115 men, which include 41. for prunes, raisins, almonds, and licorice in sickness. Total amount 4,500l.
March 26, 1577.
ii. The venturers in the second voyage for Cathay, &c.:_
In the 1st voyage. £ In the 1st voyage. £
50. The Queen's Majesty 500 50. Earl of Sussex 100
50. Lord High Treasurer 100 Earl of Bedford 25
50. Lord High Admiral 100 50. Earl of Warwick 100
50. Earl of Leicester – 100 Symon Boyer – 25
Earl of Pembroke – 100 Geoffrey Turvyle 25
Lord Hunsdon – 50 William Paynter 25
Lord Chas. Howard – 50 Richard Boyland 25
Sir Fras. Knollys 50 100. Michael Lok 300
Sir Jas. Croft 50 50. Edmond Hogan 100
25. Mr. Fras. Walsyngham– 50 Mathew Fyeld 50
25. Mr. Phillip Sydney, – 50 100. Wm. Bond, younger 200
Lady Anne Talbot 25 25. Mathew Kyndersley 50
Mrs. Mary Sydney 25 Robert Kyndersley 50
100. Sir Thos. Gresham 200 25. Christopher Andrewes 50
25. Sir Lionell Duckett 50 25. Robert Martin 50
Sir Henry Knevet 25 Henry Lok 25
Sir Wm. Wynter 50 Thomas Marshe 25
25. Mr. Thomas Randall 50 William Ormshaw 25
[Randolphe?] Olyffe Burre 100
Mr. Geo. Wynter 50 Thomas Chester, – 25
25. Anthony' Jenckynson 50 Thos. Kelke, of Bristol 25
William Sakford 25 Thos. Aldworthe of Bristol 25
William Kyllygrew 25 Robert Halton [Hatton?] of Bristol 25
all 850 (sic) £3,225
All the 30th March 1577.
[Letter and inclosures, seven pages and a half. Indorsed, “30 Martii 1577. From Sir W. Winter, Mr. Randolph, and other. Report of the charges and necessaries for the voyage of Mr. Furbusher by the LI. order. 2 Aprilis, a letter is written to the adventurers to bring in their money with speed.” The Queen subsequently increased her adventure to 1,000l., and it will be seen that this list very materially differs from other lists, dated July 7 and December 24, 1577, [pp. 23–29,] at which latter period the sum received for the two voyages amounted to 5,150l. Domestic, Eliz., Vol. CXI., Nos. 48, 48. I, II. Cal., p. 540.]